Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Uni Visit – Jan 2014 – Part 4

Sean and Brandon pulled out of Susan’s cunt and we all watched as their cum began to ooze out of her. Abrahii and I sucked the guys clean and I was then tasked with 69ing with Susan so we could both clean each other up for going out (I know I had said I wanted their cum to remain in me, but most of it had dripped out while I had been watching Susan anyway). Fortunately for Susan, we didn’t have to make each other cum, just 69 for a bit and we were then allowed to get up and freshen ourselves up. Once we were ready, Jen headed back to Susan’s place with her as Susan needed to get a suitable top to wear out. Her lower half was already taken care of as Jen had brought a pair of denim shorts with her (with Susan in mind). They were one of the pairs that we had ‘adjusted’ by removing a good proportion of the material from between the legs, so only a thin strip was left. On the way to her place, Susan wasn’t allowed to wear anything else with them and as they walked she said that she could feel the denim pulling up between her lips and that she felt quite exposed. Jen allowed her to wear a pair of opaque tights under the shorts for actually going out, but not before she had tested the outfit to see how easy it was to push the material of the tights between Susan’s lips and get to her clit. Jen only teased Susan, but she still teased her quite a bit and when they met up with us at the club, anyone in our group who wanted to was allowed to fondle Susan or pull the shorts up so the crotch was tight against or between her lips.

Various low-level teasing happened while we were out, but Abrahii was the only one of us who actually came (which was Richard’s doing). As I was going to be sleeping with Jen that night, Abrahii ended up coming back to Richard and James’ place with us and while Jen and I gently played with each other (we were tired and just used vibes while kissing), we heard Abrahii repaying Richard for her earlier orgasm and then telling James to fuck her.

It was Mike’s night to have fun with the students and while out he had arranged to go back to Lisa’s place with her. A little later on in the evening, Amber had asked him if he wanted to spend the night with her and he told her that he already had plans with Lisa, but that he was more than willing for Amber to join them. Both Amber and Lisa seem to really like Samantha – unfortunately for them, while Sam is bi (and had done things with them both over the previous few months), she seems to be looking for a guy. Mike promised Lisa that he would still go down on her as much as she wanted and Lisa said that she didn’t mind if Amber joined them. Amber and Lisa have fooled around a bit together before, but Amber was initially a little reticent about spending the whole night with Lisa (and Mike), but she decided to go for it in the end and as the night drew to a close, he gave Jen and me (and Jen’s baby bump) a goodnight kiss and wandered off a very happy man with a 19 year old girl on each arm.

There was the usual (for us) fondling on the way home – Mike got a hand under each of their skirts and at one point, into each of their panties at the same time. They are still learning the jobs of doing things outdoors so he wasn’t allowed to do too much to them until they got in to Lisa’s room, but as soon as the door was locked they threw their coats on the floor and Mike told them he was going to eat and fuck them both for as long as they wanted (although he was a little nervous after his extended session with Susan that morning if he would really have the energy to satisfy them both). He started off with he knows best and after a bit of kissing and fondling, their tights and panties came off and Mike got them to sit beside each other on the bed while he knelt and took turns eating them. The girls loved this (he is quite good at it), although the switching back and forth meant that they kept being interrupted and Lisa asked if he could do them one after the other. Amber agreed to this and as Mike was already between Lisa’s legs, he told her to lie back and let him make her cum. She was already a fair way on so it didn’t take too long for Mike to lick her to an orgasm and after a brief period of kitty kissing he moved straight on to Amber, pushed her down beside Lisa and got stuck in to her cunt. Amber had calmed down a bit while Mike had been concentrating on Lisa, but it didn’t take him too long to get her going again, especially as he got Lisa to help out and after removing her own top she helped Amber to strip off (Mike asked them to keep their skirts on for the time being as he liked the look). With Lisa assisting by kissing Amber and playing with her breasts, they got Amber off and Mike swirled his tongue as deep inside her as he could before crawling up her body, kissing Lisa to let her taste Amber and then sliding his cock in to Amber’s hot pussy as he kissed her.

Lisa got in to the spirit of things and complained that it was meant to be her turn next (part of the reason that Mike likes her so much is that she seems to understand how to have fun – as well as the fact he thinks she is fairly cute). Mike explained that he was just getting his cock wet so it would be easier to slide in to Lisa, but then decided to ask her to suck him for a bit – just to ensure he was hard enough to fuck her of course. Mike pulled out of Amber and lay down beside her with his cock pointing in the air. Lisa pushed her hair to the side and went down on him quite enthusiastically – she was better than the first time he did things with her, but then again she had got some practice with the other guys in the group since then. Mike let her suck him clean and then pulled her up so she was lying over him and they kissed. He told her that he wanted to feel her around his cock and she positioned herself and pushed against him, sliding easily down onto his cock until their bodies pressed against each other. Before they started fucking properly, Mike asked Amber if she would help out and make sure that his cock was wet enough – they all knew that he just wanted her to suck Lisa’s juices from his cock, but avoided saying this. Lisa said it wasn’t fair as she wanted to fuck, but he assured her that they would fuck in just a moment. Lisa pulled herself up and off of his cock and Amber gave him a quick suck – not quite as enthusiastically as Lisa’s, but still fairly thorough. Lisa mounted him again and they kissed for a while before she sat up and Mike reached up to play with her breasts. Amber helped out with this and also reached down to play with Lisa’s clit so Lisa asked Amber to kneel up so she could reach between Amber’s legs and play with her pussy.

As you can probably imagine, Mike was really enjoying himself – I know he gets to have two women quite often (almost nightly, and has for a while since Jen finally allowed him to do things with her), but these were two genuine first year students who he had only done things with a few times before so it was more exciting. He asked Amber to sit over his face so he could eat her again and she said it would be embarrassing with Lisa watching but he reminded her that they had each just seen him eat the other one and Lisa was in the middle of fingering her anyway. Amber crawled up and straddled Mike’s face and he pulled her to his mouth and started to eat her. He felt her lean forwards and her fingers play with Lisa’s clit again and pictured them kissing over his body (he doesn’t know if they actually were kissing) and after a few minutes he pushed Amber up and said he wanted to feel her on his cock. Lisa complained again and he told her that she would still get to cum first so they switched places and once Amber was impaled on his cock, Lisa sat over his face and he licked her. Mike pushed hard in to Amber and reached down to frig her clit as he fucked her, but keeping his word, he got them to switch back after a couple of minutes and then asked Amber if she wanted him to carry on eating her or if she wanted to watch him fuck Lisa and then her. She opted to stay over his face for a while, but when Lisa got closer to cumming Amber climbed off and said he could finish Lisa properly, providing he didn’t take too long.

Lisa lay down on top of Mike and he asked her how she wanted to cum – she opted to have him hammer in to her so he grabbed her ass and started to pump in and out of her as hard and fast as he could. Lisa loved this and her tongue pushed in to Mike’s mouth and duelled with his as they fucked. Lisa told him that she was about to cum (although he had guessed this from the way she was moaning into his mouth). She asked if he was going to cum in her and he said that he couldn’t just yet as he also had to take care of Amber, but that he would later on if she wanted him to. Mike told Lisa to put on a good show for Amber so that she would be ready to fuck and he thinks he felt Lisa pause briefly (or at least slow down), but then she picked up the pace again and resumed kissing him. They humped against each other until Lisa came – Mike fucked her through her orgasm and then slowed his movements down, rolled over so he was on top and slowly pulled out of her. He kissed his way down her body and gently kitty kissed her for a minute before asking Amber if she would help out so he could make her cum. As I’ve said already, Lisa and Amber have done things together before, but mostly as a part of the group and she hesitated a bit now that they were in private, but then moved down to where Mike was and started to gently kiss around Lisa’s pussy. Mike reached down to Amber’s ass and caressed it, then pushed his fingers down and in to her pussy, telling her that he loved seeing her eat his little Lisa. He moved around behind Amber (who had one foot on the floor as she was half off of the bed) and had a few licks of her pussy from behind before standing and sliding his cock in to Amber’s cunt.

She pushed back against him and he slipped in the whole way on the first stroke. He took a hold of her ass and started using long strokes in and out of her cunt. He reached around under Amber’s body and fondled her breasts and then asked her if she wanted him to play with her clit. She did, so he slowly but firmly stroked her clit in time with the movements of his cock and he asked her to describe (between licks of Lisa’s cunt) how it felt. She said it felt really good and she loved it, but it was her panting more than her words that Mike loved. He had really wanted to cum in Lisa first, but didn’t know how much longer the girls would want to go on so he asked Amber if she wanted him to empty his load into her little cunt when she came and she panted a yes back at him. He carried on using long, deep, slow strokes in to Amber and frigging her clit – she told him she was about to cum but Mike just carried on pumping in to her until she actually started to cum, at which point he sped up just a little, but carried on with the same deep strokes. Amber let out a series of ‘oh fucks’ and rested her head on Lisa’s crotch and as she finished cumming, Mike eased off on her clit and pushed in to her for just a little longer before telling her that he was about to cum in her. She pushed back against him and he pushed hard in to her three or four times, feeling the cum squirting out of his cock in waves. He held himself deep inside her, flexing his cock until his orgasm had completely ended and then pulled out and watched as his cum dripped out of her pussy and some ran down her leg.

Amber climbed up on to the bed and Mike asked Lisa if she would be prepared to help clean Amber up – Lisa didn’t hesitate, but did say that she hoped he had some more cum left for her and Mike teased her and said that he might, as long as she helped to get him excited enough to fuck again. She asked what would get him excited and started kissing Amber’s pussy before he could answer, so he just said ‘that’ and settled back to watch as Lisa did a combination of kitty kissing Amber and eating his cum out of her (we think Lisa might be the next Susan – or at least Abrahii). Mike made sure that Lisa remained aroused with a combination of his fingers and the vibe she had in her bedside drawer. He is fairly sure that if he hadn’t intervened, Lisa would have made Amber cum again – which he certainly wanted to see, but he had a specific way in mind to help him ‘prepare’ for fucking Lisa.

It was reasonably late by this point (around 1.30) so there weren’t the building was fairly quiet with just the occasional people returning from their night out. He told the girls that he wanted to head down to the kitchen to get a drink and suggested that they just put on a t-shirt. They wanted to know what he had in mind and he described how he wanted to make them both cum in the kitchen. Amber thought this was quite risky, but she’s been around the group for long enough that she has seen Susan, Abrahii, Julia and me cum in much more public settings so Mike and Lisa managed to convince her. Mike put Lisa’s dressing gown on (he doesn’t mind wearing girly dressing gowns if it leads to him having fun) and Lisa looked out suitable tops for her and Amber to wear. They wandered down to the kitchen and after checking that nobody was around, Mike asked the girls to stand with their backs to the work-surface and he knelt in front of each of them, lifted their shirts and kissed their pussies.

Surprisingly – given it was her building they were in – Lisa seemed much less nervous than Amber and Mike got her to sit up on the table in the middle of the room, spread her legs and let him go down on her properly. Amber calmed down a bit as things went on and nobody discovered them so when Mike suggested she take Lisa’s place, she hopped up on the table without any complaint and Mike briefly went down on her before asking Lisa to take over. Lisa quickly buried her face between Amber’s legs and Mike guessed she was doing a good job as Amber sighed and pulled Lisa tighter against her. Mike meanwhile moved around behind Lisa, lifted the hem of her shirt, pulled his cock out and slid in to her. As he fucked her, he pushed her shirt up more until her breasts were exposed and he could reach around to fondle them, but he paid attention to her clit as well as he really wanted her to cum before they were interrupted. Mike asked Amber to pull her shirt up as well and she looked around at the door and then seemed to realise that if someone walked in on them, having her breast exposed wasn’t going to make much of a difference (although she still wasn’t brave enough to pull her t-shirt off completely and just hiked it up over her breasts. Mike leant forwards to give them a quick fondle and asked her if she thought she could cum like this and she gave him a nod so he said that if that was the case, they should all get to cum. Lisa agreed with this and the three of them carried on fucking and licking, with Lisa getting to cum first (she couldn’t really tell Mike how close she was getting while eating Amber) and Mike holding back until Amber came so he could at least watch her cum to help him enjoy his own orgasm.

When they separated, Amber’s comment was ‘fuck me, I can’t believe we just did that in here’ and Mike said he would be happy to fuck her, he just needed some time to recover first. They headed back to Lisa’s room and after a short break Mike got Amber to help clean up Lisa. As she did this, he moved around behind Lisa and slipped his cock in to her (he wasn’t really hard enough to fuck again, but she was still wet enough that he could get inside her). Lisa said that she didn’t think she could cum again (which is usually a dangerous thing to say around anyone in our group), but Mike just teased her and commented on how Amber had wanted to be made to cum time and time again. Amber blushed a bit at this but Mike told her that once he had spooned with Lisa for a bit, he would eat her again if she wanted and Amber said that he could if he had the energy. Mike would eat pussy if he was on the verge of exhaustion, so this was a rather stupid question (although to be fair, Amber and Lisa don’t know how far his pussy fetish goes) and as promised, after spooning in Lisa for a bit, Mike moved around to Amber, crawled down between her legs and ate her until she came again.

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