Thursday, 9 October 2014

Uni Visit – Jan 2014 – Part 2

While I’d been busy, Mike had been playing with Lisa again – starting off with just spooning inside her while they watched me be fucked and cum, but he then moved on to eating her and convinced her to let him make her cum again. As Jen had already got naked to sit over my face, she had let Abrahii finger her (and of course had done the same in return), but said that she really wished she could have eaten Abrahii properly (as well as the rest of the new female students). Even though I felt a bit sore and stiff, I had certainly been given the group session I had asked for (although it would have been better if each guy could have cum on or in me a bit more). There was a big wet patch under my ass and when I stood up a bit more cum leaked out of me and Susan was assigned to take care of cleaning me up. Fortunately she enjoys eating boy-cum – which is just as well as she usually gets far more cum in and on her than I do – but then again she has a pool of eager students who she services on a regular basis (why can’t I have that?). Susan knelt on the duvets and I stood over her, letting her spread my lips and lick my pussy and thighs as the remainder of the cum dripped out of me. Jen said that I looked like I was enjoying myself and that Susan could always make me cum again if I wanted, but I really needed a rest. Susan was offered to the rest of the group as amusement while I had a break and Mike wanted to be first in line to eat her and then passed her on to Amber to play with for a bit while Mike went back to Lisa.

From the way things had gone I had expected a second round, but people started saying they were tired and heading home after not too much longer. Susan asked Mike if he wanted to go with her for the night, but he said he had to stay with Jen. Susan was a bit disappointed about this as she now no longer had Abigail to spend the night with and while she certainly got a lot of action, she liked the idea of having someone fuck her in a long session (which Mike is good at). He did arrange to see her (Susan) the next morning and told her to get a good rest as she would need it. It was too cold to force her to walk home naked (under her coat), but we did get her to expose herself briefly outside just before she headed off and in return I wandered out on to the street naked and gave her a goodbye kiss and fondle.

Mike slept with Jen that night, kitty kissing her and then spooning with her as they went to sleep (with one interruption that will become apparent). Jen came but he didn’t as he was saving his cum for Susan. They 69ed in the morning, but once again Mike held back and over breakfast and throughout their shower, Jen teased Mike, caressing him, sitting on his cock and sucking him – all with the aim of helping him produce a good sized load when he saw Susan.

My night was a bit more energetic… Despite having felt quite tender immediately after my extended session, I recovered fairly quickly and when we went to bed (I got to sleep with James and Richard) I had a quick ride of each of them and then went down on each of them while they fingered and licked me. To finish off, we had a sideways DP session with Richard in my cunt and James in my ass. The guys really loved this and spent quite a while rubbing back and forth against each other through my innards and I kissed Richard while James reached around to fondle my breasts (he has got much better at his – but then again he was ‘gay’ when I first met him). I don’t know if it was due to us being on our sides or because everyone had cum already, but the session was much gentler and more enjoyable. I got Richard to kiss and lick around my neck for a while as I concentrated on the two cocks moving in me and I managed to cum around them. James especially felt this and my orgasm pushed him quite a bit closer to cumming, but Richard talked him down and said that he wanted to enjoy the position for a bit longer. Once James (and I) had calmed down, they moved back and forth inside me a bit longer and I realised that I was effectively acting as a sex aid to help them rub their cocks against each other. Not that I minded – I’m all for people enjoying themselves and if I can help out with that enjoyment then all the better.

As they picked up the pace I decided that I should really try to cum again (why waste having two guys inside you?), but didn’t think I would be able to catch up by myself. Now I could have got one of them to pull out of me, but I thought it would be better to stay impaled on their cocks so I called over to Mike and Jen and asked for someone to bring me in a vibe. Jen wandered in naked and had a quick look at our position, then handed me the vibe, which I slid down and held against my clit (on a lower setting than had been used on me earlier in the night). I would have been happy for Jen to stay and watch, but Mike had been in the middle of licking her so she only watched briefly and then hurried back to the other room to finish off her own session. The vibe evened things out quite a bit and especially when coupled with the cocks, I knew I would be able to cum if they gave me just a little while. James in particular wanted me to cum first and this time when I came and squeezed my ass around him, he pumped in me and emptied his cum in to me and then stayed buried in my ass while Richard pumped back and forth in my cunt. James said he could feel every movement of Richard’s cock and that it was very strong (although I didn’t have much sympathy for him), but he stayed inside me until Richard came and they both hugged me tightly and pushed as deep in to me as they could. I once again felt quite empty when they pulled out of me, but was too tired to care so I thanked them for fucking me as promised and reached down to caress their cocks.

I woke up a few times during the night and managed to get Richard fairly hard one of the times by gently rubbing my ass against his cock. It would have been fun to try and get him inside me, but my pussy didn’t really feel wet enough to do this easily so I just enjoyed the feeling of his cock pressed against my ass and went back to sleep. I had at least one good dream that night – roughly based on what had happened to me earlier in the evening with everyone fucking me, but it was a combination of my school friends and Uni friends who were playing with me. I don’t remember enough of the details to write it up as an entry, but I know I woke up feeling very horny and was very glad that I had two guys with me (two girls would have done, but I was still in my ‘catching up on the cock I had missed out while not on the pill’ phase). Richard was already coming round so I indicated him to remain still and I crawled down under the covers and gave his cock a long suck until he was hard. I carried on stroking him while I moved over to James and took his cock in my mouth. I gently kissed around the head until he started to get stiff and then took him in my mouth and gently sucked him as he grew until his cock was at full strength and he started to wake up. He didn’t seem to object to me sucking him off so I moved back and forth between the guys until they got me to turn around so we would 696. As I sucked them, they licked, fingered and used the vibe from the previous night on me and it felt really good to have two sets of fingers and tongues playing with me at once. I got the guys to stand up so I could suck them both at the same time and enjoyed having their cocks pushing in to my mouth as I fondled their balls and asses. I promised them a special treat later that day, but for the meantime I wanted them both inside me again so they lay down on the bed and we continued our DP session from the previous night, but this time with Richard in my ass and James in my cunt.

We used both tie sideways DP position as well as me riding James with Richard pumping in to my ass from behind and as we fucked I teased James by describing to him how it could be even better if we had a couple of guys either side of us offering us their cocks to suck and then shooting their cum over our faces and down our throats. Richard reached around between us and played with my clit so I came significantly before the guys did, but this time I didn’t feel like I needed to cum again too quickly so I just rode them and humped back against them to help them enjoy things as much as possible. Richard came in me first this time and just as James had done, he remained in my ass while I rode James and told him to give me his cum. James came in me and as he had been so turned on by the idea of having cum all over his face, when I pulled off of his cock, I crawled up over his body (dripping cum the whole way) and planted myself on his face. He wasn’t quite as keen on eating his own cum as he had been at swallowing the fantasy cum, but he still ate me so to be fair I turned around and 69ed with him properly. I started off being very gentle with his cock but when it became obvious that he could take it I sucked him properly. Richard helped out with this too and he showed me something James liked – being sucked very messily. We took turns sucking him, but ensuring that we used lots of saliva and drooled over his cock and crotch, rubbing the liquid around his balls and his lower chest. He certainly seemed to enjoy it and his licking of my pussy seemed to move up a notch. We got his whole crotch soaked with our saliva and he warned us when he was getting close to cumming. Richard fondled James’ balls while I sucked the head of his cock and stroked the shaft and just before he came I moved my head back a bit and opened my mouth so Richard could watch James give me a facial. Unfortunately he didn’t cum very much, but I got a bit on my face and some on my tongue so I kissed Richard to give him back his boyfriend’s cum. That was the idea anyway, but instead we had a very wet kiss and let the cum run out along with more saliva over James’ now deflating cock.

James said that he would finish me off, but Richard told him that he would take over so James could recover. Richard is still a lot better at eating pussy so I was fine with this and it didn’t take too long before I was on the verge of cumming. I hadn’t been neglecting Richard’s cock and even though I don’t do ass to mouth very often, I had been giving him a good suck. He wanted to cum in me though so we ended up with him sitting on the edge of the bed with me riding him and James on the floor in front of us so he could lick my clit and Richard’s cock as we fucked. This is one of my favourite positions and as Richard had pushed me most of the way, James had no trouble making me cum. Richard was a little way behind me, but I just asked James to try and mostly lick Richard’s cock until Richard came and I could put up with the occasional brushes of his tongue against my clit. Richard reached around and played with my breasts quite firmly as I rode him and I teased him about enjoying the feeling of my tits in his hands as he mauled them. When Richard came, we fell backwards on to the bed but he kept me on top of him and James licked and sucked around Richard’s balls (as I’ve said before, I’m not too used to this as one of Mike’s balls is quite tender so he doesn’t like having this done).

We all needed some food by this point and got up to head downstairs. Mike and Jen joined us soon after as they had finished their morning play earlier and had been lying in bed chatting about (mostly baby) things. This conversation continued over breakfast (slightly punctuated by Jen toying with Mike), with the guys getting excited about babies. It’s not that I wasn’t excited about the baby, but I get to think about her all the time so it wasn’t anything new to me. Once we had eaten, Mike went to freshen up and called Susan to arrange to meet up. He found out that she had ended up spending the night with Abrahii (given I had stolen Richard for the night who Abrahii often shared with James), but she was still up for having him visit and take care of her.

When Mike turned up Abrahii was just getting ready to leave, but she allowed him to ’convince’ her to let him have a play with her pussy before he got stuck in to Susan. As you would expect, Mike went down on Abrahii, but didn’t make her cum like this as he wanted to get stuck in to Susan properly so after moving Abrahii well along towards her orgasm he moved onto fucking her and got Susan to help out by licking her clit as he did this. Abrahii came and Mike fucked her for a little while longer to get his cock nicely covered with her juices and then moved on to playing with Susan while Abrahii got dressed (again). They chatted while Mike ate Susan and arranged to meet up for lunch and once she was dressed, Abrahii said her farewells and left them to play. Mike had already pushed Susan quite close to her first orgasm of the session (she had cum with Abrahii already before Mike got there) and he asked her if she wanted to eaten or fucked as she came. As she knew it wasn’t an either/or choice in the sense that Mike was going to make her cum as many times as she wanted, she let him eat her for her first cum (as she also knows this is his thing). As Susan had specifically asked him to satisfy her, he really wanted to give as much as possible to her so he gave her a thorough licking of pussy and ass, backing off from stimulating her clit when she got close and rimming or spearing her and then working his way back up to providing more direct stimulation. When he actually made her cum, he held on to her legs and glued his mouth to her pussy – using long strokes to lick up from the bottom of her slit, pushing his tongue in to her with each stroke and finishing by licking sucking her clit. Susan came with a series of ‘oh fucks’ and pulled his head even harder against her and when she relaxed back on to the bed Mike kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes.

They kissed properly for a while after that and Mike humped against Susan’s crotch until she told him to stop teasing her and that she wanted to feel him inside her. Mike was a bit mean and said that he wasn’t sure he was really hard enough to fuck and might need Susan to help him out a bit by dressing up for him. She told him that she would wear whatever he wanted after they had fucked, but that she wanted him inside her and for him to spend as long as he could before he came in her. Mike had really wanted her to dress up for him as despite Susan being on a par in lewdness and horniness to Julia and me, she can actually look quite cute so they settled on a compromise of her just pulling on some long dark-blue school socks and diving back in to bed with him. They started off with her wrapping her legs around him and they fucked while kissing. They used a number of different positions with both of them spending some time on top, facing towards or away from each other, standing and kneeling and spooning. Mike had intended to make Susan cum a couple of times during the session, but she said that she wanted to draw things out and cum just the once before then moving on to other ways of playing (and she again promised him that she would dress however he wanted if he did what she asked). They spent about 30 minutes with Mike switching between fucking her, using gentle movements and pounding hard in to her. Susan opted to finish off in this was and lay on top of him while he guided her ass up and down and he fucked her as hard and fast as he could while spreading her ass cheeks and gently rubbing her asshole with his fingertips. Susan kept uttering ‘fuck me’ to him as her breathing became more ragged and even though it took a little while to make her actually cum, Mike carried on pumping in her with his crotch slapping hard against hers for a couple of minutes after she had finished cumming before he came in her and pushed her down on to his cock as hard he could.

They were both out of breath and rather sweaty so remained lying with Susan on Mike for a while as his cock shrank and fell out of Susan – followed by his cum dribbling out of her over his crotch (which they found quite amusing). As Susan had been careless enough to ‘lose’ the cum that Mike had given her, when they finally broke their position, she moved down, took his cock in her hands and licked and sucked around the whole area until he was much cleaner (although his cock didn’t really respond much to the attention due to the length of their previous session).

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