Thursday, 18 September 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 10

I was released and we ate lunch (leftovers from Christmas dinner) and we discussed how we had arrived at the current situation. This involved looking back over some of the earlier entries in the blog and Sue giving her opinion on whether what I’d written was correct (they were all written from my point of view, a number of years before Sue knew anything about this blog). She thinks that most of what I’d put down was accurate and we thought it would be a good idea to act out the first times she joined in openly watching and then doing things with Mike and me so she could describe to us how she was actually feeling and what she was thinking at the time. This took a good couple of hours and we re-enacted Sue spying on us from outside the bedroom door, inviting her in and watching us play with each other, having Mike finger and lick her for the first time (while I fucked him) and finally re-enacting the first time Mike got to fuck her (which involved me guiding his cock in to her cunt). As you might expect, Mike didn’t cum each time we had a session (he’s only male), but I came while Sue watched us and Sue came with him fingering her, eating her and then when he fucked her – by that point Mike was more than ready and came in Sue who seemed to really enjoy pretending it was her first time fucking him.

Jen had enjoyed watching us and wanted to redo her first time with Sue but agreed that it would be worth waiting until the next day to do this (so Sue could enjoy it properly). She wasn’t let off entirely though and we decided to adapt one of the first things that Sue had done with Jen, where we had asked her to help out getting two double dildos in to Jen and me so Jen and I could fuck (this was before Mike was even allowed to see Jen naked, let alone help out or join in). Instead of the dildos being shared between Jen and me, we thought it would be a better idea to share them between Jen and Sue and while Mike was allowed to watch, it was left up to me to get them in to them both. I wasn’t left to do all the work myself though and Sue inserted the end of one of the dildos in to her ass while Jen put the end of the other one in to her pussy. They then knelt on all fours and backed towards each other until I could slide the free ends in to Sue’s cunt and Jen’s ass and helped them move a little closer until they could fuck back and forth against each other.

While this is quite a hot position to participate in (and watch – as you would probably guess, the video camera came out), it isn’t that easy to cum so after leaving them to hump back and forth against each other for a while, I was asked to help move things along. I knelt between them and reached a hand under each of their bodies and down between their legs to their clits. This worked much better and they ended up humping back and forth quite energetically as I frigged them. I wished I had a vibe or egg to press against my clit as I was really enjoying myself, but Mike promised me that once we had finished he would make me cum so I just continued to frig them both while he recorded what we were doing from different angles until Sue and then Jen came and they carefully lowered themselves on to their sides so they could lie on the bed with both dildos still shared between them. Mike has a quick go at kitty kissing Jen’s and Sue’s pussies and I had a quick turn with Jen’s before Mike made good on his promise and went down on me until I came.

For good measure, when the dildos were finally removed, the one that had been in their cunts was reversed and used to mix their juices into each other and I then had a go with both ends of it (just for completeness). Over dinner, we watched back the recording of the session and Mike got Sue to describe how she would like to have two cocks filling her holes and filling her with cum. Not wanting to be outdone, I went with wanting to have someone in my mouth as well (and how I intended to do this in the New Year when we visited Jen’s Uni friends) and how the thought of having three guys cum in me at once (ideally at exactly the same time, but we all know it doesn’t work like that out of porn films) got me really turned on. That night, Mike had a mini-session with Jen (just so they didn’t neglect each other). He came in her, but then moved on to eating Sue while Jen played with me. Mike managed to spoon with Sue while we fell asleep but wasn’t up to fucking her so she just had to make do with him moving gently inside her and describing how she would be group fucked at the next sex party.

The Friday started off in the usual way with us waking each other up via interesting (and pleasurable) methods. We didn’t actually do much throughout the day, although there was a fair bit of teasing that went on. Not to an extreme level, but enough to keep us all quite horny. We relieved ourselves just after returning from a post-lunch walk and then Jen said that she wanted to relive her first times with Sue. As had been the case with her reliving her first times with Mike and me, what was done was loosely based on how things actually went (although having the blog to act as reference proved useful again) and Sue went from letting Jen examine her pussy to letting Jen lick her once to eating her properly and finally doing things with Jen (and with me – Mike got the threesome so it was only fair for Jen to get the same treatment).

Once we had rested for a while, the teasing started again and continued until the evening when we decided to head out and enjoy ourselves. As a change of pace (and because it was a bit cold) we decided to wear leggings, but made sure that we pulled them up nice and tight to show some cameltoe. This worked a lot better on Sue than on me (her outer lips cover her inner lips so she had a nice central line). If someone was paying attention, it was fairly obvious that none of us had panties on and I think a few guys probably figured this out when dancing with Sue and I as their hands roamed over our asses so they should have been able to tell. We obviously didn’t want to make it too difficult, so partway through the evening Sue and I headed in to a bathroom and changed into thinner leggings – they still covered us but were the type that when worn in decent light are slightly transparent (this wasn’t the case in the dim lighting of the club, but they felt more revealing. Things progressed nicely and a little later we changed out of the leggings and put on opaque seamless tights (again making sure to pull them up tight so they were partially transparent).

This felt even better, but Mike and Jen wanted to push us a bit further and later handed us another pair of tights each and dared us to change in to them. When we got to the bathroom (where the light was better) we could see that they were significantly lighter (about 60 denier). Sue called over to my cubicle if I was going to wear them and I told her that I didn’t see why not so we both slipped them on and met in the main part of the bathroom. Now ladies bathrooms are generally quite busy so we weren’t alone and it didn’t take much for the other people present to notice that our tights didn’t leave too much to the imagination so we headed back out to the main part of the club fairly quickly (I wouldn’t have minded if any of the women had wanted to look at us in an appreciative way but the aim of the night was to find guys for Sue (and maybe me). Once we were on the dancefloor again, our nakedness was mostly hidden by the low light, but whenever we were in a better lit area I felt the familiar thrill of exposing myself. After a bit more dancing we both found guys who wanted to fuck (it is the reason that most of them are there after all). I didn’t feel like taking anyone home so arranged with Sue as to how we would service them (or have them service us) and I led my guy out around the back of the club and told him I wanted him to fuck me against the wall.

He was a bit unsure about this at first but I pulled my top up and gave him my breasts to play with and pulled my tights partially down while he worked on my breasts. I pushed one of his hands down to my pussy and he started to finger me – if it had been a bit warmer I would have taken my time but I told him I wanted his cock inside me and I fumbled with his trousers and frees his cock before handing him a condom. As soon as he had this on I turned around and put my hands on the wall, pushing my ass out and told him to fuck me. He eagerly pushed in to me and I told him to play with my tits and clit as we fucked. He did both and was actually fairly good with my clit so I rewarded him by contracting myself around his cock and humping back and forth in time(ish) with his thrusts.

As I had agreed with Sue, she had told the guy she had pulled to go with her as she wanted to check that I was okay. They were watching us from around a corner and once I started to fuck my guy, Sue said that it looked really hot and that she was feeling horny. Her guy took the initiative a bit more and reached around to grope her and this quickly progressed to him taking her from behind (in a similar position to the one I was in – just with Sue not leaning against the wall). She reached down to play with her own clit as the guy had his hands full with her breasts. I came before Sue did and kept my guy occupied for a bit by removing his condom and continuing to rub his cock (and letting his cum dribble out down over one of my legs). We then headed around to the front and gave Mike and Jen a call to join us. Once they had made their way out of the club we wandered home and I asked Sue if she felt like a bit more action (which she did). We gave our new pizza delivery friend a call and asked if he was in the mood to fuck and how soon he would be able to make it over tour place. Unfortunately he still hadn’t arranged to bring any friends with him, but as we’d already been fucked we thought that he would do (and failing that we had Mike and Jen to finish the evening off with) so told him that we would be waiting.

We made it back first and decided to get changed in to some fresh outfits (assuming he wouldn’t want some other guy’s cum on my legs). Going for the minimalist look, we wore our little Santa’s helpers skirt without panties and I wore a red peek-a-boo bra (leaving my nipples exposed) and Sue wore a white one. We watched out the window until we saw him pull up, at which point Sue and I arranged ourselves on the bed and inserted one of our long double ended dildos in our cunts. Jen had got changed in to one of her babydoll nightdresses (her bump was beginning to show but we kept telling her that she was still very sexy) and she headed down to open the door and invite the guy in. He apparently appreciated the sight she presented him with (that particular nightdress left very little to the imagination so he got to see her breasts when she welcomed him and then get a look at her ass on the way upstairs). Jen bent over the bed and moved the dildo back and forth between us a few times, gave both Sue and me a kiss and then told the guy to take good care of us.

We let him have a play with the dildo for a while (using it on us of course – not just generically play with it) and then I fetched some vibes for him to use on us while Sue fished his cock out and prepared him. We got him to lie on his back while we knelt either side of him with our heads near his cock and our cunts near his head so he could use the vibes in us while we both licked and kissed his cock. He was warned not to cum as we wanted him inside us both and after a bit of joint sucking, we took turns using our breasts on his cock and letting him suck on our nipples before I got Sue to hold his cock still so I could easily slide on to it. As I fucked him we asked if he had ever used a dental dam – he hadn’t, but was willing to try so Sue fetched one and I helped hold it in place over her pussy as she lowered herself on to his mouth and he started to lick her. We kept this up for a couple of minutes and then switched places. We alternated with the person over his face facing away and towards the person fucking him and quietly discussed whether we wanted to try licking him while he was being fucked, but decided that if we were going to do that that it should be Mike who got to experience it first (we were discussing ‘properly’ licking, so real contact would be made with both cock and clit).

The guy said that he wanted to cum by this point and while we had been enjoying ourselves, due to frequently switching positions, neither Sue nor I were that close to cumming. As he’d been quite well behaved though we decided that he should get to cum and he told us that he would take care of us both afterwards. Sue graciously let me be the one to make him cum and I did the best I could to hump in time with his thrusts. We made him tell us when he was about to cum and I did the best to milk as much cum out of him as I could and then very slowly continued to ride up and down on his cock to give him a bit of extra stimulation. He kept his word and once he’d had a few seconds to recover, Sue and I lay on our backs and he moved between us, fingering and licking us both (still using the dental dam). Sue and I helped each other out a bit as well and whoever he was playing with would reach over and rub or finger the other person. I got to cum first, but he concentrated on Sue afterwards and it didn’t take her too long to catch up and I messily licked and sucked on her nipples as she came (more for him, but she also enjoyed it). I thought that we might coax a second session out of him but he said he was too tired to do more so we let him go and went down to report to Mike and Jen.

They had lit some candles in the living room and Mike was gently spooning inside Jen (after having eaten her while listening in on what Sue and I had been up to). We helped Jen to cum again by taking turns licking her while Mike fucked her and I promised Mike that if he finished off in me that Sue would take his cum from my cunt and I would put it in to hers. He couldn’t resist this and started to fuck me but Sue said that she would do the same so he got us both to kneel up against the sofa and moved between us, spending a minute inside each of us and saying that he wouldn’t try to hold back and would just cum whenever he did. This wasn’t entirely how things played out though as he leant forwards and whispered in my ear, asking if I agreed that he had to cum in Sue. I told him that was fine and after switching back and forth between us a few more times he finished off in her and I was told to lie on the floor.

Sue crawled over me with Mike still buried in her and when he pulled out I reached up and spread Sue’s lips, then pulled her pussy close to my mouth so I could catch anything that came out. Mike hadn’t produced too much cum (or Sue was just keeping it for herself), but I got a bit in my mouth and we turned around to kiss, after which Sue crawled back over my pussy, spread my lips and spat in to my cunt. Mike and Jen loved our little display (it reminded Mike of watching Jen and I share his cum when we were both trying to get pregnant) and as a reward they gave us our final orgasm of the evening with Sue and I sitting beside each other on the sofa with Mike eating me and Sue eating Jen. Once we’d both cum, they switched over to kitty kiss us but Sue got an extra bit of stimulation as Mike speared her ass a number of times (causing her to let out little whimpers which he found quite appealing). I thought he was going to eat her again properly but we curled up on the floor together (in a hastily made duvet-bed) and Mike spooned with Sue and I spooned with Jen (although just not quite as effectively on account of not having a cock to slide in to her).


  1. Things must be way different over there because I just got out on arraignment because my wife and I tried picking up the pizza delivery lady. Needless to say she pepper sprayed us both and the police showed up. We were very unobtrusive and only suggested it (though we were in various states of undress) and that's what happened. Had we attempted something like what you have with a 'pizza dare' it would have been attempted rape charges (or so says our lawyer). Things must be fairly relaxed about sexuality across the pond...

    1. I'm not sure things are much more relaxed over here - we just count on the fact that guys tend to be much more willing to see girls naked than the other way around. Not that I would have an issue with picking up a female pizza delivery person, but I'm not sure we would try it (and certainly wouldn't have one of our guy friends expose themselves to her for just the reason you said).

      ...and yes, I know there are probably guys who would be offended by women exposing themselves or throwing themselves at them, but fortunately we haven't come across any of those yet (just a couple of people who weren't interested in participating)