Saturday, 18 October 2014

Uni Visit – Jan 2014 – Part 5

Lisa said that she really needed some sleep so Mike suggested that he and Amber go for a little walk together and promised they would try not to wake Lisa when they returned (they asked if Lisa wanted them to leave for the night, but she said she would rather they stayed). Wearing just the dressing down and t-shirt, they wandered up a couple of flights of stairs and stood against the bannister, quietly chatting while Mike fondled Amber’s ass. He asked her if she still liked Lisa as much as she had told him she did a couple of months before as he was confused by her comment earlier in the evening about really liking Sam. Amber said that she still preferred Lisa, but had pretended to be more attracted to Sam as she was still afraid that Lisa didn’t feel the same way about her. Mike pointed out that Lisa had seemed enthusiastic enough about letting Amber join them for the night and that it certainly hadn’t looked to him like she had been holding back and asked her about the details of the session she’d had with Lisa just before Christmas. As Amber described things, Mike’s hand dipped between her legs and toyed with her pussy, then moved forwards a bit more to play with her clit and then pulled Lisa’s vibe out of his pocket and used it ro rub around Amber’s crotch. Amber asked if he thought it was really a good idea to do things in such an open place (they could see down the whole stairwell and up to the top floor above them) and Mike answered her by moving around in front of her and pulling his cock out to rub against her pussy.

Amber told him that he was crazy, but let him pull one of her legs up and even helped position his cock so he could slide in to her. He fucked her up against the bannister and ended up pulling her t-shirt off completely. He considered tossing it down the stairs, but as he was still getting to know Amber he thought this might be a bit too much (I’m sure if it had been me or Jen then he wouldn’t have hesitated). He enjoyed the position, but couldn’t move well enough to stimulate Amber properly so got her to turn around and took her from behind again, allowing him to fondle her breasts and clit. As they fucked, he told her that she should wake up Lisa in the morning by going down on her and really taking her time so Lisa had a really good orgasm. Amber liked this idea and came as Mike whispered in her ear how she could swirl her tongue around the inside of Lisa’s pussy and suck her clit until she exploded in to Amber’s mouth.

Mike didn’t cum during this session, so the walk back downstairs was interesting as his cock poked out from the dressing gown, but other than someone on the ground floor, they didn’t see anyone so it didn’t really matter. Before they made it back to Lisa’s room, he did tell Amber that he quite fancied Lisa as well so if they ended up together, he hoped that she would occasionally share her with him and Amber told him not to be greedy as he already had Jen and me, but said that she might let him play with her from time to time. They climbed in to bed on either side of Lisa and Lisa curled up against Amber while Mike spooned with Lisa (after assuring her that he wasn’t trying to fuck her again). Mike fell asleep fairly quickly and thinks he was still inside Lisa when he went to sleep – he found out the next day that Amber took longer to fall asleep and enjoyed having Lisa’s arm around her and the feel of Lisa’s breasts against her back.

As suggested, Amber went down on Lisa first thing in the morning and spent around fifteen minutes lapping and kissing around Lisa’s pussy before eating her properly (Mike was quite impressed at how long she held out before moving in for the kill). Mike had mostly just watched, but had helped out by kissing Lisa, fondling her breasts and occasionally fondling Amber so she didn’t feel too left out. Mike even managed to feed some of Amber’s juices to Lisa (who knew what he was doing – he didn’t try to hide it) and when Lisa came it looked like Amber had done a really good job as Lisa ended up panting and saying it had felt really good.

Mike said that he really wanted to fuck them both again if they would let him and pointed out that they had a fair amount of time before our lunch appointment. The girls were fine with that (and at that point I think Amber would have let Mike do almost anything to her as thanks for what she had just done to Lisa). He wanted to cum in Lisa first as he really wanted the bigger load of cum to end up in her, but he also wanted his cum to remain in her for longer (it’s not that he doesn’t like Amber – he just really likes Lisa). In the end he asked if he could fuck Amber first while they both worked on Lisa and Amber was up for this but Lisa wanted a bit more time to recover from her first orgasm so they decided to get some breakfast to give them energy and then return to bed. Once again, the girls wore just t-shirts to go to the kitchen and while there, Mike looked in the fridge for something suitable to use but had to settle on a banana. Lisa said that they couldn’t do things with other people’s food, but Mike persisted and worked the end of it in to Amber’s pussy and briefly fucked her with it before daring Lisa to match Amber. As I’ve said, Lisa seems to be the more adventurous of the new bunch and took up the challenge, ending up sitting on the work-surface with her legs spread and briefly masturbating with the banana. Amber matched Lisa and Mike kept a look out while Lisa used the banana in Amber, but again only briefly, before they put it back and returned to Lisa’s room to eat breakfast.

The girls were quite pleased with how adventurous they were being (but they knew most of the stories of things that Julia and I had done, so they knew they still had a way to go if they were going to catch up with us). By the time they had finished breakfast, Lisa was ready to play again and Mike described what he had in mind. He wanted to fuck Amber while Lisa sat over her face, facing away from Mike, so both he and Amber could lick her. She thought this sounded interesting (and Amber liked the idea of getting to eat Lisa again) so they agreed to it, but so Amber got enough stimulation to cum they started off with Mike licking Amber and then briefly fucking her in a couple of different positions. Lisa actually complained that she was being left out so Mike asked Amber if she was ready to help him make their horny little friend cum (at which point Lisa hit him with a pillow, but didn’t deny she was horny). Mike and Amber shimmied down to the end of the bed with him still on top of her and inside her and Lisa sat over Amber’s face and lowered her pussy to Amber’s mouth. Mike watched as Amber eagerly started licking at Lisa’s pussy and he made a comment to Lisa about how it looked like Amber really enjoyed eating her (so Amber slapped his side). Mike lay with his full weight on Amber and reached forwards to spread Lisa’s ass cheeks and pushed his tongue between them, trying to lick down as low as possible and help Amber out eating Lisa’s pussy. This worked fairly well, but as time went on he let his tongue drift up a bit and spent longer licking back and forth over her ass. Lisa didn’t say anything about this but he felt her shudder a few times when he semi-speared her. All during this time, he had been fucking Amber and knew that he could probably cum fairly quickly if he let himself, but he had no idea how far along Amber was so he just held back. Lisa came first and let out a few yelps as she told them she was cumming and said how good it felt. Mike told her to stay where she was and suggested to Amber that she kitty kiss Lisa for a while and he knelt up, pulled Amber’s legs up and started to fuck her a bit harder while playing with her clit and occasionally reaching up to her breasts. A couple of times during the session, Lisa said that Amber was licking her too hard and Mike reminded her she was just meant to be kitty kissing her as it was his turn to make Lisa cum. He also asked Amber to let him know when she was getting close to cumming and after a little while longer she told him she was nearly there. Mike still couldn’t read her properly so he allowed himself to get a bit closer but continued to fuck her until Amber started to moan in to Lisa’s cunt and then sped up and fucked her until he came – giving her just a little warning that he was going to empty his cum in to her again.

Mike pulled out of Amber and asked her to remain where she was and then called Lisa round to watch as his cum oozed out of Amber’s pussy. They spread her lips and Lisa pushed a couple of fingers in to Amber and Amber said that it was embarrassing, but later told Mike that she had enjoyed having Lisa look at her pussy so closely. To give Mike a bit of time to recover so he could fuck Lisa, they spent a while just kissing and fondling each other – they all had a turn licking or sucking each other and Mike asked them to both suck him at the same time (which they did). He complimented them on their libidos and told them that he didn’t understand why they didn’t just spend all their time fucking each other as they were so good at it. Lisa said something about guys her age not being able to last as long (which we know is part of the reason she likes Mike) and he told her that he was sure Amber could use a vibe on her for a fair amount of time without it going soft. Lisa said a vibe wasn’t the same as a cock (which is true – although they both have their place) so Mike suggested that Amber have a quite play with Lisa so he was definitely hard enough to fuck (he was actually hard already as they had fooled around for a fair amount of time, but he wanted to give Amber another chance to play with Lisa and he wanted to watch).

Lisa agreed and let herself be arranged on the bed with a couple of pillows under her ass and Mike held her legs up by her chest so her pussy was pointing up in the air. He and Amber examined Lisa’s pussy thoroughly – saying it was only fair as they had done the same to Amber and when Lisa said that she wanted to examine his cock in return he told her she could do that anytime she wanted and would probably get the same offer from any guy she asked. Both Amber and Mike had a few licks and Mike encouraged Amber to slide her tongue as deep in to Lisa as she could. Once Lisa was primed, Mike asked if she still wanted to fuck and when she said yes he told Amber to get out of the way and take her place over Lisa’s face. He watched Amber press her cunt against Lisa’s mouth and then slid his cock into Lisa’s cunt and started to fuck her. They basically copied what they had done earlier with Mike initially helping to eat Amber and then concentrating on her ass more as the session progressed. Mike encouraged Lisa to do a good job on Amber to repay her for earlier, although from what he saw, she was being quite thorough anyway and Amber certainly seemed to be enjoying herself. Just as before, the two tongues won out and Amber came first but remained over Lisa’s face to be kitty kissed. Mike said he wanted one more taste of Lisa before he came in her and pulled out, crawled down her body and had a thorough lick of the area, properly spearing her ass, sliding his tongue all the way in to her and sucking on her clit, before pushing his cock back in to her and fucking her properly. He played with her clit for a bit but Lisa told him she was getting close so he eased off to allow himself time to catch up with her. He had a good view of his cock sliding in and out of her and pictured his cum shooting deep inside her, filling her whole cunt and splurting out around his cock (an anime thing). This helped to speed him along and he started to play with Lisa’s clit again to ensure she came first. Lisa told him again that she was about to cum and he told her to go ahead as he wanted to feel her cunt contracting around his cock. She humped back against him roughly in time with his thrusts and moaned through Amber’s cunt that she was cumming. Mike pumped in to her as fast as he could and came pretty much while she was still cumming and then lay on top of Lisa again, grabbed Amber’s ass and told Lisa to help him make Amber cum one last time.

Amber told them that she didn’t think she could cum again but Mike pointed out that she seemed to have been enjoying Lisa kitty kissing her and that she had agreed that the next time she slept with him, that she would let him make her cum time and time again. Mike helped out, licking around her pussy and ass and speared her properly a couple of times. He was still buried in Lisa and this had helped stop his cock from going completely soft, but he wasn’t hard enough to do much with her so just tried to grind his crotch against hers. Mike encouraged Lisa to keep eating Amber’s beautiful little pussy and encouraged Amber to cum for them. Mike eased off and let Lisa be the one who actually made Amber cum and as Amber’s moans increased he told her to concentrate on what Lisa’s tongue was doing to her cunt and to cum in to Lisa’s mouth. Whatever Lisa was actually doing, it certainly worked and Amber moaned loudly as she came. When she finished cumming, she pulled herself away from Lisa’s mouth and said she couldn’t take any more, but Mike pulled out of Lisa and told Amber he was going to kitty kiss her. He held her pussy to his mouth but was very gentle with her and she stopped squirming once she realised what he was doing and relaxed against him. Mike spent a couple of minutes licking her before finally pulling away and getting the girls to lie either side of him so he could hug them both.

It was a good way through the morning by this point and they knew that they had to get up and ready. Lisa told Amber that she could use her shower if she wanted, but as Amber needed to go home to change anyway she said she would wait until she got home. They chatted as Amber got dressed and Mike waited until she was fully clothed before pointing out that as he had slept wither, he was entitled to keep her panties (this was an evolution of the rule from Jen’s time at Uni – mostly where Julia had to leave her clothes off while walking home).Mike asked Lisa to help him retrieve them and once they had pulled the panties down, they each had a final fondle of Amber’s pussy before hugging her goodbye (for all of a couple of hours) and seeing her out of the room. Lisa wasn’t up for walking Amber down the stairs while wearing just a t-shirt as she could hear that quite a few people were already up and about and in the cold light of day she didn’t seem quite as brave as she had been the previous night.

Once Amber had gone, Mike and Lisa went and showered together and gave each other’s bodies a thorough clean. There was a little fondling, but nothing too serious, but when they returned to Lisa’s room Mike asked if he could have a final play with her before they left. Lisa let him go down on her and then spoon with her, during which time he thanked her for the night and said how much he had enjoyed it. Lisa had also enjoyed herself and Mike said how much he liked Amber (but made sure to end by telling Lisa that she was still his favourite and he was glad he got to have a little ‘alone time’ with her). They spooned for a while and ended up moving against each other more forcefully. Lisa asked Mike if he was going to cum again and he told her that he would love to, but doubted he could get a third orgasm in such a short period of time. He still wanted to make her cum again though and they used a couple of positions and moved on to Mike being on top of her with her legs wrapped around him. He considered asking her to dress up for him – his view is ‘what’s the point of fucking a 19 year old if you can’t enjoy it to the full’ – but he decided that he could probably find a way to enjoy it with her naked (plus they were running out of time). Lisa said she wanted to be on top and asked if he would give her a hard fuck to make her cum.

Mike was quite happy to oblige and they switched positions. Lisa pressed herself against him and they kissed deeply as Mike started to pound in to her. When they weren’t kissing, Lisa panted in to his ear and told him how good it felt and as they progressed Mike told her that he might be able to cum if they kept going for long enough. Lisa told him that she wanted him to cum in her again if he could and he warned her that it might take a while but she told him it was fine and that he could keep fucking her until she came. Mike kissed Lisa deeply, told her that she was perfect and that he loved her. Initially I was a bit jealous when he told me this (as was Jen), but it’s only fair that he is allowed to have a crush as I openly admit that I love Lis and Jen does the same for Lucy. Mike fucked her as hard and fast as she could and just before Lisa came, he asked her to promise him that he could fuck her whenever he visited. She told him that he could have her any time he wanted and as she started to cum he told her that he wanted to empty his cum in to her hot cunt one last time. He fucked Lisa hard, right through her orgasm and then carried on, pulling her hard against his body with each thrust. He kept telling her that he was getting closer and between moans she told him to keep going – so he did. Mike really wanted Lisa to cum again and while he initially wasn’t holding back, he considered doing so once he got close to cumming. He asked her if she thought she could cum again and when she said no and for him to just cum, he told her that he wished he could fill her whole cunt with his cum and pumped away until he came (and he is aware that he probably only squirted a couple of drops in to her at best).

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