Saturday, 22 November 2014

First Time Dogging

On the last Tuesday in February I got to try out something that I had been looking forward to since hearing about Julia doing it – dogging. We had been investigating it for a while and had discovered that it usually happened on weekends, but seeing as we often have visitors or are away, we really wanted to find a spot that was used during the week and eventually came up with a spot in a car park by an old (mostly ruined) castle. We weren’t entirely sure what to expect as our reading had shown that different ‘groups’ seem to operate in very different ways – some places just have couples putting on shows while others like ‘interaction’. I would have been happy enough just letting people watch me be fucked and cumming for them, but I was obviously hopeful that I could get some other guys to join in as well. I adored the idea of having a load of strangers cum in and over me, but obviously wasn’t going to let that actually happen so we took a good supply of protection with us.

Jen decided to come along, both to witness my display and to possibly put on one of her own (although she clearly wasn’t about to let a bunch of guys fuck her). We took the masks that we had purchased for the sex shows with us and rested in the evening before setting off just before 11.We arrived at the designated spot and saw a couple of parked cars were already there with one couple fucking on the bonnet of one of them. A number of other people were standing around watching, some guys with their cocks out wanking themselves and I hoped that they weren’t going to cum too quickly and leave.

As we watched, Mike stood behind me and reached around to fondle my breasts, at first he did this through my top, but he soon pulled it up and pulled my bra down to expose my nipples to his fingers (and everyone’s view). I told him that I wanted them to see my cunt as well so he dropped a hand to my crotch as I pulled my skirt up. I had black hold-ups on for the zettai ryouiki look (which with my skirt pulled up was somewhat more pronounced) and Mike pushed his fingers on my clit and started to frig me. The couple fucking didn’t last too long (but we don’t know when they started) and I wanted to have a go just in case people started to leave. As there was already a car’s headlights pointing at the bonnet they had been fucking on we asked if we could use it and were told to go ahead. I threw a blanket on to the bonnet, climbed up and lay on my back, spread my legs and told Mike to make me cum. He started off by going down on me (as usual) and I played with my breasts as he did this. I slowly looked around and took in my audiences stares, noting that some of them had masks on while others had their faces exposed. Working on the same principal as at the sex shows (if someone I knew was there and saw me naked they couldn’t really say much as they would have been there too) I decided to pull my mask off and called Jen over to take it away. Mike decided that his mask was getting in the way of eating me as well so He also handed his to Jen, gave me a few more licks and then pulled me towards the edge of the bonnet and pushed his cock in to me.

I played with my breasts and clit as Mike fucked me, making myself cum as quickly as possible and then just enjoying the feeling of his cock pumping away inside me. I once again concentrated on having a group of strangers seeing me naked, fucked and cum and as hoped, this was enough to quickly rekindle my desire. Mike knew that I wanted to cum twice so he wasn’t surprised when I started playing with my clit again and telling him (and everyone else) that I wanted to cum again. Mike pulled out of me and said that as long as they used protection, anyone was welcome to fuck me. One of the guys standing a little distance away said he would do it and as he applied the condom I told him to fuck me as hard as he could and to enjoy my cunt. He didn’t seem to need the encouragement though and took hold of my legs and pushed his cock in to me. I kept telling him how good it felt and how I loved the feeling of his cock thrusting inside me but was also determined that I was going to get my second orgasm so I frigged my clit and didn’t try to hold back at all. I manage to cum before he did and then just concentrated on encouraging him to cum – he thrust in to me harder as he got close and then pushed deep in to me and remained still as he moaned. I tried to contract myself around him a couple of times but I don’t know if he felt it and as he pulled out I thanked him for the fuck and I then climbed down from the bonnet and wrapped the blanket around me to keep warm.

We stood and watched another couple go at it and she had the guy cum over her body. Once they finished, we asked if anyone wanted to see me eat Jen (which they did) and we explained that Jen was gay (ignoring the fact that she was also pregnant), but that once she had cum for everyone I would happily offer myself to as many people as wanted to fuck me. We hadn’t really thought the blanket situation through as I had to give it to Jen for her to lie on the car bonnet so I was once again naked (being naked wasn’t the issue, it was the cold). I decided that I preferred having people see me naked to being warm so just put up with it and got stuck in to Jen’s pussy. From what we saw, we (well, Jen and I) were some the youngest people there and the men certainly seemed to appreciate the sight of a younger lesbian couple. I ate and fingered Jen for them (and her), but Jen wanted to finish things off herself in her own special way so as she got close to cumming, she climbed down and walked over to stand with her back to a tree. Someone asked if she was going to cum for them and I assured them that she would. Jen slipped her skirt off so she was standing with just her socks on and top pulled up and she rapidly frigged herself. Instead of her usual mewing, she affected a moan and just before she came she spread her legs further and crouched down ever so slightly to spread her pussy. As her orgasm hit, Jen pushed as hard as she could and sent a powerful jet of pee out of her cunt, splashing it back and forth with her fingers and continuing to frig herself. She switched to rapidly fucking her cunt with her fingers and then went back to frigging herself as her orgasm wound down. Jen socked her fingers clean and then wiped her pussy and thighs, smeared the liquid over her breasts, sucked her fingers once more and then stepped back in to her skirt and pulled it up.

I wanted to go and talk to her to find out if she had enjoyed herself as much as it had appeared, but I also wanted to capitalise on Jen’s display and asked if I could use the car that was illuminated by the other car’s headlights. I was told to go ahead so I grabbed the blanket and prepared for a position I’d wanted to try out since we saw it in a video (we had actually tried it at home to check it worked, but that was just with Mike whereas I wanted to try it with a group of guys). I climbed in to the front of the car, wound down the window, placed the blanket over the bottom of the window frame and stuck my ass out. I had to scramble backwards a little to get in just the right position, but I was soon far enough out that people could easily hold on to my body and get inside of me. In the video we’d seen the girl had let the guys fuck her bareback and each one of them had cum in her, but I wasn’t brave (or stupid) enough to do that so they were told the same as before – that as long as they wore a condom, anyone could fuck me.

I couldn’t see behind me too well as I was concentrating on not falling backwards out of the window but I glanced around a few times and saw a number of guys with their cocks out, stroking themselves. I reached back and fingered myself, noticing that my cunt felt very wet (which was hardly surprising given I’d been looking forward to this for months). One guy soon stepped up, pushed his cock in to my cunt and quickly started fucking me. It felt amazing – not due to his size or technique, just because I was being fucked by a stranger in front of a group of strangers. I initially thought that he might pull me out the window but after a little while I realised that he was actually holding me up so I could move around a little more and not have to concentrate on keeping my balance. This allowed me to reach down and play with my clit and even occasionally tweak my nipples (as my breasts were swinging around I thought I should pay them some attention). I told the guy how good his cock felt and how I wanted to make him cum, to fuck my cunt as hard as he wanted and to use me as he saw fit. Even though he didn’t make me cum I loved having him inside me and as his movements got faster I encouraged him to give me as much cum as he could.

He came and after just a couple more thrusts he pulled out. I looked around and saw other guys wanking themselves so told them to stop wasting perfectly good cocks and fuck me. Another guy quickly pulled on a condom and moved up behind me. He asked if he could fuck my ass and I considered letting him have a go, but told him ‘maybe next time’ and to just take my cunt. One of the women told me not to hog all of the guys and Mike told her that he would happily fuck her (she wasn’t really his type so he did this mostly for me, but as I help get him a steady stream of younger girls he probably owes me that much!). The woman lay on the bonnet of the car and Mike gave her a long hard fuck while I let the guy who was in me finish using me and then had another one start. The woman wanted Mike to cum in or over her so after he had made her cum he pulled out, removed his condom and stroked himself until he came over her cunt. The woman wanted another guy’s cum in her as well and didn’t have to ask twice to get someone to take Mike’s place. Even though I was enjoying behind fucked by strangers I was still somewhat jealous of the woman for being brave (or stupid) enough to fuck without protection and enjoy having the guys cum in her. I wasn’t going to let this detract from my enjoyment though and told the guys standing around me to keep going. I played with myself and came while the third guy was fucking me and then let a fourth have a go in me. If I’d been in a more comfortable position I would have loved to keep going but my legs were going numb and my ass and back were getting rather cold so once guy number four came I climbed in to the car and wrapped the blanket around me to warm up.

That was the idea anyway but Mike had suggested something to Jen while the second guy had been fucking the older woman on the bonnet and Jen had agreed. It was fair to say that she was a reasonably large woman and had either been fucking around like this for a long time, or (more probably) had given birth a few times as her pussy was reasonably loose. Mike asked the woman if she wanted Jen to fist her and the woman was up for this (she actually wanted Jen to eat her, but there was too much cum on and around her cunt to even use a dental dam). Jen spat on the woman’s cunt a couple of times – not that she really needed to do this as the woman was rather wet with the two loads of cum – and then rubbed her hand over her own pussy to coat it with her own juices. I wasn’t going to miss watching my wife fist someone so I climbed out of the car and joined the others to watch as Jen pushed her hand into the woman’s cunt. It went in much easier than when Jen fists me or any of our group (but as I said, the woman was somewhat older). She certainly seemed to enjoy Jen’s fist inside her, Jen enjoyed doing it and the various other people watching (me included) also appreciated the view. Jen got her fist in a good way (just past the wrist) and then pumped in and out of the woman. Jen wasn’t ‘porn-movie forceful’, but she certainly seemed a lot more energetic than when she fists me. The woman moaned and panted (possibly putting it on a bit for effect) and came with Jen both fisting and frigging her. When Jen pulled her fist out, the woman reached down and spread her pussy, letting us all see how much she had been stretched. Even with the headlights pointing at her, her pussy wasn’t that well illuminated though so we couldn’t see all the way up inside her.

The unexpected fisting had made Jen rather horny again but she now couldn’t touch herself as she had a mix of the woman’s juices and various guys’ cum over her hand. I was still clean however so was happy to take care of her. I ushered her over tour car and gave her the blanket to sit on. I was still cold so I pulled on my coat before spreading Jen’s legs and going down on her. Jen massaged her breasts and rather enjoyed the feeling of multiple people’s cum on her skin so pulled on her nipples fairly hard. I was concentrating on eating Jen so didn’t notice when another guy came up behind me. I did notice however when he pushed the head of his cock against my cunt and when I looked round to check that he had a condom on I saw Mike and realised that he had told the guy that he could use me. I returned to eating Jen and pushed back against his cock as he entered me. I pictured the cunt of the woman that Jen had fucked, splattered with cum and on display for everyone to see. I once again imagined that the guy inside me was going to fill me with his cum and how it would then dribble out of my cunt once he had finished. As he fucked me, he reached round and undid my coat so he could fondle my swinging breasts but fortunately he also played with my clit. I took a few mini breaks from eating Jen to tell him to fuck me harder or frig me faster, but not to cum until I came. Another car pulled up while I was in the threesome and I gathered that they were regulars but was too distracted to think too much about them. Jen said she was going to cum not too long after the new arrivals turned up and as she came I felt her let out a few little squirts of pee in to my mouth (she didn’t have much left after her earlier display). I didn’t move away and carried on eating her, letting the mixture of her pee, my saliva and her juices run down over her ass and soak the back of her skirt – continuing until she pulled away and said she couldn’t take any more.

Jen clambered down from the car and I took her place, lying on my back so I could look around better as the guy fucked me. I took charge of playing with my clit but he carried on playing with my breasts. Jen stayed beside me and told the guy to enjoy my cunt for as long as he wanted to, but I knew that I wasn’t too far from cumming and once I started to cum, he didn’t take too much longer to finish off in me. When he pulled out I got him to move around beside me so I could take his cock in my hand and give it a gentle suck. There didn’t seem to be too much cum in the condom but I think I had seen him fuck someone else earlier so that wasn’t too surprising. I nearly pulled the condom off and stroked his bare cock but I refrained from doing this just in case I wanted to use my hands on myself (or Jen).

I fastened my coat and wrapped myself up in the blanket again before wandering over to see the new couple that had turned up. The girl was sitting in the car with her breasts out and sucking off a number of guys one after another. She already had a few splatters of cum on her face and chest and I watched as the guy she had in her mouth said he was about to cum. She let him cum in her mouth, but then let the cum dribble out of her mouth and on to her body. I once again wished that I could do that but was quickly brought back to what was happening when another guy moved towards her and came over her face (he had presumably been taking care of himself while watching). Mike then had a turn with her and I watched as she sucked him while stroking his cock. Just before he came, he pulled out of her mouth, tore his condom off and stroked himself until he let out a few drops of cum that fell on to her chest. He later said that he wished he had saved his cum so he could have covered her properly instead of cumming over (and partially in) the older woman, but he still enjoyed the enthusiastic blowjob so he wasn’t too put out.

The cute blowjob girl didn’t let any guys fuck her but we stayed and watched another couple of women be fucked. One of them wanted to use protection so Jen couldn’t do anything with her, but she did get to finger the second woman (who didn’t want to be fisted, but her husband/partner was very keen to watch Jen touch and caress her). Mike felt that it was unfair for Jen to not enjoy herself properly so he stood behind her and fondled her pussy while she played with the woman. He hadn’t expected her to want to cum again, but Jen seemed to be enjoying herself as much as I was and Mike helped this along by telling her that she should empty her bladder and let her pee soak his hand and run down her legs as she came. Jen pushed as hard as she could when she actually did cum, but didn’t have anything left in her so she just imagined a torrent of liquid cascading out of her pussy and down her legs which helped her enjoy her orgasm more (presumably in the same way it does for me when I imagine lots of cum running out of my cunt).

A few people started to drift off around this point and we decided that it would probably be wise for us to leave as well. On arriving home we all showered (and Jen washed her arm and chest thoroughly) before climbing in to bed. The evening had pretty much been what we had hoped (aided by watching various videos beforehand to know what to expect) and is something that we would certainly recommend (at least for people who are sufficiently adventurous). Even if you are just looking to have a little bit of fun I think it would be worth going along and doing things with one other person – and you may even find that your partner loves watching you being fucked (as Mike does with me), which in turn led to him eating me for a fair amount of time before we went to sleep and then spooning with me (he wasn’t up for cumming again, but felt nice and hard inside me).


  1. That was very interesting, but the lack of protection use either suggests these people know each other and were tested before hand or they are very very stupid. It it is the second, then I would suggest extreme caution as it's not just pregnancy you are protecting yourself from.

  2. It maybe the case that they were all tested but we work on the assumption that they aren't. From the various videos we've seen online, unprotected sex may be common when dogging, but we're quite fastidious about only fucking people we know are clean (or using protection).