Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sara’s Visit – Part 2

When we separated, Jen suggested that Mike should taste Sara from my dildo and he eagerly did that. He got a bonus surprise as Sara ended up tasting me from his cock – she didn’t suck him for long, but took a reasonable length of his cock in to her mouth and swirled her tongue around it (which Mike said was a bit too intense when she sucked the head, but he wasn’t going to stop her). We then lazed around for a while, had dinner and just watched a film instead of deciding to go out anywhere. This was a bit of a pity as I had hoped to make Sara cum in a number of public places that night, but Jen was feeling tired and we didn’t think it was fair to just ditch her (seeing as the state she was in was entirely Mike’s fault).

When it was time for bed, Jen once again took Mike’s room while Sara, Mike and I used Jen’s. We had another session where I got to cum twice. Mike ate me while I kissed Sara for my first orgasm and we then teamed up on Sara again with her sitting over my face and Mike’s fucking me while I took care of Sara’s pussy and Mike took her ass. As I said earlier, Sara loves cumming this way and she offered to lick us both while we fucked (which led to my second orgasm). Mike didn’t try to cum in me (or over me) and I know better than to try and make him cum (it usually ends up with me cumming again – and often more than once). I went in to spend the night with Jen, leaving Sara with Mike and they snuggled up together. Mike asked Sara if she trusted him and she pointed out that they were laying naked in bed together with his cock pressed up against her back, so if she didn’t trust him then she wouldn’t be there. Mike asked if he could push his cock between Sara’s legs and gently rub against her pussy (promising he wouldn’t cum) and Sara let him do this. He gently slid back and forth while reaching around Sara to cup one of her breasts and after a while he asked if she would let him spoon in her as they fell asleep. Sara hesitated a little before answering but then said that he could. She reached down and held her lips open while Mike positioned the head of his cock and then worked his way in to her cunt. He moved a couple more times and then pressed all the way in to her and promised her that he wouldn’t try to fuck her. Sara said that she knew he wouldn’t as if he did then he would never get to do anything with her again. As they chatted, they moved against each other gently and Mike is fairly sure that if he had tried, he could have cum without Sara knowing it (at least until she started to leak), but he knows that a large part of the reason we get to have fun with our friends is due to trust (plus he really likes Sara so wouldn’t betray her). He remained awake and buried inside her until she fell asleep and the last thing he can remember before he dozed off was still being hard and enjoying the feeling of Sara’s cunt surrounding his cock.

On the Sunday morning Mike woke up feeling understandably horny and crawled under the covers to eat Sara awake. She thoroughly enjoyed this and once she was fully awake, she pulled her legs up to give him better access and used a hand to hold his head against her pussy. Once she had cum, he missed his way up her body and rubbed his cock against her cunt as they kissed. Sara asked him if he wanted her to repay him and Mike said that it sounded nice, but that he would prefer to just spoon inside her again for a while. Sara allowed this and once Mike was buried in her again, she twisted her head round so they could kiss. Mike convinced her to let him play with her clit and he remained relatively still in her as he frigged her, while describing to her how he wanted to feel her pussy contracting around his cock as she came for him. Sara asked if he wanted to cum – which he obviously did, but he told her that she could just enjoy the session and he would be happy if he could cum over her later on. As Sara had her second orgasm of the morning, she moved back and forth quite a bit and Mike ended up having to distract himself to prevent himself from cumming (he wasn’t that close, but he is fairly sure that if he had just let himself enjoy the feelings that he would have cum).

They continued spooning for a while and kissed a bit more. Mike asked Sara if he could cum over her and she said that he could if he wanted, or that she would suck him off. Mike made a deal with her and said that she could only suck him if he was allowed to go down on her again – initially Sara wasn’t sure if she could cum again but Mike persisted and described to her how he would kiss and suck all around her lips, flick his tongue back and forth over her clit, push his tongue in to her cunt and taste her juices from deep inside her and (of course) pay attention to her ass, flicking, rimming and spearing it. This conversation lasted quite a while and once she was ready, Mike also played with Sara’s clit to prepare her. As she got more aroused (again), she squirmed around a fair bit and Mike once again felt his own orgasm building. He told Sara to slow down and she did, but then after a bit she sped up again. He warned her that he would cum in her and that they should move around to 69 if they were going to do that but Sara said that it might be messy if he came over her. Mike told her that after spending so long inside her that it would probably be quite messy if he came in her but Sara said that she didn’t mind that. Mike made a half-hearted final attempt to be valiant and told Sara that she didn’t have to let him cum in her, but she just said ‘I know’ and asked him to fuck her.

Mike pulled out of Sara and let her roll on to her back – he quickly went down on her and gave her a thorough and energetic licking. Sara told him that it felt wonderful, but asked why he was eating her and Mike replied that he wanted to taste her properly again before filling her with his cum. She told him that she wanted him back inside her. Mike sat up and pushed Sara’s legs apart, plunged his cock in to her now very wet cunt and started to fuck her. Their crotches slapped together with each thrust and Mike had to concentrate quite hard to hold back (it had been a fair time since he’d last cum and he had teased himself quite a bit since then). He played with Sara’s clit for a while as they fucked and only when she said she was getting close did he lie down on top of her and they kissed. Mike told Sara that he was getting very close and Sara told him she was just about to cum, but that she wasn’t on the pill. Mike stopped and asked if it was safe and Sara grinned at him and told him to go ahead (which technically wasn’t answering his question, but Sara is a sensible girl – not that Mike claims to have been thinking that logically). He resumed thrusting in to her, trying to get the best contact with her clit that he could and told Sara repeatedly that he wanted her to cum for him. He almost didn’t make it, but just before he came, Sara panted that she was cumming. Mike relaxed and used longer strokes with his orgasm quickly coming and him feeling pulse after pulse of pleasure as his cum shot in to Sara.

When they had both finished cumming, they kissed for a while longer as they caught their breath and Mike apologised to Sara, saying that he really hadn’t intended to fuck her. She told him that it was fine and that she had enjoyed herself and while he was still inside her he asked why she originally hadn’t wanted to fuck him that weekend and if it was because she wasn’t on the pill. It wasn’t due to that – Sara had just originally thought that she didn’t feel like fucking a guy (while Sara is now clearly bi – she is certainly still more to the lesbian end of the spectrum). She was glad that she had changed her mind though and told Mike that it was partly out of lust and partly as he had behaved himself and hadn’t taken advantage of her. Although he had softened a bit, Mike was still sufficiently hard that he could move inside Sara and they both concentrated on how wet her pussy felt now that Mike had added his additional lubrication. He teased her about how it would be so easy to fuck her again as she was so wet but Sara was adamant that she couldn’t cum for a fourth time (if that had been Julia, Susan or me in her place, he would have probably tried just to make a point). She did eventually concede that we would get to make her cum at least once more before she left and Mike finally pulled out of her and pulled the mirror over so she could watch as his cum leaked out of her. As expected following such a long tease, he had deposited a fair bit inside her and when she stood up another batch leaked out down her legs.

They both came downstairs to find Jen and me and the mess on Sara’s legs made it immediately obvious that Mike had fucked her. I didn’t care that he had cum inside her, but I did care a bit when I found out that he had made her cum three times already as I wanted at least one session with Sara before she left. After I promised to be gentle with her, she did at least let me partially lick her clean and Jen even had a turn at this as well. As Mike and Sara ate breakfast I gently played with myself (Jen hadn’t wanted to cum and I had refrained from playing with myself in bed so I could save my energies to do things with Sara). Even by the time she had finished eating, Sara wasn’t ready to do anything more, but was willing to help me out and we fetched the new strap on and fastened it to her. She lay on the bed with her ass at the edge and I mounted her, facing away from her. It was a little tricky as I was kneeling right at the edge so had to be careful not to fall off, but the benefit was that Mike and Jen could easily move between licking Sara’s pussy and my clit. Mostly for demonstration purposes, Mike briefly fucked Sara and we then switched places so that Sara could try riding the dildo while Mike and Jen licked us both (and Mike also fucked me). Sara got the additional treat of riding the dildo the right way round (so she and I could kiss), allowing Mike to spread her cheeks and lick both my cunt and her ass. This was enough to convince Sara that she might want to cum again and Jen decided that even though she wasn’t anywhere near as horny as she usually was, she didn’t want Sara’s visit to end without joining properly at least once so Jen stripped off and climbed up over my face. I took Jen’s cunt and Sara took Jen’s ass. By this point in the pregnancy, Jen had a definite (not large, but present) bump which was pressed against my head as I ate her, but I concentrated on helping to get her off.

Mike got Sara to agree to eat me once we had finished our group session so he mostly concentrated on eating Sara’s ass (although he did occasionally throw some licks my way). Sara definitely enjoyed the position and once she and Jen had both cum, she agreed that the new strap on had definitely been a good buy. She also kept her word and went down on me – at first she lapped at both my ass and pussy but I told her that I needed her to just eat my cunt (as I still hadn’t cum yet). We switched to 69ing, with her eating me and me kitty kissing her. This worked out much better and Sara seemed to try quite hard to please me (not that she really needs to try, as I’ve said before, she’s practiced enough so is very good). As I came I pulled her pussy tight against my face and pushed my tongue in to her while moaning – in part I was hoping that I could get her ready for another round, but she was definitely spent so I had to make do with just the once cum from her.

I wasn’t too bothered about this as I knew I could always talk Mike in to making me cum (and as it was due to him having made Sara cum three times before leaving her bed that she was spent, he owed me this anyway). I went and showered with him and once again got him to fuck me while I used the pulse spray on my clit. Once Jen and Sara had showered (with a bit of fondling, but no real action) and we had all dried off, we showed Sara some of the videos we had taken with our new camera. I had asked Lis and Lucy if they minded us showing the stuff we had involving them to people and unfortunately they had said that they would prefer we didn’t so we kept that private. We also tried to convince Sara to add to our collection and while she was happy for us to use the camera to project a close up of her pussy up on to the TV, we had to promise her that we wouldn’t record anything (and we didn’t).

We did convince her to let us show her some more of herself and she watched (on the TV) as we fingered and licked her and Mike slid his cock into her. We used a couple of toys in her pussy and I captured a close up as Mike flicked his tongue back and forth over Sara’s ass. She even allowed us to fuck her with a cucumber (which we then used in a salad at lunch) and got her to agree to consider letting us record her another time. It wasn’t difficult for Mike or Jen to tell that I was still horny so I ended up taking Sara’s place on the sofa and having the other end of the cucumber used to fuck me while Sara and Jen toyed with my breasts and clit. I felt much better after my second orgasm and we moved in to the kitchen to make lunch, ate this and then Sara started to get her things ready to leave.

I would have liked one final session with Sara (as would Mike), but Jen asked if she could have a proper play with Sara so we let her have priority. We didn’t just sit idly by and played with each other as we watched Jen and Sara finger, fondle, kiss and eat each other on the bed. Jen has always been quite fond of Sara’s pussy lips and spent quite a while sucking on them. Jen came first but Sara kept kitty kissing her. Sara was on the bottom and as she got close to cumming, she half wrapped her legs around Jen’s head and humped her crotch up and down which looked incredibly sexy (and we presumed meant that Jen had done a pretty good job at getting Sara aroused again).

As Sara got dressed, we confiscated her panties and told her that we would return them the next time we were in York (or Sara could come back to get them). She only objected briefly before telling us to take care of them (they were one of her good pairs) and we promised her that if Jen’s pussy returned to being as wet as it had been, that we would ensure the panties got a good coating of Jen’s juices and probably a load of Mike’s cum rubbed in to them before Sara got to wear them again. We tried to convince her to borrow one of our remote controlled eggs but she declined the offer so I took one with me (in the appropriate place of course). We stopped off for a coffee before Sara caught her train and I allowed her to use the egg’s remote control, relaying back to her the settings that she was using. Sara kept it buzzing away in my pussy for a fair amount of time and while I knew that I wasn’t likely to cum, it felt pretty good (until it started to be a bit too much). I removed the egg (in the bathroom) before we left the café and wrapped it in Sara’s panties as I had formulated a plan…

As we said goodbye at the station, Mike, Jen and I each had a fondle of Sara under her skirt as we kissed her goodbye (this is why long coats are good). I did a bit more than just fondle her though and pushed the egg up in to Sara’s pussy (not all the way, just far enough that she had to decide to try and take it out or to accept it and let me push it in properly. She went with the latter option and I turned the egg on before putting the remote in her pocket and daring her to try and cum while on the train. We waved her off and later found out that she hadn’t actually cum on the journey home, but had turned the egg on to a low setting a number of times and enjoyed the feeling of it buzzing away inside her. Sara didn’t want to cum again that night, but she made good use of the egg over the following weeks.

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