Friday, 14 November 2014

Valentine’s Day 2014

This will probably be a very brief entry as most of this day we consider to be ‘our’ time, but Jen thought that we should write about a couple of things in particular that happened.

Mike and I had spent quite a while stimulating Jen – not specifically teasing her, just gently playing with her so it took her quite a while to cum. It worked out quite well as when she finally did cum, she had a fairly strong orgasm but was still feeling horny afterwards. This led to her tickling me quite a bit – I am pretty ticklish and can usually defend myself, but Mike decided to help Jen out and held my arms down so I was completely defenceless (and I couldn’t even squirm around too much as I couldn’t risk kicking her in the stomach). I was tickled up until the point where I was almost wetting myself and Jen decided that she wanted to see this so we decided to briefly brave the cold and head out to the garden to grant Jen her wish.

We quickly got down to business and I lay down on the (cold) grass, with Jen above me in a 69 position. She started to tickle me and occasionally licked at my pussy while Mike either helped to tickle me or toyed with Jen’s pussy (I tried, but wasn’t allowed to lick her as they knew I would probably be able to distract Jen from the tickling). This continued until I was back at the point of nearly wetting myself, but now there was no reason for them to stop and they mercilessly tickled me until I really couldn’t hold back any more and I let out multiple squirts of pee. As regular readers know, I’ve peed in front of them both many times (both just to relieve myself or as part of watersports games), but it felt rather different as I wasn’t entirely in control of my bladder, but it also wasn’t (quite) a sex thing so it was actually rather embarrassing. It quickly turned in to a sex thing though as Jen lowered her mouth to my pussy and started to eat me. Mike moved around behind Jen, pulled her ass up a bit and started to eat her. All I could really do to contribute was reach down between our bodies and fondle Jen’s breasts, but I soon found out that I had another role to play to add to Jen’s enjoyment (even though it was still a passive one).

I didn’t realise it until it was too late, but Mike was clearly eating Jen more intensively than she was eating me as I felt Jen start to mew in to my pussy and hump her crotch against Mike’s face. I heard him tell her to give him as much as she could and just a short while later my face was being showered with her pee. As Mike’s mouth was still glued to her pussy, he got far more of it than I did and I could see it running down his chin, but a fair amount splashed or dripped off of him and landed on me. By the time Jen finished both Mike’s body and my face and hair were pretty much soaked with her pee. They weren’t done yet though as Jen pushed her crotch down on to my face and humped back and forth as she told Mike to go and get the rest of the champagne. When he returned with the bottle Jen sat up over my face (with her pussy still on my mouth) and told him to srpay as much as he could over us both.

Mike did as instructed and placed his finger over the top of the bottle and shook it. We had enough left that he got a fairly decent spray out of it and both Jen and I were left covered in champagne. Jen was instructed to keep me where I was and Mike dashed off (I could only hear this as Jen’s ass was blocking my view). He came back a minute or so later and I felt something hard press against my pussy and then felt it slide in to me. It didn’t take much to figure out that it was the bottle and I wondered if he had emptied the champagne out first (we’ve seen videos of people fucked with full champagne bottles and while it looks sexy I’m a bit concerned about having champagne forced in to places that it shouldn’t be). Fortunately Mike had dashed off to empty and quickly rinse the bottle so I didn’t need to worry (and I obviously realised this). He fucked me with the bottle for a while and Jen played with my clit and they then switched roles and Jen fucked me even harder with it. I didn’t just lie there passively and eagerly ate Jen’s cunt – tasting a mixture of her juices, her pee and the champagne. I was instructed to use whatever pee I had left in me when I came and while I had squirted a fair bit of it out during the tickling, I still had enough left to put out a fairly good spray that bounced off the bottle fairly well and soaked Jen’s face (and Mike to a lesser extent).

It would have been nice to relax in a messy, stick heap, but it was too cold to remain outside once we had finished so Mike fetched us some towels to dry off and we went up to shower to warm up and clean ourselves off. We then had another more romantic session afterwards, but that is part of the time that belongs to us…

Next post tomorrow to make up for the short entry.

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