Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Another January London Visit

I apologise for this entry – I wasn’t feeling too well when writing it up and couldn’t really get in to it. It’s probably only worthwhile reading for completionists who want to understand how things develop (although there is one interesting session from the Saturday night that was a first for me that I put a bit more effort in to describing)…

At the end of January we headed back down to Jen’s old Uni – we hadn’t been planning on visiting again quite so soon, but hadn’t done anything the previous weekend as Jen had been tired and she wanted to get out of the house and have some fun (which is pretty much always guaranteed with her Uni friends). When we found out that Mel, Julia and Ashraf were also going to be visiting we knew that there was no chance of having a dull weekend so set off with high hopes.

We got there quite early on the Friday afternoon (the good thing about academia is that my hours are fairly flexible and Mike took a half day) so we arrived before dinner. This worked out incredibly well as Susan had been put up for another pizza dare and I wanted to join her. When she found out the full details of the dare, Jen actually also wanted to join in but decided against it for reasons that will become apparent… Mike, Jen and I were staying over at Abrahii and Susan’s new place (although I hoped that I might get to spend a night at Richard and James’ place as well) so we dumped our things up in Susan’s room and once the food was ordered, Susan and I were instructed to strip off and just wrap towels around our bodies. It wasn’t really necessary as we weren’t likely to back out, but some people thought that it would be a good idea to play with us while we waited ‘to get us in the mood’ and following about ten minutes of having to suck some of the guys off, sit on their cocks and having a couple of the girls finger us the doorbell rang and we quickly wrapped our towels around our bodies again.

Susan, Abrahii and I went to the front door and invited the guy in to fetch his money. Abrahii had changed in to a fairly skimpy nightdress so she was actually more exposed than Susan or I was but we had been given instruction that were likely to distract the guy’s attention from Abrahii’s outfit (which took some doing as she is pretty damn sexy). While Abrahii fished around for the money, Susan and I each took a slice of pizza, blew on it a few times to cool it down and pushed the pizza up under our towels and rubbed ourselves with it. The guy asked what we were doing (he actually said ‘what the fuck are you doing’) and we told him that we had been dared to eat the pizza with our pussy juices on it. I withdrew my slice and took a bit and once Susan had done the same, we swapped slices and pushed them back under our towels. After rubbing ourselves with the pizza a bit more, we swapped slices once again and ate the pizza with each other’s juices on them. They guy couldn’t believe what he was witnessing and when Abrahii asked him if he wanted to see properly what we were doing he gave an enthusiastic yes. That was the signal for Susan and I to drop our towels and we started rubbing fresh slices of pizza against each other’s pussies and then decided that as we would need to shower anyway, over each other’s breasts as well. We very quickly got very messy and as I was enjoying showing myself off I got Susan to lie up on the table and buried my face between her now rather greasy and messy thighs and ate her.

I had my ass facing towards the guy and was hoping that he would ask to join in and fuck me (or at least play with me) – when he didn’t I asked Abrahii for some help and she quickly moved towards me and reached back to my pussy to caress and finger me. She knows (and indeed helped to shape) my exhibitionist tendencies so she spread my cheeks and pussy a couple of times to let the guy get a really good look, but she didn’t play with me intensively enough to get me off before I made Susan cum. As much as I enjoyed being watched, I now wanted a bit more and as the guy didn’t seem to want to actually participate, Abrahii paid him and showed him out. We then carried the pizza’s in to the living room and people tucked into the one that was for proper eating, leaving the one that Susan and I had started for playing with. Throughout dinner we let anyone who wanted to use the pizza to rub our cunts or smear it over our bodies and even got Brandon to participate properly by letting us use a slice on his cock (which he enjoyed a lot while it was still warm but said it didn’t feel as good when it cooled down). As Brandon had actually joined in (the other guys didn’t want to get too messy), we felt he deserved a reward so gave him a double blow job to start cleaning off his cock. I would have happily fucked him but wasn’t too sure about getting cheese and tomato inside my pussy so just toyed with myself while helping Susan to suck him. Two tongues are apparently quite a bit better than one and we got him to cum quite quickly (but he is also only 19) and we kept our mouths locked around his cock, continually licking and kissing him and letting his cum squirt or run out of our mouths and down our bodies. As I still hadn’t cum yet, Susan was given the job of finishing me off and I eagerly lay back and spread my legs to make this as easy as possible for her. She got to work straight away and concentrated on my clit, sucking it in to her mouth and then flicking it back and forth with her tongue. I hadn’t been expecting such a direct and sustained assault, but I wanted to cum quickly so didn’t mind too much (it was a little bit too intense, but not compared to some of the things I’ve been made to endure over the years so I could handle it). I put on a slightly exaggerated show for people and played with my breasts as my orgasm built and then mauled them quite firmly as I came.

We obviously needed a shower before we could go out anywhere so Susan and I took Brandon upstairs and all showered together. We made sure to thoroughly wash his cock and kept this up until his cock started to stiffen again at which point we switched to playing with him and each other. Susan turned around and rubbed her ass against him and Brandon slid into her cunt while I stood behind him and pressed my breasts against his back while reaching around him to hold on to Susan’s hips. I told Brandon that he had to fuck Susan and then fuck me (which he didn’t think he would manage) so as a compromise we settled on him fucking Susan and then the two of them making me cum. We didn’t try to draw things out as we knew everyone was waiting for us to freshen up and get ready so I helped things along by fondling Brandon’s balls and playing with Susan’s clit (doing my best to make sure that she came first of course). Susan then grabbed the toothpaste pump from the shelf in the bathroom and knelt in front of me to fuck me with it while lapping at my clit and Brandon happily played with my breasts. I considered squirting (peeing) over Susan as I came but decided not to be too mean to her so held back and just let them make me cum before we all went to dry off and get dressed.

Julia & Mel and then Ashraf met up with us later on in the evening and we didn’t stay out too late. Mel and Julia were staying at a hotel while Ashraf was staying with Richard and James on the Friday night. I stayed with Jen that night, but this wasn’t really much of a sacrifice as I also had Susan and Abrahii to play with and as Susan was as obedient as ever, she was allowed to use a vibe on Jen while I ate her and Jen played with Abrahii (which meant that we weren’t really sticking tour ‘no sex with others while pregnant’ rule, but as no bodily fluids were exchanged, we agreed that it was safe). Mike went to the hotel with Julia and Mel and fucked and ate them both (cumming in Julia, but then spooning in Mel while they went to sleep).

Most of Saturday was our standard fare (morning sessions and playing out around the town) but once we returned to Richard and James’ place tings got significantly more interesting. Since our previous visit where we had been experimenting with double penetration, all of the freshers had agreed to give it a try with various combinations of the guys ‘helping out’ (oh how I wish I’d been as far along in my sexual experimentation at their age – I was only just having my first orgasm!). I did have something extra that I wanted to try out though and fairly easily co-opted Ashraf, James, Sean and Richard to help out. For this, we headed up to Richard’s room as I thought having a comfortable bed to work on would make things significantly easier. I explained what I wanted to do and Susan and Julia helped to get the guys ready (they didn’t really need much help but Mel liked the idea of getting the two of them to suck the guys off at least a little bit). Mike and Lisa meanwhile took turns going down on me and fingering me to ensure I was nice and wet (which again wasn’t really necessary as I’d been horny for a fair bit of the evening while thinking about what I wanted to do).

Richard then lay down on the bed and Susan and Julia both had a brief ride of him. I mounted him and my cunt easily slid down and engulfed his cock while Abrahii bent over and let Ashraf use her cunt to lubricate his cock. He then knelt over Richard’s legs and with a bit of stretching of my pussy (which was a bit uncomfortable but I put up with as I wanted to see if my goal was achievable) and some of Richard’s and James’ good lube, he worked his cock in to my cunt alongside Richard’s. They both loved the way that having their cocks rubbing directly against each other’s felt and the added warmth, wetness and tightness of my cunt holding them together enhanced the feeling. I wasn’t done yet though and the next bit was the difficult bit. Sean climbed up over my back and Ashraf leant back to allow Sean to press his cock against my ass and gradually work his way in to me. He couldn’t get as deep in to me as he would have been able to if I’d just been letting him fuck my ass, but he was in far enough that both he and I could feel it (and Ashraf said he could also feel Sean moving in me). Getting the fourth cock was much easier as it just involved James crouching in front of me and pushing in to my mouth.

Ashraf could only move in me a little bit as Sean’s body stopped him from pushing all the way in to me, but I still loved the feeling of having my body invaded by four cocks at once. A few times we managed to get a decent rhythm going, but the easiest sustained way for everyone to enjoy themselves involved the guys staying (mostly) still while I rocked back and forth (which also allowed me to press down on Richard and get some friction on my clit). Now when I’d imagined this position I had of course pictured the five of us being able to easily move and fuck and the guys emptying load after load of cum into me – I obviously knew that I was only going to get one load per guy and while I really wanted us to all cum at once, I really wanted to make sure that I came before any of the guys did (so that they were all still inside me as I came). I made sure that they knew this and as I was quite willing to let them continue using my body after I’d cum, they had no problem with this so I carried on grinding against Richard and concentrating on the sensations caused by the cocks in my various holes. At this point I couldn’t say much as James’s cock was buried in my mouth but I tried to communicate that I was enjoying myself by moaning loudly around his cock. I kept humping back and forth and the guys all moved in me a bit (Richard and James could move more than the others) and as I felt my orgasm start to pulse out of my cunt I imagined them all cumming inside me. As soon as I came I told them to go for it and felt them speed up their thrusts and they gradually got deeper and better at moving together.

Unsurprisingly James came first and I felt his cum squirt in to my mouth. I sucked him a little longer after he finished cumming and when he pulled out and moved, I glued my mouth to Richard’s and kissed him while letting his boyfriend’s cum run into his mouth. Richard came next and said it felt really intense but I wanted him to stay inside me so I pushed myself as far down on his cock as I could, which allowed Ashraf to keep moving in my cunt without his cock rubbing against the head of Richard’s cock. Ashraf held back a bit and let Sean cum next so he could then enjoy fucking my cunt and Richard’s cock properly, but he didn’t last too long once he really got going. It felt wonderful when he pushed deep in to me as well and even when he came I got him to remain inside me and  pictured the two cocks squished against each other.

It was a pretty amazing session and ended with me having a fair bit of cum running out of my cunt and down my legs and my face and chin with dribbles of James’ cum on it (as well as cum in my ass, but that stayed put). Julia said I was being greedy by hogging all the guys so Mel said that it would be her turn to be fucked like that on their next visit (Mel didn’t bother asking the guys if they were okay with this – not that they were likely to turn the opportunity down, but Mel generally just decrees things like this).

Lisa and Amber had asked Mike if they could have another night with him (and he was so pleased about this that he nearly asked Jen if he could go with them instead of spending the night with her). He didn’t though and Mike slept with Jen that night (and had a brief session eating Abrahii – Susan had gone off with someone else) but it was Jen that he ate just before she want to sleep and then spooned in as she dozed off. He also ate her awake in the morning but left her to take care of Abrahii (with toys) so he could dash off and meet up with Lisa and Amber (and by ‘meet up with’, I mean go around to Lisa’s place where Amber had spent the night).

Mike knocked on the door and was greeted by a naked Amber who opened the door but hid behind it. Mike quickly entered the room, shed his coat and asked if the girls were still interested in letting him pleasure them. They didn’t seem to have quite as much energy as they had the previous night, but were quite happy to let him join them in bed so Mike quickly removed his clothes and crawled in between their naked bodies. Lis reached down and took a hold of his cock, commenting on how hard he felt and Mike said that was due to the thought of playing with the two of them. He asked if he could have a go at their pussies and crawled down under the covers to first have a few licks at Lisa’s cunt and then switched over to Amber (he said he would have preferred to concentrate on Lisa, but that he couldn’t really ignore Amber or he might not get invited back).

Mike surfaced before making either of them cum and asked if they wanted him to continue (which they figured out was just because he wanted to hear them say that they wanted their pussies eaten). He then went down on them again and fondled one while eating the other, switching back and forth every couple of minutes. He tried hard to (and succeeded in) making Amber cum first so he could then concentrate solely on Lisa, at which point he spent a couple of minutes just teasing her before moving in for the kill and eating her to orgasm. When he crawled back up between them, he gave Amber a deep kiss and asked her if she liked the way Lisa’s juices tasted and then reached down between Amber’s legs, briefly fingered her and fed some of her juices to Lisa. They lay chatting for a while and Mike rubbed his cock up against each of them and spooned with them both for a while, gradually increasing the speed and force of his movements in them until they were fucking properly. As they did this, he asked how many times they had slept together since he’d last seen them (which he already knew) and commented on how they seemed to get on really well. By the time they were fucking properly he whispered in Lisa’s ear about how she should just make Amber hers – and added that given the way the group worked, it wouldn’t be as if they wouldn’t be able to do things with other people if they wanted.

They moved on to a proper threesome with one of the girls sitting over Mike’s face and the other riding him and then once he had eaten and fucked them both they switched around to having one of the girls on the bottom with Mike fucking her and them both eating the other girl. Lisa especially seemed to like being eaten by them both and was more enthusiastic about Mike spearing her ass but Mike knew that he definitely wanted to empty his first load in to Lisa so he made sure to hold back until he was inside her and helping to eat Amber before he came. He stayed buried inside of Lisa and the two of them finished off Amber with their tongues. When Mike pulled out of Lisa, he reached down between her legs and scooped up his cum as it dribbled out of her and rubbed some of it over Lisa’s nipples before offering Lisa his fingers to suck clean. She swirled her tongue around them and Mike commented on how sexy it was to see a girl so eager to eat his cum and Lisa replied by saying that as he was so keen on eating her that it only seemed fair. Amber said that she didn’t mind tasting his cum either so after a short while to let the girls recover, they had another threesome, this time with Amber in the middle with Lisa sitting over her face and Mike going down on Amber.

They stayed in this position playing with each other for quite a while and between licks, Mike teased Lisa about how sexy she would look if she dressed up in a cute outfit and got Amber to agree that she wanted to see Lisa dressed like that. As the girls got closer to cumming, Mike got them to imagine if they had been friends back at school and had been able to play together like this every afternoon (and occasionally at school). Lisa admitted that she had actually cum at school a couple of times – once with a boy and once with a girl, but she wouldn’t give the full details so Mike described his imagined version of how it happened and got Amber to play the part of the other girl. From his viewpoint between Amber’s legs, Mike had a fairly good view up across Amber’s body to watch what she was doing to Lisa’s pussy and he really enjoyed this so was more than happy to make sure that he did a good job on Amber. Not quite a good enough job to make her cum though as he wanted to ensure he had a chance to fuck her so he kept her quite close to cumming for a while and only when Lisa had cum did Mike moved up from between Amber’s legs, slide in to her and fuck her. As she was quite keen to cum by this point, she let Mike roll them both over so she was on top and then he pumped away in to her as hard and fast as he could. Lisa just lay beside them and watched as Mike fucked Amber as hard as fast as he could. He held back until Amber told him she was getting close and then allowed himself to enjoy the feeling fully so by the time she actually came, he wasn’t too far behind (but still far enough that he fucked her right through her orgasm and had her moaning before he actually came in her).

For completeness, Mike asked Lisa if she would eat Amber clean – he was a bit torn over this as he loved the idea of having as much of his cum as possible remain in them, but had also really enjoyed watching Amber eat it out of Lisa so wanted to see this again. Lisa happily obliged (although not for as long as Amber had eaten Lisa) and they then headed off to the bathroom and showered together. Mike had a good fondle of them both and managed to get hard again (although not hard enough to properly do anything with them) and while he would have liked to visit the shared kitchen and play with them, it was sufficiently late by this point that they just got dressed and headed out to meet up for the customary Sunday brunch. It was obvious from the look on his face how much he had enjoyed himself.

I had spent the night with Doug and Ashraf (Ash enjoys fucking the freshers just as much as Mike does – he’s just a little less fussy and will fuck the guys just as eagerly as he will the girls). I got looked after quite well by the pair of them and between the evening and morning sessions I was fucked by them both while the other one took the ass of the one fucking me and I got to suck them both off (at one point with both cocks in my mouth at the same time). On the way to the shower in the morning, I only had a small towel and let some of Doug’s neighbours see my crotch and ass and then noisily masturbated as I showered. It wasn’t that I needed to cum at this point, I just liked the idea of people knowing that I was playing with myself and then cumming. Even after the shower I was still feeling frisky but Ashraf went down on me while Doug showered and I then convinced Doug to lend me one of his sweaters to wear out to brunch (obviously without anything on underneath it).

This meant that I could easily challenge Julia and Susan in the ‘who can keep their pussy exposed the most’ contest, throughout brunch and as both Mel and Jen were there, things were made a bit more interesting by us not just having to show our cunts, but insert vibes and keep them sufficiently far inside us that they didn’t slip out and buzz against the hard seats (which is why padded seats are so much better for games like that as you can always just close your legs when someone comes and it doesn’t matter if the vibe touches the seat). Lisa joined in this game quite eagerly (although we didn’t have an additional vibe for her so she just displayed herself).

We had time for a brief play after lunch but had to utilise some changing rooms to do this as we didn’t have long enough to get back to anyone’s house and then out to the airport for our flight. Jen didn’t want to actually cum, but she took the opportunity to have a play with Samantha and managed to get her off. As I needed to return Doug’s sweater, I went a step further and we found a suitable alleyway where I could strip off and change in to my own clothes. This was rather risky as the town was fairly busy, but the risk is the whole reason that it is fun so I made use of the fact that I was naked and got Richard to have a play with me. This started off with me just kneeling and sucking him but I knew all along that I wanted him to actually cum in me so after a while I stood with my hands against the wall and offered my cunt to him. Richard pushed in to me and reached around to play with my clit as we fucked. When he reached up to my breasts he commented on how hard my nipples felt which I told him was all down to how good he was, but he knows me well enough to know that the fact we were in a public place probably had a lot to do with it (as did the fact that it was quite cold). I was happy that Richard produced enough cum that I could feel it leaking out of me as I got dressed and when we emerged and reported our successful copulation, Mel promised us that Susan and Julia would be fucked before they returned home.


  1. Oh how I'd love to DP with you!

    1. I've come to enjoy DP a lot more over the past year or so (but triple or quad is even better if it means I get three of four guys to cum in or over me). I really wish that STDs didn't exist so I could enjoy fucking every guy bareback without any risk of infection