Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 12

I was beginning to tire, but we weren’t finished yet and Jen returned to 69 with both Sue and me. I tried to make Jen cum, but she wanted to repeat her watersports display and when she got close (which was easy enough to tell from the way she was mewing), she stood up with her back to the headboard and told us to kneel in front of her. I asked Sue if she knew what was coming, but she remembered what we’d told her about the previous show and said it was fine and immediately pushed her head forwards and tucked in to Jen’s pussy. As Sue had done this, it was only fair I do it too and I lapped away until Jen said she was about to cum. I pulled away and Jen quickly frigged her clit and started to spray her pee over my face. I moved back and Jen directed the stream towards Sue who leant forwards and glued her mouth to Jen’s cunt. I was quite surprised by this and just watched for a few seconds as Sue licked away at Jen, but not wanting to be outdone I told Sue it was my turn and pushed my face against Jen’s cunt and ate her as her pee sprayed over my face, into my mouth and down my body. I moved out of the way and Sue took my place again and stayed there until Jen finished (both cumming and peeing) and Jen instructed us to kiss each other. We did this and lay down on the now somewhat wet bed still kissing deeply. I whispered to Sue that I was impressed as how much she had got in to things and she told me that she thought she may as well go for broke and enjoy herself.

As Jen hadn’t made either of us cum, we’d had a bit of a chance to catch our breath and I wasn’t too surprised when Jen reappeared with one of the horse dildos (it wasn’t our one, Alistair had provided it) and told us we had to finish things off with it. We were given another drink of water first and Jen asked the audience if they wanted us to use it on ourselves or on each other and they overwhelmingly voted for the ‘each other’ option (which didn’t surprise me). We’d gone way past the point of holding back so I told Sue to get on her back and I straddled her and worked three and then four fingers in to her pussy to stretch her a little before I grabbed the dildo and started to work the head in to her cunt. I got it in and as I started to fuck her with it, Jen came back with an anal vibe and told me to push it in to Sue – so I did. Sue got me to move so she could pull her legs up so her knees were by her shoulders and I straddled her once more and continued to fuck her with the giant dildo. Once I could move it in her easily I used my other hand to rub her clit and fuck her ass with the anal vibe. I told her to cum for me as hard as she could and laid it on a bit thick about how her big sister wanted to see her cum one last time. I assumed Jen wanted us to both do what I had done at the end of the previous show so I told Sue to pee as hard as she could (she had intended to do this anyway) and as she came she let go and covered herself with her pee (and splashed me with a fair bit of it too).

I still had to cum and had expected to have to give Sue a little while to recover, but almost as soon as she finished cumming she told me to get on my back and she crawled over me in a 69 position and pushed the second vibe in to my ass. I had to point out that she had forgot to turn it on and soon felt it buzzing away as Sue worked a number of fingers in to my pussy and then followed the with the dildo. She basically repeated what I’d done to her, but I had a good view of her pussy and I reached up to spread her lips again and let people see up in to her (now somewhat larger) pussy. I realised afterwards that I should have tried to fist her while she was fucking me, but my hand is a little larger than Jen’s (and she is more practiced at folding her fingers appropriately) so it is probably for the best that I didn’t think of this at the time. As I got closer to cumming I lifted my legs up and half wrapped them around Sue’s head, which she lowered to rest on one of my thighs and I felt her pistoning the dildo in and out of me while rubbing my clit. I remember thinking that this was *so* much more than we had intended to do together (even though we’d known that Mike, Jen and probably Lis and Lucy would spend the holiday trying to get us to do things), but I could feel another orgasm building and I really didn’t care any longer. I let out a series of ‘oh fucks’ and pulled Sue’s crotch towards my face as I felt the final build-up of my orgasm. I caught myself at the last minute and just licked and kissed the very top of her thigh (but I did get very close to one of her lips). As Sue hadn’t held back, neither did I and as I came I pushed as hard as I could and a stream of pee erupted from me and covered both me and Sue (remember that she was above me in a 69 position). My orgasm wasn’t any stronger than any other that night, but the whole situation seemed to amplify it and the fact I was pissing over Sue and had her cunt right beside my mouth while she pumped the giant dildo in to my cunt certainly felt incredibly dirty. About the same time I was thinking that I should just turn my head a little and bury my tongue inside the person who was making me feel so good, Sue had decided to give a final squeeze herself and let a small amount of pee run out on to my face. I didn’t even realise this at the time, but Jen was very pleased to find out later on when Sue admitted to it.

Sue climbed off of my body and pulled the dildo out of my pussy – I felt very empty, but only briefly as Jen walked back over and pushed her fist straight in to me. Fortunately she had coated it with lube and I was still quite stretched from the dildo, but I was also too sensitive and told her I couldn’t take any more. Uncharacteristically, she didn’t push me to cum again, but only on the condition I let her pump her fist in to me for a little while (it was probably under a minute). I could have argued, but it was easier to let Jen do as she wanted – some of the audience wanted her to carry on for longer and fist me properly but she stuck to her word and pulled her hand out while announcing that the show was over, but they could have a final look up my cunt if they wanted (which a few people did so I lay with my legs spread until they had finished and then sat up beside Sue.

My body felt stiff and heavy, but there was also a very pleasant tiredness that can only come from multiple cums. Once the audience left, we dried ourselves off and apologised for the mess we had made of the bed but Alistair told us not to worry and that we had put on an incredible show. I thanked him for helping us to enjoy ourselves and asked if we could thank him properly before we left. He asked if we were really able to fuck again and we told him there was only one way to find out. I lay on the bed and told him to take me, which he eagerly did (and his cock felt very hard). Jen pointed out to Sue that she should also thank Alistair and she lay on the bed beside me to allow him to fuck her as well, but she was feeling much more tired than I was (I’m quite a bit more practiced at mega-sessions than Sue is). Alistair came while fucking Sue (but I assumed she was a bit tighter than me as it had been a while since the giant dildo had been in her – and she hadn’t been fisted). We thanked him once again for letting us have so much fun and were told that we could do it as often as we wanted (which would usually sound like a wonderful idea to me, but as we had just finished I could feel how tired I was and could tell I would probably be a bit tender for a while).

Once dressed, we headed home and as soon as we got indoors we headed off to the shower in pairs (not that Mike really needed to shower – he was just feeling horny from watching the second half of the show and wanted an extra opportunity to fondle me. I told him I wasn’t sure I was up for much more and he reminded me of the promise that I could cum as much as I wanted while out, but I had to be up for cumming again once we got home (it’s almost as if Mike and Jen knew what they were doing when they got me to agree to that). When we returned to the bedroom we found that Jen had already started on Sue, but was just having a gentle 69 session with her. They stopped to chat with us and we discussed the evening’s games. I commented on how surprised I was that Sue had been so eager to eat Jen while she was peeing and Sue reminded me that she had said she intended to enjoy the holiday as much as possible. Jen had loved having Sue’s (and my) tongue in her cunt as she peed as I rarely do this for her (Mike does it occasionally, but Jen usually has to ask). This was also when I found out that Sue had peed over my face near the end and Jen tried to convince me that I should pee over Sue to get my revenge. Mike and Jen told us that it really looked like Sue and I were eating each other a couple of times but we corrected their mistake and said we had only kissed or licked near each other’s pussies.

We discussed our favourite parts of the evening – I couldn’t really decide between the first part where I was just kissing and fingering Sue, but knowing that everyone was watching, being fucked round-robin style by a group of strangers or having Sue use the giant dildo in me and really letting go and cumming for everyone. Sue’s favourite was the group fuck, Jen’s (unsurprisingly) was having us eat her as she came and peed on us and Mike’s (also unsurprisingly) was the times where Sue and I were doing things and it looked like we were eating each other. Jen said that she had also enjoyed this part and I reached over to Sue and asked if we should maybe put on a proper show for them sometime and Sue thought this sounded like a good idea, but that we had probably done enough together for now so they would have to wait.

Jen resumed playing with Sue, but they agreed not to cum until Jen said so as she wanted Mike in her. He went down on me, but was considerate enough to not make me cum while eating me and reserved my orgasm for when we fucked. I knew he wasn’t going to cum in me and it took a little bit away from the session, but as I’ve said, I was quite tired and (for a change) could have probably forgone the pre-sleep session. I still came though (why waste an opportunity) and once Mike pulled out of me and spooned with Jen I lay half watching them and enjoyed recalling the multiple cums I’d had that evening. Jen was still 69ing with Sue and wanted to be licked and fucked at the same time. She had no trouble cumming and once Sue had also cum and pulled away, Mike finished fucking Jen and emptied whatever cum he had left in to her cunt and then stayed there so he could reach around and caress her stomach.

Mike and Jen went down on Sue and me in the morning – having a turn with each of us and Sue and I then double teamed Jen (pussy and ass) while Mike stood at the foot of the bed and did his best to fuck us both. He couldn’t do this properly, but managed to get partway in to each of us and quite enjoyed the sensation of the head of his cock repeatedly sliding in and out of our cunts. He did tease us about our cunts feeling somewhat looser than usual, but seeing as he was partially responsible for setting up the show the previous evening we said that he only had himself to blame. Once we had finished with Jen, she climbed down and Mike used Sue and I a bit more energetically (Sue was still lying on top of me, but we took turns edging closer or further away from Mike depending on which one of us he was fucking). Sue and I either kissed or played with the other person’s nipples and there was a little fingering (depending on out relative position). At one point she spent a fairly long time kissing and nibbling on my neck as Mike gently fucked her. This felt wonderful and if she had continued for long enough she would have probably been able to make me cum like that, but we were all getting hungry so Jen helped out by reaching down between us and playing with my clit (not too much though as she wanted what Sue was doing to be a large component of what made me cum). It wasn’t quite a whole body orgasm (where it feels like the waves of pleasure pulse out from my pussy, clit, nipples and neck), but it still felt quite deep and very pleasurable. When Mike finished off in Sue (he made sure she came as well), she was instructed to remain over me and Jen fetched the video camera. Sue and I both reached down to spread our lips and as Mike’s cum ran out of Sue, it dripped down on to my pussy and I felt it trickle down between my lips. Mike reached in to Sue to spoon out a larger blob of cum and as this ran over my cunt he pushed it in to me and said that we should now eat each other clean (that didn’t happen though).

For some reason, Sue and I were fairly tired that day so we didn’t get up to much, although after lunch we did have a dildo triangle (double ended dildos from Jen’s ass to Sue’s pussy, Sue ass to my pussy and my ass to Jen’s pussy. We fucked each other like this while Mike filmed us and then swapped the dildo direction (Jen’s ass to my pussy…) and Mike helped us out by frigging our clits and sucking on our nipples. Once we had all cum, we lay back with the dildos still shared between us and Mike got a few close up shots of our ‘ring of passion’ before we extracted the dildos from our holes and took care of Mike.

For his turn, we gave him a three way blow job with each of us taking turns sucking him, licking/kissing his cock in pairs and occasionally all three of us licking him together. He got a good POV video of this and once he had cum over our faces (mostly over Sue as she was sitting directly in front of him with Jen and I either side of her), we watched bits of our latest recordings through and then settled down to watch Blue is the Warmest Colour (which Mike, Jen and I had already seen, but Mike is obsessed with Adele Exarchopoulos – and to be fair, the film gives a tremendous portrayal of young love).

As it was Sue’s last night with us before she had to leave (we had wanted her to come with us to Jen’s parents’ place for New Year, but she had a work engagement to attend), we wanted to make sure she got a final good session. We called up our friendly pizza guy and asked if he was up for some fun and was pleased to discover that he had finally told one of his friends about us and was willing to bring him along to play. While we waited, we debated what we should wear but just settled on skimpy nightdresses. The guy and his friend turned up exactly at the arranged time and we headed upstairs with them. The guys didn’t want to be in the same room, but we had guessed this might be the case and had a contingency plan. We told them that (if they wanted), they would each get a chance to fuck us both and Sue took pizza guy in to Mike’s room while I took the new guy in to Jen’s room. Apparently he had been briefed as he didn’t seem surprised when I pulled my nightdress off and told him to get his cock out. We didn’t really do anything special, I sucked him, rubbed his cock between my breasts, let him finger me and then fucked him in a number of positions (letting him go on top, take me from behind and me riding him). Once again, Sue and I were both fairly vocal so we knew when we had both finished and I called down to Jen that we were ready.

The guys were told to get dressed (they were given the option of remaining naked, but as we had expected they put their trousers back on) and Sue and pizza guy came in to Jen’s room. Jen joined us, stripped off and immediately got stuck in to Sue in a 69 position. The guys enjoyed watching this (which was the whole point) and I sat beside Sue and Jen with my legs spread playing with myself and occasionally reaching over to stroke an ass or spread cheeks/lips to give a better view of what was happening. Jen came first (but Mike had been fondling her downstairs to get her ready in case she was needed) and once Sue had cum, Jen left us and we told the guys to get ready for round two.

Sue took the new guy off back to Mike’s room and I settled down with pizza guy. He asked if I wanted him to lick me and I replied by fishing a dental dam out of the drawer and handing it to him. I made sure he knew not to make me cum as I wanted him to fuck me but he got me quite close to cumming before I pulled away and told him that it was now his turn. I basically repeated what I’d done with his friend, although pizza guy was taking me from behind when he came I still hadn’t cum at this point (although I was close) and he went back to licking me to finish me off. Sue still hadn’t cum yet by this point so we sat and chatted for a while and when we heard Sue’s moaning I called Jen up again. Jen arrived first with Sue and her guy a minute or so later. I pointed out that they hadn’t seen Jen eat me so we well in to a 69 position and licked, fingered and played with each other until we had both cum again. Sue then kissed Jen and I and licked our juices off of each other’s faces and we asked the guys if they were up for any more fun. They didn’t think they could cum again without a longer break but were up for helping us out and Jen fetched a double dildo for us to share before leaving us to it.

The guys might not have wanted to fuck in front of each other, but they were quiet happy to play with us and even worked the dildo between us while frigging us both. To be honest, I could have done with a slightly longer break myself before cumming again, but as I said, we wanted to make Sue that Sue got a good final night with us (and it’s not as if I didn’t enjoy cumming again). Once we’d cum, we let the guys have a final play with our breasts and they invited us to a New Year’s party and pizza guy told us that if we were up for it, we could probably find a number of guys to fuck there. It sounded quite fun but we had to decline and tell them that Sue was heading off elsewhere and we already had plans. I told the guys that I’d always be happy to entertain them (and their friends) another time and that Sue would most likely be back to visit if they wanted us both again and we walked them to the front door and thanked them for our orgasms before waving them off.


  1. Andi,
    I figured I'd share a bit of my experience and a recommendation.
    You seem pretty open to various types of sexual kinks and my girl and I go to Yiff parties, which are sex parties with the theme where the participants are required to be 'dressed' as various anthropomorphic animals. If you google "Yiff" you'll get the idea of what I am speaking of, though that will bring up the porn related to it, it is useful to demonstrate what I am speaking of.

    That said, there is a sharp distinction between Yiff parties and furry parties. Furry's are generally people who enjoy dressing up in fur suits and resemble more of your 'mascot' types and are generally considered harmless and even acceptable to bring minor children to. They often volunteer at events and do charity work. What I am speaking of generally involves little (if any) clothing, in preference to body paint and very realistic accessories instead with the goal of heightened sexual temptation and ultimately gratification.

    Ok, now why do I tell you this? Surely it's not because I figure you're on the lookout to pick up a sexual kink, rather to lead into my main point.

    One accessory we have tried have been various butt plugs that have an animal tail on them. (Check out for several examples). Since Halloween is fast approaching which is an American holiday...not sure if you have it over there or not. Part of this holiday is that it is traditional for people to dress up as various monsters, ghouls, etc and we have found it rather wonderful to be able to wear these out in public because of the holiday. It is fairly simple to do if you get a "bushy" one and don't mind ruining a pair of pants as you have to cut a hole in them to pull the tail through. For a good 99% of the population, they don't even know these exist and will just assume you have some sort of 'belt' on or something. For the other 1%? Well, those people are more likely to take you home and fuck your brains out.

    Anyway, if you have a similar holiday over there and fancy being a bit naughty, even in the most public of places, I'd recommend you check them out. And hey, you never know, imagine walking into the next sex party in a trench coat and when it comes off, to everyone's amazement, you're covered in nothing but body paint with one of these in and a few other quality 'accessories' and you'd make one hell of a sexy feline and guys would be climbing all over themselves to fuck you senseless. At the very least, you'd be the talk of the party and I'm pretty sure the one after that will see a few imitators. :-)

    1. A few people have recommended buttplugs to me over the years - they haven't really appealed, but I do like the idea of being able to openly or visibly wear one. I would much prefer wearing it to a regular party so people just thought it was a part of my costume and I'd let anyone who wanted to stroke it do so, without them knowing that they were stimulating my ass...

  2. I don't see why you couldn't try one. That does sound exciting.

    1. The good ones certainly aren't cheap - that would be one reason. I might ask for one for Christmas, providing I can find a number of places to wear it to so it is worthwhile me having.