Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lis and Lucy January Visit- Part 2

As neither Lis nor Jen had cum, but had both been stimulated, we all felt that they should get a chance to finish things off so after we had left the shop, we let them find a changing room and have a quick play with each other. I offered my services to Lucy so that she wouldn’t feel left out and initially she declined, but soon realised that it was less effort to just let me make her cum so we went and found a changing room in another shop and I used a vibrating egg on her. We started off with me using it under her skirt while we kissed, but I told her that it was a shame to waste a mirror and a body like hers, so I helped her to strip off (and then joined her so she didn’t feel awkward) and I stood behind her with my body pressed up against hers, reaching around to use the egg on her clit, fondle her breasts and caress the rest of her body while watching her in the mirror. Lucy reached back and semi-fondled my pussy (as best she could in this position anyway). It was enough that I knew my juices were on her fingers so as she got close to cumming I whispered in her ear and asked her to suck her fingers clean. It was wonderful watching the reflection of her as she came, with my hands on her body and her fingers in her mouth and once she had finished, I couldn’t resist from turning her around, pressing her up against the wall and kneeling in front of her to kitty kiss her. I actually felt pretty horny and did more than just kitty kiss her, but we didn’t have time for me to try and make her cum again (or for that matter, for her to make me cum). I convinced Lucy to change bottoms with me and put on her skirt and as we dressed I slipped the egg in to my own cunt and fed the control up through the waistband of the skirt and deposited the control unit in my pocket. As we wandered out to meet Mike, Lis and Jen I played with the settings of the egg and while it wasn’t enough to make me cum, it certainly kept me horny.

Lis and Jen described their antics to us over coffee (as Lucy and I did ours – but I’ve already told you about those). They had a much more mutually beneficial session and had both got to cum, using a combination of fingers, tongues and humping against each other while standing. Lis had teased Jen about cumming and either peeing or squirting a mass of her juices down Lis’ leg – which Jen certainly enjoyed doing and undountedly helped her orgasm along. During our chat, I managed to spread my legs enough to flash Lis and Jen to show them the control wire of the egg coming out of my pussy. As I was the only one who hadn’t cum yet (excluding Mike of course as he doesn’t count due to his limited daily orgasmic capacity) I felt that it was my duty to complete the set of orgasms so I discreetly picket at the material of my skirt until I caught hold of the wire and pulled the egg out of my pussy. I pushed it against my clit and squeezed my thighs together to try and keep it in place – it wasn’t making wonderful contact with my clit as I hadn’t been able to spread my lips (I may be quite practiced at things like this, but there is only so much even I can do in the middle of a coffee shop). I turned the egg up to high (the place was noisy enough that the buzzing was mostly drowned out) and after fidgeting around a little I managed to get a bit more direct contact with my clit and I sat with my hands in my lap, pressing the egg down against my pussy. It felt wonderful doing this in such a public place (the shop was very busy so we were completely surrounded) and I settled back in my chair and gently bit my lip to help keep me from showing too much enjoyment in my expression. As I felt my orgasm build, I pressed down on the egg harder and felt the vibrations on my clit increase in strength. I gave people warning that I was close with a simple ‘nearly there’ and then remained quiet, concentrating on my breathing as my orgasm built and burst out of my pussy. I eased off pressure on the egg, but kept it lightly pressed against my pussy to give me gentle stimulation and then a couple of minutes later reached in to my pocket and turned it off completely. Mike later told me that my nipples ended up being quite visible through my top and bra (they usually only get really hard when I’m enjoying myself a lot) but he thought that I did a good job of hiding my orgasm (he and the others could tell when I was cumming, but they knew what I was doing).

I left the egg where it was for a while so as we walked around town in dangled just below my pussy (I made sure it wasn’t low enough to be visible) and felt it bumping against my thighs or occasionally swing up and bump my pussy. My shorts were a little large for Lucy so the crotch wasn’t as tight against her pussy as they were on me and she said that she could feel the cold air on her crotch through the tights and felt quite exposed. When we got home, we used the camera to demonstrate to her that nobody could really see anything as the tights provided ample protection unless they were stretched. Once she was sitting on the sofa with her legs spread, we made sure to demonstrate to her just how much the material needed to be stretched and after removing her (or my) shorts, we pulled on the tights, making her pussy more visible while Mike filmed it. Jen went down on Lucy through the tights and despite Lucy’s complaints that she didn’t think she could cum again, Jen persevered and Lis and I removed Lucy’s top and played with her breasts. Lucy complained that we were ganging up on her (which we were), but by the time Jen pulled her tights off and started to eat and finger her properly she had stopped complaining. Mike pulled his cock out and pushed in to Jen so he could at least stimulate Lucy a little (by pushing Jen up against Lucy’s cunt in time with his thrusts). He stopped fucking Jen to film Lucy’s orgasm properly and by the time she finished cumming (and Jen and I took turns kitty kissing her), Lucy looked rather tired and didn’t even try to stop us as we spread her lips for Mike to get another close up of her pussy.

We decided not to go out that night as Jen was feeling a bit tired again and decided she would rather have the energy to play with Lis when they went to bed. We didn’t make it to bed before we started playing (albeit at a low level) as Mike asked Lucy if he could give her the massage he had asked about earlier. She agreed and we lit some candles and put a duvet, pillows and a towel down for her to lie on while Mike warmed some baby oil and once Lucy was lying naked on her front, he sat over her ass and started to work the oil in to her back and shoulders. It seemed a shame to waste the oil so I got Lis to strip off and lie down beside Lucy and I stripped off so I could rub my pussy against her ass while I massaged her. Mike spent a long time working on Lucy’s back and shoulders before moving down and massaging her ass (with her permission) and then on to her legs. As a reward for once again behaving himself she turned over and let him massage her front (including her breasts and very high up on her thighs – although still avoiding her pussy).

Mike and I switched places so I could massage Lucy and he could take care of Lis. Mike stripped off as well for this and as he rubbed Lis’ shoulders, he rubbed his cock between her ass cheeks and eventually pushed it down between her legs so he could slide in to her waiting pussy. Lis appreciated the internal massage that he gave her in tandem with the external one and I had an idea and quickly dashed upstairs and slipped in to our strap on before returning to Lucy. She was leaning up on her arms when I returned but I got her to lie down again and I knelt over her thighs, rubbed the head of the strap-on around her pussy and then slowly worked it in to her. Lucy conceded that this felt quite nice so I continued to gently slide in and out of her as I massaged her back. Lis ended up turning over so Mike could do her front and after a few minutes massaging her, he slipped back in to her cunt and they semi-fucked for a while longer. Mike slowly took Lis towards her orgasm and held her close to cumming for quite a while before easing back and telling her that he thought she should save her orgasm for later on with Jen. Lis isn’t used to being teased anywhere near as much as Jen and I are so she said she really needed to cum and Mike crawled down between her legs and asked if he could eat her instead. Lis said she didn’t care how she came, she just wanted to cum and I loved hearing her talk like that. I lay on top of Lucy, still fucking her and whispered to her about how her fiancĂ©e was such a horny little girl.

Lucy pushed her ass back against my thrusts and I realised that despite Lucy having earlier said that she didn’t want to cum again just yet, the massage seemed to have got her in the mood to play. I tried to use the same long strokes that I enjoy Mike using on me and reached around to tease Lucy’s clit while kissing around her neck and shoulders. She craned her neck round so we could sort of kiss properly and I asked her if she wanted to cum (she did). Mike meanwhile had licked Lis until she was panting again and saying that she was getting close, but then much to her dismay, he pulled away from her. Mike asked Lis to ride him and as soon as he was on his back, she straddled him, slid his cock in to her cunt and started to hump up and down. Mike pushed Lis’ hands up to her breasts and helped her massage them as she rode him. Lis made all sorts of lustful sounds and Lucy seemed to really enjoy watching and hearing her girlfriend in heat. I asked Lucy if she wanted to ride me as well and she agreed, so I lay on my back, let Lucy mount me and then mostly just watched as she fucked herself with the strap on.

As Lis got close to cumming (again), Mike pulled her down to him and they humped against each other until Lis was on the verge of cumming, at which point he pushed deep in to her and held her ass firmly so she couldn’t move. Lis whined and panted that she wanted to cum and continued trying to hump and grind against him, but Mike was sufficiently stronger than her that she couldn’t do much. Lucy wasn’t quite as far along as Lis, but I pulled her down to me as well and told her that she’d also had enough for now. Lucy didn’t complain as much as Lis was, but when I said that we could always just head off to bed for the night and then continue things, she eagerly accepted. Mike handed Lis off to Jen and stayed downstairs to put the candles out and lock up while Lucy led me upstairs by the cock (as an exercise, we tried getting the whole way up to bed with me remaining inside her – the most difficult part was initially getting up and we did nearly fall on the stairs, but we managed to get to the bed in Mike’s room and we carefully climbed on to it and she resumed riding me. When Mike joined us, he knelt behind and watched as Lucy’s cunt rode up and down the vibe and he asked if he could at least rub his cock between her ass cheeks. Lucy allowed him to do this for a little while but said that she didn’t want him to cum over her so he pulled away before he got too close to cumming. We got Lucy to copy what Lis had been doing and play with her breasts as she rode me and I took care of fondling her clit. Mike climbed up on the bed beside me to watch and offered me his cock to suck (which I took). Lucy kept going and this time we continued until she came.

Mike moved back so I could pull Lucy down and kiss her and when she climbed off of the strap-on, Mike kissed and licked up and down the length of it to taste Lucy’s juices. As he did this, he pushed the crotch of the harness against my pussy – I had the internal vibe turned on, but only at a low setting as I hadn’t known how long the massage would last for (or even if I would end up fucking Lucy, Lis and Jen) so I was quite turned on at this point, but not really that far along towards cumming. Mike helped me out of the harness and stole a few licks of my pussy (I was quite wet) and then slid in to me. He pumped back and forth and asked Lucy if she would help him make me cum. He promised that he wouldn’t try to grind against her or use her to cum and Lucy lay down beside me and told me to climb up over her face. Mike crawled over Lucy and mostly kept his body sufficiently raised that his cock didn’t rub against her too much and as Lucy licked my clit, Mike licked from the entrance to my cunt, up to my ass. It felt really good and was probably a bit too much stimulation given the long low-level tease I’d been getting from the internal vibe inside the strap-on harness and I very quickly went from just being aroused to racing towards my orgasm and then cumming over Lucy’s face (it wasn’t quite a proper squirt, but felt quite a bit wetter than usual).

After I let them kitty kiss me for a bit I climbed off and Lucy allowed Mike to kiss her properly and help clean my juices off of her face. Mike’s cock was pressed against Lucy’s body for this and between kisses she asked him what he would do if she said he could fuck her. Mike replied with a simple ‘I would fuck you’ but she asked him to describe it properly so he told her how he would caress her, eat her, slide in to her and fuck her in as many different positions as she would let him and keep going for as long as she wanted, making her cum multiple times in the process, before finally cumming in her and filling her cunt with his cum. As Mike described this, he moved against her a few times but each time he did this, Lucy stopped him and told him to keep still. Once he had told her he would cum, she pushed him off and asked me how long I thought he would be able to last inside her before he came. Now as regular readers know, Mike is very good at holding back and lasting a long time, but I told Lucy that given it was her, I actually doubted whether he would last anywhere near as long as usual (Lucy is currently the person that Mike would love to fuck the most – mostly as he isn’t allowed to, but also as she looks like Pavlina).

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