Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lis and Lucy February Visit – Part 2

I climbed off Lucy and turned around so we could kiss properly. Mike lay behind her and pressed his cock against her ass, still rubbing against her. She told him that she would prefer it if he didn’t cum over her (which he knows means ‘don’t cum over me’) and he asked if he could slide his cock between her legs (not inside her, just so he was rubbing against her pussy) if he promised not to cum. Lucy was a bit nervous about that position as she thought he might end up slipping inside her (accidentally) but told him that as long as he behaved himself, that he could rub against her pussy for a little bit. Mike gave her some space and Lucy rolled on to her back and spread her legs. Mike crouched between them and positioned his cock against her pussy (with the head well clear). I helped out by spreading Lucy’s lips so Mike was rubbing against her inner lips and clit. Mike was hoping that Lucy was going to let him make her cum (we all tend to find that making someone cum is pretty much the most arousing thing you can do), but unfortunately for him she didn’t want this and told him so. He was allowed to continue rubbing against her in the same way though and he was certainly stimulating Lucy. He carried on until he was just about to cum, pulled away quickly, took his cock in his hand and stroked himself while aiming at me (I was lying beside Lucy, almost perpendicular to her). His cum squirted out and mostly splattered over my chest and side, with the final few splurts landing short on the bed. I moved towards Mike slightly, took his cock in my mouth and gently sucked him, trying to see how much of Lucy I could taste from him.

I still had my fingers on Lucy’s pussy and once I released Mike’s cock from my mouth I made a move to eat her (I didn’t think it was fair to leave her feeling aroused), but stopped myself as I realised I now had bits of Mike’s cum in my mouth. I once again spread Lucy’s lips and used her juices to lubricate her clit as I frigged her. She asked me to lick her and I pointed out that my mouth was polluted but she said it was fine and she should be safe (Lis takes care of determining things like that for both Lucy and herself as she really enjoys measuring and charting things – just one of the advantages of marrying a scientist). I didn’t waste any time and crawled down the bed a bit to make it easier to eat Lucy. I buried my tongue between her lips and probed her pussy with it (knowing that Mike would like the idea of even a small amount of his cum getting in to Lucy). Mike had gotten her pretty aroused though so it didn’t take long until I felt her push my head harder against her cunt so I concentrated a bit more on her clit and quickly felt her body tense up under me, heard her make some sounds of pleasure and then felt her relax.

When we separated, Mike saw that the cum he had covered my chest with was now smeared over Lucy’s side and stomach. Lucy said it didn’t matter and smeared it in to her skin so Mike asked her why she didn’t want him to cum over her if she didn’t care about having his cum on her. This led to a frank discussion about her not being sure what she was comfortable with them doing together and how she didn’t want him to assume that just because they had done something before that she would want him to do it with her again (which was also the reason she didn’t want him to make her cum when humping against her pussy, although she admitted that it had felt really good). Mike has never made a secret of the fact that he wants to fuck Lucy and the fact that we can be so open with each other makes things much easier. Lucy also knows (because she isn’t dim) that we always try to work in this way – pushing things forwards slowly so people become comfortable with more and more situations (or in the case of Julia, Susan and me, often *being* pushed so we are going beyond where we are comfortable). Lucy obviously trusts Mike (or she wouldn’t let him be naked around her) and asked him to tell her that if she let him have sex wither, whether he would expect to get to fuck her each time he saw her. After disambiguating whether he would *want* to fuck her each time he saw her (actually multiple times each time he saw her) he told her that he wouldn’t expect it, but would obviously be hopeful.

Lucy seemed relatively happy with this answer, but wouldn’t let him fuck her to test out his assertion (he had to at least ask!). She did let him spoon with her (his cock against her ass) as we went to sleep though (with her spooning against me) and she commented on how his cock got hard again and she could feel it between her ass cheeks. We fell asleep while chatting about Lucy’s wedding plans and I was woken up the following morning by Mike stroking my pussy. He was being very gentle so I told him that I was awake and wanted him to keep going and after a while Lucy woke up and realised what was going on. She offered to go down on me (seeing as I usually wake her up in that manner) but I asked if she would just stroke my neck and gently tease me nipples (Lucy is well aware of my neck fetish – it’s actually the way that she first made me cum). I was very lucky as Mike and Jen spent ages stimulating me, helping me very slowly build up towards my orgasm. They took turns moving between different parts of my body – gently stroking my neck, nipples and pussy (but mostly avoiding my clit completely). Mike rubbed his cock against my cunt a few times and even slipped in to me for a part of the session, but once inside me he barely moved, even when Lucy took a turn stroking my pussy lips (and brushing her fingers against his cock a number of times). He pulled out as I got closer to cumming as I started trying to hump against him to speed things along. Admittedly it wasn’t taking quite as long as when I just have my neck stroked, but it was still an agonisingly slow build up. I kissed both Mike and Lucy passionately, panting in to their mouths and telling them how much I wanted to cum. They didn’t do anything to hurry my release on though and just carried on gently stroking me until my orgasm built and then pulsed out from my cunt throughout my whole body. I could feel my neck and nipples pulsing as well as I came (which is why I like enduring the frustration that this position involves) as I had what I assume is a whole body orgasm. I certainly have a far deeper orgasm this way than I do with any other method we’ve tried (and as you are aware, we have tried quite a few!).

This type of orgasm takes quite a bit out of me and I lay panting for a good few minutes as I recovered. Ever the gentleman, Mike offered to take care of Lucy while we waited but all he was allowed to do was give her a back massage. He got to rub his cock against her ass as he did this and was warned that he wasn’t allowed to provide any ‘special’ massage cream. Once I had recovered, I pushed a hand under Lucy’s body and played with her pussy for a while, at first I concentrated on her clit and then curled a couple of fingers up in to her cunt. Mike was quite keen on me making Lucy cum with him still rubbing against her but it wasn’t that comfortable a position (for me) so he had to dismount and Lucy rolled over. He was allowed to help out and play with her breasts again and as she got close to cumming, she even sucked on a couple of his fingers. Between us, we got a back-arching orgasm out of her and as an additional reward Mike was given a long deep kiss (as was I). I offered Mike the chance to use me to cum (which he declined as he wanted to fuck Lis) and we headed down to join Lis and Jen for breakfast.

Once breakfast was done, Mike asked Lis if he could enjoy her pussy one last time and then amended it to wanting to enjoy having his cock inside her (so he could also enjoy eating her later on in the day). Lis allowed this and he even managed to convince her to let him fuck her without a condom on (on the condition that he didn’t cum in her of course). Even though there was a slight chance that Lis could get pregnant (although not much as Mike is very good at holding back and Lis wasn’t in the most fertile part of her cycle), I didn’t feel at all jealous of them fucking (which for me is a good thing). They didn’t even make it upstairs and fucked on the sofa – which allowed us to use the camera to record Mike’s cock repeatedly being swallowed by Lis’ little pussy as she rode him. Jen and I each had a turn licking Mike and Lis and Lucy teased Lis quite a bit by stroking her clit and rubbing her fingers over Mike’s cock while telling Lis that she (Lucy) could probably make Mike cum in her (Lis) if she just tried. Mike promised Lis again that he wouldn’t cum in his little lesbian if she didn’t want him to and he kept pumping in to her while the rest of us took care of her clit. As soon as Lis came, they changed positions so Lis was on her back with Mike holding her legs apart and fucking her hard. He asked Lis to suck him off when he came and she opted to have him cum in her mouth so just before he came, he pulled out, Lis scrambled on to the floor, knelt in front of him and he offered her his cock. Lis took the head in her mouth, wrapped her hand around the shaft and bobbed her bead back and forth rapidly. Mike warned her that he was about to cum and almost immediately let out an ’aaahhhh’. He asked Lis to slow down and she did so, but carried on gently moving back and forth. I told Lis to let his cum dribble out of her mouth and down her chest but it was too late as she had already swallowed it. Lis gave Mike’s cock a few more slurps and then released him.

Mike promised that he would make sure she came again before she left and sat down on the sofa. I suggested that Lis should watch his cock closely as he lost his erection so she knelt between his legs and gently touched his cock from time to time as we chatted. This had the obvious effect of occasionally reversing the flow of blood and while Lis didn’t stimulate him enough to get him fully hard again, his cock certainly went down and back up a few times. Lis then asked if she could suck him again (as if Mike was going to say no) and she took him in her mouth and flicked his cock with her tongue (in a similar way to the method she uses when eating pussy). This time he did get hard again, but that had been Lis’ aim as she wanted to feel his cock grow in her mouth. We discussed how strange cocks were (Mike was somewhat outnumbered so didn’t really try to defend them) and how they could change size to such an extent. Lis switched to stroking Mike’s cock as we chatted and after a while she asked him if he thought he could cum again. Mike said it was a bit too soon after his earlier orgasm, but if Lis wanted to risk sitting on his cock and try riding him, he was willing to give it a go. Lis is far too sensible for that (because of the risk of some of the cum from his earlier orgasm still being in his cock), but took up the challenge and stroked him a bit more energetically. I helped out by telling Lis that if she licked the head of his cock and looked up at him with her cute look that he wouldn’t be able to resist cumming. Sure enough, once she started licking his glans with her flutters licks and put on her cute look, Mike came. It wasn’t exactly an immediate effect, but it only took a few minutes of this before he told her that he was getting close again and we all then witnessed a few small jets of cum squirt out of his cock and land on Lis’ face. She moved her tongue down a bit so she was licking just below his glans and Mike said that it felt really good (I imagine it was like kitty kissing as it was still stimulating him, but not so much that it was too intense to feel good). When Lis pulled away, she asked Mike if he wanted her to rub his cum in to her body (which he did) and he thanked her once again for giving him such a good orgasm.

He wanted to eat Lis straight away but she wanted a bit more time to recover so we just sat around and chatted for a while. We discussed some of the places that Mike, Jen and I had been looking to buy so we could have a proper home and decorate it as we wanted. We really wanted to get somewhere with an open fire so we could have a large sheepskin rug in front of it and we got Lis and Lucy to agree that if we managed this, that during one of their visits the following winter, that we could spend a whole night naked on the rug in front of the fire, teasing and fucking each other (with the slight complication that by that point we would also have the baby to look after). Lucy said that she really liked the sound of that and we debated trying to find somewhere to go on holiday together in the summer where we could have an open fire in the evenings (or even better, a fire on the beach to fuck in front of).

We chatted for the rest of the morning (and over lunch) before convincing Lis and Lucy to have a final session before they left. Jen took Lucy up to her room while Mike and I took Lis up to his room. Jen later said that she hadn’t really felt like cumming again, but had a session with Lucy anyway as she wasn’t going to see her for a few weeks (until their next monthly visit). Mike and I took turns eating Lis and she in turn ate us both. Mike really wanted to be inside her again but as he’d cum a couple of times it wasn’t really safe so he satisfied himself with fucking me while I 69ed with Lis (so she licked him while eating me). As Lis got close to cumming we switched round so Mike could fuck me while we both ate Lis – while she isn’t in to anal play anywhere near as much as Sara, she certainly didn’t object to having two tongues working on her holes and her language certainly changed as the final stages of her orgasm built and peaked. Mike started off mostly concentrating on her pussy (probing inside it while I licked her clit) but then repeatedly speared her ass as she came.

Once Lis had stopped swearing (which I really liked as it meant I knew she had enjoyed herself properly), we switched positions again and Mike went back to fucking me from behind while I crouched over Lis’ face (away from her pussy this time as it is easier that way). He fucked me while Lis ate me and I teased her by saying that as she was going to let Jen pee all over her that I should get to do the same as well. I actually quite enjoyed the image of me cumming in that position and soaking both Mike and Lis at the same time and I had a reasonably good orgasm. While Lis kitty kissed me, Mike did the same to her (as you know, he is obsessed with eating pussy) and just before we finished he asked Lis if he could rub his cock against her cunt a few times to coat it in her juices. He didn’t want to cum again just yet (seeing as he couldn’t cum in her – and didn’t think he could produce anything worthwhile for cumming over her), he just wanted to coat his cock in her juices so that when he fucked me (or Jen) later on, her juices would be mixed in to us. Lis threw caution to the wind and told him that as long as he was careful, he could slide in to her. He eagerly did this and as they fucked he asked if she would dress up for him for their next visit (to which she said yes). He then rolled over so Lis was on top of him and gave her a brief but hard fuck for about a minute before they decided that they’d probably done a bit more than was sensible. Mike held Lis down on his cock and told her that he wouldn’t mind if she ended up getting pregnant with his child and reminded her that she had told him he could ‘donate’ some sperm when she decided to actually get pregnant. Lis said that she was still fine with that arrangement, but she wasn’t ready quite yet and I pointed out that the next person Mike was going to get pregnant was me (after a sufficient period so we could enjoy our first child) and that Lis would have to wait until after then.

As he hadn’t cum, Mike’s cock remained hard for quite a while after he got dressed. It was quite easy to keep him this way and we all brushed up against his crotch from time to time. Mike asked Lucy if he could rub his cock against her cunt to get her juices on it as well but she had said no that time and then added that he would have to wait for the next visit. Mike asked if that was a promise and was told that he would have to be a good boy and look after Lucy. Lis and Lucy were flying home so we headed out to the airport with them and waited around until just before their flight was called before they headed through security. I managed to get a final fondle of Lis in as we kissed goodbye and Mike gave Lucy a big kiss and groped her ass while telling her that he wanted to grind against her pussy and make her cum. Jen had a much more passionate kiss with Lucy and told her that she would try to save up her horniness for their next visit – but I reminded them that I have first call on Jen’s orgasms so Lucy would just have to take whatever was left over.

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