Saturday, 15 November 2014

Lis and Lucy February Visit – Part1

Due to Valentine’s Day, we hadn’t had the usual monthly visit from Lis and Lucy (they had wanted their own time just as much as we had – and while we all agree that it would have been nice for me to see Lis and Jen to see Lucy on Valentine’s, we all know who we are actually dating (or engaged/married to).

The real downside (from Mike’s point of view) was that Lis wasn’t in the safe part of her cycle (or at least not the safest part), so he wasn’t allowed to fuck her without using a condom. He commented on what a hardship this was for him and said he would have to make up for it by spending a lot longer eating Lis – she didn’t object to this and I said that as long as I got to do things with her as well that I didn’t care.

Jen was feeling a bit friskier than she had been for a while, so when she headed off to bed with Lucy on the Friday night, they had a session. It was nothing strenuous and Jen mostly played with Lucy, taking her close to orgasm and then pulling back a number of times until Lucy was begging Jen to make her cum (I wonder who could have taught Jen how to do that so well?). Lucy then reciprocated (although she didn’t tease Jen for quite as long) and was rewarded with a glob of thick gloop from Jen’s pussy when she came – it wasn’t as much as she had been producing during the first trimester, but it had been a while since Jen had been that wet (and Jen told Lucy that) so Lucy felt that she had done a pretty good job.

Mike and I concentrated on making Lis cum for the first part of our session. We didn’t bother teasing her for too long and just took turns playing with her while she ate or sucked whoever wasn’t busy between her legs. Lis seemed to really quite enjoy switching between having Mike’s cock or my pussy to take care of (but she accepted she was bi a while ago). Lis came with me between her legs and Mike’s cock in her mouth. I suggested that Mike should cum over her face, but as usual he wanted to wait a bit longer before he came so he turned on me while Lis recovered. He was nice enough to just tease me though so that Lis could be the one to make me cum – although he helped out a bit by fucking me while Lis lapped at my clit. Mike then quickly applied a condom, spread Lis’ legs and fucked her until she came again and then pulled his condom off and wanked himself over her body, covering her stomach and chest with a decent spray  of cum (which I help to rub in to Lis’ skin).

As he couldn’t spoon with Lis, I got to enjoy having him inside me as we settled down to sleep and I told Lis that we would let her experience our new strap on so she could practice being a hermaphrodite. Lis liked the sound of being fucked while fucking someone and as we fell asleep we discussed what we thought it would actually be like to have both a functional cock and pussy so we could cum both ways (preferably at the same time). Unsurprisingly, Mike had some anime along these lines and we ended up reading it (it was a magazine, but on the computer) – the story being about two sisters, the elder one being the hermaphrodite and almost constantly fucking the younger one and being able to produce endless amounts of cum. I’d seen this before (we’d been talking about things like this since getting the new strap on) and ended up thrusting back against Mike’s cock as we read the story. When I got close to cumming, Lis crawled down between my legs and licked us both which drove me over the edge very quickly and I would have gratefully done whatever she wanted to help her cum again, but we had already satisfied her needs for the evening so we returned to cuddling. As Mike hadn’t cum he was still hard so I still got to spoon with him while actually going to sleep.

On the Saturday morning, Mike ate Lis awake and got the first orgasm out of her, but she allowed me to kitty kiss her while Mike ate me. Once again he allowed Lis to be the one to actually make me cum (he helped out by fucking me again, but this time he didn’t cum). As thanks for her orgasm, Lis thoroughly sucked him clean of my juices and told him that he was welcome to cum in her mouth but Mike said he would prefer to save his cum and cover her properly later on. I didn’t argue with this as I liked the idea of seeing Lis covered with his cum again.

Lucy and Jen had a more relaxing morning – Lucy had offered to give Jen a massage to help relax her and had used the body wand (it is technically meant to be a massage aid – we just use it much more for ‘other’ purposes). Once Jen was nice and relaxed, Lucy pushed the wand down between Jen’s legs and teased her for a while. Jen turned over onto her back and Lucy sat over Jen’s legs so she could hold the head of the wand and press it against both of their pussies at the same time. Lucy didn’t try to force Jen to cum, but the sight of her best friend sitting up over her crotch and masturbating was more than sufficient to get Jen to agree to play along (and the wand buzzing on her clit probably helped). Jen reached down to spread her lips, allowing the want to make better contact with her clit and they both pushed their cunts against it, enjoying the vibrations coursing through their crotches. Jen didn’t try to hold back so Lucy got to watch Jen as she squirmed around on the bed and hear as Jen’s mewing sounds grew in intensity. Lucy commented on how incredibly sexy Jen looked and once Jen had finished Lucy used the wand/vibrator to finish herself off. Jen reached up and toyed with Lucy’s breasts, helping Lucy to enjoy her orgasm more and once she had cum, Lucy lay down on Jen and they kissed for a while. Lucy was quite nervous about putting her weight on the bump, but Jen assured her that it was fine (she was still only about 4-5 months pregnant at this point so the bump wasn’t huge).

After breakfast and showers, we set about demonstrating our new strap on. I put it on first and allowed Lis and Lucy to have a close look at how easily accessibly my pussy was, then got Mike to lie on the bed so I could mount him. I lay back and Lis climbed up over me and planted herself on my plastic cock and the three of us moved together. As you can probably imagine, while this is an exciting position, it wasn’t that easy for Mike or me to move much so Jen helped out by giving Lis’ and my clits a few licks. Lucy also helped out, but she only used her fingers which Mike also enjoyed as there was obviously some contact with his cock, but he would have preferred it if she had also licked us (and him). We switched places and let Lis try wearing the new strap on, with Mike in her cock (with a condom on) and Lucy riding the strap-on. With them in this position Jen and I took turns licking them both and were a bit more thorough than Lucy had been but we wanted to make sure that Lucy got a turn wearing the strap on so didn’t make them cum at that point.

We switched round again but to ensure Lucy got the full experience I put on our proper strap-on (with the full harness – and of course the internal and external vibes) and Lucy planted her pussy on to my vibe before allowing Lis to climb up and sit on Lucy’s dildo. As we were already all turned on it didn’t take too much to get things really going – and Jen helped out by licking Lis and Lucy which also moved things along. Mike was allowed to lick Lis and have a close up view of Lucy riding the vibe. We still couldn’t really move a great deal, but Jen and Mike took care of Luck and Lis and Jen also pushed the crotch of the harness against my pussy so the internal vibe made good contact with my clit. Lis came first and dismounted to make it easier for Lucy to finish riding me. Lucy came with Jen licking her clit and once she climbed off of me, Mike took over pushing the crotch of the harness against my pussy so he could also lick Lucy’s juices off of the vibe. Jen challenged him to give the vibe a proper suck, but we had to wait until I’d cum and removed the harness so that the vibe could be turned off before Mike took her up on this challenge. Lucy was kind enough to slide the vibe back in to her pussy to give it a fresh coating of her juices and Mike made the most of this and took as much of the vibe in to his mouth as he could (actually a bit more than he could as he gagged a bit), but he made a show of sucking the vibe clean of Lucy’s juices and asked her if she would slide it back in to her again (she declined, saying he’d had enough of her, which he disagreed with).

The rest of the day was fairly dull (at least in the context of this blog – we had a good time wandering around and chatting). That night we went out for a bit and I got to flash myself at a number of guys and Jen joined in with this too. It was quite amusing to see how many guys would start chatting up Jen but then back off when she told them she was pregnant (usually in response to them offering to buy her a drink). The guys who approached me did a bit better and I got a couple of free drinks and fingered by two guys – not at the same time, and only cumming once. The guys both got to cum – I sucked one of them off and took the other out back and let him fuck me. Mike, Jen and the others followed me out (to save me having to try and get back in to the club) and they watched from around the corner as I first knelt and sucked the guy and then pulled my top up to revel my breasts and folded my skirt up to let him see properly as he fucked me. He was quite eager and fucked me hard and fast – which was nice, but meant that he came far too quickly.

I didn’t complain to him about this and just told him how horny I was feeling and asked the guy if he wanted to see me masturbate – I wasn’t sure if he would just lose interest now that he’d cum, but he seemed to like the idea of him having got me so horny that I would do this in front of him so I spread my legs and used both hands on my crotch (reaching one hand around and between my legs and using the other on my clit). I was relatively vocal about how turned on I was and how close I was getting to cumming. As I knew Jen was watching I decided to push it a bit further and told the guy that I was so horny that I thought I was going to squirt when I came. He told me he really wanted to see me do that so I warned him to stand back, clenched up and just as I started to cum I pushed as hard as I could and sprayed pee out in front of me, over my hands and down my legs. I rubbed my crotch a few more times and then rubbed my wet hands over my breasts, telling the guy that it was all due to him having fucked me so well (which to be fair, he had done, just not for long enough). He seemed quite impressed with my display and invited me back to his place but I told him that I had friends waiting. I took his number though (which is better than giving him mine) and as we headed back to the front of the club where I met my ‘friends’ and said goodbye to my alleyway fuck.

As expected, Jen had been quite impressed with my display and was now in a state of wanting to play so we started to head home. On the way I found out that Mike had spent the latter part of my session with his cock buried inside Lis’ cunt. Technically they had been much more exposed than I was as they were almost in direct view of the entrance to the alleyway (with just a couple of bins in the way) so for a fair part of the walk Lis and I teased each other about how she had been fucked where lots of people could see her and how I had just peed myself in front of a stranger (which Lis seemed to think was worse than having just fucked him and then let him watch me masturbate).

I quickly showered my lower half when we got home and Mike and I then took Lucy to bed while Lis went with Jen. As they fucked, Jen got Lis to promise her that once the weather was warmer that they would do things out in the garden where they could both pee and then went on to describe how she wanted to see her piss covering Lis’ face and body as well as having Lis do the same to her. Lis played along with this and they both had pretty good orgasms (we were told about it over breakfast the next morning, during which Lis went quite pink as Jen described how they had talked about peeing over each other. Lis knows that Mike and I do this with Jen relatively frequently, but she looks even cuter when she is embarrassed so we decided to play this up and after breakfast we ‘forced’ Lis to shower with Jen and have them play with each other and both pee over each other as they came. To make it more interesting, Lucy, Mike and I all stood in the bathroom watching them (there is a reason we have a clear shower curtain) – Lis seemed a lot less embarrassed once the session was over (mostly as she had enjoyed herself) and Jen pointed out that once they could do things outside that she would ensure Lis was covered with her pee.

Mike had a more pleasurable night with Lucy than he had expected (he always enjoys sharing a bed with her, even when he isn’t allowed to do anything at all). At first she told him that he could play with her breasts while I went down on her and after his cock brushed against her body a few times, she told him that he didn’t need to worry about keeping his distance so he pressed up against her side properly and enjoyed the feeling of her skin rubbing back and forth against the length of his cock. Mike has been quite well trained (mostly by Sue and Jen) in breast play and he tries extra hard with Lucy whenever he is allowed to do anything with her. We got Lucy off quiet effectively and after I had kitty kissed her for a while I moved up and helped Mike work on her breasts and nipples. When it came to my turn to cum, I climbed over Lucy’s face and she started to eat me and Mike asked if he could fuck me while she ate me. Lucy wasn’t quite up for that, but was fine with Mike fucking me over her face while she played with my clit and this felt really good. Mike debated the merits of cumming in me and having his cum leak out over Lucy’s face – she is quite used to eating his cum out of me (as well as Jen or Lis), but she said that she didn’t want a second hand facial from him so he promised to hold back. I let them know when I was getting close and Mike pulled out of me so Lucy could finish me off with her tongue. I had gone back to kitty kissing her during the latter part of the session and by the time I came I was almost eating her properly again.

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