Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 5

As Lis and her guy had started after Sue and I, they still had a little way to go so I suggested a different position. I lay on my back and Lis crouched over my face facing away from my body. She leant forwards and her guy straddled my chest to slide in to her. In this position I could easily lick her clit while the guy fucked her and between us we had no trouble getting Lis to cum. I then got her to raise her ass so I could scooch down a bit and watch as he finished fucking her. When he came and then pulled out I grabbed Lis’ skirt and wiped all of our pussies clean, then pulled the condom off of her guys’ cock, wiped his cock clean and then used other parts of the skirt to wipe the other guys’ cocks clean. As I did this, I reminded the guys that Lis still needed to have the other two cocks inside her and that Sue and I still wanted to be fucked at least once more each. The guys said that they would be able to accommodate us, but could do with some encouragement so I asked if we should put on a little show for them. They liked this idea so I told Lis that it was time to pay us back for having stolen one of the cocks from us and told Sue that we should lie back and enjoy ourselves.

Sue and I lay beside each other with our legs spread and we let Lis play with us both in turn, using her fingers as well as going down on us both. Our audience enjoyed the show and they were all back to attentions before either Sue or I had cum so we decided to press on with round two. Once a fresh set of condoms had been applied (we let Lis put them on so she got a good fondle of each cock), we took turns sucking them and just so we could be sure Lis had got to have all three guys inside her, Lis, Sue and I knelt at the end of the bed and we let the guys fuck us all in a round-robin style. By the time we’d all had each cock in us a number of times, the guys wanted to get a bit more serious so we moved around and on to the bed properly. I suggested that Sue should pair up with Lis as I’d done in the previous session and they got in to a 69 position and were fucked while I lay a little way away from them and enjoyed the new cock inside me. I considered getting a few vibes out of the cupboard for us to use on our clits and wondered what the guys would think if they saw our collection of toys (although I presumed they had already figured out that we were more highly sexed than your average person). As we had all been playing with ourselves during the round-robin session earlier, we were fairly far along anyway though so it wasn’t worth interrupting what we were doing.

I told Sue to make Lis cum as quickly as possible and she had managed to make fairly good oral contact with Lis’ pussy so Lis was the first of us to cum in this session. This meant that we could switch partners around again and I told the guy who was now fucking Lis that he had to try and hold back until Lis came a third time (so Lis could say she had been fucked to orgasm by three different guys in a row – even if Sue and I had helped out a bit). I promised him that we would make it worth his while and told Sue that we should try and cum as quickly as possible so we could help out. This wasn’t too difficult as by this point we were both quite close to cumming and telling our guys that they could use us however they wanted meant they happily pumped away in us while we frigged ourselves (Lis helped out a bit with Sue’s clit). Unfortunately my second orgasm wasn’t as satisfying as the first one had been, but I didn’t complain (I don’t think it was his fault) and let him finish off inside me. I squeezed my cunt around him as he rested inside me and when he pulled out I told him to wait while I fetched Sue’s skirt and used the inside to wipe his cock clean. Sue wasn’t too far behind me and once I had cleaned her and her guy up we discussed the best way to help Lis out.

For a start, we got the guy to lie on his back and have Lis ride him. He liked this and it allowed Sue to sit behind Lis and reach around to play with her breasts and clit. I tried to convince one of the other guys to take Sue’s place and fuck Lis’ ass, but they weren’t up for having their cocks that close to their friend’s cock (and to be fair, neither of them looked like they were in any state to get hard enough again). As Sue was being so adventurous I felt that we should really continue to push her and wondered about getting the strap on out, but then decided it might be too much for the guys. As a compromise, I fetched one of our anal vibes, applied a little lube and pressed it up against Lis’ ass. As I pushed it in I told her that if the guys weren’t going to fuck her sweet little ass, then I would and as it slipped in, the guy buried in her cunt said he could feel the buzzing. Just so she could tick off another thing, I let the other guys take turns at sliding the vibe in and out of Lis’ ass, but I made sure that they were gentle with her. The other guys also fondled Lis’ body and reached between her and her guy to play with her breasts so I got Sue to reach between them to rub Lis’ clit as well. With all this attention it wasn’t too surprising that we managed to get her off before the guy came and once Lis’ orgasm was over, we gave him permission to cum in her. He rolled Lis over on to her back and fucked her with the vibe still buzzing away in her ass. He took hardly any time (I was actually quite surprised that he had lasted so long) and as he came in her I pushed on his ass to encourage him to get as deep inside Lis as he could as he emptied his second load of the evening.

As the guys started to get dressed I lay beside Lis and gently kissed and caressed her. The one who had just fucked Lis asked what his special treat was and I told him that getting to cum in my precious Lis should have been enough for him, but said if he really wanted then Sue and I would play with her for him. He (and his friends) liked this idea and I remember thinking it is odd how many guys use the term ‘lesbos’ as a derogatory term for girls who aren’t interested in them, but seem to be all for watching girls make each other cum (although I don’t know how big an intersection there is between those two groups). Lis didn’t want to cum again (or more specifically she said she didn’t think she *could* cum again) so we were gentle with her, but still let the guys watch us kiss, finger and eat her for a few minutes. We showed them to the door naked and Sue and I further convinced them of our craziness by giving them long goodbye kisses outside and letting them each briefly finger us both.

Back inside, we called a meeting and asked Lis why she had let three strangers fuck her (as you may have gathered from my over-use of the word ‘guy’, we didn’t even know their names). Lis and Lucy told us that they had discussed Lis being with another guy (now I can’t stop using the word) a few times and Lis thought that this was probably the best chance she was going to get. Mike didn’t say anything at the time, but he was a little disappointed that his little lesbian was no longer just his (but he is aware that she was never really his and is just jealous that other guys got to fuck her). Later on, when Lis was away from Lucy I warned her about not pushing things too far with Lucy as she is (relatively) more conservative than us and I really didn’t want Lis to do anything that upset their relationship. Lis isn’t stupid though and said that while she had really enjoyed the session, she had no immediate plans to turn bi (yes, I know she sleeps with Mike, but she still considers herself mostly gay).

We all headed off to bed – Lis with Sue and me and Lucy with Mike and Jen. As you may have guessed, Sue, Lis and I had a fairly subdued time as we were all fairly satisfied. I say ‘fairly’ – Lis still didn’t want to do anything more – or at least anything serious, she allowed us to kiss and caress her and as we wasn’t trying to make her cum, it was quite a sensual session. I wondered if Sue and I should put on a display for Lis to try and get her in the mood to play properly, but we didn’t need to do this as after a while (a fair while) Lis began to respond to our touches more and I moved down to kitty kiss her. When Lis didn’t remind me to be gentle I was fairly sure that we had reeled her in, but I started off gently anyway and enjoyed lapping at her pussy. I steadily became more insistent and was quite prepared to carry on until Lis came but Sue told me not to be greedy and to share. Just as Mike considers Lis ‘his’, I sort of do the same so as I wasn’t going to get to eat her I wanted to feel her tongue on my pussy and climbed over her face. Lis pulled me to her mouth and immediately started to lick me – I held on to the headboard and humped back and forth against her face as she did this, but still couldn’t catch up with her. Lis slowed her licking as she came but quickly started up again and I felt the familiar fluttery licks concentrating on my clit until I came.

Sue still wanted to cum again but I didn’t think it was fair to get Lis to take care of her as well as she (Lis) was looking quite tired. Sue was willing to take care of things herself but we wanted to help out at least a bit so I selected a few toys (most of them live in the cupboard in Jen’s bedroom, but we always keep a few in Mike’s room for such occasions) and we told Sue to lie back. As Lis and I had just cum, we were both fairly wet so I slid a vibe in to myself and then in to Lis to add lubrication before inserting it into Sue. I then gave Lis another vibe to use on Lis’ clit and between us we made short work of making Sue cum. As Sue was already lying down, Lis and I curled up on either side of her and reached an arm over to hug Sue. We fell asleep like that while continuing the discussion about how surprised I still was that Lis had joined us for our session with the guys.

As Mike was spending the night with Jen and Lucy he knew that he wasn’t going to get to cum (he could have fucked Jen, but wanted to save his cum for Sue or Lis). As usual, he used the situation to tease himself though and watched intently as Lucy and Jen played with each other. He did semi-fuck Jen while she ate Lucy and was allowed to press up against Lucy’s ass as they went to sleep. In the morning, Mike spooned with Lucy again and gently rubbed back and forth against her ass – she didn’t mind him doing this and even let him slide his cock between her legs. He had to be quite careful in this position as he didn’t want to slide in to Lucy’s cunt (well, he did, but you know what I mean) so after a few minutes he pulled back and as a reward was allowed to play with Lucy’s breasts while Jen went down on her. Mike had a quick lap at Jen’s pussy before letting Lucy take over and Jen sucked his cock as he watched them. They discussed how if he were ever to ‘donate’ sperm to help Lucy get pregnant if he would be allowed to give a direct injection or if his offering would have to go via Jen’s mouth. Jen quite liked the idea of being the one to actually fertilise Lucy but Lucy thought it would be a better idea for her and Lis to get married and settled first (which Mike with his eternal optimism took as meaning he would be allowed to father their child).

I woke first in the morning and on my return from the bathroom I look in on Jen’s room to see them all asleep. I had already decided that I wanted to give a demonstration to Lis of the new three way method we had used with Lucy so as soon as I got back in to bed I got to work on waking Lis up in our traditional way. While I was under the covers I couldn’t resist from reaching over to Sue and giving her pussy a few strokes – it probably wasn’t as gentle or erotic as the way I woke Lis, but it at least meant that when Sue woke, she knew the sort of mood I was in and wasn’t too surprised when I told her I wanted us to both hump against Lis’ legs as we’d done with Lucy. We decided that this position was a little too strenuous to start the day off with so we opted to start off with a threesome with Lis in the middle. This time Sue started off eating Lis and I was the one to finish things off and make Lis cum while Sue sat over Lis’ face. To echo what we’d done the previous evening I then lay back and let Sue and Lis use the vibes on me. After a couple of minutes rest I was ready to proceed and we told Lis exactly what Lucy had done to us before taking up our positions over Lis’ thighs and starting to hump against them. It felt nice, but felt even better when we leant forwards over Lis’ legs and she started to finger us. She also used the vibes in us and tried to nestle the vibes between our cunts and her legs, but this wasn’t too successful as they kept popping out of the way. We adapted the position and ended up with Lis pushing the vibes into our asses and using her fingers in our pussies as we humped against her legs. This felt even better than it had with Lucy and we both had pretty good orgasms and then examined the mess we had made on Lis’ thighs.

The others were still asleep when we had finished and headed downstairs for breakfast. We heard some action while we were eating, but decided to leave them to it. Lucy had actually woken up first and gone down on Jen as a thank you for the way Jen usually woke her up. We don’t know why (other than the vagaries of pregnancy hormones), but Jen was very wet again that morning and Lucy offered Mike a turn with Jen so he could enjoy her juices too. Lucy did most of the work though and crouched wither ass in the air to allow Mike to enjoy the view of her pussy. Mike made the most of this and sat behind Lucy for quite a while. He asked if he could rub his cock up against her again and was told no so he bargained with her and said he would get Sue and I to perform for her again. He still wasn’t allowed to do anything with her straight away, but was given the promise that they would discuss it further and once he delivered, she would let him do something with her. Given this, Mike had to content himself with just examining Lucy’s pussy (without touching her of course). When Jen had cum Lucy lay back and spread her lips for him so he could get an even closer look and Mike knelt between Lucy’s legs, took his cock in his hands and stroked himself, threatening to cover Lucy’s pussy with his cum. She called his bluff and told him that he wouldn’t dare – and was proved right as Mike said he would rather look lots than just cum on her once.

After breakfast we lazed around for a while and a few of had a play with Jen to see how much juice her pussy could make. Mike commented that she was in the ideal state for making a salad dressing and I said I was up for it if everyone else was on board. Mike asked if he was allowed to participate as well (by which he meant contributing to the dressing, not just tasting the results) and as Lucy was the only person that this would be an issue for, the question was directed at her. Lucy echoed something she had said before which was she had already tasted Mike’s cum enough times from Lis (and Jen and me) that it didn’t bother her. Mike was quite happy about this and said he would contribute to the dressing, but first he wanted to get some action as he hadn’t cum yet and had just teased himself with the sight of Lucy’s forbidden pussy. He wanted to fuck Lis and she agreed to allow him to use her body so followed him upstairs. I suggested to Sue that she tag along as I was sure Mike would be willing to at least eat her if she asked nicely so she hightailed after them (knowing full well that Mike would let her join them no matter how she asked).

Lucy, Jen and I showered and got dressed while Mike played with Lis and Sue. They had a pretty standard session (for a threesome) – Mike ate them both and ate each of them while the other one ride him, fucked each of them while they ate or fingered the other one. He finished off and came in Lis, but Sue insisted on eating his cum out of her. Mike then showered with Lis and once she was clean, Sue took her place and as she claimed she was still feeling frisky, Mike frigged her and used the pulse spray on her clit. Sue wanted Mike inside her as she came, but he wasn’t able to get hard enough in time (and he said if he got in to her, he might well end up fucking her, in which case he probably wouldn’t have been able to produce any cum later on for the salad).

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