Sunday, 21 September 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 11

On Saturday morning Mike fucked Sue awake (he gently stroked her to get her wet enough to slide into and then started to fuck her while she was still asleep). She woke up saying that she needed to pee, but wasn’t allowed to do this until both she and Mike had cum. She actually came fairly quickly but Mike drew things out until she was saying that she was about to wet herself. As soon as he came in her, Sue dashed off to the toilet and on her return Jen pulled Sue’s crotch to her face and gave her a few licks. Mike and Sue got up to make breakfast while Jen and I had a gentle session and we waited until they returned before we finished off (Jen particularly loves having Sue watch her cum and after re-enacting our ‘first times’ with Sue, I was remembering just how much I was aroused when Sue watched Mike and me do things).

We then freshened up and Mike shaved me while Jen shaved Sue and I helped to trim Mike’s pubic hair while Sue shaved Jen. We tested each other in the usual way (with tongues) to ensure that no stubble had been missed, but didn’t make anyone cum as Mike and Jen thought it would be a good idea to tease us (and therefore they weren’t allowed to cum either). We then went in to town to wander round the shops and look for bargains in the sales (but didn’t really find much of interest). I was challenged to change in to just a pair of tights (as we’d done the previous evening in the club) and said that I would as long as Jen joined me. She agreed to this and I warned her that if her pussy leaked too many juices that it might be quite obvious, but she hadn’t seemed to be quite as wet that day and thought that she would be fine. Mike bought a set of fleecy cotton tights that’s felt quite nice on against my pussy and it turned out that it wasn’t really that much of a challenge as they were no thinner than a pair of light leggings. Sue decided that she didn’t want to be left out so Mike bought a slightly lighter set of tights and she went off to change in to them. Jen went with her and experimented to see if the tights were good enough to get cameltoe – they were, but as we were going to be wandering around places with children, Sue wasn’t made to wear them pulled up enough to show the effect.

We stayed out for quite a while and over coffee we experimented with sitting with our legs crossed and the material stretched across our crotches. We think that if someone knew what to look for that they might have been able to see the outlines of our pussies, but it wasn’t too obvious (although it still felt sufficiently daring that I could feel my pussy start to tingle). We managed to have a brief play in some changing rooms, but the shops were too busy to stay in for long enough to do anything worthwhile so we ended up heading back home with the aim of enjoying ourselves. Things started off quite well and we enjoyed playing with ourselves and each other through our tights – mostly caressing, but Mike also humped against the tights and said it felt good. Jen then said that she wasn’t feeling too well though and needed to lie down so Mike took her upstairs and a while later he came back to tell me that she needed a rest. I went up to see Jen and curled up beside her and we dozed off. In the meantime, Mike had a little play with Sue and spooned inside her for a while but neither of them came.

Jen and I came downstairs around dinner time and discovered Mike and Sue sleeping on the sofa with his naked cock pressed up against her ass. Jen felt much better by this point but said that she was hungry so we agreed to have dinner before taking care of the unfulfilled desires from earlier in the day and we sat and ate together while chatting. Mike and Jen tried to convince Sue (again) that she should try and get a job up near us so we could all live together (and Mike could continue his dream of building his harem of sex craved younger women – even I know that he got that idea from anime). While I certainly don’t object to the idea, I couldn’t see how we would easily explain it to Mum as a long-term situation (other than reduced cost of living). It would have the benefit of whoever I wasn’t sleeping with having someone to spend the night with – although the three of us now tend to share Jen’s bed most nights (which will probably change once the baby arrives – or possibly even before as Jen starts to get larger).

Fully refreshed and fed, I was in the mood to play but Jen suggested that to make up for having missed out on the afternoon, that we should go out and enjoy ourselves properly so we could get really horny and then have an extended session later that night. I complained that I didn’t want to wait that long to cum and was promised that I could cum as many times as I wanted while we were out (providing I could cum again when we returned) and this sounded like a good compromise to me so we all headed upstairs to get ready. Jen wore one of her tight skirts, which meant it had to be a little longer to hide her crotch, but also meant that when it rode up, it remained higher up. Sue and I were convinced to go with our traditional schoolgirl look so we wore the same peek-a-boo bras we had the previous night with blouses unbuttoned halfway down and then tied and tartan skirts (we went with matching blue tartan ones) and long blue socks. I put my hair back in a ponytail and Sue cheated and went for bunches. Even then, Mike obviously approved of both our looks as he fondled, licked and slid in to both of us throughout the remainder of the time we were getting ready (he didn’t ignore Jen, but definitely spent more time playing with Sue and me). As we were going out to have as much fun as possible, we packed a few toys each in to our bags and Mike suggested that we take the new horse dildo with us, but couldn’t provide a convincing way that we would be able to discreetly carry it (let alone use it).

We started off in a pub and got a fair amount of attention from a couple of groups of guys. I really enjoyed this part of the evening (probably more than Sue) as I could sit on a stool and depending on how I sat or where I rested my foot, I could give people a view up my skirt to my pussy (which was already tingling and I could feel getting quite wet). This wasn’t helped by Jen occasionally wandering over to chat to me and placing a hand on my thigh and gently stroking me – she didn’t touch my pussy, but her fingers brushed back and forth over my inner thigh just inches from my pussy and it was driving me wild (which she knew).

Mike said we should move on and I certainly wanted to find somewhere more suitable for me (or anyone else) to play with me so we headed off but went away from most of our usual haunts. We took a different route than we had the time before and it wasn’t until we were almost at the building that I recognised where we were and asked Mike why we were at the same place that Julia and I had put on the show for a group of strangers (although it was fairly obvious). Mike and Jen confirmed this and explained that this was payment for Alistair having let us play with the guy in the sex shop the previous week. They told us that the agreement had been for Sue and I to put on a show (as was the initial idea when it was first suggested), but if Sue didn’t want to, then Jen would participate in her place. I was quite surprised about that as while Jen doesn’t mind people seeing her play or cum, she doesn’t enjoy it anywhere near as much as I do – but Jen was really counting on the fact that Sue would be up for it (and if not, that they could convince her). Sue knew all the details of the show that Julia and I had put on and asked if we were meant to repeat it and was told that she could do as much or as little as she wanted. I wasn’t sure what Sue was going to decide, but my mind was already made up that I would participate (which was cemented by Jen’s fingers reaching up under my skirt and playing with me).

Jen’s gamble paid off and Sue said that she had really enjoyed hearing about the previous show and that she could take the place of Julia to be fucked by a number of guys. I pointed out that now I was back on the pill that if anyone got the chance to be fucked then it was going to be me. Mike assured us that we could share any action and if we put on a good show that he and Jen would join in again as well.

We wandered up and met Alistair who thanked us for exhibiting ourselves again and certainly approved of our outfits. We all got to wait off to the side of the room which was set up in a similar way to the previous session with a bed in the middle of the room with lights pointing at it and a number of chairs either side. Once the chairs were all taken (there were eight in total), Alistair announced that he had a special show for everyone and told them that we were real sisters (whether the audience believed this or not I don’t know). We were introduced as Anna and Michelle (which I thought was a nice touch) and we wandered out in to the lit part of the room and took a bow. Mike and Jen had arranged for masks for Sue and me but I had decided not to wear one as they just got in the way and I decided that if someone I knew happened to be watching, then they couldn’t really say much as they were the sort of person who turned up to events like this. I was a little nervous about Sue not wearing a mask (despite everything we do, she is still my sister and I want to look out for her), but she pointed out that nobody would know her up here.

Even though both Sue and I were quite horny (Mike and Jen had continued to tease us while we had been waiting for people to turn up), it still felt rather strange starting things off with everyone watching. I whispered to Sue if she was sure she wanted to do this and she nodded and gave me a wicked smile that rivalled Jen’s so I leant forward and kissed her. We pulled our bodies together and our hands quickly started to roam over each other’s bodies. The audience quickly became aware that neither of us had panties on as we caressed each other’s asses and it wasn’t long before our tops and bra’s came off. I pushed Sue on to the bed and knelt over her to suck on her nipples, knowing that I was giving half of the audience a view up my skirt to my cunt just made me feel even hornier so I reached down to Sue’s pussy and started to finger her. When we switched over so she was on top, we turned around to let the people on the other side of the bed see Sue’s pussy and she copied what I’d done, but also asked me to raise one of my legs to hump against.

We moved on to grinding against each other and while it felt good, I was aware that people couldn’t see very much so I told Sue I wanted to rub our cunts together. We changed position and scissored, alternating this with playing with our own clits. I came before Sue did and just lay back to recover and watch as she finished herself off. Sue’s upper body flushed a deep pink as she came and I remember thinking I was proud of her as she also lay back on the bed. We weren’t given much time to recover though as Jen wandered over to us to hand us some toys to use. She was wearing a mask but had also shed her clothes and was wearing her nipple claps with a chain joining them. She rubbed a vibe between her lips and pushed it in to Sue’s mouth, then did the same with a second one and pushed it in to mine, bent down and gave us both a few licks and then told us to fuck each other. We followed her instructions and I crawled over Sue in a 69 position and started to run the vibe up and down her pussy. She was a bit more direct and I felt her vibe slide straight in to me so I decided to play a little more with her and I lowered my head and kissed up and down her inner thighs. I got quite close to her pussy and as my head hid exactly where I was kissing, I expect that some in the audience thought I was eating her. I lifted my head to let them watch as I pushed the vibe in to her cunt and fucked her with it while playing with her clit and I gently rocked back and forth to let my nipples rub against Sue’s stomach. I did the best I could to spread Sue’s pussy and show her off and could feel her copying what I was doing – the thought of being watched helped spur me on and while it took longer than it had for my first cum, I still came fairly quickly.

We had both been quite vocal, telling each other to fuck us, push the vibes deeper or faster, frig our clits, rub our asses, etc. so Sue was well aware that I had cum and she thankfully pulled the vibe out of me (the whole session was quite intense so I was thankful for the break). Sue didn’t leave me alone entirely though and I felt her spread my lips wide and I pictured the view and could almost feel everyone looking up inside me (in my imagination, the lighting was good enough for them to see everything). I then felt Sue pull my pussy down to her face and briefly wondered what she was going to do, but no longer really cared as I’d reached the dangerous point where I just want to enjoy myself – fortunately she just kissed and licked my thighs in the way that I had done to her (and gave me a couple of gentle bites). I pushed the vibe deep in to Sue and twirled it around while playing with her clit and soon heard (and felt) her cum underneath me. I rolled off of her and we both lay panting for a bit. I hadn’t realised how sweaty we had got (it was quote hot under the lights).

I asked if we could have some water and a couple of minutes to rest and Jen brought a bottle of water over for us to share. It felt much stranger sitting and not doing things with people watching us than it had while we were playing and if anything I felt more naked when we were like that, but we weren’t given long to rest and Jen wandered back over and told us to kneel on all fours across the bed, facing in opposite directions. I was fairly sure what was coming next and wasn’t disappointed when Jen told our audience that they could use us if they wanted. I watched as someone wandered up behind Sue and slipped in to her and then felt someone do the same to me. We were fucked for a couple of minutes and Jen told them to move across so we could suck them and described how they would be feeding us the other person’s juices. As I was using my hands to hold myself up all I could do was open my mouth and suck on the guy as he fucked my mouth but while I did this another person came up and pushed in to my cunt and I then saw someone else slide in to Sue. Just as before, all of the audience were wearing masks so I couldn’t see their faces, but I was too distracted anyway. The pairs moved around the bed between my mouth and Sue’s cunt and Sue’s mouth and my cunt a few times on Jen’s instructions and whenever one of them came, someone else came up to join in. At first I tried to keep track of where we were, but by the end couldn’t tell who was whom. Between us, we think that I had one guy cum in my mouth (I know that happened as I could see the cum in the condom when he pulled out) and three in my cunt. Sue had two guys cum in her mouth so by process of elimination, she had two cum in her cunt.

Most of the guys had just fucked us and other than reaching around to play with our breasts, the hadn’t stimulated us too much, but a few of them were a bit more considerate so we had each managed to cum once during the session (which isn’t really good odds as we’d made eight of them cum). I wasn’t going to complain though as it was turning out to be a much more fulfilling evening than I had expected and when Jen came over to the bed and took turns licking us both (so there was some proper cunnilingus action) I knew I still wanted more. It was Mike’s turn to play with us though and we put on a display of sucking him off (individually and together), having him eat us, him fucking us (lying down, us on top riding him, us standing and holding on to the headboard…) and him fucking one of us while the other licked him. Both Sue and I made more contact with the other’s clit than we had before while doing this, although it was nothing like licking each other properly (the way I would with Mike in Jen or Lis). As I’d expected, when he got close to cumming we had to kneel in front of him and both kiss his cock until he pulled back and came over our faces. It wasn’t a monster load, but was one of his better ones and I at least now understood why he hadn’t cum since the morning. We kissed, licked and wiped his cum off of each other’s faces and massaged it in to each other’s pussies and breasts, putting on what we hoped looked like another good mini display, but without really stimulating each other too much.

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