Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Uni Visit – Jan 2014 – Part 6

He slowed his movements, rolled Lisa over and told her that it wasn’t fair for him to cum without her cumming (and he is almost always very considerate in this matter) so he pulled out of Lisa and went down on her. She realised that there wasn’t much point in arguing and it didn’t actually take him too long to make her cum and after just briefly kitty kissing her he crawled back up, pushed his cock back in to her cunt and they kissed for a while longer. They were both panting and could probably have done with showering again, but didn’t have time. Lisa told him that she hadn’t expected to be able to cum again and Mike just told her that she was amazing. They kissed a while longer and then realised that they really had to get ready. This didn’t stop Mike from stealing another few licks of Lisa’s pussy before she got up, but he let her finish getting ready with relatively few interruptions and got her to wear tights without panties so her pussy was relatively easy to reach (even if not directly).

On the way to Richard’s place (so Mike could change), Mike discussed Lisa’s sexual preferences with her. He obviously knew she was bi (which was how she had found us in the first place) but he wanted to find out if she really preferred one gender or the other. Lisa told him that in her case, it really just depends on the person. For a while she was attracted to girls more than boys, but she told him that she now really likes Amber and also really likes him. Mike was very happy to have his crush reciprocated and they walked arm in arm, stopping to kiss from time to time.

My morning was a bit more energetic than my evening (at least more than the part after we went out). I started off with Jen and kissed her awake, then 69ed until we both came. Jen decided to have another nap and I had a quick bathroom break before wandering in to the other room where Abrahii, James and Richard were still sleeping (although only lightly as I woke them before I even climbed onto the bed). I offered my services to them and said I would be happy to give them my usual morning greeting so the three of them lay back and allowed me to move between them, sucking James and Richard and eating Abrahii. This progressed to me riding James and Richard and 69ing with Abrahii until the guys thought it would be a better idea to fuck us both. Abrahii and I started off sideways 69ing with Richard in me and James in Abrahii and while we could sort of eat each other, the cocks kept getting in the way (but felt nice). James pointed out that they could always just fuck our asses and make it easier for Abrahii and I to eat each other and we decided to let them go for it. I don’t usually do so much anal in one weekend, but I was still making up for lost-cock-time so didn’t mind too much. It was certainly easier to get to each other’s clits with the guys in our asses and having warned them not to cum too quickly, we were easily able to cum first and then leisurely explore each other’s pussies with our tongues (not that Abrahii and I aren’t intimately familiar with each other’s cunts – but it was still nice to have time to enjoy it) while the guys carried on using our asses. James came in Abrahii first, but had to stay inside her until Richard came in me.

I let Jen sleep, but after we had eaten breakfast, I took some up to her and sat with her chatting while she ate it. Richard showered with Abrahii and I went in with James – ensuring he spent as much of the shower with his cock hard as possible. Jen sat on the toilet and peed while we were in the shower, with the door open so Abrahii could also see what she was doing and even went as far as gently playing with her clit and telling Abrahii how she wished they could eat each other. When I got out of the shower, I dried myself off and then sat over Jen on the toilet, peed on to her crotch and then stood up and told the others to watch as Jen pushed her face between my legs and licked me clean so I wouldn’t have to wipe (we’ve gone way past hiding any of our fetishes now – and they’ve seen almost everything already anyway).

We had already left for lunch by the time Mike turned up with Lisa and they took the opportunity of having an empty house to semi-fuck on the stairs. Mike pulled Lisa’s clothes off in the downstairs hallway and he chased her upstairs, either eating her or fucking her on each step. Lisa went back down to fetch her clothes and got re-dressed while Mike put fresh clothes on and they hurried along to catch up with the rest of us. They walked in arm-in-arm and it was quite obvious to me that she meant more to him than just a young girl who was willing to let him fuck her (I obviously don’t know Lisa as well as I know Mike so I can’t read her as well, but it looked like she was quite enamoured with him – and this was before he told me about his ‘I love you’ comment).

Over lunch we caught up on what people had done following the club – Susan had ended up with Sean, Brandon had gone with Craig and Samantha had ended up with Doug (who presumably now admits that he is bi and not gay). People didn’t go in to the detail that I do here, so we don’t know everything that happened, but we know that everyone got lucky at least once. After lunch, Susan and Abrahii went off to look at a few places to rent but the rest of us headed back to Lisa’s room and we sat around chatting.

Mike had already arranged with Lisa to have a play with Jen and while she couldn’t eat her, we felt that there wasn’t any real risk in people playing with Jen’s breasts and fingering her. Amber wanted in on this as well, so Jen ended up lying naked across the bed with Amber and Lisa on either side of her, kissing her breasts, sucking on her nipples and toying with her pussy. Jen certainly seemed to enjoy this and her pussy was producing quite a lot of juices. Mike retrieved Lisa’s vibe from her bedside drawer (which embarrassed her quite a bit, but when a number of the other girls said that we all had vibes and it wasn’t anything she should be ashamed of – especially as she has seen us use them a number of times, she stopped being quite as red). Mike handed me the vibe to suck clean of Lisa’s juices and I handed it back to Lisa to use in Jen. Lisa fucked Jen with the vibe for a while and when Jen started mewing I suggested that Jen could let us all watch her fingering herself to orgasm (I like doing anything I can to encourage her exhibitionist tendencies). Jen moaned that I was being mean but I said that Lisa and Amber could keep playing with her breasts to help her out. Jen quickly dropped a hand to her pussy and started to rub herself and it was evident that she was quite a bit wetter than she had been for most of the previous week. Her mewing quickly grew in volume and I gently stroked my own pussy while waiting for her to cum. When it happened I was quite surprised to see Jen semi-squirt – it wasn’t a real squirt (or maybe was just a weak one), but as she came we saw a mass of creamy liquid ooze out of her pussy and run down over her ass. Jen quickly rubbed most of the juices over her pussy and I told her not to waste them and use them as lube for her ass (seeing as I’d had my ass fucked a number of times that weekend, I thought Jen should too). Jen pushed her other hand under her leg and slid a couple of fingers in to her ass, finishing off her session and easing herself back down from her orgasm.

It was a pity to waste her juices so I crawled over and got there before Mike did so I won the opportunity to lap around her pussy and clean her up. When she sat up, Jen apologised to Lisa for leaving a damp patch on her bed but Lisa didn’t mind (and given Mike had left a number of damp patches she was probably going to change the sheets anyway). Mike asked Lisa if she wanted to taste Jen. He pushed Lisa’s vibe back in to Jen’s pussy and then handed it to Lisa to suck clean – which she did. Jen promised Lisa that she would repay her and offered to finger her for the time being, but Lisa said she was still worn out from that morning. Amber was more than happy to let Jen play with her though and Jen did so, using a combination of her fingers and the vibe.

The others hadn’t been just sitting watching and Sam had been stroking Sean and Richard and James had ‘convinced’ Doug to let them play with him. He was already well on the way to cumming by the time Jen finished and I wanted to help them out, but thought it would be rude to interrupt so just watched. Doug warned them that he was getting close to cumming and the guys told him to go ahead and carried on stroking his cock. I moved a little closer to get a good view and watched as his cum squirted out of his cock and ran down over Richard’s hand – the first squirt went up a couple of inches and the subsequent squirts just oozed out, but he still came enough to leave his cock shining with his cum and once Richard moved his hand away I asked Doug if I could at least feel him inside me. I had to promise to be gentle with him, but he relented and let me slide down on to his cock and gently move up and down. I challenged him to let me cum like that and he said he couldn’t fuck me, but I had something else in mind and asked if anyone would be willing to lick my clit to help out (and wished that Susan or Abrahii had been there as one of them would have almost certainly done it). Fortunately, Richard stepped up and I enjoyed feeling his tongue flit back and forth over my clit. I asked Mike if he would have a turn and was pleased when he took Richard’s place and gave me a thorough licking. Sam was next to have a turn and I offered my services to her if she made me cum – evidently she had seen enough to get her horny as she lapped at my clit until I came. It was difficult to stay still enough that I didn’t over-stimulate Doug, but he seemed to get less sensitive near the end as I was definitely squirming around on his cock as I came.

As repayment, I did the same to Sam while she sat on Richard’s cock (except he also fucked her). Lisa, Mike and Brandon also had a few licks, but I was the one who actually made her cum and then when she dismounted, I took Richard’s cock in my mouth and sucked him clean. I was going to suck him off, but Jen suggested we try to satisfy the guys who hadn’t cum yet with a chain-fuck. For fairly obvious reasons, Mike didn’t want to participate (mostly due to not being gay and having tried doing things with a guy he didn’t enjoy it that much – although he did cum), but Richard, James, Brandon and Craig were up for trying it so everyone moved off of the bed and they all removed their trousers. It seemed a waste having four erect cocks in front of me that I wasn’t going to get to do anything with so I came up with the idea of helping to provide lubrication and sat on each of them in turn. Unfortunately I wasn’t as wet as Jen had been so decided to use saliva instead (this isn’t really the best lube, but is better than nothing). Lisa helped me out with this and after we had sucked the guys for a couple of minutes we got them to choose the outcome of two coin tosses to determine their order in the chain (permutation theory is good for some things – although this probably isn’t the use the person had in mind!).

We ended up with Richard against the bed, with Brandon in his ass, James in his and Craig in James. While it was amusing to watch, it wasn’t the most effective of positions as Brandon and James could hardly move, but with a bit of effort they found a way to all sort of fuck simultaneously by Craig pushing forwards, then this travelling to the front of the chain and Craig pulling back and each person in front of him pulling back in turn. Once again, this was amusing to watch, but wasn’t really effective so they decided to just do what they could individually (while still all stuck together) and as each of them came they pulled out until just Richard was left. Often when James fucks Richard, he reaches around and strokes Richard’s cock so they can both cum, but Brandon isn’t as experienced at doing things with Richard. Seeing as I was the only one there who can be relied on for fucking, I offered Richard my ass to finish off in and he eagerly accepted and I took his place against the bed and he fucked me for a couple of minutes before cumming. Uncharacteristically, Richard didn’t try to make me cum as well (possibly he assumed that as I’d just cum I wouldn’t want to cum again, but he should have known better). I didn’t mind too much and just sat up on the bed and fingered my ass while adding my own juices to Lisa’s vibe and came – as I was the last to cum (discounting Lisa and Mike who were still abstaining), I was the centre of attention (which I love) and while it probably didn’t make much of a difference to my actual orgasm, I still enjoy cumming like this a lot more.

It was getting close to the time we had to leave so we said our goodbyes and Mike had a long hug and brief fondle of both Amber and Lisa. As his fingers probed Lisa’s pussy, he whispered to her that she could always get Amber to take care of her again that night and if she did, how he would want to hear about it. We headed back with Richard and James and gathered up our things. I thanked the guys profusely for the sessions with them and told them to make sure they were ready for more the next time we visited and I gave them an additional warning that I had something extra in mind (but refused to tell them what it was). I couldn’t help myself from letting the person opposite see up my skirt for a fair part of the journey home (hey, he didn’t *have* to look) and by the time we got to the house I felt very horny and demanded that I be made to cum (we are allowed to make demands like that in our house – as is anyone who visits). Given it had been a weekend of DP, Jen decided that she would use the strap on and fucked my ass with the ejaculating dildo while Mike took my cunt. I enjoyed feeling very filled as they pumped in to me and when I came Jen squirted a double load of fake cum in to my ass which leaked out while Mike fucked my cunt (unfortunately he didn’t have enough cum left to give me a double load, but a little leaked out after I stood up).

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