Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Student Sex (Without us)

A very short post today so I'll put another one up tomorrow or Friday to make up for it.

While Sue and I had been at the sex party in York, Jen’s friends had been having their own kind of end of term party. It hadn’t been a full blown fuckfest like the one we’d been at, but was a bit more involved than their usual weekend (and often weekday) post-drinking sessions.

As usual, Susan had been the centre of attention, but instead of it just being for her enjoyment (or embarrassment), she was actually letting people use her to distract her from the fact that Abigail had broken up with her. This had happened at the beginning of the previous week (just a day or so after our last visit) so Susan was over the initial blubbing and Abrahii had been taking good care of her, letting Susan sleep over at her place every night. Not much had happened between them for the first couple of nights, but by Thursday night, Susan had reached the point of wanting to show Abigail that she wasn’t going to be upset and told Abrahii that she wanted to fuck. Abrahii didn’t give us a detailed description of what they got up to, but apparently Susan put quite a bit of energy in to the session and fucked Abrahii for well over an hour, cumming three or four times in the process (Abrahii only came twice, but she wasn’t the one who kept demanding to cum).

On the Friday morning, Susan upset Abrahii’s housemates even more than they already were by wandering around semi-naked, saying that she didn’t care who saw her. She noticed that Charles (one of Abrahii’s housemates who I may have briefly played with during a previous visit) didn’t seem to mind the view and she invited herself back to his room (much the same way as I had). I had at least been relatively discreet and not made too much noise (but then again I had been pretending that Abrahii didn’t know I was playing with him and had only tit-fucked him). Susan on the other hand, got him to fuck her and from Abrahii heard, she made sure that he fucked her hard. She was at least sensible enough to use a condom, but once she had cum she wandered out of his room and back up to Abrahii’s room naked (holding the t-shirt she had been wearing) during which time she was seen by others.

Friday night was pretty much the usual games – people being fondled or displaying themselves to others while out at clubs and Susan pleasuring various people afterwards. On the last Saturday of term (the same day as the York sex party), they decided to stay in and Susan was once again made to pleasure various people, but things were just a notch more intense from what had been reported…

Amber (who had finally got her results back so could prove that she wasn’t diseased) got to fuck Lisa (which made her quite happy as she has been semi-pining after Lisa) and also got to play with Sam (just fingering each other). Abrahii and Mel wanted one of the new girls to try a three way with two of the guys and Susan demonstrated this with Richard and James who fucked her in the middle of the room on a pile of cushions as everyone cheered them on. None of the freshers were willing to be quite so public at first, but a modified game of spin the bottle was invented where the guys took turns spinning the bottle and then had to slide their cock in to Susan’s pussy to get it coated with Richard’s cum (and Susan’s juices) before presenting it to be sucked clean by whoever the bottle landed on. Once all the guys had their turns, the bottle was put to better use to fuck Susan with and the girls then got to do the spinning. In their case, they got to choose to have something done to them by whoever the bottle selected and they opted for kissing, fondling, having their nipples sucked, being fingered, being (semi) eaten or being (semi) fucked if it was a guy selected.

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