Sunday, 2 November 2014

Lis and Lucy January Visit- Part 3

As he wasn’t going to get to actually fuck Lucy, I was the next best thing so Mike moved around behind me and asked Lucy for her help once more. Mike spooned me and he asked Lucy if she would at least play with my clit so she moved around to lie in front of me and reached down to my pussy. She rubbed me and her fingers brushed over Mike’s cock a little, but not as much as he would have liked. What happened next was rather unexpected as Lucy moved down the bed, got Mike to lift my upper leg and then pushed her face against my mons and licked at my clit. She didn’t stay down there for long, but Mike definitely felt her tongue brush against the shaft of his cock a number of times and he told Lucy that she could keep doing that for as long as she wanted. Unfortunately for Mike, she had already done it for as long as she wanted, but she went back to frigging me and then started kissing around my neck. We weren’t really in the right position for neck work, but it was the thought that counted (and her fingers definitely counted). Mike reached around between us to fondle my breasts (and ‘accidentally’ get to fondle Lucy’s breasts with the back of his hand at the same time). She gave him a couple of kisses as well during the session so he was quite happy, but he still managed to hold back (I think he was partly trying to prove a point after my earlier comment about him not lasting inside Lucy). I wasn’t trying to hold back though and had a pretty nice orgasm while the two of them fucked, frigged, kissed and fondled me.

As Mike hadn’t cum, he kept spooning me and Lucy curled up in front of me. Lucy teased Mike a bit more, asking him if she gave him the chance to either eat or fuck her, which one would he choose. I had assumed this would be a no-brainer for him and that he would want to eat her but after much deliberation he decided if he could really only do one of them, he would want to cum inside her (after fucking her for a long time), but if he could do one with even the potential of doing the other another time, he would want to spend a whole day eating her, tasting her juices and making her cum time and time again. Lucy said that this sounded quite appealing (and she knows from what Lis, Jen and I have told her that Mike is very good at cunnilingus). Mike promised her that even if she only wanted him to eat her that he would spend a whole weekend taking care of her and Lucy said that she would consider it, but then let on that Jen had put her up to teasing Mike like that. Mike told her that she was a mean, heartless bitch, just preying on his desire for her and that he should pull out of me and cover her with his cum (and I’m fairly sure that he could have cum both fairly quickly and in quantity at that point in time), but he kept his cock firmly in my cunt and told Lucy that he would save his cum to fill up her girlfriend’s cunt with the next morning.

Lis had probably already cum a couple of times by this point, but to be fair, she had been rather desperate when she first went up to bed and Jen had taken care of Lis’ first orgasm in a matter of minutes. Jen kitty kissed Lis for a while after this to help her calm down (and to get her in the mood to do more) and Lis then spent quite a while teasing Jen, using her rapid fluttery licks on Jen’s pussy while Jen described some of the things that she, Mike and I had gotten up to with Sue – going in to more detail than we had told them up until that point. Lis shares Mike and Jen’s fascination with having Sue and I eat each other, so she really enjoyed hearing all the details of how close we came (or at least as close as Jen knew about at that point). Lis had significantly expanded her sexual techniques since she started playing with us and had been practicing teasing Lucy so decided to use Jen to get some revenge for the way Mike had teased her. To Lis’ dismay though, this wasn’t that effective as Jen is very used to being teased and really enjoyed it (OK, so Lis wasn’t that dismayed as neither she nor Lucy are as mean as the rest of us). When Jen finally wanted to cum, she got Lis to turn around and they 69ed (both licking and fingering each other). Jen tried to hold back, but she had such a large head start on Lis that she came first but after just a quick pause, she dived back in and ate Lis until she came and then held Lis in place and they gently kitty kissed each other for a while longer before disengaging and curling up to chat and sleep.

Mike woke me up on the Sunday morning by caressing my pussy and rubbing his cock against my ass and I passed this on to Lucy (just without the cock rubbing – although I guess I could have put the strap-on back on…). She decided to relent on not letting Mike do anything with her – not as much as he wanted, but she did at least let him kiss her and play with her nipples while I went down on her. Once we had given Lucy her morning orgasm, Mike left us and went in to see Jen and Lis who were still both asleep. He quickly woke them though and they let him eat them both. He made sure to make Lis cum a little while before Jen so that she would have time to recover and be ready to receive him properly. Once Jen had cum, Mike explained how Lucy had teased him (which Jen was pleased with) and how much he wanted to cum in Lis. She was quite happy to receive however much cum he could produce and was even happy to go and put on one of her ‘cute’ outfits for him (I wish she had worn it for me the previous night). Mike and Jen sat watching Lis as she dressed and when she climbed back on to the bed Jen said that it would be a pity to just let Mike fuck her and that she would help out. Mike didn’t argue with this and said that as long as he got to cum in Lis, he didn’t mind what Jen did so the two of them pushed Lis down on to the bed and started fondling, kissing, caressing, fingering and eating her. Mike fucked her for a while and then Jen took over fingering her while Mike offered Lis his cock (which she sucked) and Mike then went back to fucking her with Jen helping out on Lis’ clit.

Lis came for them both, but guessed from the fact that Mike hadn’t cum yet that her session wasn’t done (and she was right). Jen climbed over Lis’ face and told Lis to do to her whatever Mike did to Lis. Given Lis had just cum, Mike started off very gently and kitty kissed her for quite a while, but Jen enjoyed having this transferred up to her pussy. Mike tried to emulate Lis’ fluttery licks which Lis passed on much more readily and when he rimmed Lis, she even passed that on without comment. Mike then straddled Lis’ body and Jen leant forwards to allow him to slide in to her so they could fuck while Lis lapped at Jen’s clit. Mike then moved back down and started to fuck Lis while helping Lis to eat Jen and Jen then climbed off of Lis’ face to allow Mike and Lis to fuck a bit more energetically. Lis wrapped her sock-clad legs around Mike and they thrust against each other hard enough that Lucy and I could hear the bed moving from the next room. The rolled over so Lis could ride Mike for a while and Jen knelt behind her and reached around to caress Lis’ breasts and clit. Mike loved watching Jen do this to Lis and when Jen moved to sit over Mike’s face he asked her to remain behind Lis and carry on caressing her until they had both cum. Lis was also enjoying this position so Jen agreed (on the condition that they took appropriate care of her afterwards of course). Between them, Mike and Jen made sure that Lis was close to cumming and then Jen eased off on Lis’ clit while Mike fucked her a bit more. Mike held back until he was at bursting point and then Jen increased the pressure of her fondling of Lis’ clit and breasts to push Lis over the edge. Mike was only just a little behind Lis and as he thrust in to her time and time again he told Lis how he was emptying so much cum into her cunt that she would be leaking for weeks (if only that was possible – I’d love to be able to spend even a single day wandering around with cum constantly leaking from my pussy).

When both Lis and Mike had finished, Jen released Lis and let her lie down on Mike so they could kiss properly. His cum was already leaking out around his cock and when Lis pulled herself off of him, more came out (he might not have cum quite as much as he had told her, but from what Jen said, he seemed to have produced more than he usually does). As soon as Lis was out of the way, Jen straddled Mike’s crotch and rubbed her pussy back and forth against his cock, stroking her won clit and smearing his cum over herself. Mike told her that he couldn’t perform again straight away but would be happy to eat her. That wasn’t good enough for Jen who had something specific in mind so she turned around and sat over Mike in a 69 position, knowing that close proximity to a wet pussy is usually enough to get him hard. She messily sucked and slurped on his cock while he ate her and once his cock started to get hard again Jen climbed off and dashed into his room (where Lucy and I were lying chatting having already finished our session. Jen retrieved the strap-on and told us that she was going to make good use of Lis and then disappeared. We considered going in to watch but as we hadn’t been invited we decided to leave them to it. I then teased Lucy about how she was going to have difficulty keeping up with Lis’ sexual appetite and how we would have to continue our monthly sessions so we could all work to keep Lis satiated.

I had assumed that Jen intended to ‘use’ Lis by fucking her with the strap-on, but Jen wanted the opposite from Lis. She helped fasten the harness to Lis’ body, pushed Lis down on to her back and mounted her and then leant forwards, telling Mike to push in to her ass. Although he was mostly hard again, he wasn’t really hard enough for anal (but thinks he could have managed it if he had persevered) so they ended up swapping and Jen mounted Mike’s cock while Lis knelt behind her and pushed the strap-on vibe (now nicely pre-lubricated with Jen’s juices) in to Jen’s ass. Jen really got in to the session and at times she let them fuck her and other times she got Mike and Lis to remain (relatively) still while she rocked back and forth between the two cocks. Jen got Lis to lean forwards so she was almost lying on Jen’s back and then to reach around and fondle her nipples. As Jen’s mewing started to build (a sure sign she was getting close to cumming) she said that she wished she was somewhere that she could really let go and pee as she came. Mike promised her that once the weather warmed up, they could repeat this position out in the garden and she could pee to her heart’s content. Lis was a little surprised that Mike was so keen to have Jen pee on him but he just said that if it made her happy then he was willing to do pretty much anything she wanted – and then added that this was also the case for her (Lis) – if there was anything she ever wanted to try, then she just had to ask. Mike had another idea to help Jen’s orgasm along and described in detail to Lis how Sue had eaten Jen while she was peeing at the sex show we had put on at the end of last year. He talked about how Sue’s tongue pushed between Jen’s lips and her piss ran in to Sue’s mouth, over Sue’s face and down her body. This had the desired effect and Jen came while uttering what Mike and Lis described as a growling sound (I’m pretty sure I’ve heard her make the sound before).

Following a brief rest, Mike, Jen and Lis came down to join Lucy and I for breakfast. I had a quick fondle of Lis’ pussy to see if she was as wet with Mike’s cum as I expected (she was still pretty damp) and as we ate, they described to us how they had DP’d Jen and what her reaction had been. Naturally Mike offered to give the same service to Lucy and Jen agreed that it would be nice for Lucy’s first time with a guy to be with two guys (especially if Jen was playing the part of one of the guys). Unsurprisingly Lucy declined this offer, but allowed Mike to shower with her again (and Jen also joined them this time). Mike was still only allowed to wash certain parts of Lucy (with Jen taking care of those parts), but they teamed up to wash Jen thoroughly. While Lucy was in the shower, I had a chat with Lis and told her that we had been chatting to Vicky who wanted me to go and visit. Vicky is still with her boyfriend and that she had been telling him about her previous sex life, including about Lis and me. At first, she thought that Oscar didn’t believe her and that she was just teasing him (he also likes the idea of lesbians) but a little while after he realised that she was telling the truth, he implied that he would quite like to see Vicky do things with another girl. I was quite pleased that I was her first choice – I guess she knows that I would be up for it and was ‘safe’ – but I really wanted to make sure that Lis was okay with me playing with Vicky as I knew she was really upset when they broke up. I needn’t have worried as Lis is now hopelessly in love with Lucy (which I guess is why they are getting married) and told me to enjoy myself (but did add that I had to make Vicky cum at least once ‘from her’ so I promised that I would make sure Vicky knew that I was passing on an orgasm.

We continued our discussion in the shower, but kept getting interrupted by the others coming in to the bathroom (obviously Mike and Jen knew but I wasn’t sure how Lucy would feel about me talking to Lis about her ex) so decided to continue the chat online from work. Once we were all dressed, we headed out for an early lunch as Lis and Lucy had an early flight to catch and then went out to the airport with them. On the coach, Mike sat beside Lis and reached under her skirt to fondle her – at first Lis thought this was too risky, but Mike convinced her to let him try and I watched as Lis curled up against him and closed her eyes. He made her cum without any difficulty and I warned him that I wanted the same treatment on the way back, but Lis ended up giving me a nice send off in one of the toilet cubicles in the airport. She fingered me as we kissed and we had a brief goodbye lick of each other’s cunts before heading off to security and waving them off. Mike offered to make me cum on the coach but I still had a nice buzz from Lis’ fingers and declined (and later regretted it). I had Mike eat me when we got home though and teased him for a bit, but didn’t fuck him as I wanted to see how much cum I could get out of him later on that night.

Jen wanted to go to bed early as she was tired again so Mike and I went for a walk a little way from the house where there are some trees. Even though it was quite cold, I had him fuck me up against a tree and we started off with my skirt just pulled up for him to get in to me but as the session progressed, my top and bra were pulled up to expose my breasts and then taken off completely and my skirt was pulled up over my waist so it only covered my stomach. Mike fucked me hard and the noise our bodies made as they slapped together sounded quite loud in the relative quiet. Mike teased me about what I would do if some people discovered us and I gave the obvious answer of keeping them quiet by offering them the chance to fuck me so I imagined someone finding us and me fucking him, then another person finding us while the first guy was in me (and so on) until I had cum from dozens of guys filling my cunt and running down my legs. Mike didn’t produce as much as twenty plus guys could, but it was still enough to leak out of me and when we got home we could easily see the streaks of cum running down my stockings. We left Jen to sleep by herself that night and Mike spooned in me for a while and then went down on me one last time before we went to sleep (with him spooning inside me again).

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