Monday, 6 October 2014

Uni Visit – Jan 2014 – Part 1

On the second weekend in January we headed down to Jen’s Uni to catch up with her friends and the new students, but on the Thursday beforehand we got some interesting news from Sue that rather surprised me, but made one person very happy…

Sue reported that she was now dating someone and then told us that it was someone from work. I had a horrible feeling that it was the guy she had slept with not long after she started working there (who then didn’t want anything to do with her once he had fucked her), but she assured me that while he had something to do with her new partner, it wasn’t him. Sue was obviously being coy about telling us, but after a bit of probing she told us everything and said that she was now dating a girl two years older than her called Josie. The relation to the guy that Sue had slept with was that he had done the same thing to Josie not long after she started working with the company. During one of Sue’s work trips last year, the two of them had got together at the end of the day to have a few drinks together and moan about what a bastard he was and had ended up fooling around a bit together (nothing too serious, just some heavy petting). On a subsequent trip they had gone a bit further and they had rubbed each other quite a bit, but it was through clothes and neither of them had cum. Over the New Year trip, things had gone all the way and after the first night of the trip, they had a drink together and went back to Sue’s room. They had apparently sort of half agreed that they would hook up properly before Christmas and this was part of the reason that Sue had been so keen to be as adventurous as possible during her stay with us (and part of the reason she hadn’t told us as she knows we don’t usually do things with people who are taken – although after my exploits with Chris, that rule isn’t quite as intact as is usually is).

I had sort of suspected that Sue had someone she was interested in from a few comments she made over the Christmas period, but only really with hindsight and I tried to write the entries as honestly as I could based on what I knew (or thought) at the time. As you might expect, Jen was really happy that her efforts to turn Sue had born such fruit – while we were obviously aware that Sue was happy fucking girls, none of us expected that she would actually end up dating one and Jen’s next target was to get Sue to end up marrying a girl. Mike liked the idea of Sue doing things with another girl, but wasn’t so keen on the consequences of Sue dating, which was that he wouldn’t get to do things with her (Jen also lamented the loss of access to Sue’s pussy, but she took a little consolation from having created a new lesbian). It also meant that Jen’s plan to try and pair Sue off with Sara could no longer happen (which also upset Mike as it would have meant many more chances for him to have access to Sara).

As happy as I was for Sue, I had other things on my mind though as I had been looking forward to visiting Jen’s friends and having another chance to enjoy myself. Following Sue’s visit and my fun with Chris, I had rested a bit sexually (just my daily sessions with Mike and Jen) to let my body recover, and was ready to once again dive back in and continue to re-familiarise myself with cock. Having access to a group of sexually active students was the ideal way to do this (well, possibly second to being able to attend one of the sex parties, but a good second…). We left earlier than usual so we didn’t arrive too late on the Friday and could enjoy more of the evening. Having dumped our bags we went out and I allowed myself to get a little drunk. This was with the specific aim of then offering myself to the group and telling them to do anything they wanted to me. Not that this was really anything new for them as they were quite used to having access on demand to Susan, but they had agreed to help me celebrate being back on the pill and being able to fuck.

The teasing started while we were out with a number of people in the group taking the opportunity to fondle me (I had purposely worn a short flippy skirt to allow easy access). A few people didn’t even bother trying to be discreet and a few other people in the club noticed, but nobody said anything (at least not to me). At the outset I had wanted to wait until we got back to someone’s room or house to cum so I could really enjoy my first orgasm of the night (I had been picturing having a cock in my cunt, one in my mouth and one in each hand with each of them cumming in or over me at the same time as I came) – Abrahii had other ideas though and thought that if the aim was for me to enjoy myself then I should get to cum as much as possible and after a number of people had taken turns fondling me, she came back for a second go and this time frigged me properly. She had at least pulled me over to a corner so we weren’t so visible, but she was quite forceful and as her fingers slid back and forth over my clit she kissed me and told me that she expected me to put on a good show this weekend and remind her of the ‘old times’ from when Jen, Julia and Mel were at Uni with her. I couldn’t resist the way she was touching me and ended up just kissing her deeply as my orgasm built and then moaning in to her mouth as I came. She wouldn’t even let me play with her in return (although did warn me that I would be required to repay her later on).

Now that my first orgasm was out of the way, a few others were a bit more forceful with me too, although Richard was the only other person to actually make me cum (still by just fingering me). We didn’t stay out too late so that I could be properly played with and we returned to Richard and James’ place to find that they had even prepared for me by putting some spare duvets and pillows down on the floor so there would be enough space for multiple people to play with me. I was quickly stripped off and to get things started I was made to put on a show of eating Jen as she sat over my face. This was also her way of showing everyone how her pregnancy was coming along as her bump was beginning to show (a little). She had hoped to be really wet and leave my face completely covered with her juices, but she seemed to have lost the ability to produce pussy juice on demand so was just back to her old self (which is still wetter than me, but just not dripping wet). While I’d been eating Jen, I felt a few sets of fingers exploring my pussy and when she climbed off of me so I could see, I spread my legs, pulled my pussy lips apart and said that I wanted to feel some of the new cocks inside me.

Sean was first up for this and he pushed in to me and started to pump away. I told him to cum as quickly as possible as I just wanted to have as much cum in me as I could get, but once again Abrahii had other ideas and assigned Susan to reach between us and rub my clit so I would get to cum as well. Even with Susan’s help I couldn’t compete with a 19 year old boy though and he came in me. I don’t know how much though as I had to hold my legs up to my shoulders to keep his cum in me while Amber fingered me to ensure that I came once for every time I was fucked. Sean knelt by my face as she did this and I sucked his cock clean and told him that I hoped to get a second serving from him at some point and as soon as I came, Brandon pushed his cock in to me and started to fuck me.

My pussy still felt quite wet with Sean’s cum and I pictures Brandon’s cock churning the cum already inside me up and pushing it deeper in as he prepared to add his own to the mix. Abrahii planted herself over my face and told me she wanted to cum so I got stuck in to her and just enjoyed what Brandon was doing to me. He lasted quite a bit longer than Sean had (he was instructed to do so), but still came in me before I came again, although Lisa was assigned to take care of me (I didn’t know who it was at the time as Abrahii was still over my face, but I felt a tongue flicking over my clit repeatedly, which did the job). Mike had taken the opportunity to take Lisa from behind while she was eating me and when Abrahii told him to stop as they had agreed that I was meant to be getting all the cum, he promised that he wouldn’t cum in Lisa. He kept his word and when Lisa pulled away from me he pushed in to me and described how Lisa’s juices were going to be mixed in with the guys’ cum. Even though he had got started in Lisa, Mike still had no trouble holding back and giving me a good hard fuck. We both felt quite a bit of cum squelch out of me as we fucked and my whole crotch felt like it was soaked (which I loved). I got Douglas to kneel beside my head and started to suck him off. I wanted Craig to join in too and have them both cum over my face and body but was told that there were other plans so I contented myself with Doug’s cock. Between sucks I told him I wanted him to cum over my face (as opposed to in my mouth) and we compromised on him agreeing to start off in my mouth and then try to pull out and finish off over my face. He did a fairly good job of this and I ended up with a few splashes of cum on my face and chest and just spat out the bit he had cum in my mouth. While I’d been sucking Doug, Mike had got Lisa to help out and play with my clit while he continued to fuck me and once I came again he unloaded in to me, pulled out and climbed up my body to offer me his cock. I took his cock in my mouth and did the best I could to suck him clean.

I was given another break from cock and Susan was tasked with going down on me. For fairness I was also given the job of eating Lisa (and seeing as she had helped out twice it was only fair).I still had to sit with my ass up in the air a little (two or three cushions had been pushed under it) so I kept as much cum as possible in me, but this didn’t stop Susan from eating me and by the time she finished at least the outside of my crotch was clean of cum (although somewhat covered with her saliva). It was now time for the grand finale (although I didn’t know this at the time) and I was told to mount Richard and ride him, at which point Craig took up position behind me and I realised what he had been instructed to do. I stopped moving to allow him to position his cock near my ass and Susan leant over and spat on his cock a few times to provide lube. Craig pushed in to my ass and the three of us started humping back and forth until he was buried the whole way in me. He and Richard said they could feel their cocks rubbing against each other and I told them not to cum too quickly as I wanted to enjoy the sensation. The position wasn’t finished yet though and James knelt in front of me and I was told that I had to make him cum too. He took hold of my hair and guided my head back and forth as I sucked him – unfortunately as I was using my hands to hold myself up I couldn’t stop him from going too deep and gagged a couple of times, but he figured out how deep I could comfortably take him and adjusted his thrusting appropriately (mostly anyway).

I couldn’t see that Richard was licking and kissing James’ balls, but that explained how James was the first to cum despite starting last. He shot his cum deep in to my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow at least a bit of it (not that it was the first time I’ve eaten his cum). When James pulled out I kissed Richard who had no qualms about sharing James’ load and his tongue eagerly pushed in to my mouth and mashed against mine while the guys fucked my holes. Abrahii was taking care of ensuring they didn’t cum too quickly and kept distracting them until I started panting and saying that I couldn’t take much more and was going to cum again. I was way ahead of them by this point though so even though Abrahii told them to give me everything they had, I still came before either of them did and this allowed them to fuck me the whole way through my orgasm until I was pleading with them to stop. Of course my pleading didn’t do any good and they carried on fucking me until Craig came in my ass and then Richard came in my cunt a little while later.

When they both pulled out of me I felt very empty and rolled off Richard to lie on my side on the duvets. Even by my standards it had been a fairly intense session so when I was told that I needed to take care of Sam I said I needed a little rest – which was a mistake. Asif she was channelling Mel, Abrahii said that I didn’t get to choose when things finished and as a penalty I was rolled on to my back and Sam was planted over my face. I didn’t really object to eating her so starting licking around her pussy (although she still had her skirt on so it was a little dark and quite hot under there), but I jumped when I felt something being pushed in to my cunt. I felt my legs being held down and fingers spreading my lips and I soon had a vibe inside my cunt and another one rubbing over my clit. It was too strong to be pleasurable (or possibly my clit was just too sensitive after what it and the rest of my pussy had been subjected to already). I knew that protesting wouldn’t help (unless I *really* protested – but I also have a reputation to keep up!) so I endured the intense stimulation and went at Sam’s pussy with everything I could. It was quite an interesting experience to try and give as much as I was getting and I think I showed Sam a fairly good time as I certainly didn’t hold back and buried my tongue as deep in to her as I could while eating her and I had to hold on to her legs when I attacked her clit. I was probably a little harsh on Sam – it wasn’t her fault that I was being pushed so far, but she didn’t seem to complain too much and even with my head under her skirt and her legs either side of my head I could hear her moaning and panting as she came.

I was getting quite close to cumming by the time Sam climbed off of me but I wasn’t allowed to stop and so Susan was told to sit over my face so I could eat her until I came. As a final additional stimulant, they pushed an anal vibe in to my ass and turned it on high – this was more than I could really take and I came with a very strong and sharp orgasm, almost screaming in to Susan’s cunt. I tried to bat the hands that were playing with me away but couldn’t see what I was doing. They did at least stop pumping the vibes in to me and pulled the one on my clit away, but I was told that as I’d started, that I had to make Susan cum again before I would be properly released. I knew that it doesn’t take too much to get Susan off so just set about eating her – maybe not with quite the enthusiasm or force as I had done with Sam, but I was confident it still wouldn’t take too long. As I worked on Susan I felt the pussy in my vibe slowly slide out and land between my legs and the one in my ass slid out a little, but not the whole way. Susan leant forwards and planted her face in my crotch, but she knows full well what it is like to be pushed too far and just gently licked me (although that still felt quite strong). When Susan got close to cumming, she picked up the pace and licked me with a bit more force, but I’ve made her cum enough times to know what she  likes so I only had to endure things for a short while before she came and I was finally allowed up.


  1. I can't even begin to count the number of reasons dating someone you work with is a bad idea. That alone is a ton of drama and gossip, but the fact that it was started while trashing another coworker is double bad news. True he is a jerk, but this just hands him an opportunity for a (valid) complaint about Sue and Josie the minute anyone steps out of line and the only defense they have is "but he started it!" Which really isn't a defense at all. I thought it was well established knowledge that dating a coworker is a big no-no...

    1. Well it's Sue's life so it's up to her as to who she dates (work related or not). We actually know a number of couples who met at work and stayed together for quite a while (and some even got married). Some obviously didn't work out, but that's always the case and most of those managed to keep the work and personal issues separate.

      ...and as a preview, I *may* have done some things with someone at work earlier in the year...

  2. Tons of people meet their partners at work. Happens all the time.Also depends on how big the company is.

    1. Well in Sue's case, it is quite a small company but you'll just have to wait and see how it turns out...