Sunday, 12 October 2014

Uni Visit – Jan 2014 – Part 3

Mike told Susan that it was time for her to keep up her end of the bargain and get dressed (in)appropriately. He knew exactly what he really wanted her to wear, but they needed a drink before they could go on to the next round so Mike got Susan to keep the socks on and just throw on a t-shirt while she went to get some water for them both. Naturally, the t-shirt was long enough to cover her crotch and ass, but only just and only when she was standing still (just like me, Susan has a number of items of clothing that she can wear to reveal herself to a known amount). Susan said that she didn’t care who saw her anyway as she would be moving soon (more about that in a bit). On her return, Susan said that only one person saw her, but as she was carrying two glasses of water at the time (so had her arms raised a bit), they would have got quite a decent view of her pussy and ass. Mike congratulated her and once they had drunk the water, Susan was stripped naked again and told to put on one of her schoolgirl outfits. She did as asked and stood in front of Mike to let him caress her body, finishing with him kneeling in front of her with his head under her skirt and kissing her through her panties.

Mike then pulled the panties down and Susan sat up on the edge of her desk so Mike could kneel in front of her and eat her. By the time she came, she had her feet up on the desk on either side of her, with her legs spread and Mike once again paid attention to her pussy and ass. As soon as Susan finished cumming, Mike stood up and pushed in to her cunt. He fucked her on the desk for a while and then got her to stand on the floor, leaning against the desk so he could take her from behind. He debated (with her) whether he should fuck her ass and was going to go for the triple (cumming in her cunt ass and mouth all in the same day), but in the end he just opted for getting one of her vibes and using that in her ass while he fucked her and frigged her clit. Susan loves being stimulated in multiple ways like this (as I imagine do most women) so he had no trouble getting her to cum again and got her to stay in the same position while he kitty kissed her from behind.

As Mike hadn’t cum he was still nice and hard (or at least could easily get hard again) and gave Susan the option of what she wanted him to do next. Having cum twice in a row she wanted a little break but as the morning was getting on, she agreed to 69 with him for a while and Mike agreed to start off by just kitty kissing her. Susan agreed not to make him cum (so he could fuck her again) and after a little while, the kitty kissing progressed to proper eating and Mike pulled another orgasm out of her while spreading her lips so he could see a good way inside her. He went back to kitty kissing her before suggesting they move on to the final fuck and then head out to meet up with people. Susan was fine with this and they once again used a number of positions but finished up with Susan lying on her back with a pillow under her ass and her legs up against Mike’s body while he fucked and frigged her. At Mike’s request, Susan played with her breasts and he really enjoyed the expression on her face as she came and almost changed his mind about cumming in her (he faked cumming in her as she had wanted him to fuck her ‘properly’ again, but Mike wanted to save some cum for later on in the day).( You can’t really blame him for this as a guy in his thirties getting to fuck a bunch of students, he wanted to make the most of it as we knew this time was coming to an end as the people we knew at Jen’s Uni were getting fewer and the baby coming.) Susan seemed quite convinced that he had cum in her and just to further cover it up (and because he is obsessed with pussy), he briefly went down on her after he pulled out so she couldn’t wonder why no cum dripped out of her.

They went to shower together and Mike gave Susan’s pussy a quick shave while they were there (she didn’t really need it, but he enjoys doing it so she let him as payment for the orgasms). After the usual lick test for smoothness, he fingered her a bit and then slid in to her from behind and pushed her up against the wall as they fucked. Susan hadn’t been expecting this bonus session (she thought Mike had cum again earlier) and was further surprised when he told her that he wanted her to pee herself as she came. Now Susan knows about Jen’s watersports fetish (and had participated before), so this wasn’t really a shock to her and after a bit more fucking, frigging and dirty talk (with Mike getting her to describe one of my favourite fantasies of lying in front of a packed lecture theatre and masturbating, then letting everyone do whatever they want), Susan came again and Mike felt her pee squirt out over his hand and run down his cock and legs.

Susan nearly lost her balance, but they remained upright and after a quick rinse clean they headed out, dried off and went back to Susan’s room. Mike reminded Susan that she had said she would wear anything he said (technically she had been talking about ‘during the session’, but she went along with it) and he selected a short flippy skirt and opaque tights (he let her choose her top).Susan said she was a little surprised that he hadn’t gone for something more revealing (but Mike doesn’t like the slutty look) and he told her that her outfit wasn’t finished quite yet. Only when they went to leave did he add the finishing touch – her largest dildo. It’s not that the dildo was huge, but it stuck out of Susan’s pussy enough to make a very noticeable bump in her tights (she wasn’t allowed panties) and her tights were stretched sufficiently that with her skirt pulled up, you could easily see the dildo. With her skirt down, the bulge of the dildo still approached the hem of her skirt and while it wasn’t visible normally, Mike could see it when he went up stairs behind her.

They called to see where we were meeting for lunch and headed out in to town. Susan had to stop and pull her tights up a couple of times as she thought the dildo was sliding out of her, but she did a good job of wearing it and managed to show a few of us at lunchtime by flipping up her skirt. When she heard about their session, Abrahii said that she should have stayed to at least witness it (but knowing Abrahii, she would have participated). Susan certainly seemed to have enjoyed herself and I told Susan that she could borrow Mike any time she wanted – as long as I got to borrow her entourage in return whenever I visited. Unfortunately a number of the gang had work to do so we split up after lunch, but Susan and Abrahii were free so the five of us went for a wander. Over coffee we chatted about living arrangements (which h ad come up over lunch). Abrahii was sick of her housemates complaining about her having various people staying over and fucking and had finally decided to move out. Initially, she was just going to move in with Richard and James (seeing as they were the people who stayed over the most frequently), but as Susan had broken up with Abigail and was looking for somewhere else to live, they had decided to try and find a place together. I suggested that they should pool their resources with James and Richard and look for a place big enough for the four of them and then Susan would easily have enough people to keep her satisfied. She started to complain about this, but then admitted that I was probably right so we teased her a bit more about what her days would be like if she had two guys and Abrahii to make her cum multiple times a day. The slight flaw in my plan was that Richard and James and Richard and Abrahii would never have time to do things together and I know that Richard and James really do seem to love each other and Abrahii and Richard certainly have a ‘thing’. I’ve even told Abrahii that she should just triple up with Richard and James and that I think they could be a really good threesome like Mike, Jen and me.

As Susan had enjoyed the idea of being continually serviced by three people, we thought that she should probably cum again to prevent her from feeling frustrated. We found a suitably quiet shop and selected some clothes to try on and Abrahii and I took turns in the dressing room with Susan. It made life much easier having a decent dildo to fuck her with and both Abrahii and I used the dildo and licked Susan (Abrahii was the one to make her cum). Susan went down on Abrahii in return and Abrahii used the dildo in me for a bit, but we’d been in the dressing room for too long so I didn’t have time to cum. To make up for this, I took Susan’s tights and wore the dildo for a while and during (another) coffee break, I sat with a leg bent up under me so I could push the end of the dildo in to my pussy with my heel. Jen really enjoyed seeing this and ended up taking me to a changing room in a different shop and finishing me off before we transferred the dildo (along with Susan’s tights to hold it in) over to her.

Jen wore it for the rest of our outing and on returning to Richard and James’ place she removed the tights and sat openly masturbating with it but then let Susan take over and make her cum (hands and fingers only as Jen still wasn’t having sex with anyone else). By the time Jen came, she was naked and lying on the sofa with Susan working the dildo in her clit and sucking on Jen’s nipples. Susan sucked the dildo clean and we were going to suggest that she use it on herself when we had a better idea (which as is often the case was based on something we’d seen online). I took the remote control and gave it a wipe over with some alcohol wipes and suggested to Susan that she fuck herself with it. She had a little difficulty at first getting it inside her pussy, but once the end was in, she slowly moved it in and out and commented on how the buttons felt quite nice (she used ‘interesting’ to describe it at first, but then decided she liked it). Abrahii was going to help out and play with Susan’s clit but as she can do this anytime, I said I wanted to suck her and so Abrahii didn’t feel left out, Mike went down on her. Mike and I swapped partway through so I could have a turn with Abrahii, but we swapped back so I could be the one to (help) make Susan cum as Mike had done that plenty of times already that day.

We stopped fooling around for dinner, although Jen and Susan remained naked for the delivery of the food. I asked if Susan had been entertaining their friendly pizza guy since we’d last seen her and she described how she had called him up the previous week to visit her, but he had been more interested in cumming himself than doing anything for her – and to make matters worse, he hadn’t even lasted that long (which was part of the reason she had wanted Mike to give her a long fuck).

A couple of other people turned up before we headed out for the night and I felt like having a bit of fun while everyone was still fresh so I asked if anyone was up for some double pussy penetration. A quick Google illustrated what I wanted for the few people who weren’t sure it was possible and as they had given me such a good time the previous night and that morning, I offered myself to them and told them that it would probably feel even better that what we’d done before. I wasn’t too surprised to find out that they had already done this, both with Julia and Abrahii (but surprisingly not Susan yet) so they knew full well what it would feel like (and were therefore very happy to use me in this way). As there were fewer people to watch, we headed up to a bedroom and the three of us stripped off. Susan and Abrahii were prepared to provide saliva to lubricate James’ and Richard’s cocks, but a real bonus of knowing gay (or bi) guys is that they seem to have a very good knowledge of lubes and produced a bottle of their favourite stuff. Susan, Abrahii and I each had a turn sucking them both before they applied the lube and Abrahii and Susan messily ate me (using lots of saliva) while the guys got lubed up and I moved out of the way to let Richard lie down on the bed. I climbed over him and slid down on to his cock (which slipped in to me very easily) and James climbed up on the bed behind me and positioned his cock by my cunt. Susan helped him out and pulled my lips apart so he could begin to push in to me and once the head was in I felt him slide in fairly easily and my pussy stretched around the two cocks. We alternated between Richard and James moving in and out inside of me and having them remain still while I rode them both (this gave a better view to the people watching, but didn’t feel as good for Richard and James)

 Abrahii said that it looked incredibly sexy and I suggested she climb up on the bed and join us (I envisioned her sitting over Richard’s face with him and me eating her) but she wanted to watch. As it felt best for all of us, Richard and James mostly slid back and forth against each other, but to ensure I didn’t miss out, Abrahii pushed the vibe I’d used before down between Richard and me and nestled it against my clit and then used her free hand to fondle my breasts. This felt wonderful and I told the guys that they could cum whenever they wanted as long as they promised to stay inside me until I’d cum. They were more concerned about each other cumming and then continuing to tub against them so they made sure that they were getting close at roughly the same time. I may not have helped things as I leant forward and whispered to Richard how I wanted to feel his cock covered with James’ cum and rubbing it all in to my cunt – James usually cums first so I was just trying to help Richard along and it certainly worked as he blurted out that he was about to cum and then moaned almost straight away. I came just a little after Richard and fortunately for him, James wasn’t too far behind. They remained still and I rode up and down on their cocks slowly (so it didn’t feel too intense for them) and loved the feeling of their cum mixing in my and coating the inside of my cunt and their cocks.

When they pulled out, Abrahii took care of sucking the guys clean and was then going to lick me but I told her I wanted to keep the cum and enjoy feeling wet and sticky when we went out. Lisa thought this was incredibly dirty (in a good way) and we told her that she could always have a turn and I asked Sean and Brandon if they would be prepared to double fuck Lisa’s little cunt. They were quite up for it (the advantage of being bi is you can enjoy things like this – I’m still working on Mike) but Lisa wasn’t so in order to not disappoint the guys we said that Susan would take care of them (and if for some reason she hadn’t wanted to, I would have probably volunteered to go again as I was certainly wet enough and pre-stretched). There wasn’t really any danger of Susan turning down a chance to fuck though and told the guys that she wanted to feel both of their cocks inside her at the same time.

Abrahii and I took care of slurping the cocks to begin lubricating them and then took turns messily eating Susan while James and Richard lubed up Sean and Brandon properly (possibly a little ‘too properly’ in Richard’s case as we had to point out that we didn’t want Sean to cum too quickly). Susan mounted Brandon and leant forwards but Sean had difficulty getting his cock in to her as well so Jen had a quick turn of fisting Susan (after Brandon had pulled out) and they then tried again and both of them got inside her. Susan said she felt very full, but that it was nice and we let Amber use the vibe on Susan’s clit. In the spirit of always trying to push things forwards, I went and grabbed one of the small vibes we had brought with us, used Jen’s pussy juice for lube, and pushed it in to Susan’s ass. The guys fucked Susan and they tried out the different ways of moving and agreed that the way Richard, James and I had chosen was the best. Jen pointed out that if we were trying to fill Susan then we should do it properly and suggested Craig climb up on the bed with them and offer her his cock. Craig was up for this, and although Brandon wasn’t up for licking Craig’s balls he didn’t mind Brandon kneeling over his face to push his cock in to Susan’s mouth. I did at least get him to wrap his hand around his cock halfway down his shaft so he couldn’t push too deep in to Susan’s mouth as he fucked it and I asked him if he was going to cum in Susan’s mouth or over her face. Craig said he hadn’t decided and would just see what felt right. I knelt beside the bed and reached between Susan and Brandon to play with her clit (I just used my fingers) and I occasionally moved the vibe in her ass. Brandon came in Susan first, but he remained in her and let Sean keep moving. Sean was next, but Susan wasn’t far behind him and the guys remained buried in Susan’s cunt until Craig came in her mouth (he decided that as the others had cum in her, then he should too).

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