Friday, 3 October 2014

January 2014 Sex Party – Part 2

Throughout the evening, Mike had arranged for Hannah to be the closing act of the party and most people were quite happy with this choice (Giles quite wanted Clare to be the recipient of this, but Clare wasn’t as keen on this idea). As things started to draw to a close, Hannah was led upstairs and put on one of the beds and as far as Mike can tell, everyone had a turn with her. Each guy got to partially fuck her, some of them also fingered and/or ate her, she sucked each guy for a while, had to eat every girl and each girl had a turn between Hannah’s legs (and yes, I was jealous when Mike described this to me). Simone was a bit nervous about doing things with a girl, but was told it was a requirement as a new member of the group to participate (she wouldn’t have been forced to if she really didn’t want to, but after she had sat over Hannah’s face and been licked, she seemed less reticent to copy everyone else and had a turn eating Hannah). Hannah came either four of five times during this session and Mike thinks that most of the guys came in or on her (not producing much cum though as they were already mostly drained). Hannah made Clare and Kiyomi cum (but they had been fondled before mounting Hannah, so she didn’t do all the work herself). Hannah even got a DP session at one point with Corey in her ass and Scott in her cunt (her tights had to be torn more to allow this) and by the time everyone was finished with her she was a panting sweaty mess with spots of cum and pussy juice over her face and body.

Hannah was quite tired by the time she was released and certainly didn’t have the energy to do anything more so once Mike had stolen a few more licks from Miyako, he walked Hannah back to her place and congratulated her on having serviced everyone at the party so well. Mike had assumed he would be spending the night alone, but Hannah asked him if he wanted to stay over with her and as thanks, when they got in, he helped to wash her down and then treated her to a massage. It was of course a naked massage and as he worked on her shoulders, his cock rubbed back and forth between her ass cheeks until he pushed it down and slipped in to her cunt. He promised he wouldn’t fuck her (unless she wanted him to) and just gently moved back and forth as he massaged her and when he finished her back he got her to roll over and went down on her, kitty kissing her for a few minutes before snuggling up behind her and spooning her to sleep.

As you would expect, he ate her awake on the Sunday morning and spent ages eating and teasing her before making her cum. Mike really wanted to fuck her by this point but Hannah said she needed some time to recover before she could cum again so they had breakfast first and then returned to bed where she let him fuck her while he described all of the things she had done the previous night. At first this embarrassed her, but she got in to it and Mike helped her cum while describing her group session and he came in her while describing her eating Clare and Kiyomi to orgasm (so he could visualise it). He gave Hannah an open invitation to come and visit us and teased her how I would happily take Laura’s place and eat her while he fucked her and then headed back to the hotel so he could get changed into clean clothes.

Mike got in touch with Sara to invite her out for lunch (she had arrived the previous day) and was pleased to see that she turned up wearing a cute dress with opaque tights. Throughout lunch and mixed in with the description of how the party had gone Mike repeatedly complimented Sara on how hot she looked and after lunch she wandered back to the hotel with him while they chatted. Mike obviously wanted to do things with her and he assumed that Sara knew this, but he didn’t ask her outright as he knows that she is mostly gay (although has slept with him a number of times – as well as other guys – she isn’t one of ‘his’ little lesbians). Sara had already told him that she hadn’t seen any action over the Christmas period (other than playing with herself) and after spending a while flirting with each other Mike said that it was a waste for Sara to not cum. They kissed and Mike ran a hand up her thigh and caressed her crotch. He told Sara that he really wanted to go down on her and taste her pussy and when she told him to go ahead, he pulled her tights off, commented on her cute panties, removed the panties and commented on her cute pussy (for new readers, Sara has the most wonderfully squishy pussy lips that we describe as ‘crinkle cut’).

She still had her little patch of red pubic hair and Mike toyed with this as he sucked on Sara’s lips and pushed the tip of his tongue between them to search out her clit. When he dropped his tongue to her ass and started to rim and spear her she told him that he didn’t have to do that but Mike told her that as long as she enjoyed it, he was more than happy to do whatever felt good to her (and we know that having her ass licked is Sara’s real fetish). He spent even longer teasing Sara than he had with Hannah that morning and was desperately hoping that she would let him fuck her, but for the time being he concentrated on paying equal attention to her pussy, clit and ass and trying to drive her wild. He seemed to manage this and Sara ended up telling him that she needed to cum so he pushed her over the edge and switched between licking her clit, fucking her cunt and spearing her ass with his tongue as she came.

Mike kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes and then crawled up beside her to kiss her on the mouth. Sara has no qualms about kissing someone who had just been licking her ass so she kissed him back quite forcefully and told him that she had missed being eaten like that. Mike told her (as he has before) that all she has to do is ask and she could either come visit and be treated to as much eating as she wanted or we would come to her. The bulge of Mike’s cock was pressed against Sara’s side and she reached down and asked if he wanted to do anything else and he told her that he would happily bury his cock in her tight little cunt if she let him. Sara said he deserved a reward for having eaten her so well and pulled his cock out so Mike asked her to remove her dress so he could see her properly naked. Sara stood and let him unfasten the buttons and slide her dress down and once he had removed her bra as well she turned around and kissed him, then knelt and pulled his trousers down and took his cock in her mouth. Mike really enjoyed having her suck him, but he really wanted to be inside and told her this. Sara helped Mike remove the rest of his clothes and they climbed on to the bed and kissed while Sara stroked his cock and Mike fingered her pussy.

Mike couldn’t wait any longer and rolled on top of Sara – she reached down and guided his cock to her pussy and they pushed against each other as he slowly worked the length of his cock in to her. As he pushed deeper in to her he told her that she was as tight as he remembered and how good she felt and Sara half wrapped her legs around him and told him she wanted him all the way inside her. Mike happily obliged and was soon buried completely inside her and they humped against each other while kissing. They rolled around a few times and took turns on top with Mike rubbing Sara’s clit when she rode him and then pulling her down so they could kiss while he pumped in to her. Sara wanted to cum with Mike on top of her and he was happy to oblige as she once again wrapped her legs around him and pulled him against her as he slid in and out of her pussy. Mike told her he wanted to cum inside her and she told him to go ahead and fill her so he pushed his tongue in to her mouth and they kissed deeply. He could feel Sara moaning in to his mouth and used long strokes in and out – she started panting in to his mouth, but didn’t break the kiss and he had no trouble telling when she came as her breathing got very fast. Mike pictured filling her cunt with his cum and this was enough to push him over the edge and he started squirting in to her. He said that it felt like he came a lot (as in there were many squirts), but not too much leaked out of Sara afterwards.

They remained locked together kissing for a while, slowly moving against each other. Mike again told Sara to come and visit and promised her that she would be eaten in her favourite way as much as she wanted. Sara said that she liked the sound of that so Mike pulled out of her and kissed his way down her body, kitty kissed her and then started to eat her properly again (both pussy and ass). Sara said that she didn’t think she could cum again so soon but allowed Mike to persevere and he ended up proving her wrong and she came with his tongue spearing her ass and his thumb rubbing her clit. By this point, Mike was hard enough to slide back in to Sara and she asked him if he wanted to cum in her again. Unfortunately with being male and all, Mike really didn’t think he could cum again so soon (remember that he had also had Hannah that morning), but he moved inside her for a bit and resumed complimenting her on how wonderful her pussy felt around his cock. He also assured her that while he wasn’t complaining about it, she didn’t have to let him fuck her and he would still eat her whenever she wanted (which I think is part of the reason that she actually *does* let him fuck her). Mike is fairly sure that if he had actually tried he could have cum in Sara one last time, but he decided to be nice to me and saved whatever cum he had left to use in me when he got home.

As they got dressed, Mike got Sara to promise to visit us (it’s cheaper for one person to travel rather than three) and on the way out of the hotel in the lift he knelt and kissed her pussy through her tights (but with his head under her skirt). Sara went to the station with him and he said it was nice to have someone to see him off and he then dozed on the journey back but (as I had requested) he kept himself nice and horny by thinking about his weekend and making plans for other fun things for us to do. By the time we met Mike at the station he was more than ready to fuck again and after giving Jen and me a brief fondle we headed straight back to the house and fucked (he briefly slid in to Jen, but I called precedence and said that his cock was mine so I got to ride him while Jen sat over his face and he ate her.


  1. dying to hear more about all of your exploits with your sister...those posts turn me on so much

    1. Ah - well in that case you won't like the first part of the next entry -or at least you won't like what it means...