Tuesday, 30 September 2014

January 2014 Sex Party – Part 1

Mike went straight to York from Jen’s parents’ place and arrived on the Friday afternoon. He had hoped that Sue would join him there but she had called us while we were still at Jen’s parents to tell us that her work event had gone well and they had more work generated from it so she wouldn’t be able to make it. Mike had already booked a hotel room for them and didn’t really want to stay there by himself so called round a few of the girls from the party to see if they wanted to be treated to a night in a hotel. Ideally he would have wanted one of the Japanese girls to himself for a whole night, but as we don’t know them that well (they seem quite shy – even when they are letting people fuck them or see them be fucked) and unfortunately Sara wasn’t back yet either (although he didn’t know if she would want to stay with just him even if she had been around). Hannah was up for a night out with him and after dinner they headed up to the hotel room and following a quick call to Jen and me, quickly stripped off and fell on to the bed.

Mike immediately went for his favourite part of a woman’s body and started to eat and finger her (which Hannah loved) and after making her cum and kitty kissing her for a while he crawled up her body and slipped in to her cunt. As they kissed he told her how hot and wet her pussy felt and Hannah wrapped her legs around Mike and told him to fuck her for a long time (she knows that he can hold back for ages). Mike did as she asked and fucked her in a number of positions, making her cum once in the middle of the session and then continuing until she was ready to cum again. They finished off with Hannah on top and Mike pumping hard and fast in to her as she rode his cock, at which point Mike came and emptied his load in to her cunt and pulled her down hard against him to keep his cum inside her. They rolled over so Mike was on top and Hannah kept her pussy raised when he pulled out and then rolled on to her side so he could move around behind her and slide back in and spoon with her, trying to keep as much of his cum inside her as possible until they dozed off.

In the morning Mike want down on Hannah to wake her up and could still taste some of the saltiness of his cum in her, but that dissipated as he continued to eat her and by the time she came he could only taste her juices. Again, he kitty kissed her and then climbed up her body and slid his cock in to her cunt, but told her that he wasn’t going to fuck her so he could cum more at the party. What he meant was he wasn’t going to try to make either of them cum as they technically did fuck, just without the orgasm and by the time they separated, both of them were well on the way to cumming and feeling quite horny.

Mike showered with Hannah and talked her in to letting him shave her (she didn’t really need it – he just said he wanted to do it as it was quite intimate) and after shaving her lips and a bit of her mons (Hannah has a small patch of hair on her mons that she wanted to keep) Mike gave her the usual tongue test to ensure he hadn’t missed any hairs. Hannah told him off for teasing her (but didn’t stop him) and once he had got her close to cumming (again) he pulled away and suggested they head down for breakfast. He convinced Hannah to leave her panties in the room and teased her about this as they ate and then took advantage of the situation by fingering her in the lift on the way back up to the room. As Hannah gathered up her things, Mike knelt behind her and ate her again – she half-heartedly batted him away, but when he continued she used the bed to steady herself and allowed him to continue. Unfortunately for her she just ended up frustrated again as he pulled away before she came, but he told her it would ensure she was ready to cum when she arrived at the party.

They had lunch together and wandered around for a while. Mike told Hannah how if Jen or I were here we would take her in to a dressing room and finger or eat her, which she thought was a very risky thing to do. He tried to get her to go to a sex shop and try on some outfits (having described how we do it by stripping off and revealing ourselves), but she also wasn’t up for this so they headed back to her place for a bit so she could prepare for the party and Mike gave his opinion on the various outfits she was considering wearing. She didn’t have any long socks to model for him, but did wear some opaque tights at his request and was then subjected to having him caress her legs for a while and then licking her through the tights. She complained that it wasn’t fair and she wanted to cum so Mike tore at the crotch of her tights and after making a small hole, he ripped the crotch open and buried his face in her cunt. Hannah just let out an ‘oh fuck… yesss…’ and pulled his head tight against her pussy and Mike buried his tongue deep inside her. He pulled away from her again, but as she complained he undid his trousers, pulled his cock out and quickly pushed in to her.

They fucked hard for a while with Hannah pushing back against Mike and as she neared her orgasm he asked her if she really wanted to cum or if she would wait until the party. She said that she wanted to cum and Mike told her that he would either fuck or eat her until she came if she really wanted, but if she waited until the party he would make sure she had a much better orgasm. Hannah held back for a bit and asked what he had in mind and he told her that he would get one of the girls to lick her while they fucked (or while she fucked another guy) and he got her to imagine having various girls from the party licking her clit while his cock fucked her hot little cunt. Now while Hannah is most certainly past the point of being able to claim she is straight, she usually only does things with girls at the parties and after a few drinks so this method of persuasion didn’t work quite as well as Mike had hoped (he had got too used to having Sue and me around who will happily fuck either gender if we get to cum in the process). In the end, Mike got her by saying that she could be the fuck bunny for the final session, but she would have to save her energy for it. Hannah reluctantly agreed and as a reward (or punishment), Mike went down on her again and teased her until she said that she couldn’t take any more. When he finally released her he apologised for tearing her tights but she said it was fine so he dared her to wear them to the party (obviously without any panties underneath them). Hannah eventually agreed to this and they rested for a while before she finished getting ready and headed out to get a bite to eat before swinging by the hotel so Mike could change and then heading off to the party. During the meal he tried to get her to spread her legs and show off her pussy but mostly failed at this, although she did let him take her in to an alleyway and fondle her on the way to the party.

On arrival, Mike lifted Hannah’s skirt to show off just how ready she was to everyone and Laura commented on how Hannah could have at least waited until the party started before getting her pussy out. Other people were already doing things – Clare was on the sofa with Corey sucking on her breasts and fingering her while she stroked him – but Hannah blushed a bit at being revealed so quickly anyway. Mike reached around her body and down to her pussy and started to finger her and said that she had waited long enough and could now cum if she wanted. Hannah pressed back against Mike and he slid his other hand up her top and pushed one cup of her bra off so he could fondle her breast and indicated to Laura that he wanted her to help out. Like Jen, Laura is of the opinion that all girls should do things with girls (although Laura only wants to ‘convert’ them as far as being bi) and she eagerly knelt down in front of Hannah and leant forwards to kiss her pussy. Hannah half-heartedly complained but Mike used his fingers to spread her lips and give Laura easy access to Hannah’s clit and in no time Hannah’s complaints turned to her saying that they weren’t being fair and it felt too good. Mike moved his hand out of the way and let Laura eat Hannah properly while he pulled Hannah’s top and bra off so he could play with her breasts. They moved over to the other sofa and Mike pulled his cock out and got Hannah to sit on it and then asked Laura to lick them both (which she did). Mike kept asking Hannah if she liked what they were doing to her (she did) and after a while he said he thought it was unfair that Laura wasn’t being taken care of so they changed places and Laura sat on the sofa with her legs spread and Hannah knelt on the floor and ate her while Mike fucked Hannah from behind. Hannah didn’t complain about this and just buried her face between Laura’s legs and got to work. Mike played with Hannah’s clit and once she came he decided that he would finish off in her (he had originally planned on saving his first load of cum for someone else) and after he emptied his load in her he got her to put her legs together so his cum dripped out of her pussy and ran down her tights as she continued to eat Laura. She kept this up until Laura came and when Hannah stood up more of Mike’s cum leaked out so he asked Laura if she would clean Hannah up or if he had to do it himself. Laura knelt and lapped at Hannah’s pussy until she was mostly clean and then stood up and kissed Hannah. Mike wanted to thank Laura for her help and got her to sit back down on the sofa so he could kitty kiss her and enjoy her pussy before anyone came in her.

Hannah meanwhile slipped her top back on (but left her bra off for convenience) and chatted to people for a while. Mike saw her servicing Scott and Corey at different points throughout the evening and she had completely lost her skirt by midway through the party (but kept her torn tights on). Mike had a fairly good evening and managed to fuck Clare, Melissa, and Kiyomi (eating each of them beforehand to varying degrees) as well as a new girl called Simone (he only came in Melissa – the others he just ate and fucked until they came). He also got to eat Miyako and Caroline (and spent quite a while between Miyako’s legs even though she had been fucked by two guys beforehand). He teased her quite a lot and kept her close to cumming for a fair while, getting her to whimper a lot as he brushed his tongue over her clit and ass. When she finally came, Miyako was more vocal than she usually is and told him that he had given her a really strong orgasm so as a reward he was allowed to spoon in her for a bit.

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