Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 7

That night, Mike and I slept with Lis, leaving Jen and Sue to go with Lucy. Lis was pretty much spent from the playing during the day, but allowed us to have one final session with her. We made the most of it and both had turns licking her and kissing her and we finished off with Mike spooning with her while I licked her clit. He got Lis to promise that she would always let him fuck her, even if she started doing things with lots of other men and Lis agreed (but said that it was unlikely that Lucy would want her to play with too many other people anyway). Lis was quite tired by the time she came so Mike and I took care of each other. Mike fucked me for a while and then went down on me to make me cum. I offered to let him cum inside me or to suck him off but he said that he probably didn’t have too much cum left anyway so he just slipped back in to me to coat his cock in my juices and then spooned with Lis. Lis told him he could cum in her if he wanted but Mike said he would save it for the morning so he could give his ‘special little lesbian’ a decent load.

Sue and Jen had a slightly more energetic night with Lucy and used a few of our toys, including some of the double dildos. Lucy shared one with Jen and was nearly talked in to sharing a second one between their asses, but was too close to cumming when this was suggested to want to stop. Jen then shared the same dildo with Sue and Lucy played with their clits and pumped the dildo between their cunts. She particularly liked the contrast between Jen’s small breasts and Sue’s large ones (Lucy is somewhere in the middle at a B cup). Jen asked Lucy to put her Pavlina outfit back on and she obliged before helping Sue and Jen cum, at which point Jen pounced on Pavlina and ravished her, with the aim of reminding her that girls were better than boys (we have many Pavlina videos with her being fucked by guys, but she does girls as well and Jen generally prefers watching these ones). They went to sleep with Lucy sandwiched between Sue and Jen.

I woke Lis up in the morning by stroking her until she was nice and wet and Mike moved over behind me to spoon with me while I did this. I knew he wouldn’t want to cum in me when Lis was present so after a while I moved down and ate Lis briefly before crawling up and sitting over her face to let her eat me. Mike had a quick turn in Lis but then went down on her and made her cum by eating her while she ate me. He even tried out her own fluttery-licking technique which she quite liked (but Mike still found tiring). Lis then expected Mike to want to fuck her but he told her that he would wait for a while (he did spoon with her again though and gently moved inside her until we heard the others get up). At this point I figured that Mike was just drawing things out so he could have a harder cum later on, but there were other plans afoot that I hadn’t been let in on yet…

After breakfast, Mike confirmed with Lucy if their deal was still on and she told him it was. Jen clearly knew about this already and I suspect that Lis also knew. Mike took Sue and me aside and told us that Lucy had agreed to hump against him if we re-did out demonstration of Mike rubbing his cock between Sue’s lips with me licking him (and vice-versa). Nobody knew about Sue and I having kissed each other’s clits at this point so he wasn’t at all sure that we would agree, but pleased with us and promised that he would go down on us or fuck us as much as we wanted as payment (and then realised how dangerous a promise this was and altered it to ‘as many times as he physically could’). Sue and I hadn’t agreed to go any further than we usually would, but I knew how much Mike would want to get a chance to do things with Lucy again so I told Sue I was up for it if she was. Sue caught on and said that if Mike wanted us to do it, then she would go along with things ‘for him’. He thanked us both and said that we just had to put on a good enough show to satisfy Lucy, but he couldn’t resist adding that we could always just eat each other if we really wanted to. We teased him about this and said that we knew full well how much he (and Jen) would love to see our tongues lashing each other’s clits, scouring the insides of each other’s cunts and pulling orgasm after orgasm out of each other – and then said that he would just have to imagine it as we weren’t going to do this.

Everyone headed up to the bedroom and I asked Lucy if she wanted Sue and me to do this in the character of Michelle and Anna but Lucy said she wanted to see ‘us’ do it. Lis had been quite quiet through all of this and I was wondering what she thought about the proposal, but from the way she was sitting and eagerly watching, I didn’t think it was likely to cause any problems with her so I said we should get on with it. Mike was eager for this too and we briefly discussed the best position to use but settled on just copying the original event so Mike stood against the wall and Sue backed on to him so his cock slid between her legs. She adjusted it so it nestled between her lips and Mike started to move back and forth as I threw a pillow on the floor and knelt in front of them. As soon as I was in position I stuck out my tongue and started to lick Mike’s cock. I wasn’t being particularly careful, but for the first minute or so my tongue only brushed against Sue’s lips a couple of times. I was told to lick Mike properly so I moved a little closer and used the flat of my tongue along the shaft and flicked over the head with the tip of my tongue. I could feel Sue’s lips on either side of his cock much better lick this and I know I caught Sue’s clit a few times. Mike pulled all the way back and told me to keep going but he knew that this was unlikely to work and I just reminded him that I was meant to be licking him, not Sue.

I’d done enough and was told to swap places with Sue so that people could see if she would go as far as I had. As soon as we were all in position, she started licking Mike’s cock and I felt her tongue roaming up and down the length of my lips. This was more than I had expected from her and it felt very good, especially when her tongue brushed over my clit. I told Mike to slide his cock back and forth and Sue made sure it stayed pressed against my pussy while doing a pretty good job of matching his movements. Mike nuzzled my neck and played with my nipples and I was worried if they kept it up then I would end up cumming. Mike later said that he would have loved to carry on until he came over Sue, but he had other used for his cum that morning so after a couple of minutes of grinding and licking, he asked Lucy if she had seen enough. She said that she had, but when Mike pulled away she told Sue that she could always just carry on without Mike in the way. Sue told me later that she was a little tempted, but she told Lucy that without Mike there as well, it wasn’t as much fun.

Mike asked Lucy if she was going to keep up her end of the bargain and she said she would. They got everyone to get off of the bed and Mike lay on it on his back with his cock still standing to attention. I still had no idea what had been agreed and just watched Lucy removed her robe and climbed up on to the bed over Mike I briefly thought that he had convinced her to let him fuck her (or for her to fuck him – I knew he would have been more than happy with either of those options). Lucy straddled him and lowered herself onto his cock, nestling it between her lips and pressing it down flat against Mike’s body. Mike held on to Lucy’s hips and helped to guide her back and forth and we watched as Mike’s cock disappeared and reappeared from underneath Lucy as she slid back and forth. She said that it felt quite nice and Mike told her that they could always fuck if she wanted but Lucy just carried on sliding back and forth. I told her to lean forwards a little to get more pressure on her clit and she did this. Mike reached around to fondle her ass and I moved around behind her to watch.

Mike asked Lucy if Jen could join them and Lucy naturally said yes – Jen was surprised that Mike allowed her to share this time with Lucy as she also knows he is desperate to fuck her, but she didn’t hesitate in asking where they wanted her. Mike got Jen to sit over her face, allowing Lucy to get to Jen’s pussy (sort of) while he took her ass. He was being chivalrous by not asking Lucy to have to lick Jen’s ass, but we’ve learned that Lucy has as much of a thing for Jen as I do for Lis so we weren’t too surprised when Lucy said that the position didn’t really work (she couldn’t comfortably get her mouth on to Jen’s pussy without Jen having to lean back too far for Mike to be able to do anything) and suggested they use the more ‘traditional’ position. Jen would have preferred to be able to watch Lucy humping against Mike, but as she wouldn’t have been able to see too much anyway from her position, she turned around and presented her pussy to Mike’s mouth and her ass to Lucy’s tongue.

This worked much better and the rest of us watched as Lucy and Mike double teamed Jen. Lucy carried on sliding back and forth against Mike’s cock and a few times I wondered if he was actually inside her (he wasn’t). Jen started her mewing and this quickly escalated as they pushed her closer to cumming. Once her orgasm ended, Jen crawled off of Mike’s face and we could see that he was covered with her juices. Mike asked Lucy if she wanted to lick them off of him and she did this a little but told him that she knew he just wanted her to kiss him. Nevertheless, she carried on humping against Mike and he asked if she thought she could cum. She said that she was already getting close so Mike told her to just carry on doing whatever felt best and he would help guide her so he didn’t end up inside her. Lucy lengthened her strokes, sliding her clit back and forth against the length of Mike’s cock and said that it felt even better that way. He had to stop her twice as she slid forwards too far and he nearly entered her pussy and I think this showed Lucy that she could really trust him to not take advantage of the situation. She told him (and us) that she was going to cum and Mike pulled her to him and held her ass firmly, guiding her back and forth. Lucy let out a little cry as she came and gave Mike a proper kiss. She began to slow her movements, but still rubbed back and forth against his cock for a minute or so before sitting up and telling him that it had felt better then she had expected.

Mike told her that he was quite close and asked if he could cum and Lucy reminded him not to cum over her pussy. He told her to trust him and got her to press down on his cock and slide back and forth again (but there was little or no contact with her clit this time). She moved forwards slightly so she rubbed against the head of his cock a lot more and we once again watched as his cock repeatedly disappeared between Lucy’s lips. Mike told her he was getting close and would tell her when to move back a bit and with a final ‘now’, Lucy moved her pussy away from the head and we watched as Mike’s cum squirted out and landed on his chest and stomach. Lucy kept moving back and forth, rubbing herself against the shaft but keeping away from the head and Mike said that he could have let her do that all day (as there was almost no physical stimulation). He wiped a bit of the cum over his hands and rubbed it in to Lucy’s breasts, then traced a little over her inner thighs and told her that next time he wanted to cum inside her. Lucy told him (knowing that we could all hear her) that he would have to get Sue and I to put on a much better show to convince her to let him do that. He asked her for one more kiss and when she leant down to kiss him, he pulled her to him again and covered her front with his cum. She feigned disgust, but didn’t seem overly bother by it (other than wanting to ensure his cum didn’t get in or on her pussy) so Jen took Lucy to the shower to clean up while Sue offered to clean off Mike’s cock. She actually did a fair bit more than that and rubbed what was left of his cum over her breasts so Mike pulled her over his face and told her that she was naughty and deserved to be punished. She only got the usual punishment of being eaten so wasn’t really upset by this and when Lis and Lucy returned from the shower I took Lis in and Mike and Sue went in after us.

Lis and Lucy were scheduled to leave us just after lunch, but we managed to fit in one more mini-session before they went. We remained with the pairings from the previous night and Sue and Jen got Lucy while Mike and I got Lis. Lis ate me while Mike fucked her and he emptied whatever cum he had left in to her pussy. Lis didn’t want to leak too much during their travels so I had a farewell lick of her pussy and then realised my mistake as I had to go and rinse my mouth out with mouthwash before I could do the same to Lucy. We went to the station with them and said goodbye until our next monthly meeting (when it was safe for Mike to fuck Lis). Mike thanked Lucy for letting him make her cum and he reached under her skirt to fondle her ass. Lucy is still a bit nervous about having this done in public (with just her coat hiding what is happening), but allowed him to have a squeeze before reminding him that he had to earn the right to touch her. We wished them a Happy Christmas and waved them off before going for a wander and finally heading home.

We discussed what had happened and how Mike had used Sue and me to get (part of) his way with Lucy. Jen pointed out that we didn’t seem to mind at the time and later on Sue and I discussed privately how we would want to do things if we ever did decide to go the whole way. Not letting anyone watch and just enjoying ourselves sounded quite appealing as did doing things in front of close friends (either just Mike and Jen or possibly including Lucy and Lis). We also liked the idea of doing things for the first time in front of a group of strangers – letting them know that we were sisters and then fucking each other silly – fingering, eating, using toys… We had both got quite turned on by the discussion so we called Mike and Jen in and asked if they wanted to watch us make out. They naturally said yes so we kissed and humped against each other for a while and then asked them to pass us a double dildo. We humped against each other with the dildo buried between us and as we got closer to cumming I challenged Sue to let them use the body wand on us and Jen quickly retrieved it, plugged it in and nestled the head between our clits. I was a bit mean and held out for as long as I could – the usual rules applied though and even though Sue came, she had to endure having the vibe buzzing away on her clit until I came as well. We pushed her a little too far and she was squirming around trying to escape, but every time she moved back I edged forwards until she was trapped against the headboard. I couldn’t hold out for ever though (the wand is just too strong to resist) and when I finally came we released Sue, at which point Mike pounced on her and kitty kissed her. Her pussy was so sensitive that even the gentle licking felt too intense so he had to ease off even more than usual and kiss around her pussy, only occasionally brushing his tongue over her lips or clit (which still made her whimper a bit).

As Jen had ‘let’ Mike have ‘her’ Lucy, she got to sleep with Sue that night and Mike had to make do with me. He didn’t seem too put out about this and I helped keep him excited by getting him to describe in detail what it had felt like to grind against Lucy. I roughly copied what she had done as he described it, but I wanted him inside me when I came so after a while I told him this and slid up far enough to let him slide in to me and got him to imagine he was inside Lucy as he fucked me. This worked out to be a good tactic for everyone involved as I got a long hard pounding from Mike and he got to imagine that Lucy had let him slide inside her and fuck her properly. We were both quite sweaty by the time we finished but it had been a good session and he insisted on kitty kissing me afterwards (as if I was going to object). He then got me to describe to him what it had been like licking Sue and I made out that my tongue had hardly touched her (it hadn’t really touched her pussy that much anyway) and I distracted him by describing how I could have cum while he had been rubbing against my pussy and kissing my neck. Mike tried to talk me in to doing it again with Sue so he could cum over her, but we left it with a ‘we’ll see’ (which, as all men should know, generally means ‘no’).

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