Saturday, 6 September 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 6

The trip to the shops to buy food was uneventful and when we returned we prepared the various items for the salad, washing and cutting them as appropriate. Each of us girls contributed five cherry tomatoes, first inserted in to our pussies, then plopped in to the bowl. We took turns fucking each other with the cucumber before cutting it up and proceeded like this with the remainder of the ingredients (apart from the croutons – that would have hurt). For the final coating of dressing we debated whether Mike should fuck Jen and then let her combined juices drip on to the salad or whether we should them contribute individually. Both options had their merits, but we went with the individual contributions as it would allow us to better see how much ‘dressing’ each of them added. Mike still got to fuck Jen as we thought it would be a good way to help her get nice and wet again and once she felt her juices begin to trickle out of her she crouched over the salad bowl and we let Lucy frig her until she came. She wasn’t as wet as she had been earlier in the day, but still managed to leave a number of milky-white drops of pussy juice on the salad. While Lucy had been taking care of Jen, Sue had been tasked with making Mike cum and had used her favourite techniques to sucking him off. Mike held back a bit while she did this to try to increase the amount of cum he produced. He managed three semi-decent squirts and Sue milked a couple more drops out of him and the salad was ready.

Despite having partaken of a similar salad before (minus Mike’s addition), Lis and Lucy hesitated a bit before starting, but as the rest of us were eating it they joined in and we finished it all off. Mike claimed that he could tell who had flavoured each tomato and we called his bluff on this and told him to prove it. He was happy to try to do this and told us that we could blindfold him, all sit on the sofa and he would move between us and tell us who was whom. He obviously wasn’t allowed to do this as it would have been too easy (shape of pussy, texture of lips…) – let alone the fact that Lucy wasn’t likely to let him eat her so we told him that he would be offered our juices from each other’s fingers.

It didn’t seem fair for Mike to just get the chance to prove his knowledge of our tastes so we agreed that we would all have a shot at the challenge. I fetched a blindfold from upstairs and once we were Mike couldn’t see anything, we all worked our fingers in one other person’s pussy, then offer the juices to Mike one at a time. Annoyingly he got everyone right and we switched round so everyone got to have a try. Jen is apparently also a master of pussy tastes as she also identified everyone correctly. I did very poorly (not even identifying my own juices – but I got Jen and Lis right), Sue got Lis and Lucy mixed up and Lis and Lucy identified each other’s juices but Lis didn’t get any of the other’s right. As Lis clearly lost, it was decided that she would have to pay a penalty. She was understandably nervous about this as our penalties can be quite extreme, but we told her that we would let her off with us all helping out to make her cum. She didn’t think this was too bad a penalty so agreed to it and we headed upstairs to make ourselves comfortable and prepare for the task ahead. We did manage to make Lis look somewhat concerned by pulling out a wide range of items to use on her (including some of Jen’s bondage gear – but other than a few light slaps on her ass with the crop we didn’t use them on her).

At our instruction, Lis lay back with her arms raised and legs spread and we all played with her at the same time, taking turns kissing her, eating her, caressing her, playing with her breasts, fingering her and fucking her (with Mike using his cock and a few of us taking turns with the strap-on) and rubbing vibes over her breasts, clit and body. We didn’t draw things out and when it was obvious that Lis was getting close to cumming we just carried on stimulating her and then took turns kitty kissing her. It was only around this time that Lis realised her penalty was the fact that we didn’t intend to make her cum just once. We repeated what we’d just done to her until she came again and once she’d had a few minutes to recover, went for round three. This time was similar, but we all took turns sitting over her face as well (or in Mike’s case, kneeling beside her and offering her his cock to suck). For Lis’ final cum of the session, Mike got to fuck her cunt and Sue took Lis’ ass with the strap-on. I had expected him to cum either in or over her to finish off the session, but he said he had other plans for Lis and wanted to save himself for later.

Lis was quite tired from the triple-cum so we left her to rest and went downstairs so we didn’t disturb her. Mike’s cock looked quite hard and the head was a dark purple colour, which usually means that he really wants (or needs) to cum. Sue recognised this too and talked him in to spooning with her on the sofa while we chatted. Lucy was offered the chance to lick Sue’s clit to help her cum but was only willing to use her fingers (which Mike still enjoyed). Jen ended up helping out and lapping away at Sue’s clit as Mike gently pumped back and forth in Sue’s pussy until Sue came. She was a little disappointed that Mike hadn’t cum in her, but she understood that Lis was only here for a few days and Mike (and Jen) would (almost certainly) be concentrating on Sue once Lis and Lucy left.

Mike stayed buried in Sue for a while and then headed upstairs to see if Lis was ready for more fun – she was actually still asleep, but he easily corrected this by crawling under the covers and very gently kitty kissing her. Lis seemed to be in quite a deep sleep and Mike ended up eating her quite messily (using a lot of saliva and mixing it with her juices). He wanted to try and spoon with her without waking her, but didn’t think he would be able to get her to roll on to her side so he just crawled up over her body and guided his cock in to her. He kept his body raised over hers and gently pumped in and out of her pussy (which was making squelching noises as he’d left it so wet) and carried on doing this until he contented himself that he could have cum in her if he’d wanted. He then pulled out of her and moved back down to eat her, but this time didn’t even try to be gentle so he would wake her up. Whatever he’d done to her, it seemed to work as Lis woke with a moan and told him that it felt good. Mike carried on eating her until she was close to cumming and then pulled away, saying that if she came then she might not want to play properly. Lis swore at him for teasing her, but agreed that she probably couldn’t cum twice more. They kissed for a while and Lis stroked and then sucked on Mike’s cock until he asked her if she would dress up cutely for him. Lis was fine with that and Mike looked out one of Jen’s schoolgirl uniforms and then helped Lis to put it on. I quite like it when Mike does this to me as he caresses almost every part of my body as he puts the clothes on. From what he says, he dressed Lis in the same way and paid special attention to her legs and thighs as he first pulled on her panties and then pulled the knee-high socks up her legs. They then went straight in to their session with Mike kissing and caressing her thighs, right up to her panties, but avoiding contact (or deliberate contact anyway) with her crotch. Lis was still very horny from the teasing and was quite willing to play the naughty schoolgirl so quickly ended up straddling Mike and grinding her panties against his cock (which was how they started off doing things).

As the session progressed Lis lost her blouse and skirt and they humped for quite a while with her just wearing her underwear. Mike kissed and stroked her body a lot more until they finally decided that it was time for him to be inside her. At first they did this with her panties on and just pulled to the side, but eventually lust got the better of them and Lis removed her panties and bra (but kept the socks on as Mike likes that) and they fucked. They used a number of positions and Mike told Lis that she had really become a horny little slut but she said that he was to blame for that. Mike was fairly modest and said that he couldn’t take all of the credit, but was glad to pay his part and that it wasn’t meant as an insult as he was more than happy to make her cum whenever she wanted. He let her choose how they finished off and Lis opted to be on top so he could pound in to her. Mike had wanted to try to fuck her until she came twice, but he was as horny as she was so once they got going and Lis humped up and down on his cock as he rapidly slammed in to her again and again he knew that he probably wouldn’t last (or didn’t want to). They kissed as they fucked and Mike could feel Lis panting in to his mouth as her orgasm approached. He told her to let him know when she was about to cum and she did so – allowing Mike to push her over the edge, fuck her just a little way beyond her orgasm and them slam in to her a few more times and empty himself in to her.

Lis remained on his cock for a while, during which time they kissed, panted at each other and Mike told Lis how incredibly cute she looked in white underwear. As Mike started to go soft, they rolled over and he kissed his way down her body and spent some time between her legs. He asked Lis if he could shave her on her next visit and Lis agreed. She then put the white underwear back on and they both came downstairs to join the rest of us and we all approved of Lis’ look, although Sue thought that Lis would look hot in sexier black underwear. We sat around and chatted for the rest of the afternoon and as it got closer to dinner time I suggested that we could have a bonus bit of fun if we called up the pizza guy from Friday night and said that we could demonstrate what we’d gotten up to with him properly which would be a lot better than just re-enacting the rolling pin part. We told Lucy that she obviously wouldn’t have to participate, but dared her to at least show herself and after a bit of bartering, we agreed that we would all wear our new Christmas underwear and see how things developed. We debated as to whether Mike should be present or hide upstairs but decided that it would be safer (in terms of getting the pizza guy to join in) if Mike wasn’t present.

Sue gave him a call and asked him to bring a pizza over (telling him that we would pay for it) and we all prepared ourselves. We set up a Skype connection so Mike could watch the proceedings from upstairs and when the doorbell rang, Mike dashed upstairs and we sent Sue out to answer the door. She greeted the guy with a kiss, led him in to the kitchen where she paid him for the pizza and then pulled one of his hands between her legs so she could enjoy the feeling of the warmth from the pizza. She led him in to the living room and he seemed somewhat surprised to see the rest of us sitting around in our underwear but Sue removed her bra and asked him if he would be willing to perform in front of an audience and added that I would be joining them. We hadn’t really planned this out, but I took this as my cue and moved over to where they were and removed by bra as well. Our breasts seemed to distract him from the others and he soon had a hand on each of our breasts so we reached out to his crotch and first fondled him, then undid his trousers and freed his cock.

Sue quickly rolled a condom on to him and bent down to suck him – he started to play with my pussy but I stopped him and slipped my panties off as I didn’t want to ruin them. He eagerly pushed his fingers in to me and I told him I wanted him to fuck us both in front of our friends. As Sue had him last time, I got him to start with me and bent over to present my ass to him. He eagerly pushed in to my waiting cunt and started to pump away but Sue soon told him that it was her turn so he switched over to her. He moved back and forth a few times as we argued over his cock but Lis came to our aid and started eating whoever he wasn’t fucking. She ended up removing her underwear as well and I thought that she was going to join us again to sample yet another cock, but she stuck to oral – including sucking the guy’s cock from time to time as he moved between us. Meanwhile, Jen was really enjoying the show and stripped off to masturbate – she got Lucy to help her out and then convinced Lucy to join in properly. I didn’t see them get started and only realised they were playing with each other when Jen started moaning (which was put on to get the guy’s attention). Lucy and Jen 69ed on some cushions and this was too much for the guy who ended up blowing his load in Sue.

Neither Sue nor I had cum yet (although we were well on the way) and as Sue had ‘won’, I let Lis take care of her while I sat back in a chair, draped my legs over the arms to spread myself wide and played with myself. I used my favourite method and used a couple of fingers on my clit while reaching around under my leg to play with my pussy. Once my fingers were nice and wet I then dropped my fingers to my ass and fingered it while alternating between fingering and frigging myself with my other hand. I came before Sue did and looked straight at the guy as I came (although his attention was divided between me, Lis and Sue and Jen and Lucy). Once we had all cum, we felt that it was only fair to get Lis off and we spread her pussy and played with her, letting the guy watch. He wanted to help and was allowed to finger Lis, but I think her orgasm was more down to the rest of us playing with her clit.

I asked the guy if he had any friends that he would be happy to share us with and at first he said he knew plenty of people, but I explained that it would mean him and them fucking us at the same time and he was a little less keen (I had thought that as he’d been unfazed at doing things in front of an audience that he wouldn’t mind doing things around his friends, but I know that is very different). I asked him to have a think about it and we found out his work schedule for the next week (just in case we needed him). Sue and I (still naked) then saw him to the door and waved him off before returning to the others. As we ate dinner we got Lis to describe what it was like being fingered by a stranger. She gave a fairly good description and we teased Lucy about how she should have let the guy fuck her while Jen was eating her – we all knew that this would have been highly unlikely and Mike defended her (by saying that if she was going to fuck any guys then he wanted to be the one to cum inside her). Lucy seemed to appreciate him defending her, but wouldn’t go as far as promising him that he would be the first guy to get inside her.


  1. These posts from the future are great! Christmas 2014 has happened yet :)

    1. Ahem - oops. It's a good thing my job doesn't involve working with numbers, oh hold on...

      I imagine the Christmas 2014 posts will involve more babies (well, one more anyway)

    2. ...but in my defence, you meant "hasn't" happened yet - you see how easy it is to make a mistake :)