Saturday, 8 November 2014

Sara’s Visit – Part 1

On the first weekend in February, Sara came up to visit us. I had been looking forward to this for a while as I quite like Sara (both as a friend and a fuck buddy). The visit almost didn’t happen as Jen wasn’t feeling too good (pregnancy sickness – for some reason she seemed to get horny during the first trimester and feel sick more often during the second, but then again she isn’t really normal!). Fortunately Jen is a very kind girl and said that even though she wasn’t going to participate in many of the games, she didn’t want Mike or me to miss out and was happy for Sara to still come up anyway.

Being a student, Sara could skive off early and so she arrived up in the late afternoon. Jen met up with her and I headed home a little early to see her before Mike got back from work. I behaved myself though and didn’t try and pounce on her to take advantage of having her to myself. When Mike got back from work we all sat and chatted over dinner and as sex is obviously such an important part of our lives it played a big part of the conversation and we filled Sara in on our exploits since Mike had seen her along with discussing Sue having picked up a girlfriend. We all agreed that if we had known Sue would be up for dating a girl that Sara would have been a good choice (although we know that there is more to wanting to actually date someone than just enjoying the sex with them). The obvious benefit of Sue dating Sara would have been that Sara knows all about our ‘situation’ (seeing as she is a part of it) and we would have been able to easily see her and have fun with her a lot more. As the conversation had progressed, the levels of touching and caressing had increased somewhat so by the time we were talking about being able to do things with Sara, both Jen and I had already had our hands between her legs a couple of times. She pointed out that we seemed to be doing quite well at getting access to her even without her dating Sue, and we moved over on to the sofa to make things more comfortable.

Jen and I sat on either side of Sara and took turns kissing her while Mike sat across from us to watch. Jen and I reached up under Sara’s top to her breasts and up under her skirt to her crotch and we soon had our fingers inside her panties and her breasts fully exposed. Sara was clearly enjoying herself but said that it wasn’t fair that Jen and I were both still dressed and tried to pull at our clothes. I was happy to let Sara undress me but Jen wasn’t in the mood to cum (although she did let Sara remove her top and have a play with her nipples). I slipped Sara’s panties off and gave her a few quick licks before moving back up to sit beside her and Jen and I each took one of her legs and spread them wide before resuming our join fingering kissing and caressing of her. It wasn’t difficult to get Sara moaning and bucking under our touches and kissed and when I looked over to Mike I saw that he had his cock out and was slowly stroking it as he watched. I told him not to waste his cum, but I didn’t really expect him to cum that quickly anyway so wasn’t too worried.

Sara pushed a hand between my legs and I told her not to worry about me for now (although added that she could keep touching me if she really wanted) as Jen and I wanted to greet her properly and get the weekend started on the right note. Sara told us that she was getting close to cumming so we told her that she should just relax and let us help her enjoy herself. She panted an incredibly sexy ‘pleaasseee’ and pushed Jen’s and my heads down to her breasts so we each took a nipple and sucked on them while fingering and frigging her. I heard her panting get deeper and felt her hand push my head against her breasts harder and carried on plunging a couple of fingers in and out of her little cunt while Jen rubbed her clit. Sara arched her body and let out a moan and I sucked her nipple as far in to my mouth as I could and pushed my fingers all the way in to her cunt. She let out a few little ‘aahh’ sounds, interspersed with more panting and we only stopped stimulating her when her body relaxed back in to the sofa.

Jen and I sucked our fingers clean (Sara had recently been tested as when we originally planned for her visit Jen thought she would be in the mood to fuck her) and Mike asked if he could have a taste. I fed him a little of Sara juices and he asked her if he could kitty kiss her. She reminded him that she didn’t think she wanted to fuck him (she had warned him before her visit) and Mike said it was fine, he just wanted to help her enjoy herself and taste her beautiful little pussy. Mike threw a cushion on the floor, knelt between Sara’s legs, spread her lips and started to gently kitty kiss her, working his tongue up in to her pussy and around her lips but only gently grazing over her clit from time to time. Sara kissed Jen and I while Mike did this and after a while she reached down to my pussy again to play with me (she offered the same treatment to Jen, but despite Jen’s nipples looking rather hard and pointy, Jen said that she still didn’t feel up to cumming).

We decided to head up to bed and Jen took Mike’s room for the night (his bed is a little smaller than Jen’s) so that Mike, Sara and I could use her bed. Once we had got ready for bed, Mike gave the bump its (although we knew it was a girl by this point, so ‘her’) goodnight kiss and came in to join Sara and me. Sara was already busy working between my legs but Mike crawled under her and pulled her pussy down to his face. We remained in that position with Sara eating me and Mike eating Sara until we both came. I came a bit before Sara (but she had started on me before Mike started on her) and she kitty kissed me until she came, at which point I moved down beside Sara and let Mike spoon in me. As he wasn’t getting to fuck Sara, the spooning fairly quickly progressed to fucking. Sara did at least help out a bit and spent a little while licking us both but we then changed position so Mike was on top of me and we convinced her to climb up over my face so we could both eat her at the same time. As expected she loved this (Sara loves having her ass licked, so when she can have her cunt eaten and ass licked at the same time she is in heaven). Mike pumped away inside me and I reached down between us to press a finger against my clit, letting Mike’s thrusts take care of applying pressure and slightly moving my finger. We teased Sara quite a bit, slowing our licking each time she said she was getting close and I kept myself from cumming by just taking my finger off of my clit. Mike held back for quite a while but then said that he wanted to fill me with his cum (and I never get tired of that) so we all geared up for our orgasms. We continued to keep Sara from actually cumming and Mike fucked me until I came and then emptied himself in me in just a handful of strokes after that. Finishing Sara off was trivial as she had been close for so long and Mike flicked his tongue back and forth over her ass while I licked and sucked on her clit and felt the moisture from her pussy covering my chin.

When Mike pulled out of me, both he and Sara watched as his cum leaked out of me but Sara volunteered to prevent a wet patch forming and lapped at the cum as it dribbled out of my cunt. I suspect that this was primarily so she could drag her tongue over my ass as she enjoys doing it almost as much as she enjoys having it done to her. She did a thorough job and even licked up inside my pussy a few times just before she finished. Sara thanked Mike for helping her cum and told him that if he wanted, she would suck him off the next day to repay him. We then curled up together with me spooning against Sara’s back and Mike went off to spend the night with Jen (he offered to eat or spoon her, but she just wanted cuddled).

Mike did get to eat Jen awake in the morning and then spooned with her for a while (but didn’t fuck her). The two of them got up a fair bit before Sara and I did and when I finally woke up I could hear them downstairs and could smell coffee. I crawled under the covers, pulled Sara’s legs apart and woke her by eating her. Sara woke with a start, but is quite used to us doing this so settled down fairly quickly and told me to turn around so that she could 69 with me. We agreed to let Mike and Jen know that we were awake by being as loud as we could and after a number of minutes of moaning and panting, they wandered in and stood watching us. As you know, I always enjoy having an audience (even if it is just Mike and Jen) so I redoubled my efforts on Sara and she played along and eagerly ate and fingered me in return. I slurped at Sara’s little cunt, smearing her juices over my face and sucking her squishy lips into my mouth and was determined to hold out for longer than she did (although it wasn’t really a fair competition as I hadn’t told her I was trying to outlast her). Sara is quite good at eating pussy (she had lots of practice with Emily), but I managed to get her off first and after a brief lull in her licking while she came, she finished me off and I moaned in to her sweet little cunt as I kitty kissed her.

Both of our faces were covered with the other person’s juices and we shared a messy kiss, first tasting ourselves and then a combination of our flavours (which I thought went quite well together). We then headed downstairs and chatted as Sara and I ate breakfast and Jen then showered with Sara, followed by Mike and I showering together. As he hadn’t cum yet, Mike was quite pointy in the shower and I offered to take care of him but this just resulted in him fucking me while I aimed the shower (set to pulse spray) at my clit. As we were in the shower, I peed as I came, spraying it all over Mike’s legs (but he’s used to this from Jen). After a quick rinse and getting dried off, we went to dress and headed out in to town, determined to ensure Sara enjoyed her visit.

We pretty much just did the usual – a bit of shopping, some playing in changing rooms (Jen fingered Sara), a little ‘careless sitting’ over coffee to allow our targets to see up our skirts and then out to our favourite sex shop to have another play. As we had already gotten Sara off by fingering her, eating her and double eating her, we had been discussing how many other ways we could make her cum. The obvious ones (vibes, dildos & strap-ons) had already been discussed, but in the shop we found a new (to us) type of strap on. We’ve actually been quite spoiled as Mike bought us a really good one years ago, working off some advice that the better the dildo is attached to the body, the better it is to fuck with. Our strap on has a harness that is effectively a (very) thick pair of panties, with the dildo or vibe then sticking out of a hole (and this also allows us to use an internal vibe so the ‘man’ can enjoy themselves as well). The problem with this is that the pussy of whoever has the harness on isn’t accessible, but the one we found in the shop had two straps that went around the ass cheeks (instead of between the legs) and left the pussy completely exposed. We asked Alistair (the owner) if we could try it on and he said that as long as we had panties on it was fine. While I rarely wear panties, I almost always carry a pair (just in case) so I quickly slipped my skirt off, pulled the panties on and then pulled the strap-on on. It wasn’t held anywhere near as firmly as our one is, but it clearly left my pussy exposed so we decided to buy it.

As Mike paid for it, I let Sara have a fondle of the dildo and told her that I could fuck her with it. Sara knows about the things we get up to in that particular shop (and in the sex shows), so she wasn’t too surprised when I got a wipe out of Jen’s bag and cleaned the dildo. I then pulled her to me and pushed the head of the dildo under the front of her skirt and rubbed it against her pussy. Sara asked if I was really going to fuck her in the middle of the shop and I answered by pushing her up against a wall (okay, so it was nearer the side than the middle) and knelt down slightly so I could position the head of the dildo at the entrance to her cunt. After a couple of attempts, I got the head in to her and I straightened my legs, letting the dildo slide deep in to Sara and then started pumping back and forth. We didn’t go all the way, but the dildo was still shining with her juices when I pulled out and I wiped it on the inside of my skirt. I told her that we would use it properly later on as I unfastened the dildo, put it in a bag, removed my panties and pulled my skirt back on.

Mike was quite surprised that I hadn’t fucked Sara with the dildo properly, or that I hadn’t removed my panties and put it back on before using it on her, but I said that I just didn’t think that the sweet innocent little Sara was really up for public displays of cumming. Naturally she protested about this and said that it was hardly fair to call her innocent given the number of lewd things she has gotten up to so we told her that once we got home we would experiment some more with her to see just how dirty she could be.

The rest of the afternoon was a bit tamer until we headed home, at which point I really wanted to try out our new toy. I had fairly realistic expectations about it, but still liked the idea of being fucked while fucking Sara with it so once we had stripped off, I got Sara to lean against the wall wither ass pushed out and I slid the dildo in to her waiting cunt. Mike then stood behind me and pushed in to me and we fucked each other. As seems to be the case with many of the multi-person positions, it wasn’t really that easy to move in sync, but Jen decided that she would help us out and knelt on the floor to rub Sara’s and my clits. This made it feel considerably better and Jen also sucked and licked Sara’s nipples as her little breasts swayed back and forth in time with my thrusts. I could certainly feel the dildo moving around a lot more than our good strap on does, but Sara was enjoying herself and I enjoyed having Mike inside me at the same time, so on balance it turned out to be a very good purchase. I gave Sara the choice as to whether she wanted to cum first and for me to keep fucking her until Mike and I came or to wait until we had cum until she came. She opted for the latter so Jen concentrated a little more on my clit than Sara’s and Mike reached around me to fondle my breasts. I continued to energetically fuck Sara and loved the little sounds of passion she made as my dildo slid in and out of her cunt. I watched closely as her lips clung to the dildo each time I pulled out and once again wondered what it would be like to have a real cock to fuck her (or preferably Jen) with. My attention was soon distracted from this though as I felt my orgasm building so concentrated on that. I told everyone that I was getting close and Mike nuzzled my neck (which always feels wonderful) and as he fucked me he whispered to me about how he wanted me to fuck Sara. I had no trouble cumming and eagerly moaned as my orgasm pulsed out from my cunt. I was fucked, frigged fondled and nuzzled through my orgasm and only when I said I had finished did Jen leave my clit alone.

We still had Sara to take care of and by getting her to bend down a bit more and me bending forwards slightly more, we managed to find a slightly better way to move. Mike helped to guide my waist back and forth so I could go forwards and plunge in to Sara or back and have Mike slide in to me. We tried things with both Mike and I moving in the same direction (so he would move a long way back and push fast in to me as I moved forwards to slide in to Sara, but he found this rather frustrating as he didn’t get to move as fast inside me (and fell out a couple of times), so we went back to the first method. Jen now concentrated on frigging Sara and Mike said he was going to hold back until Sara came. She wasn’t quite as vocal as I had been, but was still making sexy little moaning sounds with each thrust and was good enough to tell us when she was getting close. Mike waited until Sara was cumming before he came in me (he was actually a little bit after her, but it was good enough for him to imagine he was fucking her).

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