Monday, 27 October 2014

Lis and Lucy January Visit- Part 1

Well following the complaints that a lot of the entries had been the same (mostly girl-based) back when I was off cock while trying to get pregnant, I hope that the cock-fest I undertook to make up for lost time has pleased people. This is another Lis and Lucy visit, so it’s mostly back to lesbian stuff – but hopefully it will be interesting enough to keep you amused.

We had intended to travel down to visit Lis and Lucy in January, but Jen hadn’t been feeling too well so they had come up to us and arrived late on the Friday night. They had come straight to the house and as it was so late we decided to head straight up to bed. Lucy went and curled up with Jen while Mike and I took Lis in to his room. Jen wasn’t feeling too bad and while she wasn’t in the mood to have sex, she didn’t mind taking the opportunity to make out with Lucy for a while – involving quite a bit of breast play. As we haven’t finished converting Lucy to a sex-fiend, she didn’t seem to mind not doing things properly with Jen and was quite content to just play with her.

Lis on the other hand, didn’t get off (pun intended) so lightly and even before we had gotten in to bed, she was fondled, kissed and fingered. Both Mike and I wanted to eat Lis before he came in her and I was allowed to have first go at her and he went next while Lis ate me. Neither of us made her cum as we had agreed that we should share her first orgasm and we finished her off by me 69ing with her with Mike fucking her pussy. Lis came before I did as we had been concentrating on her a lot more, so once her orgasm ended, Mike moved around behind me and got to fuck me while Lis finished eating me. He was quite happy that he had got to be inside two girls as they came in such close proximity. It didn’t mean that he didn’t want to cum though and after a while kitty kissing (Mike kissing Lis while I sat over her face for her to kiss me), he fucked her properly. They had a relatively gently session – mostly missionary position with a bit of spooning so I could kiss Lis and play with her breasts. They finished off with Mike on top again and Lis wrapped her legs around him, but I helped out by reaching down between them and fondling her ass and clit. Mike told Lis he had been saving his cum for her (he hadn’t cum since the previous night) and described how he wanted to cum in her as he felt her cunt spasm around his cock. Lis liked the sound of that and I carried on stimulating her as they kissed. Mike said he was ready anytime Lis was and I concentrated on frigging her clit until she started to pant that she was about to cum. Mike and I whispered to her about how much we wanted to feel and see her cum respectively and just after Lis arched her body up against Mike, he started to shoot his load into her. Mike gave Lis a number of long thrusts in to her pussy as he came and they then pushed their bodies together and kissed some more as they enjoyed the afterglow of their orgasms.

It wasn’t the first time they had cum together like that, but Lis was quite impressed as they hadn’t set out to do it. When Mike pulled out of Lis, we watched his cum dribble out of her and then lay down together and chatted about various things. We asked if she wanted to be fucked by a number of guys again (as she had done with Sue and I over Christmas), but she declined the offer. Naturally this didn’t stop us from teasing her about her antics and we described to her how she could come along to one of the sex parties and after sampling a number of different people, we could make her the centre of attention and have every guy present fuck her, filling her cunt and covering her body with their cum. As we described this, Mike and I lay on either side of Lis, kissing and licking her breasts and nipples and fingering her pussy. Lis tried to act all sweet and innocent and pretend to be shocked that we would think she could so something like that, but she was making some very non-innocent noises. As Lis’ panting and moaning increased, we described in explicit detail how cock after cock would invade her body, pumping their cum in to her cunt and mouth and Lis admitted that she was picturing this as she came. She later asked why we enjoyed the idea of having that done to her and I told her that I wanted her to be able to enjoy herself as much as possible, while Mike told her that while he enjoyed the fantasy of her being group fucked, he actually preferred the idea of being able to keep her for himself (and obviously Lucy, Jen, Sue and me – he just didn’t want to share her with any other guys). It was quite evident that Mike had enjoyed the fantasy though as he was hard enough to spoon with Lis.

In the morning, Mike woke first and briefly went down on Lis, then me and we spent most of the session with me on my back, Mike switching between eating and fucking me and Lis sitting over my face. Just before she came we got her to turn around and lean forwards (away from Mike) so he could climb up and help me out with eating her. Mike slid his cock in to my cunt and semi-fucked me while he lapped around Lis’ cunt and ass (Lis really enjoys being double-licked). She had no trouble cumming and we then switched places so that she could finish me off by eating me while Mike took care of kitty kissing her. As Mike hadn’t cum yet, Lis then allowed him to spoon with her and he used slow strokes while pushing as deep in to her as he could get and they described to each other what they could feel. Mike held back from cumming and got Lis quite close, but she agreed to wait until later to cum again in the hope of it also giving her a stronger orgasm.

While Jen hadn’t been in the mood to do things with Lucy on the Friday night, she certainly made up for it on the Saturday morning and Lucy was rudely woken up as Jen pulled her legs apart and buried her face in Lucy’s pussy. As she ate Lucy, Jen clambered over her and presented her own pussy to Lucy’s face. Lucy pulled Jen to her and started to reciprocate and Jen humped back and forth against Lucy’s face, riding her as she ate Lucy’s pussy. Mike. Lis and I were already downstairs as this happened and we heard a few noises indicating what they were up to, but left them in peace to enjoy themselves. The two of them remained in bed for about 30 minutes after they finished their session before they came down to join us, but we didn’t really have any plans so we sat and chatted to them while they ate.

Following breakfast, we showed them a few of the videos we had filmed over Christmas. They were quite impressed with the level of detail that the new camera could capture and how things still looked really sharp when up on the big TV. The natural progression from looking at the videos was to let Lis and Lucy see what they looked like in full HD glory - they trust us so didn’t mind us recording them (and we told them that we would delete the recordings if they wanted us to). Lucy went first and after removing her robe, she sat on the sofa and Mike got some panning shots of her body. She was quite embarrassed at first, but as Jen and I toyed with her she relaxed a bit and Mike got shots of her pussy being fingered, spread and licked as well as shots of her licking and fingering Jen and me. Lucy even let Mike film her face as she came (but as she had seen the videos of us cumming, it was only fair). Lis was filmed for a bit longer, but only because Mike was allowed to do things with her as well as Jen and I (and we even got Lucy to join in). I took care of the recording as Lis took Mike’s cock in her mouth and then again when he fucked her. For a while Lis rode Mike while facing away from him so Jen could kneel and lick her clit until she came and she lay on her back while Mike finished fucking her and came in her, allowing us to get a close up shot of him pulling his cock out of her and his cum dripping out of her cunt.

Lucy allowed Mike to shower with her, but he wasn’t allowed to touch any of her ‘interesting’ bits as he no longer had Sue to trade for sexual favours. Mike was understandably disappointed about this, but me made the most of the situation and made sure that Lucy’s back and legs were thoroughly washed (and while down there he got a good look at her pussy even if he wasn’t allowed to touch it). As he had been well behaved, Lucy let him also wash her ass (she seems to be getting the hang of teasing him) and as he finished towelling her off she agreed to let him give her a massage later on (with the same ‘no interesting bits’ rule). Lis and I showered with Jen and we fondled each other quite a bit more. Jen wanted to make use of the shower and as she came (with both Jen and I fingering her) she peed over our hands and legs. She is all for equality though and insisted that as Lis and I came that we peed over her.

Once we had all dried off, Mike lathered up Lis’ pussy and shaved her and Jen did the same for Lucy. When they finished shaving, they briefly went down on them to check for any missed areas and Lucy then shaved me while Lis shaved Jen (and they briefly licked us afterwards too). We posed for a couple of group photos and Mike got a really nice one with the four of us sitting beside each other on the bed with each of us hugging one of our knees so our pussies were just peeking out (no, I’m not posting it). Lis and Lucy agreed that we could send a copy to Sue (and given they had seen the videos of Sue being fucked and eaten, the photo was quite tame).

We stayed in for lunch, but headed out in to town afterwards. We didn’t have any specific plans but ended up wandering along to our favourite sex shop and said hello to Alistair (the manager who arranges the sex shows that Sue, Julia and I have participated in). Both Jen and I were wearing denim shorts with opaque tights underneath – Jen’s shorts weren’t as tight as mine, but this allowed us to pull the crotch to the side slightly and we got Lucy to reach up and fondle Jen’s crotch. Being me, I went a step further and pulled my shorts off, removed my tights and put the shorts back on. My shorts had been specially altered so the strip of material over my crotch was rather thin and without tights on, it was easy to spread my lips and have them visible on either side of the material. Jen got me to sit up on the counter and demonstrated to Lis and Lucy (with Alistair watching) how easy it was to stimulate me in this position. She tried to pull the crotch to the side but the material was too tight so I was instructed to unbutton the shorts and slide them down slightly (only an inch or so). Everyone was then allowed to have a turn fingering me and everyone excluding Alistair was allowed to have a turn licking me (I’d have let him join in if he had asked and used protection). For the whole session I had been hoping that a customer would walk in to the shop and see me being played with, but this didn’t happen. I let Lis the be one to actually make me cum and as thanks I told her that I would fondle her if she let me.

Lis looked over to Lucy as if for permission (we still haven’t quite figured out how things work between them) and Lucy told her she could let us play with her if she wanted. I wasn’t sure if Lis wanted Alistair to do anything to her so I asked him if he minded us playing with Lis and he told us to go ahead. Lis was noticeably nervous, but let Mike help to lift her up on to the counter. I pushed her legs up and placed her feet either side of her and then slid the hem of her skirt up (or down) to her waist. We already knew that Lis didn’t have any panties on and I quickly lowered my mouth to her pussy and gave her a few licks. Mike, Jen and Lucy all had a turn of playing with her and even though Alistair was watching her, it was clear that all we had to do was keep going and she would cum. Unfortunately, Alistair finally got another customer and he opened the door to the sight of me with my face between Lis’ legs and her obviously fairly far long on the way to cumming. Lis let out a yelp and tried to pull her skirt up to cover herself but my face was in the way. It was obvious that Lis wasn’t as willing to cum with an extended audience as I would have been so I pulled away and let her cover herself up. It would have been interesting if he’d come in just a minute or so later and had witness Lis cumming (and it would have been really interesting to know if she would have still wanted me to stop once her orgasm had started) – when we asked, Lis said that she would have died of embarrassment if he had seen her cum but I pointed out that happily let Alistair watch us play with her (to which she didn’t really have an answer other than ‘he didn’t count’).

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