Saturday, 27 September 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 13

Final entry of the Christmas arc - it's slightly longer than the others,but it's Saturday so you have more time to enjoy it :)

When we returned to the living room, Mike was spooning with Jen and we described to him what we had gotten up to. We were once again fairly tired so headed up to bed early, but (unsurprisingly) Mike and Jen wanted us to cum at least once more before we were allowed to go to sleep. They took turns licking us and Mike then fucked Sue and remained buried in her, gently moving while she fell asleep (and meanwhile Jen made me cum). In the morning, Jen licked Sue clean while Mike took care of me and he had a final session with Sue before she had to get ready and head off to her work engagement. Well, I say ‘final session’, but he didn’t actually cum in her and waited until she had showered and dressed before fucking her up against the wall with Jen licking her. This time he did cum in her, with the specific aim of having his cum leaking out of her. This worked as desired and Sue moaned that her thighs were damp as we walked her to the station, but it didn’t stop her from letting Mike and Jen both have a final fondle (under her coat) while we waited for her train. I got to have a brief sister to sister conversation with her and told her that I’d really enjoyed her visit and hoped that she hadn’t regretted anything. I very nearly told her how close I’d cum to eating her properly, but decided it wasn’t the time (or indeed if I should tell her at all) so chickened out. As a parting shot though I did reach under her skirt and rub my finger back and forth along her pussy before pushing it partially in to her cunt and then withdrawing it to suck it clean. Sue’s train arrived and we waved her off before heading home to finish our packing to head off to Jen’s parent’s place.

It was nice to have Mike and Jen back to myself that night, although we didn’t actually get up to anything more than a long gentle session together. Once we’d finished, I was teased a fair bit about having done so much with Sue over the preceding week and I told them that we had assumed that was what they had wanted to see (which it was). I know that a number of people who responded to my question a few posts ago about doing things with Sue said that they couldn’t see why we don’t just eat each other (especially given we do everything else), and it is somewhat difficult to describe why not. To me it just seems like a final line that we haven’t crossed – although you’ll have seen that I’ve obviously been incredibly tempted a number of times. It’s simply a case that we decided that was our limit and in a way it was nice as it meant there was still something ‘forbidden’ that we could be attracted to but (mostly) not do. In a way it was similar to Mike not being allowed to fuck Jen – he desperately wanted to fuck and eat her, but enjoyed the teasing.

We set off on the Tuesday morning and arrived at Jen’s parents’ place mid-afternoon. After the usual greetings and baby discussions about how Jen was beginning to show, we unpacked our things and rested for a bit. I had been hoping to have some more fun with Jen’s brother but he had finally got another girlfriend so it seemed unlikely that this would happen. Of course, that didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to tease him a bit and as Jen and I sat chatting with him in his room for a bit, I made sure my legs were open with my knees up so he had a clear view up to my pussy. Jen left us alone for a short while and I reached down between my legs and told him that I wished we could fuck, but he would have to make do with just watching as I played with myself. I continued to do this right up to the point that Jen came back in to the room (she knew the plan) and he was left having to hide the bulge in his trousers while I idly sucked my fingers clean of my juices and Jen pretended that she didn’t notice.

That night we headed out with Chris and a few of his friends. It was the first time Jen (or any of us) had met his girlfriend (Leanne) and Jen thought he had done quite well. Later in the evening Mike told Chris that he thought she was quite hot and congratulated him on landing her and Chris told Mike that he thought I was quite sexy as well and that he was a lucky guy. We headed home after midnight and sat chatting in Chris’ room for a while. Jen went to bed and I went to change into my PJs (I didn’t think it would be suitable to wander around Jen’s parents’ house naked – although if they hadn’t minded I would have done so). The shorts I had brought with me were purposely very loose around the legs and sufficiently short that it was easy to give a view up to my cunt. I tried to sit and give Chris this view as much as possible without letting Leanne see (although I think she may have noticed) and when we finally left them to go to sleep, we’re pretty sure that they fucked.

The next day, Mike went out for a walk with Jen and Jen’s parents went out, leaving me in the house alone with Chris (Leanne had gone home for a bit but was coming back later on). I teased Chris about having heard him and Leanne fucking and got him to confirm that this had been the case. After a bit of digging, I got him to tell me what she was like in bed and I sat openly playing with myself as he did this. As is often the case with relationships, the sex had been quite frequent at first, but after just a couple of weeks it had dropped off a little and while she seemed to enjoy having sex, she didn’t do much beyond the basic stuff (and wasn’t even too keen on sucking him off). By this point I was working a couple of fingers in to my cunt and using my other hand to play with my breasts and could see a clear bulge in Chris’ trousers so I teased him about it and said it was a pity that his cock wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. I told him that if he hadn’t cum just the night before that I would have taken care of him and he pulled his cock out and started to stroke himself while watching me so I pulled my top and bra off and spread my legs wider to make it easier for him to watch. I edged closer to him (he was sitting up on the bed) and asked if he wanted to cum over me and he said yes so I told him to aim for my tits when he came so he didn’t get any cum on my pussy.

I knew that we shouldn’t be doing this (I don’t usually do things with people I know are dating or otherwise taken) but I told him I wanted him in my mouth and got him to put a condom on. I eagerly swallowed his cock and he lay back across the bed as I sucked him. After a short while he told me to climb up so he could play with me and I knelt over him in a 69 to let him finger me. I pulled away from his cock and moved down his body to plant myself on it – he pushed back in to me and we were quickly fucking with me riding him and Chris playing with my breasts. I leant forwards to let him suck on my nipples and asked if Leanne would approve of what we were doing – to which Chris asked if Mike or Jen would approve (I didn’t tell him that they probably knew we were at least doing something and that we had fucked multiple times before). We agreed to just get on with it and as he said he had been missing out, I rode him as energetically as I could and told him to fuck me as hard and fast as he wanted or needed to. He certainly didn’t seem to need much encouraging and when he said he was getting close I sat up and played with my clit and breasts and told him to just watch and enjoy (while fucking me). He came a little before I did but I remained on his cock until I came and then held the condom in place while sucking his cock clean of my juices.

Chris made a move to get dressed and I reminded him that nobody was likely to be back for a while and that I wanted to fondle his cock a little more. While I did this I cheated a bit and told him how I had eaten his sister awake that morning, how wonderfully juicy her bald cunt had been and how I had licked up and swallowed her juices until she came in my mouth. He told me he knew I was just trying to get him hard again and I pointed out that it was working and asked him if he still wanted to eat me. He said he would in return for me doing something for him so I dashed off to Jen’s room and returned with a dental dam. While Chris licked away at my cunt I told him how I would quite like Leanne to do that to me and he said that that was unlikely to happen. I got him to imagine that she wanted to try things out with a girl and he said if she did then he would want her to play with both me and Jen so as I came I teased him about just wanting to see his sisters cunt spread with Leanne’s tongue buried in it (but he knows I know he has fantasised about Jen many times growing up).

In return for eating me, Chris asked if he could fuck my ass (something else Leanne won’t let him do) so I replied by pulling my legs up and telling him to get a condom on. While he did this I had another idea and dashed back in to Jen’s room to fetch a few toys. I wanted to use Jen’s nipple and clit clamps, but she had taken them with her, so I just grabbed a couple of vibes and returned to a waiting Chris. I messily sucked his cock to add some lube and lay at the edge of the bed again to let him push into me. I then inserted a vibe in to my cunt and turned it on high while using the other vibe on my clit (on a lower setting). Chris loved the feeling of the vibe on his cock (as well as the tightness of my ass) and we fucked like that for a while with me using the vibe in myself or pulling it out and spreading my pussy to let Chris examine me. He had a turn of using the vibes in my cunt and on my clit and I lifted my nipples to my mouth and licked them (he also likes that). We tried to cum at about the same time but Chris came a little before me again. I did convince him to stay in my ass until I came and he said it felt quite intense as I squeezed myself around his cock. We then lay naked on the bed together for a while before deciding that it would be safer to get dressed. We agreed that it would be better if Leanne didn’t find out what we’d been up to and I did feel quite guilty about having helped him cheat, but I had fucked him before she even knew him so technically I had precedence (I know it doesn’t work like that – I’m not proud of everything I do.

Jen had wanted to go for a walk with Mike to some of her old haunts and they had ended up in some woods by a field where Jen had masturbated and peed many times when she was younger. I had thought it was a little cold to be doing things outside, but Jen didn’t want to waste the opportunity to enjoy herself in one of her special places so once they had checked that the coast was clear (there were some dog walkers on the far side of the field, but they couldn’t see anyone in the woods), Jen stripped off and Mike helped her to attach the nipple clamps and vibes. Jen laid a towel on a fallen tree (not that she had prepared or anything) and started to tease her clit. Of course Mike wanted to help out and once Jen had got things started, he got her to stand up against a tree so he could kneel and eat her. Jen really wanted to be able to let go and pee over Mike as he ate her, but as he didn’t have a change of clothes with him she behaved herself and held back (and he didn’t eat her to orgasm anyway). He did turn her around and fuck her for a while until she was close to cumming and then let her sit back on her log while he wanked himself odd and came over her as she masturbated. Jen rubbed his cum over her breasts and stomach as she continued to frig herself and she was obviously close to cumming but Mike told her to hold back for a minute while he tried to get his cock soft enough to let him pee. Jen wanted to cum, but the idea of being peed on was even nicer so she slowed her movements and kept herself close to the edge until Mike said he was ready. She picked up the pace again and Mike stood slightly to the side (so he didn’t get wet when Jen peed) and just before she started to cum, Mike let loose and started to spray his pee over her breasts, stomach and pussy. Jen leant back a little and pushed as hard as she could as she came – as her hand was in the way, her pee sprayed over her thighs and back against her pussy, but she also shot an arc out a couple of times.

When she finished, Mike got her to turn around (so he didn’t have to kneel in a wet patch) and he went down on her, kitty kissing her as she removed the nipple clamps and teased her breasts. Jen enjoyed this and let him continue until she started to feel too cold and needed to cover up. Jen towelled her legs off and got dressed but Mike then got her to sit down again and he finished off what he had started and ate her until she came again. There were a couple of people walking fairly close to them when Jen came but Jen didn’t know this as she had her back to the treeline – fortunately she didn’t moan too loudly as she came so they weren’t discovered. On the way back home (as agreed), Mike texted me to let me know when they would be back, but Chris and I had already got dressed by this point so the warning wasn’t needed.

Both Mike and Jen were quite surprised when they found out how far I’d gone with Chris – they knew that I had intended to tease him and let him watch me masturbate, but not any more than that and Jen said I was a bad girl. I told her that I intended to be even badder and she said as long as I was careful and wasn’t discovered that I could do whatever I wanted - she thought that her parents had accepted enough with their lesbian daughter pairing up with someone who was married and then getting pregnant by the partner of her girlfriend – knowing that the girlfriend (me) was also fucking their son would almost certainly be a step too far! That night, Leanne stayed over again and I teased Chris a bit more by letting him look up my PJs at my cunt as we sat chatting. Just before we went to bed I discreetly told him to meet me downstairs once he was sure his gf was asleep and I headed off with Mike and Jen in to Jen’s room.

I had my usual quiet play with Mike and Jen (it’s a ‘quiet play’ when we’re at Jen’s place as she doesn’t want her parents to hear) and I sat reading until I heard Chris’ door open. I quickly jumped up, pulled on Jen’s robe and slipped out of the door to meet him on the stairs and we headed down to the kitchen together. I asked if he had fucked that night already (which would then determine the direction we took) and was pleased to find out that Leanne hadn’t wanted to have sex (despite Chris’ attempts). I opened my robe and guided his hands to my body (it didn’t take much) and after I had freed his cock and stroked him for a while I told him I had a bonus treat for him. I pulled a pair of Jen’s panties from my pocket that I had rubbed over her pussy during our earlier session and got a fairly decent amount of her juices on. I asked Chris if he wanted me to rub them on his cock or if he wanted to smell Jen’s scent and after I had assured him that I loved the way she smelt he took the panties from me and had a good sniff (and with a bit of further encouragement a taste). I produced a condom from my pocket and applied it to his cock (ensuring I put the wrapper back in my pocket) and then let my robe fall to the floor and leant forwards against the counter to present myself to Chris. He eagerly pushed in to me and as we fucked I got him to decide whether he would want us to be discovered by Leanne or Jen (assuming that whoever it was would want to join us). He liked both options so I described how if it was Leanne I would get her to sit on the counter and eat her while he fucked me and then have her eat me and if it was Jen how she would suck his cock and then let him fuck her. I don’t know which fantasy he enjoyed the most, but he certainly gave me quite a good fucking (especially as considering he’d already done so twice already that day). I let him concentrate on enjoying himself and I took care of playing with my clit and kept myself close to cumming so I could cum just after he did.

Once he pulled out of me, I carefully removed the condom and used Jen’s panties to wipe his cock clean, washed my hands and then sat up on the counter with my legs spread and let him watch me toying with my pussy. As I’d had a fairly restrained day (compared to the previous week and a bit) I felt that I could probably cum again quite easily and got Chris to pass me a banana from the fruit bowl. Once I had worked it in to my cunt I got him to fuck me with it and let him suck on my nipples (he likes my breasts) and as he did this I told him how I was going to wipe my juices over his cock and wanted him to go back up to Leanna and slide in to her cunt so my juices mixed with hers inside her. This thought was enough to get him hard again so as soon as I came, I gathered as much of my juice on my hands as I could, rubbed them in to the length of his cock, then wiped the juices off of the banana and added them to his cock. After a final kiss (and washing my hands once again) we headed back upstairs and I reminded him to try to fuck Leanne with my juices as lube and I headed back in to Jen’s room to report on my success (along with how much he had enjoyed Jen’s panties).

In the morning I found out from Chris that Leanne still hadn’t wanted to fuck, but she had at least let him spoon with her so I’d won in getting my juices in to another girl (as had Jen in the sense that traces of her juices had probably been wiped off on to Chris’ cock).

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful and unfortunately Leanne wanted Chris to sleep over at her place that night. We did get to see him the following morning before we headed home (well, Jen and I headed home, Mike headed off to York for the start of year sex party). The trains were quite crowded once again so to give me a chance to display myself I had worn opaque seamless tights that allowed me to sit with my pussy showing, but to easily feign ignorance if anyone complained. I managed to display myself to two different people for an extended period of time and fantasised about them watching my cunt as I played with myself. For a while Jen and I had a whispered conversation about having everyone on the train line up to make us cum - with her having the girls and me having the guys of course (although I realised that I didn’t want her to have all of the girls as I wanted at least some of them for me too). By the time we got home we were both ready to fuck and Jen’s pussy was beautifully wet (it was like she had squirted before we had even started). As we fucked I teased Jen about her brother cumming while thinking of her, but I was obviously on rather shaky ground as she easily had more ammunition to use against me so we settled on getting Chris and Sue to fuck with us watching and occasionally helping out and then went back to concentrating on each other.

It was a little strange having the place to ourselves without Mike around, but we survived for the weekend. I was a little jealous of him getting to fuck multiple people at the party, but I’d been the time before so it was only fair and I got him to imagine fucking me for the whole journey home so as soon as he arrived I could pounce on him and fuck before getting to tell us how the party had gone – but that is the next entry…


  1. Hmm... he should probably get a new gt. Not because of anything she did but their seed drives and desires are so different it lead to him cheating. When you can't get it at home, in the long run... It usually does. In a sense she is telling him he can no longer have that part of his personality and must kill it or dump her because she will not do those things. I know it sounds harsh but in the long run it is the best for both of them.

    1. It may well be -I'm not really happy about the way I behaved (although I do occasionally get carried away and go further than I intend to - sometimes that just leads to being more daring than I had intended, sometimes it leads me to do things I semi-regret in hindsight).

      On an unrelated note - when I checked exactly what I had written, I realised how poorly I had written the last entry - this is one of the consequences of having a baby in the house. We have much less available time and I don't always get Mike or Jen to proof read the entries (I'm confident they are factually correct as we now keep notes about things). I've corrected a number of the grammatical errors and typos, but I'm sure there are still some present)