Monday, 15 September 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 9

Mike was very aroused by our descriptions (plus he hadn’t cum yet – he had only played with Jen) and he had a quick lick of all of our cunts and dipped his cock in to each of us as we got ready for bed. It was his turn to have Sue and even though she was rather tired from the session, she let him go down on her and then fuck her. Mike managed to cum in her and keep moving long after his orgasm. Sue loved how he ended up fucking his cum out of her so it ran down over her ass (how she’s changed her tune – she used to hate leaking cum) and Mike promised her another load in the morning if he wanted it.

I had a fairly gentle session with Jen – she described how she had enjoyed eating Sue and I with  the guys watching and how she had imagined peeing herself the whole time she was doing it, letting the guys see the liquid running out of her pussy and down her legs. I teased her about having enjoyed showing her pussy to them and about how they would probably be jerking off to the thought of her (and hopefully as well as Sue and me) for a fair time to cum. Jen liked the sound of that and as I got her close to cumming she said that she wished she had come out with Sue and me to see the second guy off and she could have stood and peed herself in front of him as she (or we) played with her pussy. Jen came with that image in her mind and I promised her a shower session in the morning to satisfy her watersports fetish and we fell asleep.

On Christmas Day, Mike woke and went down on Sue. I did the same to Jen and a little while later Mike and Sue joined us in Jen’s bed for presents. We had all agreed not to spend too much and so most of the presents were small things, although we did have two large presents… The first one (which I didn’t know about) was a present for Sue and I to share from mike and Jen - a horse dildo. To be fair, we certainly didn’t have one in our collection of toys and it was fun to use at the sex show that Julia and I had put on, but I couldn’t see me using it too often or I’d end up stretched out. Mike appreciated this, but said that he particularly wanted us to try it in conjunction with the other large present – a new video camera (I did know about this one as we had all agreed to buy it as a joint present to each other, both for ‘fun’ and in preparation for the baby).

After presents, Mike had a little play with Jen and me and Sue and Jen had a quick play together before we headed downstairs for breakfast. While we ate, Mike tried connecting the camera up to the TV and we took turns sitting on the sofa and having our nether regions videoed and displayed to us in high definition. It was quite odd having such a good view of our own pussies (I’m obviously quite familiar with the way Jen’s and Sue’s pussies look) and we determined that if we were going to be displayed in a magnified form, that we should probably be shaved smooth. Mike opted to take care of Jen, with the specific purpose of leaving Sue and I to take care of each other. This wasn’t really that big a deal though and I shaved Sue smooth and let Mike take care of the lick test on her (the best way to check for any remaining stubble). Sue then shaved me while Mike had his hair trimmed by Jen (it’s somewhat more difficult to shave a cock and balls so he usually just keeps his hair short).

With our crotches freshly preened, we took turns being projected up on to the TV again and examined each other closely. As you might expect, we didn’t just look and the images progressed from having us spread ourselves and looking up in to our cunts (or just various angles of Mike’s cock), to having people finger us, being licked or sucked and having Mike slide in and out of us. Mike hadn’t forgotten his promise to give Sue another shot of his cum and they fucked on the sofa with Sue on top of Mike and Jen capturing the event in relative close up. Jen also videoed Sue’s face as she came and then did a close of up Mike’s cock sliding in and out of Sue’s pussy before they rolled over and Mike came in Sue. When he pulled out, Sue was told to spread her lips and Jen recorded the sight of Mike’s cum dribbling out of Sue’s cunt and running down over her ass. Sue had to then kneel up to let more of Mike’s cum drip out of her and to finish her performance she was made to do a close up of sucking Mike’s cock clean of her juices and his cum.

Sue had a chance to recover while we watched the video and we were suitably impressed with the quality (it was significantly better than anything we’d done before). Sue was rather embarrassed about the shot of her face as she came, but Mike assured her that he loved her O face. It was my turn next to be put on display (which is my favourite place to be) and I loved being able to look over at the TV and see what was being done to me in detail. I was fingered, eaten, briefly fucked, had toys used on me and had to suck Mike’s cock and lick at Jen’s pussy. To finish things off I was told that I had to make myself cum (which isn’t anything new), but the twist was that they wanted me to use the horse dildo. I was actually quite curious to see what this looked like up on the big screen so agreed (as if I had a choice) and it was fetched along with some lube. Jen added some of her own juices to the mix and the dildo was handed to me. Jen and Sue helped out by spreading my pussy, allowing Mike to get a good shot as I positioned the head of the dildo against my cunt and started to push it in to me. It was certainly quite large and while I was enjoying myself, I probably wasn’t quite as aroused as I had been when putting on the sex show so it took a little bit longer to get the head properly inside me, but once this was done I got it in as far as I could fairly quickly and started to fuck myself. Mike videoed the action from various angles and I watched as my lips stretched around the dildo and tried to grip it each time I pulled the dildo out. Jen and Sue both helped out by playing with my clit and I was subjected to the same embarrassment as Sue with a close up of my face as I came. When I removed the dildo, Sue and Jen held my pussy open and Mike got a good shot up inside me – I got to watch as my vagina contracted back to being at least a little closer to its usual size, but before that happened Jen thought it would be a good idea to get one more thing recorded and lubed up her hand to fist me. Surprisingly she only did this for a short time (I had been expecting her to try to make me cum again), but she did give Sue a warning that she would get the same treatment when Sue got to try out the horse dildo.

We did a bit of work to start the lunch off and then returned to the sofa for Jen’s starring role. She was spared the giant dildo as her pussy isn’t quite as well used as mine or Sue’s, but she did get to see it in detail as she was fingered, licked and fucked (with the now obligatory O face shot). Despite Sue already having displayed herself, she was talked in to using the new dildo and fundamentally went through the same thing I had (including the post orgasm fisting – although this time Jen was more like her usual self and carried on until Sue came again). She complained bitterly about this at the time (or just afterwards), but on watching the recording back later on, she admitted that it did look incredibly hot.

After a bit more work on the lunch, Jen reminded me of my promise the evening before and with a new SD card inserted, we headed up to the bathroom and I went down on Jen as she stood in the bath. While I was eating her, we discussed what would look best on film – having me sit back and Jen peeing on my face while she frigged herself to orgasm or having me licking her clit and her peeing over my body. While Jen likes having her clit licked, we opted for the former as more would be visible – and as an added bonus I spread Jen’s lips so more was visible. She let out quite a strong stream of pee that hit me square in the face, but I remained in position until she had both finished cumming and peeing and after showering ourselves off we headed down and watched the latest instalment of our collection.

Jen called home to wish her parents and brother a Happy Christmas and while she spoke to them on the phone we all had a play with her. This was fine at first, but with three of us ganging up on her she didn’t stand much of a chance and was soon fighting to hold back from cumming while carrying on her conversation. Her Mum could tell that she sounded out of breath, but she blamed it on the pregnancy and said she just felt a little tired and then had to cover the mouthpiece of the phone as she came. Once we had all wished them a Happy Christmas, Jen wanted her revenge and told us that it was time for Sue and me to phone Mum. I wasn’t too bothered by this as I’m used to Mike making me cum while on the phone and I just ask Mum something that I know she will give a long answer to so I can have an uninterrupted orgasm. As expected, I didn’t have a problem and came without Mum detecting anything (I think). Sue was next and Jen lapped at her hard while she talked. Mike also fucked her, but it was Jen who made Sue cum and while she kept her voice fairly steady, her breathing was definitely heavier. We finished with Mike and all had a play with his cock. He actually got off fairly lightly as we didn’t want to waste his cum so he didn’t actually orgasm, but we did tease him a lot and for a part of the conversation he was told to fuck Sue up against the wall.

We then spent until mid-afternoon working on lunch, followed by a few hours eating and drinking. Instead of the traditional falling asleep watching TV, we headed up to the bedroom and all dozed in Jen’s bed with one or more of us occasionally waking and gently playing with whoever was closest. By evening time, we felt quite rested but wanted to get out of the house so we dressed and went out for a walk. There weren’t many people around which meant we had a number of chances to expose ourselves (it was mostly Sue and me that were challenged to do this) but it was also still quite cold so we didn’t do this too much. Sue got to sit up on a wall and have Mike and Jen take turns licking her pussy and Jen and I briefly fingered each other but got interrupted so we had to stop and decided to head home.

Once back indoors I gave Sue a challenge that I had been saving for a while (or rather one I had thought of a while before and kept forgetting about) – her job was to suck Mike hard with him completely inside her mouth. Now Sue is very good at blowjobs, but she isn’t an expert at deep-throating (she has done it, but can’t always do it without gagging). She was up for the challenge though and once we were ready, Mike sat down and concentrated to get his cock to go soft (apparently the thought of his little imouto sucking him off was quite appealing). He managed it though and once he was soft, Sue knelt on a cushion in front of him and took the whole of his cock in to her mouth. She was instructed to just let him grow and to see how long she could last. Mike tried to concentrate so he didn’t get hard too quickly (hoping to give her time to get used to his cock in her throat), but once he got past what he called halfway hard, he said he went to fully hard quite quickly. Sue did quite well and managed to keep almost the whole length of his cock inside her mouth, but couldn’t suck him off like this (once she started moving she gagged a bit so we let her back off). Mike didn’t want to cum in her mouth so he could save whatever he had left for cumming in or over us later on, but he thanked Sue and as a reward she was bent over the sofa and fucked hard while Jen played with her clit and breasts.

Mike’s cock was covered in Sue’s juices by the time he finished and I was asked to suck him clean. I quite liked the idea of having this recorded and him cumming over my face but he pointed out that he, Jen and I had plenty of time to make recordings like that. Jen then went down on me and Mike briefly played with her as she did this and then switched to getting a good shot of her ass and pussy as she knelt and ate me. He pointed out how wet Jen was and I watched on the TV as Sue played with Jen’s pussy and Jen’s juices actually dripped out of her and ran down her legs. I told her that I wanted to be that wet and have her swallow my juices over and over and Jen ate me quite hard. As I got closer to cumming I had Sue run up and fetch a vibe to use in Jen – the idea being that we wanted something to stimulate her and get her wetter, without absorbing any of her juices. This worked quite well and as I came I watched Sue pumping the vibe in and out of Jen’s pussy and Jen’s juices dripping out from around the vibe.

Mike wanted to try something out and asked Jen if he could fuck her (it was unlikely she was going to say no). Jen turned around so she could watch on the TV as I recorded what was happening and Sue used the vibe on Jen’s clit while Mike used Jen’s wet cunt. Jen came quite a bit before Mike but she allowed him to keep going and he came inside her and then took the camera to record his cum, mixed with her juices, leaking out of her pussy and running down her thighs. Jen asked Sue to lick her clean and Sue said that she could hardly taste Mike’s cum so I had a turn too and Mike didn’t want to be left out so he also had a few licks.

That night we decided to make a camp bed in the living room so we could all sleep together and for our goodnight session, we each did a little with everyone else (Sue and I mostly just kissed and gently caressed each other and then played properly with Mike and Jen). Mike got to cum in Sue again and Jen licked her clean. As Jen had been the last one to get Sue’s pussy at night, Mike got to eat her awake on the Thursday morning. He then fucked her while Jen and I played with each other, but he didn’t cum in her (saving this for later). After breakfast, Jen and Mike pleaded with Sue and me to put on a show for them and we relented (with our usual condition that we wouldn’t eat each other). Mike obviously wanted to film us doing this and we were a little reticent at first, but agreed and headed up to Jen’s room to play. I felt quite self-conscious knowing that Mike and Jen would be watching us so closely, but Sue seemed quite eager to play so we climbed on to the bed and started to kiss and fondle each other. We didn’t do anything new, but did use a number of toys on each other, humped our cunts against each other and even used the strap on to fuck and ride each other. At Jen’s request, we 69ed for a while and spread each other’s lips, pretending to lick each other, but not making any actual contact (and you could tell that was the case in the video, which Mike was rather disappointed about). I think it’s safe to say that I had quite rapidly lost any inhibitions and we had a very enjoyable session with me cumming first and Sue continuing to stimulate me until I made her cum (she has learned well).

I didn’t even find it that embarrassing watching myself play with Sue when Mike played the recording back, but we did refuse to try and reshoot the scenes of us (pretend) licking each other to make it look more realistic. We lazed around for the remainder of the morning (that’s what holidays are for), but after lunch it was time for the next round. This time I was targeted and was marched upstairs and tied up on the bed. I was subjected to about an hour of teasing during which I came three times (with possibly a fourth mini-cum). Mike fucked me while Jen played with my clit and Sue took care of my nipples for the first orgasm. Sue used one of our small anal vibes on me and Mike played with my pussy while Jen sat over my face for my second cum and Mike fucked me a bit more, then Sue had to climb over me in a 69 position and finger me while Mike fucked her for my third cum. Jen played with Sue’s clit and my nipples during this session and Mike decided that he had waited for long enough and came in Sue who remained crouched over me while his cum dripped out over my face and Jen and Mike took turns kitty kissing me (not to orgasm, but it still felt good as my pussy was quite sensitive by this point).


  1. There is nothing more sexy than seeing a woman's face as she cums. You should maybe do a video for Beautiful Agony :)

    1. Jen especially loves watching my face as I cum, but I don't think putting a video of myself online would be a good idea - especially on a site as popular as that one is