Friday, 12 September 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 8

Jen wasn’t feeling very horny that evening, but as she was with Sue, they had a little play before going to sleep. In the morning she went down on Sue to wake her up and then asked Sue for a favour. They headed to the shower and Jen stood up and got Sue to eat her. Just before Jen came, Sue moved her head back slightly and frigged Jen’s clit to get her off, at which point Jen pushed as hard as she could and sprayed her pee all over Sue’s front. Jen was pleasantly surprised when she finished cumming (and peeing) and Sue moved her mouth back to Jen’s pussy to kitty kiss her and once Jen had enjoyed this for a little while they showered to clean off before coming to find Mike and me. We were still asleep at this point and were abruptly awakened as they pounced on us. Jen took care of me and Sue took care of Mike in a brief, but intense session before we all headed down for breakfast.

We didn’t have any real plans for the day other than collecting the food for Christmas lunch (which we knew would probably take quite a while) so we lazed around before getting ready to head out in to town. Mike decided to give us one of our Christmas presents early and presented me with a new set of hoover nozzles. This wasn’t quite as insensitive as it might appear as the idea wasn’t that I was meant to do more cleaning, rather it was a clean set that we could use in more interesting ways… We fetched the hoover and he attached the round nozzle with the brushes (the one that nobody knows what it is really for). He started off by using it on me, rubbing it back and forth over my pussy and I felt the bristles against my skin as the air was sucked through them (making it quite cold). I used it on Jen, who then used it on Sue, who tried it on Mike’s cock. He quite liked having the whole head inside the bristles, but we had other attachments to try and attached the nozzle with the long and thin end. This gave a much more powerful jet of suction and it felt nice as long as bits didn’t get sucked in to the nozzle (Sue, Jen and I all had at least one of our lips sucked in to it even though we were being careful). Jen quite enjoyed this, but we stuck to the agreement of avoiding things that might increase her cortisol levels while she was pregnant and promised her that once she had given birth and finished breastfeeding that we would spank and punish her as much as she wanted.

We then moved on to using a short extension (designed for adding attachments from other manufacturers) and Mike really enjoyed this as he could get the head of his cock just inside it and if he held it just far enough away from his cock to allow a small stream of air, it caused a lot of vibration that he said could have made him cum fairly quickly. We already knew that this was likely to be the best way to use it and once he finished (he didn’t cum as we didn’t think it would do the filter a lot of good), he used it on Jen and after moving it around a bit he found the best way to get the air to cause her clit to vibrate. Sue and I played with Jen’s nipples as he did this, but that wasn’t really necessary as the vibrations on her clit were enough to get her off. Jen then used the hoover on Sue to suck each of her nipples in turn (leaving them quite engorged) and then did the same to Sue’s pussy before using it on her clit. Once Sue had cum it was up to her to use the hoover on me and she basically just repeated what Jen had done to her apart from she also spread my lips wide when using the hoover on my clit so by the time I came, my pussy felt incredibly cold which made my orgasm feel quite strange. As I complained about how cold my pussy was, the others wanted to see for themselves so Mike slid into me and said that while my lips were cold, I didn’t feel any different inside. Sue felt my pussy and Jen kitty kissed me (which also warmed me up).

Our trip to town was quite uneventful and we returned with more food than was sensible for one day. Our plan was to head out that night so we rested for the rest of the afternoon and refrained from sex (other than Mike gently spooning inside us at various times). After dinner we got ready to head out so we could find another guy to keep Sue’s carnal need for cock satisfied (and it had nothing to do with me because I’m a sweet, innocent virgin…). As it was Christmas Eve we wore the same Santa’s helper outfits we’d worn earlier in the week, but this time with white panties underneath them (which weren’t completely hidden), matched with thigh-high white socks (it was rather cold out so we needed something to keep our legs warm). I think it was fairly obvious from our outfits that we were out on the pull and we had no shortage of guys who wanted to take advantage of the situation. As had become the custom, Mike looked after Jen to protect her from unwanted advances and the two of them mostly just watched Sue and me as we danced and flirted with various guys throughout the evening. Sue and I had agreed our game plan before we went out and while we were allowed to ‘let’ the guys do as much with us as they wanted while we were out, we had to ensure that anyone who came back with us was up for doing things with both of us (preferably at the same time, but we would take what we could get).

Most of the guys that approached us weren’t up for this, but we eventually each found a guy who was willing to have us both – but they wanted to do things in private. We agreed to this and told them that they could fuck us and we would then switch partners and they were fine with this. Before we left the club to head home, we decided to show them that we were really serious so popped in to the bathroom to remove our panties and then headed back out to let them discover what we had done. As an extra confirmation that we really wanted each of them to fuck us both, we let them each finger us and swapped around. By this point they were quite eager to get things started so we headed home with Mike and Jen following behind us. Sue and I took a slightly longer route to let them get home before us – I had assumed that they would just sit downstairs and we would say ‘hi’ before heading up to the bedrooms, but by the time we arrived (which was probably only a minute or two after they did), Jen’s lower half was already naked and she was sitting on the sofa with Mike’s face buried between her legs. Jen looked over at us and then just went back to enjoying herself – the guys seemed quite surprised, but it was easy enough to get their attention again by just reaching down to their crotches and rubbing them.

Sue and I headed upstairs with them – with us going first so that they had the opportunity to get a good look up our skirts. At the top of the stairs we gave them the choice of who went with whom first or asked if they should just toss a coin. They decided to stick with the pairings from the club to start with so I took my guy into Jen’s room and Sue led her guy in to Mike’s room. We didn’t do anything too special – I slowly stripped off and let him fondle my body before freeing his cock and giving him a combination blowjob and tit-job to get things started. I then played with myself on the bed, partly to exhibit myself to him and partly to ensure I would cum before he did. He didn’t let me play for too long though and wanted to fuck so I gave him the choice of position and he took me from behind (we me on all fours) and then he wanted me to ride him. As I did this, I lifted a breast to my mouth and sucked on the nipple while frigging my clit with my other hand.

We heard loud moans coming from the other room and I commented on how it sounded like my sister was enjoying herself. We hadn’t actually told the guys that we were sisters so this surprised him a bit but I just told him that we liked to share and to carry on fucking me. He asked me to lean forwards and sucked on my nipples and in this position I could hump up and down on his cock a bit more energetically. I was getting quite close to cumming myself and told him to let me know when he was going to cum. He carried on thrusting in to me and when he said he was nearly there I frigged my clit a bit faster and came loudly. This wasn’t just a case of putting on a good show for him, Sue and I had agreed that we would be loud enough for each other to hear so that we would know when we had both cum and could switch rooms. Before I left I cleaned off of guy’s cock and got him to stand at the foot of the bed while I lay on my stomach and reached around to spread my ass and pussy to demonstrate Sue’s favourite position to him. He promised he would look after her and I told him to give her cunt as hard a pounding as he could before calling in to Sue to tell her I was ready to switch.

We passed each other in the hall and I wandered in to Mike’s room. I was still naked, but the guy had pulled the covers over his crotch. I told him not to be shy and that I wanted to see so I pulled the covers off and eyed up his cock. He was still soft from having fucked Sue so I offered to put on a show to help him get hard again. This was quite fun as he was very attentive and once he realised that I was willing to show him pretty much everything and do whatever he asked, he really got into it and had me fingering myself, playing with my breasts, spreading my ass cheeks and using some toys. I continued long after he was hard again and I enjoyed watching him stroking his cock as he watched me, but I had a much better use for it so I told him to follow me to the bathroom so he could wash his hands and then play with me properly (he understood that I didn’t want any of his cum in me).

As soon as we got back to the bedroom, I put a condom on his cock and went down on him. I lay over him in a 69 position and let him spread and finger me and then told him he could use the vibe I had been playing with if he wanted. He did want and I soon felt him pumping the vibe in and out of my cunt and rubbing it over my clit. I could have probably cum like that fairly easily but I wanted his cock inside me and told him this. I lay on my back, spread my pussy and asked him to fill me (he was a little larger than the first guy). He mounted me and easily slid in to me and kissed me as we fucked. I wrapped my legs around him and told him to make me cum as many times as he could and that he could use any position he wanted. Once again, he wanted me to ride him (lots of guys seem to like this – I don’t know if it is because they can easily play with my breasts or just like seeing me do the work), but then wanted to take me from behind. I stood at the edge of the bed and leant forwards and felt him slide the head of his cock around my pussy. He asked if he could take my ass and I told him I would prefer him in my cunt so he pushed in to me and started pumping away. He reached around to play with my breasts so I reached between my legs to play with my clit and told him I was going to try and cum as quickly as possible, but that he could keep fucking me afterwards. Following my earlier display, it didn’t actually take me too long to cum and while I moaned a bit as I did so, I wasn’t too loud as I didn’t want Sue to think we had finished.

The guy carried on fucking me and after a while asked me to turn over so he could remain standing and fuck me with my legs held up against his body. I was quite impressed with this and as he had to half hold up my body, I could feel his cock pressing against the inside front of my pussy. We ended up using a couple of pillows under my ass to make the position a bit more comfortable and I played with my breasts and verbally encouraged him to fuck me as hard as he wanted. He played with my clit a little, but not really enough to get me off again so I just let him fuck me until he came.

It sounded like Sue and her guy were still going, but my guy started to get dressed. I had an idea of how to delay him for a little while and when he was ready to head out I wandered downstairs with him just dressed in a gown (untied). As we passed the living room door I told him that there was something he might want to see and walked in on Mike and Jen. Mike had finished eating Jen and was sitting chatting with her, but I told her that I’d just been fucked and that my pussy needed to be kissed better. Jen told me to take a seat and knelt between my legs, which I eagerly spread for her and pulled her head to my pussy. I looked over at the guy and told him that this felt great and then just lay back and enjoyed it. He watched intently and I was rapidly approaching an orgasm when Sue and her guy wandered downstairs. Jen looked around at them and resumed eating me so I called Sue over and got her to sit beside me. I told Jen that it would be cruel to neglect Sue and she moved over, pushed Sue’s legs open and started to eat her. I reached down and played with myself while leaning over and kissing Sue and Jen moved back and forth between us, taking turns licking our cunts while the other person played with themselves.

Unsurprisingly I came first, but I helped Sue along by kissing her and playing with her breasts while Jen ate her. Once Sue had cum, I wandered back over to the guys who had stood watching us the whole time and it was quite evident that they were aroused as they both had obvious bulges in their trousers. I asked if they had enjoyed the show (they had) and asked if they were up for any more fun. I had assumed that the bulges indicated they both would be, but one of the guys (the one I had brought home) said he didn’t think he could do much more and wanted to go. I was a little disappointed at this, but be still had one guy left so Sue and I took him back upstairs and told him that as a reward, he got to have us both at once. We cleaned off his cock and applied a fresh condom, then set about sucking and stroking him while letting him finger us and fuck us with a vibe. He particularly enjoyed having us kiss around his cock and be licked by two tongues at once and also loved having us both bend over the bed and present ourselves to him so he could switch between us and fuck us both.

I was feeling generous so offered to let him finish off in Sue. It wasn’t entirely selfless as long-time readers will know that I enjoy exhibiting myself almost as much as I enjoy being fucked, so I lay beside Sue and fingered my pussy with one hand while reaching around under my legs and used a couple of fingers to fuck my ass. The guy watched me playing with my ass and asked again if he could fuck it but I avoided this by saying that I thought his cock was too big for my ass and might hurt me (it would have been fine, I just wasn’t in the mood for anal and the flattery seemed to bolster his ego). Sue told him that he could have her ass if he wanted and I told him that the condition was he had to make sure he waited until I’d cum before he came. He agreed to this and pushed his cock slowly in to Sue’s ass while I carried on playing with myself and I let myself moan and swear as my orgasm built and I then came.

I told him to hold back just a little longer and I offered my fingers (the ones that I’d used in my pussy) to Sue to suck clean and I then reached down to her pussy to finger and frig her as the guy pumped in and out of her ass. He said he was going to cum and I kept telling him to try and hold back until Sue came. She moaned just as much as I had and the guy came a short while before her, but kept his cock buried in her ass while my fingers strummed over her clit and fucked her cunt. When he pulled out, I slowly and deliberately sucked my fingers clean of Sue’s juices and asked the guy if he was glad he stayed for round three (he was). As he got dressed, Sue and I played with each other’s breasts (more for him than us) and he asked if we were really sisters (to which we replied yes). We got his number, wished him a happy Christmas and showed him out, with both of us wandering outside and giving him a goodbye hug outside the front door (we didn’t stay outside for too long though as it was cold). We then returned to Mike and Jen in the living room and gave them a summary of our sessions – Sue had mostly been fucked in the missionary position by her first guy, but during the second round, my guy had followed the advice I’d given her and taken her on her front (she thanked me for telling him to do this when she found out I was reason for the position).

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