Friday, 24 October 2014

Bringing out the inner artist...

A slightly different type of entry this time as it spans a number of months…

Last year (2013), I saw an advertisement for people to model nude for an art class. This obviously seemed like something that I would enjoy so I signed up for it and was added to a list of people who could be called on by a number of different classes in the city. I was lucky enough to get my first call in the middle of January. I wasn’t really sure what to expect and didn’t want to make it too obvious that I was an exhibitionist so I actually wore panties to the class and turned up about 10 minutes early.

I introduced myself to the teacher and she asked how far I wanted to take things (apparently some of the new recruits start off topless and only progress to full nudity in later sessions). I told her that I thought I would be fine and asked how still I had to sit – surprisingly, I didn’t have to stay completely still and was allowed to change position slightly, as long as people had roughly the same view of me (and I would be told if I shifted position too much). This was an intermediate class so the students files in and got their things set up while I went off to disrobe – unfortunately there was a separate room for me to do this in (which didn’t make much sense to me as I was about to sit naked in front of everyone for an hour). I slipped on my robe (which I had been told to bring) and wandered out to the class where the teacher was explaining what she wanted the students to concentrate on (light and shadow for that class). I was then asked to climb up on a couple of boxes that had a sheet over them and to find a comfortable position. I lay on my side with an arm propping up my upper body and my legs half-drawn underneath me, but with my upper leg raised slightly so the people at that side could see my pussy (which was of course freshly shaved for the event). The teacher arranged my hair to cast shadows over a part of my face.

After the initial enjoyment of having so many people staring intently at me passed, it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as I had hoped, but after about 20 minutes I decided to just fantasise about being asked to do different things with the various people. There was a good mix of people, probably slightly more men than women, some old and some young enough to be real students (yes, I know you can get mature students). I couldn’t see all of them as some were off by my feet and some around by my head, but I examined each person that I could see in turn and imagined what they would get me to do. This made the event much more exciting and I quickly felt my nipples start to stiffen and wondered if anyone would notice I had provided them with an extra shadow to paint. As I worked my way down the line of people and worked through each fantasy I could feel my pussy start to tingle and then feel very wet. I would have loved to slide a hand between my legs and masturbate with everyone watching, but didn’t think they would approve so I had to just put up with my building arousal. At the end of the class I put my robe back on and wandered around to look at some of the work done – it was quite variable (although all better than anything I could have done) and I looked carefully to see which parts of my body the various people had concentrated on. One guy had clearly concentrated on the shadows around my pussy as the lower side was quite well drawn. Mike came to meet me after the class and I decided that I couldn’t wait until we got home so we ended up having a quick fuck in an alleyway (Jen didn’t miss out – I did things with her as well once we got home).

A couple of weeks later I was asked to go to a different class and this time, Jen spent the hour before I left teasing me so I was properly aroused (and a good way towards cumming) when I set off. I stopped off a couple of times on the way and toyed with my clit to keep my arousal levels up. I had a further play while getting undressed and when I slipped my robe off and took up the pose (sitting with one leg up hugging my knee – a pose I know well as it specifically allows people to see up my skirt – this just worked even better as I didn’t have a skirt on) I was feeling quite wet and my nipples were already firm. As I now knew what to expect, I just started fantasising about the people painting me straight away and went through a number of scenarios – I didn’t really get any hornier, but I certainly kept my arousal level up and I was glad that both Mike and Jen came to get me as it was nice having them both there to make me cum on the way home.

It was about a month until I got called on again and this time we wanted to try something slightly different out – Mike walked me to the class and just before we arrived, we stopped off and had a play in an alleyway. While it would have been nice to cum, I wanted to remain horny so I could enjoy being examined so closely, but this didn’t mean that Mike couldn’t cum. I wiped off the majority of his cum that had leaked out of me before the class started, but throughout the class I felt a number of drops of his cum leak out of me and run down over my ass. Each time I felt this, I imagined it was due to one of the guys in the class having fucked me and emptied his load in to me, so by the end of the class I was sitting in a pool of imaginary cum (I fantasised about the girls as well so they wouldn’t feel left out!).

I really wanted to be able to cum while everyone was watching me, but even though I can cum silently, I really doubted that I would be able to do it without people being able to tell (it’s one thing cumming while sitting next to someone without them knowing, but these people were specifically looking at me. We did really try to come up with a way, but I would have to remain silent (fairly easy), keep my expression neutral (much harder, but potentially possible), not squirm in an obvious way (again potentially possible, but after experimentation I determined this was very difficult to do with someone watching me closely) and for my body to not get too flushed (while I don’t get as flush anywhere near as much as Sue does just before she cums, I still get a little flushed – although we wondered if I could just attribute that to the lights).

I considered trying to pose with a vibrating egg inside my pussy to provide stimulation, but even though I really enjoy the feeling these give, it doesn’t feel that good if they are inside and buzzing away for too long. We came up with a plan to at least get me much closer to cumming and Jen actually attended one of the classes with me (not participating – just as my partner who wanted to see me pose). She mostly read a book for the hour, but her secondary task was to operate the remote control for a vibrating egg. Unfortunately the only one we had that gave feedback on the remote as to whether it was on or off, only had the one setting (or two if you count ‘off’), so was a bit stronger than I would have liked.

Things started off fairly well – Jen used the egg on me a little before we went in to the class so I was once again horny from the beginning and once the painting was underway I felt the egg jump into life (and I jumped a little). We had devised a way for me to tell Jen to turn it off in the event that I felt it start to slide out of me (or in the unlikely event that I thought it was going to make me cum). It was the former event that happened and after about 10 minutes I had to ask if I could have a quick drink of water and Jen turned the egg off. As I shifted position to have my drink, I placed a hand between my legs and quickly pushed the egg back up inside me and continued passing the time with what had become my usual fantasies (just now with one added in of me pulling the egg out of my cunt and using on my clit so I could cum with them all watching. When the teacher said there was only about 5 minutes left, I felt the egg turn on again and tried to shoot Jen a look. Even though I was once again very horny by this point, I figured I could endure it for the remainder of the class and once I got up and put my robe on, instead of looking at the paintings straight away I asked Jen to give me a hand getting dressed. We went to the changing area and I told Jen that I needed to cum so I sat down, she knelt in front of me and quickly lapped at my cunt. I came very quickly and got Jen to pull away as soon as my orgasm ended so my pussy was still tingling. I quickly dressed and went to look at the artwork, wondering if anyone had drawn the bulge of the egg protruding from my pussy, but it had apparently remained hidden inside me.

I did another two classes in March – posing for one of them in a standing position with one leg up on a chair so my pussy was pretty exposed (and there were some good drawings of it that I wanted to ask for copies of). Before I left, the teacher asked to speak to me and I wondered if she had (somehow) been able to tell what I had been thinking about while standing there. It was much better than that as she asked if I would be prepared to do some close-up modelling for a Georgia O’Keeffe themed class she was running. Now I’m no art expert, but Jen had a number of her pieces of work (as every good student lesbian probably does) so I knew what part the close up would be of and eagerly said yes (possibly a bit too eagerly). She explained to me that there would be a few women modelling and two or three people working with each of us as they would need to look closely at our vulva in order to create the appropriate paintings. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait for the class…

Unfortunately I had to as it was a couple of weeks away, but the time eventually came and  after having Mike give me a good shave that morning and Jen give me a good eating just prior to me setting off for the class so I could be as aroused as possible (we considered having Mike fuck me, but thought it might be a bit too obvious if I was leaking cum while people were examining my cunt). As it was only our pussies that were being examined, we had been asked to wear skirts so we could sit with our tops on (I would have rather been naked, but…). There were three other women there – one quite a bit older, one a little older than me and one just a year younger and the older two knew each other as they had been doing this for a while. We were each given a small mattress with sheets over it to lie on and were asked to spread our legs as wide as we could. I couldn’t see the other women (or at least not anything interesting) and just concentrated on the knowledge that I had three people intently studying my pussy. The downside of this position was that I couldn’t press my thighs together or do anything to provide stimulation, although I did use the time to practice slowly contracting my pussy and holding the contractions for as long as possible.

The second of the Georgia classes was very similar, apart from the four of us having been asked beforehand if we minded spreading ourselves to allow the students to base their work on the truest aspect of femininity (I can’t remember the exact phrase she used). Naturally I was up for this and we were told that due to the nature of the pose, we would be allowed to move and rest as we needed to. I was very excited about this and had both Mike and Jen give me a licking before I set off and when asked to, I quickly got in to position, made myself comfortable and reached down to spread my lips. I couldn’t help from imagining that I was fingering myself for them and had to resist actually moving my fingers around too much (a little was fine as I occasionally adjusted my position and had to spread myself again). By the end of the hour, it had become a bit uncomfortable, but I had enjoyed myself and it got even better when we were each asked to take up our pose again so that all of the students could examine the work in relation to the model. This meant that I got to have a look at the three women spreading their pussies (I may not have paid quite as much attention to the artistic representations).

The final few classes I did were the same as the earlier ones – just naked posing, but not as explicit as the Georgia classes. I my legs spread a reasonable distance for one of the classes and once again had Mike’s cum dripping out of me, which one of the students seemed to have picked up on as she had painted drops of liquid on my pussy and thigh. I nearly asked her what she thought the drops were, but as I wanted to be asked back for the next batch of classes I behaved and refrained myself.

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