Monday, 29 December 2014

Providing relief for Susan – Part 2

We stopped off for a drink and Susan was encouraged to flash as many guys at the bar as she could but when some of them approached her I made out with her. We flirted with the ones that weren’t deterred by this but didn’t have enough time to let anything happen as we had places to be. After walking for a bit to a more industrial area, we went up the now familiar staircase and in to a large room. Susan immediately saw the bed in the middle of the room (which wasn’t difficult as it was the only thing that was properly lit) with a number of chairs around it. Susan knew about the shows we had put on as Julia had been my partner for the first one (and Mel and Jules visit the rest of the gang much more frequently than Mike, Jen and I do). I told Susan that she didn’t have to join in if she didn’t want to and Mike and Jen would ‘help out’, but that if she was up for it, she could have a pretty intense time. I’d been pretty confident that Susan would join in and her ‘training’ over the years meant that she pretty much couldn’t resist. Alistair was happy to have another new participant and we waited for about 15 minutes until the audience members arrived. This time there were 12 people watching us (up from the 8 we had the previous time) and I told Susan that I hoped we would be able to put on a decent show for them and then if she was up for it, they would sample us. Susan couldn’t believe what we had arranged for her (because of course none of it was for my pleasure) and assured me that she would give everything she could.

As it was Susan, I had decided to make things a little more intense than I had with Sue. We climbed up on to the bed and after starting things off fairly slowly (kissing, caressing and slowly pulling on each other’s clothes to reveal bits), I got Jen to hand me a pair of scissors and cut in to Susan’s top and skirt. I didn’t cut much, but it was enough for me to then be able to tear the material and rip her clothes off of her body (although the effect was slightly ruined by me having to cut the very bottom of her top). Having thrown the scraps of her clothes aside, we kissed a bit more as I pulled on the back of her bra until it snapped and was also thrown away. Susan unclipped my skirt, pulled the zip down and then yanked hard so it ripped – I had actually quite liked that skirt, but it was only fair so I let her finish the job and then she did the same to my blouse. Once my bra was removed, we fell on to the bed and kissed, humped and fingered each other.

I rolled Susan on to her side and kissed my way down her back and then kissed and licked her ass cheeks as I pushed my way down between her legs. I ate her like this for a while before pulling her legs open and moving round to continue eating her (so everyone could actually see what I was doing) and we then moved on to 69ing. We had our first orgasms like this, licking and fingering each other energetically. After another bout of kissing we shared a double ended dildo – taking turns to fuck each other with it first and then scissoring with it linking our cunts. Mike then joined us and he fucked us for a while followed by getting us both to lick his cock clean. He then sat on the bed and got me to mount his ass so he could fuck me while Susan ate me – as my orgasm built up, he whispered in to my ear about how so many people were watching and were going to see me cum with a cock in my ass and a tongue in my cunt. I tried to tell him that he wasn’t being fair, but the fact that my nipples were so hard under his fingers kind of eliminated any chance of me pretending I wasn’t enjoying it. I came quite hard but Mike didn’t cum at this point and Jen joined us next, wearing the strap on. She had been very reticent about displaying herself while pregnant as she had become paranoid about the way she looked (she has always been used to being very slender) but we had repeatedly told her how sexy she was and that the guys would still love to see her fuck us. We were right and they really seemed to like watching a pregnant girl fucking Susan and me.

We had a quick break and a drink and then moved on to giving each other an oil massage and once our fingers had gone everywhere (and having openly fucked each other’s asses) we asked if anyone in the audience wanted to join in. This was obviously a rhetorical question and there were some people who must have been there the previous time as they assumed that we wanted to have our cunts and mouths filled at the same time. Both Susan and I were fine with this but we (well, I) did specify that I wanted to have every cock inside my cunt at least once. This meant that we followed roughly the same pattern as at the previous session with Sue and have four guys inside us at any one time, one in each of our mouths and cunts. One of them asked Susan if he could fuck her ass and was given permission (after we had both sucked him and I’d had him fuck me for a bit). As the question had been asked, the guy fucking me wanted the same and as he’d already been around all our other holes I gave him permission. The guy in Susan’s ass was quite a bit more energetic than the one in mine, but both of them came in a fairly short period of time.

We moved through the whole audience (or it might be more accurate to say they all moved through us). Susan and I occasionally caressed each other while we were being fucked, but I always had a hand wrapped around the cock I was sucking so that it couldn’t get too deep and make me gag (I’ve never got the hand of deep-throating) so I could only do a little to Susan. Even so, she managed to cum three times while I only came twice, although in my defence, she did cheat as a second guy fucked her ass and she fingered herself while he fucked her. By the time we finished, I felt a little tender as a number of the guys had been caressing me quite firmly (nothing too rough, there were just twelve of them so it mounted up). We’d had our asses slapped and squeezed, breasts mauled, asses probed with fingers, nipples tweaked and one guy had pulled my hair a couple of times. (If it hadn’t been a group of guys doing it, Jen would have loved it.) I knew that we weren’t finished yet though and that the wet part of the show was still to come…

After another quick drink, Mike and Jen both joined us on the bed – I had a quick eat of Jen while Mike fucked Susan and Jen then stood up and masturbated . While she still wasn’t at full flow (compared to what she would be in a month or so), our teasing had worked quite well and she was visibly dripping juice over Susan and me. Jen had to cum first for what we had in mind (now we’d done this a couple of times we had planned out what we were going to display). She sat back over my face to cum and then rested at the top of the bed while Mike finished fucking Susan – pulling out just before he came so he could shoot his cum over her pussy and up across her chest. That was my cue to 69 with Susan once more, rubbing my face against her cunt and by breasts against her stomach so I got a good covering of his cum (and also smearing the drops of Jen’s juices over our bodies). While we did this, Mike went down on Jen to help get her close to cumming again, but he had to concentrate quite a bit so that he didn’t get hard again (which is rather difficult for him when eating pussy – especially a very juicy one). As I pulled away from Susan, I whispered to her that we were about to be peed on but that I would take it if she didn’t want to  - true to form she was game so I wrapped my arms around her and we lay with our bodies pressed together. Jen knelt up and crawled up over our legs with Mike beside her to help provide balance and she rapidly frigged her clit while Mike fingered her and sucked on her nipples.

Jen announced that she was close and Mike moved his head and fingers away but continued to kneel beside her. I thought that his cock looked too hard to be of much use (and it’s not often I say it that way round), but he was still soft enough that when Jen started to cum, instead of dripping her juices on to Susan and my legs, she let losse and sent a stream of liquid up our bodies. At first it mostly hit our thighs, but she pulled on her mons and directed the stream up on to our bodies. Mike could aim considerably more easily and sprayed over all of our bodies (including faces). Remembering that we were meant to be putting on a show, I turned to Susan and kissed her deeply while pushing a hand between her legs and starting to finger her again. She reciprocated and when Mike and Jen finished, we resumed our previous 69ing session, just with our bodies considerably wetter.

I thought I knew what was coming next and expected to be presented with a giant horse dildo (we hadn’t brought our one with us, bus Alistair obviously has access to a whole range of sex toys). We were actually presented with a giant double ended dildo – probably about as thick as the horse one, but with a distinctly human glans shape at each end. Mike added some lube and Jen rubbed each end against her cunt a few times to provide a little bit extra and Susan and I were then given the task of getting it in to our cunts. It was definitely tight, but I got it in – Mike had to help Susan out and at first we weren’t sure if she would take it (although Jen has fisted her before and it was about the same size as Jen’s fist) but she got it in. We took turns fucking ourselves with it and Mike and Jen then helped out by sitting over our faces so we could eat or suck them while they rubbed our clits. Mike briefly dismounted Susan’s face to play with her breasts and while he did this he told her that she was meant to pee as hard as she could when she came. Susan has done this before in front of her friends (encouraged by Jen of course) so knew what was expected of her and when Mike crawled up over her face again she took his cock in her hands and licked him.

Susan came before I did and she let out a stream of piss as she did so. Mike pulled his hand away from her pussy but she quickly replaced it with her own and rapidly frigged her clit. I felt the warm liquid spray over my body and pumped the giant dildo into myself faster, trying to bring my own orgasm on as quickly as possible. I helped it along by concentrating on just how dirty what we were doing actually was and how much I loved having everyone seeing me like that. When the final burst of my orgasm started to build I tried to tell Jen, but she was humping back and forth over my face so she only found out when I started to pee. She later said that if it hadn’t been for the bump, she would have thrown herself forwards and attached her mouth to my pussy but she contented herself with continuing to frig me and making my pee spray over Susan, herself and me. Well, she didn’t quite content herself with this and knelt up just enough to let people see as she pushed out a bit more pee directly on to my face. Given where we were, I played along and pulled her back down on to my mouth and lapped at her cunt. Fortunately Jen didn’t have much left in her, but I carried on licking until she lifted herself up again.

I had expected that to be the end of the session (apart from a little more of Susan and I showing ourselves off), but Mike asked the audience if anyone wanted a second go with us to feel the difference the giant dildo had made to our cunts. Susan and I were still on the bed with the dildo between us so weren’t in the best position to object but only three guys wanted a go and we decided that we could cope with that anyway. For this session, we were asked to lie in a 69 position with me on top (I assume so that they could see my breasts swinging back and forth as I was fucked). As we’d gone so far already, Susan and I ate each other for a couple of minutes while the first two guys got ready. The one who was fucking Susan went in first and as he slipped in to her I asked him if he wanted me to play with her clit and make her cum. I had half expected him to say he didn’t care (I’m well aware that in a setting like this, Susan and I are just objects who are there for their pleasure), but he told me to go ahead. As I started to frig Susan I felt my guy push against my cunt and slide in to me and I looked up at the guy fucking Susan. There had been something about his voice that had sounded familiar and even though he had a mask on (as did everyone in the audience) I tried to look at his eyes to see if was actually someone I knew. Even Mike and Susan had gone without masks this time (they just get in the way and make eating someone practically impossible) and even though I didn’t recognise the person, I really enjoyed the idea of it being someone I knew.

Both guys acknowledged that we felt looser than before, but that didn’t stop them fucking us. A fourth guy said he wouldn’t mind joining in, which made things somewhat easier as I’d been considering if we should have just let the third guy fuck whichever of us was finished with first or if we’d have to share him. If we’d gone with the first option, I would have got him as the guy in me came first. I felt the second cock slide in and replace him and when the first guy came in Susan I took a hold of his cock and gently sucked the condom clean of her juices before letting him move away and for her second guy to enter her. I called back to Susan to tell her that I wanted her to cum and did my best to lick at her clit while she was being fucked – 69ing isn’t the best position for this so I went back to frigging her and she did the same to me. The guy asked if he could fuck her ass and I pointed out that he was meant to be comparing the before and after of our pussies – when I asked Susan later on she said that she would have let him do it, and if he had I could have then eaten her cunt properly so I wish I had let him.

Both Susan and I managed to cum before the guys did this time though. My orgasm felt fairly sharp (probably due to having done so much in such a short time), but it wasn’t really bad. I also think it would have been quite funny if we had both squirted as we came so the guys could find out what being covered in pee was like, but as neither of them had asked for this we (sensibly) didn’t. The second guy came in me a bit before the guy in Susan came, but that gave Susan a chance to kitty kiss me (which she did very gently despite the fact that she was still being fucked). Once both guys had finished, I rolled off of Susan and lay beside her on the rather damp bed with my legs spread so the half of the audience on the side of the bed facing my pussy could see everything.

We were thanked for the show and a couple of people gave us a quick fondle on the way out. It was only at this point that Susan realised that we had no clothes to wear on the way home other than out coats (although she is also used to that) and I told her that if she was up for it that we weren’t going home… I had arranged with Alistair that we would go back to his place and let him show his appreciation for the show – the bulge in his trousers was easily visible and I explained to Susan that we would meet up with Mike and Jen back at the shop on the Sunday morning, that they knew when Alistair lived and then quietly added that I had set my phone to allow Mike to track me ‘just in case’ (although we trust Alistair and he’s fucked me a few times before). Susan seemed satisfied with this but added that she didn’t know how much more she could take that night.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Providing relief for Susan – Part 1

At the end of March (after term ended) Susan came up to visit us, with us having given her a promise that we would give her an intense weekend to help satiate her desires and keep her going until she got back to Uni with Abrahii and the others. We had hoped that Abrahii would visit as well, but she had to go home to Pakistan for a couple of weeks (which almost certainly meant that she wouldn’t be getting any sex as her family is quite strict and has no idea what she is actually like).

Susan turned up mid-afternoon on the Friday and Jen met her at the station. She had been instructed to set the mood for the weekend and for her journey she had just worn a long loose knit jumper and thigh-high socks. They went out for coffee (Jen had been very good at sticking to decaf while pregnant) and then wandered along to the Uni to meet up with me. My area in the lab is partially shielded from view of others and we chatted as I gathered my things and waited until the other person I share the area with was elsewhere. I don’t think it was blatantly obvious that Susan was naked under her jumper, but as I knew what to look for I could tell and couldn’t wait to get my hands on her. I pulled her towards me and ran mu hands up her legs, pushing the jumper up to expose her pussy and ass. She is used to being treated far worse than this so did nothing to stop me and after briefly fingering her I spread my legs and told her to lick me. As she knelt down, I pulled her jumper up over her breasts. Jen intended to kneel down behind Susan and play with her pussy, but at 6 months pregnant, she wasn’t as flexible as normal so settled on just crouching a little and reaching around Susan to fondle her breasts. We were interrupted before Susan could get me off, but had sufficient warning that we straightened ourselves out before anyone saw us so they were none the wiser as to what had been going on.

On the way back to the house both Jen and I fondled Susan and by the time we got indoors, she was more than ready to play properly. As Susan is known for sleeping around (probably even more so than Julia or me), and even though she always practices safe sex (except with the regular group of people) we had agreed beforehand that she wouldn’t do anything directly with Jen. I wasn’t bound by this restriction though and Susan quickly lost her jumper (but kept her socks on as we all know that Mike likes that look – and I think it quite sexy too) and I buried my face in her cunt. We moved in to the living room in a number of stages until Susan was on the sofa with Jen beside her. The two of them kissed and played with each other’s breasts while I ate Susan. She tasted better than I remember (not that she usually tastes bad, she just tasted better) so I eagerly lapped up her juices and between licks I asked her if she had managed to play with herself on the journey. It was clear that she was already quite close to cumming, but between gasps (and sucking on Jen’s nipples) she told us that she had managed to masturbate a number of times on the train, just as we had instructed her to. She had got herself close to cumming each time and had then backed off – which is very different to her normal method of just cumming as many times as she can, but she had played along with our request and it meant that not only was she very horny, but that when she came, she had an incredibly strong orgasm. Susan wrapped her legs around my head and humped against my face with rapid jerks while pulling my hair with one hand (sort of a combination of pulling and pushing – she had a firm grip on a chunk of my hair near the base, but was pushing my head against her cunt).

She acknowledged that holding back and just teasing herself on the train had been worthwhile and we got her to describe how much she had done on the train – she had only ‘properly’ played with herself once, but had squeezed her thighs together, pushed her jumper down between her legs and fantasised about cumming for quite a lot of the journey (as is the case with me, a good proportion of Susan’s waking thoughts are in relation to orgasms). I asked how much she had shown her pussy off to the other passengers but found out that she had barely done this (expect maybe when changing positions a few times) and I told her that we would have to make up for that. Susan isn’t really an exhibitionist, but is quite happy to expose herself if it means she gets to enjoy herself and knows us well enough that she was in no doubt about us making good on our promise. We got to work on orgasm #2 and for this Jen used some toys on Susan while I had Susan eat me. Jen wasn’t neglected and I went down on her afterwards while Susan played with Jen’s nips some more.

We keep the house warm enough that clothes aren’t needed so Susan was able to remain naked until Mike returned (it goes without saying that neither Jen nor I put anything on). When we heard Mike pull in, Susan was sent to the front door to greet him and he appreciated the sight. As anticipated, he wanted to greet her properly and even before the door was closed, he had her pushed up against the wall and knelt in front of her to eat her. Susan gladly came for him but then said it was a bit cold so he shut the door, turned her around and pushed in to her cunt from behind. Jen and I watched as he first fucked her up against the wall and then turned her around to face him, lifted her up on to his cock and fucked her against the wall with her legs wrapped around his waist. As she’d just cum, it took him a while to fuck her to another orgasm (especially as he wasn’t touching her clit at all other than the contact with his crotch each time he thrust in to her) but if Mike can do anything, it is fucking for a long time (and he’d like me to point out that he can also eat pussy well). Sara bit in to his shoulder as she came and told him she wanted him to cum in her. Mike told her that she would have to wait, but that he would cum deep inside her cunt later that night.

For dinner we called up our tame delivery guy but unfortunately he wasn’t on duty. I debated letting him come over and assist with servicing Susan but thought that we had an exciting enough weekend planned for her so arranged for him to come visit me during the week. Instead we took Susan out wearing just the same jumper she had travelled up in and after dinner we went to a very crowded pub. Having found somewhere suitably safe for Jen to stand, Mike and I took turns going up to the bar with Susan and fondling her in the middle of the crowd. I manage to get her to stand and finger herself while I kissed her, although she got her own back and slid her fingers up under my skirt and in to my cunt. Unfortunately the place was too well lit for her to cum without it being noticed (while Susan is significantly more experience than I was at her age, she doesn’t always hide her pleasure well, although I guess that goes with her not being an exhibitionist) so we headed home to finish things off.

Susan had the obligatory alleyway fuck on the way back, but wasn’t allowed to cum (at least not by Mike). She had her jumped pulled all the way up to reveal her breasts and while Mike and I each played with one of them, Jen stood in front of Susan and kissed her while vigorously rubbing and fingering Susan’s cunt. As Susan got close to cumming Jen told her that she had to pee as hard as she could – Susan knows all about Jen’s watersports fetish so she wasn’t too surprised, and even though she split up from Abigail a while ago, she was still sufficiently used to being told what to do that she didn’t question Jen and just followed her instructions. It was only after her orgasm ended that she seemed to realise what she had done and apologised to Jen for having soaked the front of her dress and her legs but Jen said that she had loved it. As if to prove a point, Jen spread her legs and peed herself and said that she would picture Susan pissing and remember the feeling of the warm liquid hitting her skin when she came later on that night.

Jen and Susan had a quick shower when we got back and once they had dried off they joined Mike and I in the bedroom. We had something special planned for Susan (at least it would be special for most people, but seeing as Susan is used to spending time with Abrahii and by extension Richard and James, maybe not so much for her…). Mike lay on his back and I rode his cock to coat it in my juices and we then added a generous dollop of tingle gel and rubbed it all over his cock. After adding an extra blob to the end of his cock, Susan was instructed to mount him and as they fucked, I climbed over Mike’s face so he could eat my cunt while Susan took my ass (she also knows about this position as we’ve used it with her). The slight difference was that this time Jen was joining in as well and Susan soon felt the tip of the strap on vibe buzzing against her ass. She isn’t adverse to anal (or anything as far as I know) so eagerly pressed back and let Jen slide in to her. This position worked out well as it meant that Jen got to cum as a part of the session (by using the internal vibe in the harness) and the four of us were fucked, sucked and buzzed. Susan naturally came first but I wasn’t too far behind. It took a little longer for Jen to cum, but once she had, Mike started humping in to Susan much more forcefully. Jen kept the vibe buried in Susan’s ass, which Mike could feel in her cunt and he quickly went from kitty kissing me to eating me again. I didn’t care and quite enjoyed the feeling of Susan’s face being thrust against my ass each time he pumped in to her and I wasn’t too surprised when I felt another orgasm building. Susan announced that she was going to cum again as well, which partially derailed Mike’s own orgasm as he now had to hold back until Susan came. He found this to be a bit more of a challenge than usual – partially as he had been getting quite close, partially as he had his tongue buried in my cunt and partially due to the buzzing of the vibe from Susan’s ass on his cock. He just about managed it though and was able to cum in Susan very soon after she came around him. I felt him panting in to my pussy and humped against his face, telling him to keep eating me as I was close. He did what I asked and I also felt Susan lap at my ass a few times more which helped to send me over the edge again.

Jen wanted to cum a second time as well as the internal vibe had been buzzing on her pussy ever since her first orgasm. Her libido had been somewhat reduced in the second trimester but had just started to pick up again (little did we know at this point just how much it was going to pick up). As had been the rule since she got pregnant, the pregnant lady gets what she wants, so we removed the strap on and lay her down on the bed. I went down on Jen while Mike and Susan played with her nipples and Jen reached under them both to play with their crotches. I lapped up a fair amount of her juices as I ate her but she was still leaking a little after she came so Mike took over and kitty kissed her. He asked Susan if she wanted a taste of Jen and when she said yes, he sucked a good amount of Jen’s juices in to his mouth and then pulled Susan towards him so they could kiss. Mike used his tongue to push the gloop in to Susan’s mouth and she swallowed most of it with just a little leaking out.

For comfort, we split up and slept in separate beds that night, Mike sleeping with Susan and me with Jen. Mike woke Susan in the traditional way (by eating her) and once she had cum he then fucked her. I was left with the job of 69ing with Susan and pretending to eat her clean (Mike had faked cumming in her for reasons which will become clear). The rest of the morning was quite subdued – we didn’t leave the house until lunchtime and popped in to town. We went to a beer hall for lunch as we knew it had a suitable platform (literally) to let people perv on us. There was a seating area opposite the bar which was up a few steps, this meant that by the time we were sitting on the bench, our pussies were at roughly eye level for people at the bar. Susan and I sat facing the bar with Mike and Jen facing us and once the food arrived we both sat with our legs crossed so our pussies were visible to anyone who cared to look. Over the years I’ve become very practiced at seeing if anyone is looking without it appearing I am looking at them and I certainly saw a few guys having a good long look. I made sure that Susan knew this and we placed our hands on each other’s thighs a number of times. The place was noisy enough that Susan and I openly discussed what it would be like to strip off and offer ourselves to anyone who wanted us and Susan described how she could sit where Jen was but facing outwards to allow any women to walk up to her and either finger or eat her. I quite liked the sound of that but I was up for taking the guys as well so we agreed to split the place evenly between us (if only).

A trip in to town isn’t complete without some changing room fun and we didn’t skimp on this with Jen taking Susan in one shop and them fingering each other and me taking Susan in to another and having us eat each other. Over coffee, Jen remarked that her pussy felt as wet as it had been during her first trimester and I told her that this would be useful for later if she could keep herself in that state (or get back to it). Susan still had no idea what we were talking about but played along anyway. We didn’t stay out too long and once we got home Mike spent a while kitty kissing Susan and convinced her to let him shave her once more ‘just to make sure she was as smooth as she could be’. He kitty kissed her a bit more after this, but didn’t let her cum so she was feeling very horny by the time we stopped for dinner. I had gently played with Jen off and on while Mike had been busy with Susan so we were both quite horny as well, but we had done well at holding back.

Before we went out, Mike showered with Jen and I showered with Susan. There was a lot more teasing, but still no cumming and by this point Susan had realised that she would probably be made to perform when we were out – she just hadn’t realised in what way. She didn’t object when we chose her outfit for the evening and happily got dressed in a simple little top and skirt combo. The skirt was fairly short, but as it was pleated it didn’t show anything (but as Mike said, it showed the promise of something) and was probably a lot less revealing than many of the things Abigail used to make Susan wear.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Dream and Fantasies – Part 2

The third fantasy is almost an offshoot of the second one (although somewhat different). This one definitely comes from hentai and is based around an alien or demon with tentacles fucking me. I’ve thought about this being done in many ways, but one of my favourites would be for me to be ‘attacked’ when with a group of people I know, but who don’t know what I’m really like (preferably when I’m with a group of my York friends – although they now have a bit more of an idea of my true nature, but that is for a future entry), for all of us to be restrained in some way and for the monster to then turn his attention to me. Multiple tentacles would sprout from his body and coil around me, pulling my legs apart (for the sake of this fantasy we’ll pretend I was wearing panties) and start to caress my body. The tentacles would push under whatever clothing I had on and as more tentacles were added, my clothing would be ripped more and more, a tiny piece at a time until my underwear was clearly visible. My bra would be ripped off and tentacles would coil around my breasts, kneading them and covering them with slime. I quickly realise that the slime enhances the sensitivity of my skin and as the tips of the tentacles brush back and forth over my nipples.

Yet more tentacles joined in, these ones with numerous much smaller tentacles at the end and they writhed around over my nipples, tweaking and pulling on them until both my nips were hard. A thin tentacle rubbed up and down the front of my panties, pressing the material between my lips until the crotch of my panties was almost pushed fully in to me. It then pierced through the material and I felt it piston back and forth inside my pussy. The feeling then changed as the invader increased in size, tearing a larger hole in my panties but continuing to fuck me. It oozed the same sensitising slime over and into my cunt and I felt the whole area start to tingle, knowing full well that it things continued that I would end up cumming in front of all my friends.

Other tentacles replaced the ones on my nipples, these with small mouths on them and they repeatedly latched on my nips and sucked them while pulling away from my body, pulling my breasts out and away from me until they let go and my breasts fell back against my body. A smaller one of these latched onto my clit and I couldn’t help letting out an ‘oh fuck’ as my hyper-sensitive clit was sucked and flicked. The tentacle inside me sprouted a number of smaller tongues from the end, which lapped around the inside of my pussy as the main body fucked me and I announced that I couldn’t hold back and was going to cum. The onslaught continued and as my orgasm built I moaned and panted until I couldn’t take any more and let out a long scream as the tentacle pounded in and out of my cunt and the tongues licked every part of my pussy. I felt it shoot load after load of cum in to me and knew that there was so much that it was squirting out around the tentacle. I felt so good that I didn’t care and just surrendered to the feelings that coursed through my body.

The tentacle pulled out of me, quickly followed by a huge volume of cum and my friends asked me if I was all right. I couldn’t answer straight away as my orgasm had been so strong but managed to say I was fine. Little did I know at that point that things were just starting… The tentacle that had been in my cunt moved up to my face and forced its way in to my mouth and as it fucked my face I felt another one thrust in to my cunt. This was quickly joined by a second tentacle and I felt them both sliding in and out of me. A second orgasm quickly started to build but before I came the tentacle in my mouth started to cum. This leaked out of my mouth and down my body but I was too distracted by my own orgasm to care. It hit me hard and I moaned out loud (somewhat muffled my the load in my mouth) and I felt both tentacles squirt more cum in to my cunt. They pulled out and the one in my mouth withdrew, leaving me with cum leaking from both holes, but this time I wasn’t given any time to recover and I was lifted up in the air. A couple of smaller tentacles thrust in to my cunt and rapidly fucked me, then withdrew and pressed against my ass. I remembered that I was still being watched by my friends and let out a ‘no’ as they thrust in to me, but I was actually enjoying how good it felt. A number of other smaller tentacles thrust in to my cunt – at first I could count how many were in me, but as they fought to be inside me I lost count and could just feel multiple things thrusting in and out of me. A larger one pushed back in to my mouth and the smaller suction ones attached themselves to my nipples and clit and I was fucked mercilessly while being turned around to have myself displayed. I felt a third orgasm building and realised that the slime and cum I was being covered with not just made me more sensitive, but allowed me to cum multiple times. This time as I came, not only the tentacles inside me came, but others came over my body and I was turned over so my whole body could be covered in their cum.

I was lowered to the ground and lay there whimpering and my friends once again asked if I was okay. I told them that it felt incredibly intense and I couldn’t hold back but before I could say any more, three smaller cock tentacles pushed into my mouth and started fucking me. A large tentacle with smaller ones on the end pushed into my cunt and I felt the small parts probing me, rubbing my g-spot and stroking all around inside me. A number of smaller tentacles spread out towards my friends and they tried to pull away but were still held firmly in place. I had expected them to target the girls, but they coiled around the legs of the guys, moved to the top of their trousers and shorts and pulled on the material until it tore. The same fate befell the guys’ underwear and the tentacles wrapped themselves around the exposed cocks and pulled them free. I watched as each of the cocks was stroked – a number of the guys had been hard already and those that hadn’t quickly succumbed to the sensitising slime. One by one they started to pant and writhe around, but before any of them came, a number of large suction tentacles fastened themselves to the heads of their cocks. As each guy came, they had their cocks milked of as much cum as possible and the tentacles immediately returned to me, thrust in to my cunt (along with the larger one) and squirted the guys’ cum in to me. Each time this happened, the suction tentacles on my breasts and clit went in to overdrive and I came and the tentacles in my mouth shot a load of cum in to me (which dribbled out). In the same way I had ‘known’ about the slime allowing me to cum multiple times, I knew that if I came enough times that all of my friends would be fucked, but I couldn’t help myself and didn’t want the orgasms to stop.

Once I had everyone’s cum in me I was hauled in to a sitting position facing everyone. The guys still had the smaller tentacles wrapped around their cocks and I wondered if the slime would allow them to cum multiple times as well. A single thick cock tentacle rubbed up and down the length of my pussy and I surrendered completely to the feelings. My arms were released and I took a hold of the tentacle and pushed it in to my cunt, then started fucking myself with it. Everyone asked what I was doing but I just said that it felt so fucking good that I couldn’t help myself. The suction tentacles attached themselves to my nipples once more and I felt a couple of the smaller ones slide into my ass. As I pumped the tentacle in and out of my cunt another cock tentacle approached my face so I took hold of it and began sucking on it, knowing that all of my friends were watching me as I fucked myself. I could see the tentacles around the guys’ cocks stroking them again and once more as each guy got close to cumming, a large suction tentacle shot over to them and enveloped the head of their cock, sucking as much cum out as possible and then returning to me and then just waiting. Once all the guys had cum again, the tentacles pushed in to my cunt, one after another and squirted the guys’ cum in to me, making me cum each time. I could feel my cunt filling up with their cum, and the cocks in my mouth and ass also came in me and the suction ones on my clit and breasts squirted really thick loads of cum over my body.

A new tentacle type appeared that looked like the head of a dragon. It pushed up against my cunt and then shot out a long tongue that pushed all the way into my cunt. A second and third tongue joined the first and they flicked around inside me. I didn’t like the fact that it was eating my friends’ cum out of me, but once again I ‘knew’ that I didn’t have to worry as I would be getting another load. Another tongue emerged from the mouth, this one much thicker and two of the tongues withdrew, one sliding in to my ass and the other concentrating on my clit. The thick tongue alternated between fucking me and licking up and down the length of my cunt and as I came it pushed all the way inside me and lapped at my cervix (which of course felt wonderful due to the effects of the slime and cum).

I had cum dozens of times by this point and my whole body was tingling with the aftereffects, but I still wanted more. It was at this point that the monster approached me and his actual cock began to grow from between his legs. This was huge, and covered in smaller tentacles and tongues that all writhed around. He tried to push it in to my mouth but it was too big so I was just lifted in the air and held in place above his cock. A number of thin tentacles grabbed each side of my pussy and pulled my lips apart and then some hair like tentacles pushed in to me and pulled on the inside of my pussy, stretching it wider. I was lowered slowly on to his cock and I felt myself stretching around it, my body adapting to the largest thing ever to enter me. It was so large that the outline was clearly visible on my stomach and once he had pushed the whole way in to me I was pumped up and down, slowly at first, but then faster and faster with the outline of his cock still showing each time he entered me. This time I didn’t have anything on my nipples or clit or in my ass, but there were five cock tentacles fighting for my mouth. Three at once fucked my mouth, taking turns and cumming a little in me each time so the cum constantly dribbled out and down my body. The monster fucked me harder still and while I knew that I should be in agony instead of ecstasy, I also knew that this was another effect of the slime.

I could feel every part of his cock, every mini tentacle and tongue stimulating my cunt and he came a little inside me (causing me to cum), but then his main orgasm started. His cock swelled to an even larger size and the head pushed right up in to my cervix. He started to cum, emptying load after load in to me which started to spurt out around his cock, but then the base swelled up and he knotted me. Each time I felt a load of his cum squirt in to me I came and my stomach swelled up as the volume of cum inside me increased. The cock tentacles I had been sucking started to cum in my mouth and over my body properly, once again completely covering me with cum so it was dripping off my body and pouring out of my mouth. The monster thrust in to me again and again, pushing the knot deeper in to my cunt and making me cum even harder. Just when I felt I couldn’t take any more (even with the help of the slime), it stopped and I was lowered to the ground.

I had cum so hard that I didn’t realise that the monster’s cock was still inside me – it had detached from his body and I felt it crawl up the whole way in to my cunt. The reservoir of cum remained inside me, the cock still knotting me and keeping it in and I knew that it was now time for my female friends to feel the pleasure I had been feeling. I didn’t do anything, but I knew that if I thought about any of them that they would be fucked. It is impossible to not think about something once prompted and my mind instantly went to the thought of Jo’s cunt being invaded (she was my first girl crush when Mike was ‘training’ me to be bi). I had expected tentacles to shoot out from the monster, but instead they came from my cunt, slithered over to her, pulled her legs apart and began caressing her. I couldn’t pull my gaze away as her clothes were torn off and once her cunt was visible, smaller tentacles spread her lips and a cock tentacle thrust in to her. At first she threw herself around, but then the slime took hold and she started moaning. Suction tentacles attached themselves to her nipples and clit and as we all watched, she came. Each time a wave of pleasure coursed through her body I felt it in my cunt and as the tentacles shot cum in to her, I felt this too (imagining it is how Mike had described his orgasm). Cum oozed out of her cunt and the cock withdrew and squirted a load over her face (making me cum again). I knew that I couldn’t think about anyone else or they would also be fucked so I tried to concentrate on Jo, but that just meant that the tentacles started fucking her again.

I turned my attention to Anna but this didn’t stop Jo from being fucked again and another set of tentacles shot out of me. Anna was stripped and fucked in pretty much the same way Jo had been with me feeling her orgasm and the tentacle’s orgasm once more. I couldn’t keep my thoughts in check anymore and a whole host of tentacles poured out of my cunt and went to each of my female friends. They were all fucked and once they had cum a set of suction tentacles went to each of the guys’ cocks and started to milk them. The slime allowed them to shoot multiple loads of cum and I felt it all returning to my cunt and then being mixed and shot out in to each of the girls, some going in to their cunts and some in to their mouths. I knew that my juices were also mixed in with what they were receiving and I was cumming almost constantly as I came each time anyone else came.

The tentacles then pulled away from everyone and slithered back in to my cunt, squirming around inside me and then reaching out to suck on my clit and squirt a final load of cum over my face and body. The mass of tentacles then crawled out of me and withered on the lawn while the monster faded away, leaving us all covered with cum and in a state of exhaustion.


As you can tell, I put a lot more thought in to the third fantast and it is really an amalgamation of a number of versions of that fantasy (many of which will be familiar to any lovers of tentacle porn, but with my own twist). If anyone happens to know where I can get hold of some of that magic slime that makes it easy to cum multiple times, I would do almost anything in return!

What are your favourite fantasies – either fulfilled or unfulfilled? You can probably guess that I don’t care how dirty or naughty they are given the things we’ve done (and bonus points for anyone who comes up with something that gives us ideas to work with).

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Dream and Fantasies – Part 1

A while ago someone asked me if I had any fantasies that I hadn’t acted out. As regular readers know, I will generally want to actually try things if they sound appealing to me and we’ve been lucky enough to find enough similarly minded people (between Jen’s friends from Uni, the people in York and our pet sex shop owner) that we’ve had plenty of chances to live out fantasies. Most of my fantasies have centred around me being naked, fucked and or cumming in front of one or more people – or cumming secretly in places I’m not meant to be cumming – but I had a couple of fantasies that I haven’t been able to act out for reasons that will become obvious as I describe them. As much as I’m not really in to anime or hentai (at least not in the way that Mike and Sue are), these have probably all been inspired by various anime we have watched…

The first fantasy I have is to have the ability to make myself invisible so I could walk around naked in crowded areas and touch myself as much as I want. It might sound counterintuitive for an exhibitionist to want to be invisible, but there are a number of things I would love to be able to try. I would press my breasts up against random guys and take their hands and guide them to my crotch, press their fingers in to my cunt and get them to finger me. Of course I would be quite happy to give pleasure back to them and could have great fun finding guys in public places and reaching down to their crotch and rubbing them. I wouldn’t be able to get their cocks out as it is only me that is invisible in this fantasy, but I’m fairly sure I could rub them enough to make them cum in their trousers (I know I can manage this as I’ve done it to Mike a number of times). Just imagine someone sitting on a bus with naked me beside them – or in a meeting with me under the table – and me stroking them until they came.

This inspiration for this fantasy came from a dream where I was in a lecture hall and realised that I was naked – I’ve had dreams like that before, but this time I also realised that I was naked. I could partially see myself, but nobody else could. I wandered up and down the aisles as the lecture progressed, gently stroking myself at first and then occasionally stopping to sit and finger myself properly. As would inevitably happen if I were ever actually in this situation, I decided that I wanted to be in a more visible place and wandered down to the front of the lecture hall so I could climb up on the big table there. I faced the audience, spread my legs and rubbed my cunt while fondling my breasts. As I got closer to cumming I switched to one of my favourite masturbation positions and lay back, reached a hand around under one of my legs to finger my cunt while using my other hand to frig my clit. I took myself close to cumming a few times and backed off so I could enjoy the experience as much as possible (I was beginning to realise I was dreaming around this point) and I remember thinking that I really wished that everyone could actually see me. I kept playing with myself and the next time I looked up at the audience I realised that my wish had come true and they could actually see me.

As I had nothing left to lose at this point (and I was feeling incredibly horny) I picked up the remote control for the projector and rubbed it up and down my wet cunt, spread my lips and pushed it in to me. I was easily wet enough to lubricate it and I fucked my cunt with the remote while using some of the overspill to lubricate a couple of my fingers which I pushed in to my ass. I knew that I wasn’t far from cumming and while I was really enjoying myself I decided that I wanted a bit more (not that I’m greedy or anything) so I reached over with a foot and kicked the visualiser so it turned and faced me. As can only happen in dreams, it turned on and the camera aimed directly at my cunt so a giant image of what I was doing to myself was projected up on the twin screens above my head. I heard a collective gasp from the crowd as they got to see in detail exactly what I was doing to myself and this was enough to push me over the edge. I moaned and panted as I came, pumping the remote quickly in and out of my cunt and loving the way the buttons felt as they moved inside me while still fingering my ass. My orgasm lasted for ages and I woke up feeling incredibly horny, but it was a weekday and too early in the morning to wake Mike or Jen to help satiate my desire so I reached down and gently fingered myself while trying to get back to sleep.

I wasn’t really successful in this, but did doze a little and carried the dream on in a number of different directions. In one of the mini-dreams, all of the students were sufficiently aroused by my display that they started playing with whoever was sitting next to them and I got to watch lots of people fucking, fingering, sucking, kissing and eating each other. I saw every combination of sexes doing things with each other and by the time they finished, everyone was naked and covered in cum (even the lesbian pairs somehow managed to be covered in cum). In another mini-dream I took the more convention route (for me) and just had everyone come down and fuck me. The guys all came in my cunt or over my body and I either fingered or ate the girls, letting anyone use the visualised to display what they were doing to or with me to everyone else. This continued until I had been fucked by everyone and the whole bench was covered with boy cum and pussy juice. If I’d been properly dreaming I imagine I would have remained there until the next lecture started and either put on another show or allowed all the new people to fuck me, but Mike woke up around this time and I quickly pounced on him and rode him very energetically (waking Jen in the process), while frigging myself and telling him that I needed to cum. I explained my dream over breakfast so he understood, but as he hadn’t gotten to eat me I had to let him do that before we left for work that morning (such hardship).

The second fantasy is much more straightforward – I would love to have a tail. Either a large bushy tail that I could bend round between my legs and hump against, or a prehensile tail that I could bend round, push in to my cunt and fuck myself with while keeping my hands free to work on my clit, breasts or ass. The alternative to this would be to have multiple sets of hands so I could stroke my neck, fondle both nipples and play with my clit, ass and cunt at the same time (and then a few more sets to also be able to play with Mike and Jen).

The next fantasy is quite a bit longer so I’ll make it another post, but you won’t have to wait long as I’ll post it on the 23rd to make up for this post being short…

Thursday, 18 December 2014

All-nighter Sex Party – Part 5

Giles fucked her next (and he really pumped in to her hard and fast, which I took as being due to him enjoying watching Clare be fucked so much). He came over her face and immediately afterwards Clare ate Miyako (and Giles doubly loved the idea of is cum being rubbed against her cute little pussy). Miyako repaid Clare to some degree (she didn’t eat her too much, but enough to qualify) and as Clare had been doing so well I suggested something that was meant as a treat for her. She still needed to have her ass fucked a second time and I thought that as the newcomer, Joris could get this honour. It seemed only fair that Nora should help him out so we got Joris to sit up and we lowered Clare on to his cock so she was facing away from him. This allowed us to easily get to Clare’s pussy and I had a few cheeky licks of her (to make up for the fact that I hadn’t eaten her much during my turn) and then handed her over to Nora. This position was something that they (Nora and Joris) hadn’t tried before, but it seemed to work quite well and as Joris guided Clare up and down on his cock, Nora lapped at Clare’s pussy until she came. To finish off, Joris got Clare to kneel on all fours and pumped away inside her ass until he came and we once again realised that she hadn’t sucked his cock so he went to freshen up before returning and letting her correct this omission.

Clare was now very tired and as she had done so well we decided that she didn’t have to make any of the other girls cum if she didn’t want to (but she still had to make a reasonable show of eating them). As she did this, Brett, Paul and Bennett each took a turn fucking her and alternating with the girls for access to Clare’s mouth while the girls lapped at Clare’s pussy. Brett came in Clare’s mouth, Paul came over Clare’s chest and after fucking Clare from behind while Melissa licked her to her final orgasm of the session (they wanted her to go out on a high), Bennett came over Clare’s face with a pretty large load.

To say that Clare was a mess would be an understatement – she had cum over her face and chest (most of the stuff on her back had wiped off on the duvet) and her pussy was shining with a mixture of her juices and various girls’ saliva. She looked happy but absolutely exhausted and didn’t take kindly to me offering her up to anyone who wanted a second go. Fortunately for her everyone was kind enough to refrain from using her again, although a few of the people who had taken part in the earlier part of the session had got a second wind and started playing with each other. I still had a number of people to tick off my own list so got in on the action with Neil and had him fuck me for a bit and then helped him to get Caroline off (I’d already played with her, but it was only fair).

I next managed to convince Hannah to help me out with Paul and we fucked him in a number of different positions (allowing me to have his cock inside me, have Hannah eat me and me eat her. I made sure that he was inside me when he came and I ensured that Hannah got off with a combination of my fingers and tongue. It was a little harder to convince Craig to fuck me as he’d had a fairly energetic time the previous night (although I hadn’t witnessed much of it) and then a fairly strong orgasm while fucking Clare, but he appreciated my desire to fuck every guy at the party (or at least have them inside me for a reasonable time). He played with my breasts quite a lot and as he was enjoying them so much I offered to tit-fuck him and he jumped at the idea. I had been expecting to be the one doing the work but he wanted me to lie on my back and he sat over me. He pushed my breasts together around his cock and pumped back and forth and after a couple of minutes he asked if he could cum over me. I told him to empty as much of his cum over my breasts as he could (while assuming that he would produce too much after his previous load). He may not have cum a lot, but he went one better than I was expecting and the first jet of his cum once again hot out quite hard and hit the bottom of my chin before running down over my neck. My neck is very sensitive and I can cum just from having it stroked (although this takes quite a while) so the feeling of his cum running over it was wonderful. He rubbed back and forth between my breasts a few more times and I then took his cock in my mouth to suck the head clean while I rubbed his cum over my breasts and neck before plunging my fingers in to myself and working his cum inside my cunt.

By my reckoning I now only had Mike and Sara to fuck to complete my list and they were quite happy to oblige me. While we were playing, Simone wandered in and asked if she could try out the strap-on. Not being the kind of people to deny other’s pleasure, we helped fasten it on to her (during which time I explained how it would usually have an internal vibe, but as we had expected someone might be wearing it for a while we hadn’t brought it along). Simone then had a turn fucking Sara and me and we decided to finish off that Sara and I would 69 while Mike and Simone fucked us (with Mike in me). This worked out quite well, although Sara and I couldn’t eat each other and just lapped at each other’s clits. Mike really enjoyed having three other girls on the bed with him and he reached over to caress Simone’s back. As I couldn’t give Sara her usual anal licking I reached around between her and Simone and ran my fingertips over her ass, gently pressing them in to her from time to time. She really seemed to like this and out of all of us Sara came first. I wasn’t too far behind her and Mike came in me just a little bit after I came.

To repay Simone for her help (seeing as she was the only one of us who hadn’t cum), we told her we would let her cum in whatever way she chose. Before she could decide though, Sara asked if she could have a lick of Simone’s pussy and got her to lie back on the bed (having removed the strap-on). Mike and I played with Simone’s breasts and we felt her body buck a few times underneath us. I had a fair idea of the reason and asked Sara if she was doing her usual and she just looked up at me and nodded. I whispered in Simone’s ear that Sara was obsessed with ass licking and that if it felt good that she should just lie back and enjoy the treat. Simone whimpered something about it being dirty but I told her that Sara obviously didn’t think so. Mike had a turn at eating Simone next and he also gave her ass a few licks and when it was finally my turn I did the same. Simone acknowledged that what we were doing felt good so we decide to move it up a level to actually make her cum. To finish off, Mike lay on his back with Simone over his face (facing away from his cock) and Sara mounted Mike (it had been just about long enough since he’d cum in me and watching Sara and I eat Simone helped him get hard again). Simone leant forwards, Mike got stuck in to her cunt and Sara concentrated on Simone’s ass. I debated whether I should sit in front of Simone and see if she would eat me or kneel behind Sara and give her some anal love but in the end I went for the selfish option and used the dildo from the strap-on to fuck myself. This wasn’t just out of lust (although that played a part), but by fucking myself I really could say that I had done everyone at the party. Simone came quite a bit before I did but I just carried on pumping the dildo in and out of my cunt while frigging myself. Mike offered to eat me but when I explained my logic to him he left me to take care of myself and just watched as I masturbated myself to orgasm.

By the time we went back downstairs a few people had left. Clare was still asleep on the other bed upstairs so Giles was still present and we chatted with everyone and helped them gather up their things. This is when I found out a little more about Nora and Joris and that they had been to similar parties back in Holland a few times. I told her that if we’d known that was the case that we wouldn’t have gone as easy on her and she said that even though it wasn’t her first time, she wasn’t sure she could have taken much more. I offered myself to Joris and he said that he didn’t have the energy as he’d fucked Clare and then played with Kiyomi while I’d been upstairs. I made a comment about not being able to compete with her and he assured me that I had a couple of advantages over her (indicating my breasts) so I promised him that if she was game, Nora and I could give him a couple of pairs of breasts to play with at the next party (which I just assumed they would be coming to).

By the time Clare woke up, there were only a few of us left and I suggested that we head out and get some lunch. Gareth and Scott wanted to stay and tidy the place up and Clare objected, saying that she couldn’t possibly go out in her current state. I pointed out that it was quite obvious that Sara and I were also wearing our clothes from the previous night but Clare was primarily referring to the fact that her body was covered with cum. As the party was over, the rules no longer applied and she was badgered in to getting dressed and dragged out without being allowed to do anything more than brush her hair and use her hands to wipe her face. We waited until we were at the door before we pulled her panties off and she was pulled out in to the street before she could retaliate (not that there was much she could really do as neither Sara nor I had panties on under our skirts). Clare realised the futility in arguing and came to lunch with us. Giles and Sara each managed to briefly fondle her over lunch and Mike pushed a hand underneath me and rubbed my pussy from below for quite a while. He couldn’t quite reach up to my clit so I didn’t get too close to cumming, but it felt incredibly nice and was sufficiently arousing that I left a wet spot on the seat.

We tried to convince Clare and Giles to come back to Sara’s place with us but Clare knew full well what would happen if we did and she’d had enough for one day (or one week). Once we’d said our goodbyes, we went back to Sara’s place to pick up our things and quizzed her about her sudden enhanced willingness to fuck guys. Her response was quite simple, she had decided that if she was going to come to the parties, that she would enjoy them to the full. I was very happy about this as she seemed to have listened to my talks about enjoying both cock and cunt (while Jen thinks all girls should be lesbians, I think they should all be bi and really enjoy themselves – although I did have the thought that the idea of all other girls being gay is quite appealing as it would mean I would have to take care of every guy on the planet!).

Sara offered us the chance to shower before we left and Mike took her up on it – on the condition that she showered with him. I opted to stay in my cum-encrusted state for the journey but went in to chat with them while they showered. As expected, Mike couldn’t leave Sara alone and after rinsing her pussy out, he knelt and licked her. They continued this after the shower and he ate her properly and then fucked her. I decided that I didn’t want to be left out but didn’t want to disturb them so I used one of Sara’s vibes and fucked myself with it, pushing it as deep in to myself as I could and telling Sara that I wanted her to use it later on that day and mix my juices with hers inside her.

The train was delayed on the journey home, but I dozed for quite a bit of it anyway and the thought of being responsible for taking care of every guy in the world came back to me. I spent a long time imaging what this would be like –having to let anyone fuck me, whenever or wherever we were. Of course as it was a fantasy I got to cum with every guy and I wondered whether I would bother trying to keep myself clean of their cum or just have it covering my body and leaking from my cunt wherever I went. The idea of being fucked whenever I took a bus, went to work, went shopping, out for dinner or just a walk was very arousing and Mike later told me that I squirmed around quite a lot in my seat and he could tell I was feeling horny. By the time I got home I was desperate to cum again and before we’d even described the weekend to Jen we had taken her upstairs and I ‘forced’ her to let me eat her while Mike fucked me from behind with an anal vibe in my ass.

With my desire temporarily relieved, we gave Jen the full details of the weekend and she told us about her time with Lucy and Lis (who had unfortunately left before we got home or I would have taken my desire out on them). Jen’s weekend had been somewhat more sedentary than our one, although she had slept with them both each night and fucked them each morning as well (and even daisy chained with them). Jen had told them lots of stories about the sex parties (they had known a fair bit about them already) and Lis had seemed quite curious about them. I can easily imagine Lis wanting to attend one but even though Lucy is much less reserved than she used to be, I can’t see her going (or wanting Lis to go). Lucy said that she was nervous about Lis meeting someone she knew and the secret getting out, but as we pointed out it would mean that the other person would have to let on they went to the parties as well (and I doubt they would be invited back).

Later that evening I finally showered and rinsed myself out as thoroughly as I could so I could have a proper session with Jen. It was beginning to get a little awkward to 69 with Jen around this time due to the bump, but it was a fairly gentle and drawn out session so we managed. As he knows just how horny I can be after the parties, Mike then fucked me for a while and finished me off (for my second cum of the night) by eating me. He saved his cum for spooning with Jen who said that she didn’t want to cum again, but was happy for him to cum in her. Mike rarely likes doing this so told her that he could wait until the morning but Jen told him that she really wanted to feel him cum inside her (given what he’d already done that day I feel she may have been overestimating his cum production capability) and he eventually gave in. There was no real fucking – he just gently moved in her for quite a while as he caressed her breasts and the bump and told her how much he loved her (and occasionally said he loved me so I didn’t get jealous, but I don’t get jealous of Jen) until he told her he was just about to cum. He kept the same pace and just let out a low ‘oohhh fuck’ as he came and carried on moving, just even slower. He produced enough cum that Jen said she felt a bit wetter and Mike once again offer to make her cum but she was still happy just having him inside her (although that didn’t last too long as he didn’t stay hard for more than a couple of minutes).

This meant that I got to spoon against Jen’s back with Mike curled up against her front. I cheated in the morning and went down on her before Mike woke up (he woke up while I was doing this, but I got there first so got to make her cum). As repayment, Mike ate me and then as ‘punishment’ he fucked me just before I left for work so I had to make the journey with his cum dribbling out if me and down my thighs (I like that sort of punishment).

Monday, 15 December 2014

All-nighter Sex Party – Part 4

Once I’d moved away from Nora (while Sara was still fucking her) I had gone over to Joris to talk to him about whether he enjoyed watching his girlfriend be fucked by other girls. I assumed that he would as most men seem to at least like the idea of this happening (and especially the sort of people who come to the sex parties). He reached out and caressed one of my breasts so I reached over to his groin and pushed my hand in to his shorts to caress his cock. He warned me that he didn’t think he could cum again but I told him that it was fine and I just wanted to have a little play if I was allowed to. The ‘little play’ progressed to me kneeling in front of him and taking his cock in my mouth until he was hard (and a bit past that point) and then telling him that even if he didn’t want to fuck that I’d like to feel him inside me. He was up for this so we moved over to the wall and Joris stood against it while I backed myself on to his cock. I didn’t really want to cum either, I was just trying to tick another cock off my list, but even so it still felt good as I rocked back and forth and felt him sliding deeper inside me with each stroke. I kept this up, sometimes moving and sometimes just pressing back against him so he was buried all the way inside me until Nora came and got up from the bed. At that point I thanked Joris for the loan of his cock (and made him promise that he would fuck me properly at a future date).

Nora was congratulated on her first lesbian fuck of the party (and it hasn’t escaped my attention that there is no real guy-guy action at the parties) and a few people (both male and female) gave her pussy a few strokes. It was now pretty late so we agreed to start heading off to bed (although it took about an hour for everyone to wash, brush teeth, get duvets sorted out…). During this time I suggested to people that we could use Clare in the morning as the target for the group fuck (as we were the ones who came up with this idea we traditionally get to select the lucky girl to receive all the attention). I told Clare that Simone was the person selected and everyone knew not to tell Clare. I also asked Clare if I could borrow Giles for the night and once we were under the covers I got him to remove his shorts and I rubbed my ass against his cock until he got hard. I gave him the same assurance I’d given Joris about not needing to fuck properly, but just wanting to have him inside me. We started off spooning and I described to him how much I had enjoyed the foursome with Clare earlier on and then how impressed I’d been at the fact she was willing to play with me almost immediately afterwards. I contracted myself around Giles’ cock as we humped and talked and just as I’d hoped, he started to move in me a bit faster. I teased him about this and he slowed down and said that we didn’t have to fuck but I pushed back against him and told him if he wanted to fuck me then I was more than up for it. We carried on spooning for a while and Giles reached round to play with my breasts (from experience I know that he likes my breasts). I was trying not to make too much noise as we weren’t the only people in the room (I obviously wasn’t bothered about people knowing we were fucking, I just didn’t want to disturb anyone who was tired and trying to get to sleep). As things heated up though I decided to give him a treat as I knew he liked being ridden so I pulled away from him and then crawled on top of him. I sat up and lowered myself on to his cock and started humping up and down while he played with my breasts and occasionally my clit (I stroked myself when Giles wasn’t doing it). I was still trying to be quiet(ish), but thought I could hear the familiar sounds of Sara when she is being pleasured. I concentrated a bit more and became sure of the fact that she was doing things (the lights were off so it was difficult to see much). I knew that she had paired off with Bennett for the night as we didn’t have enough girls for her to sleep with a girl (and even so poor Brett was having to share Caroline with Corey) and imagined the sight of her pale skin and red hair against the black of Bennett’s skin, with his cock pumping away inside her little cunt. This image helped my orgasm along considerably and I told Giles I was going to cum – making sure that while I was still not being inconsiderably loud, that anyone in the room would be able to hear me.

Once I’d cum, I humped against Giles’ cock a bit faster while telling him to cum in me and he did as instructed (although I doubt he came much). I remained on top of him and whispered to him to listen to Bennett and Sara and we remained in this position until they had both cum (or at least stopped making any noise). I told Giles to stay where he was and that I would be right back and then crawled out of the covers and over to where Sara and Bennett were. I whispered to them that we had heard them and asked if I could suck Bennett’s cock clean of Sara’s juices – in return I told her that she could always suck Giles clean of my juices if she wanted. I was a little surprised when she agreed and scurried over to Giles, but she was clearly up for fucking more guys than usual so I wasn’t worried about it. I obviously had to be fairly gentle as I sucked Bennett, but did the closest I could to kitty kissing him and told him that I loved the idea of his big cock being inside Sara as they fell asleep so he should try to stay hard for a while. I crawled back over to Giles and Sara was still fondling and sucking his cock so I took the opportunity and stuck my tongue in to her pussy (she was kneeling with her ass poking out from under the covers). She jumped a bit when I did this but I moved my tongue up a bit and flicked it over her ass a few times before crawling back into bed and telling her that I could always eat her if she wanted to cum again. Sara said that she’d had enough for one night but did promise to let me do things with her in the morning (after we had finished with Clare of course). Once Sara had gone back over to Bennett Giles thanked me for sending her over and I got him to describe what it was like having her little mouth wrapped around his cock and whether he was looking forward to watching Clare being fucked and eaten by everyone. He wasn’t sure if she would actually let it happen, but the idea certainly seemed to appeal to him – enough so that he got hard enough again for us to spoon (we moved a little against each other, but didn’t fuck).

The next morning, we got up and even though I couldn’t have my traditional fuck, I made sure to treat Giles to a morning blowjob (not to orgasm) and then enjoyed the feeling of his hard cock inside me. We all had breakfast before getting things started and even though nobody said anything directly to Clare about what was about to happen, she figured out from the looks she was getting that it was her and not Simone who was about to be fucked. At first she said that she didn’t want to and couldn’t cum that many times, but Giles, Mike and I worked on convincing her and everyone joined it by saying that they all wanted to fuck her. One of the rules of the parties is that while you can do pretty much anything you want, both people have to consent so we weren’t going to force her to submit if she really didn’t want to, but the peer pressure worked and she agreed to let us play with her and that we could keep going until everyone had got to use her. She was clearly nervous about what was about to happen (she had seen it done to enough other people), but the previous recipients of the attention (myself included) told her that while it was rather tiring and quite intense, that it felt wonderful.

Clare seemed a little reassured by this but I think it was mostly the fact that Giles was so keen on seeing it that convinced her and as a few people cleaned away the breakfast things we went upstairs to the largest bedroom and lay Clare out on the bed. She definitely felt quite self-conscious with everyone standing around her and watching her and it probably didn’t help when numerous people started to caress and fondle her. before we started we set out the aim (we had been meaning to ‘formalise’ the rules for this part of the party but hadn’t gotten around to it and Mike, Jen and put some thought in to it already. The rules we had decided on were:
·         For the target to cum as many times as possible
·         To have the target suck every guy’s cock
·         To be fucked by every guy present
·         For each guy to cum in or on her (with the caveat that this may not be possible if the group session happens at the end of a night)
·         To have every girl at least finger the target, but preferably to both eat and be eaten by the target
·         and finally, ideally the girl being eaten by the target should get to cum (and even more ideally, they should eat or finger the target to orgasm as well, but just as it wasn’t expected that every guy would make the target cum, it wasn’t really expected for every girl to do so either)

With the formalities out of the way I told Clare that I was quite jealous of her and we set about deciding who would get to do things with her first. As the only ‘mostly’ lesbian girl present, Sara got to eat Clare for a minute or so while the rest of us had a quick game of rock-paper-scissors to decide. Neil and Caroline won and As Neil positioned himself between Clare’s legs, Caroline played along and climbed over Clare’s face. Neil started fucking Clare and to her credit, Clare went to work on Caroline. Laura leant over and played with Clare’s breasts and Bennett joined her (taking one each) – in his case he wanted to have a proper suck on them before any of the guys came over her. To ensure that things got started off properly, I told Laura to make sure that Clare came and she reached down to frig Clare’s clit as Neil fucked her. With all the attention focussed on her, it wasn’t long before Clare came, but of course just because she had cum didn’t mean anything stopped and Neil continued to fuck her while Bennett and Laura kept sucking on Clare’s nips (Laura did at least stop frigging Clare). Neil came in Clare’s cunt and pulled out and Caroline was encouraged to 69 with Clare (which she did). As Clare had just cum, Caroline didn’t have to make her cum again, but she kept eating Clare until she had her own orgasm, at which point Clare was told to suck Neil’s cock and Mike asked if he could have a turn eating Clare.

Once the first round was over, we couldn’t be bothered choosing who went next so as Mike had asked first, he got to have a quick turn eating Clare and then fucked her. Clare ate Sara while Mike was inside her and even though Sara came before Mike came in Clare, she 69ed with Clare once he pulled out. Next Corey asked Clare if he could take her ass and things escalated from this to Scott joining in and DPing Clare. As Clare’s holes were fucked I pointed out that she hadn’t sucked Mike so he climbed up on the bed beside them and offered her his cock. It looked very much like Clare was going to cum again and she took Mike in her mouth and sucked on him (a bit too hard for his liking given he’d just cum, but he put up with it). Corey came in her ass and pulled out – fortunately for Clare people decided that ass to mouth was a bit too much to ask so he went to clean off before Clare had to suck him, but this allowed Scott to roll Clare over on to her back and fuck her a bit more freely. I’d counted up the guys and figured out that they could get pretty good coverage of Clare’s body with their cum so suggested to Scott that as she’d already had two guys cum in her cunt that he could cum over her front. He didn’t seem to care where he came so agreed to this and when it was time for his to cum he pulled out and jerked himself off, spraying a few jets of cum up her body and just on to her breasts.

Clare was panting by this point and saying she needed a break so she was allowed a couple of minutes to take care of sucking Scott and Corey – at first this was done individually but someone (ahem) suggested that she should take both cocks in her mouth at once as they had already both been inside her at the same time. Clare did as we instructed and after sucking them both briefly, Laura knelt between Clare’s legs and started to eat her. It quickly became clear that Laura intended to make Clare cum so while she was working on Clare’s cunt, Clare took Michael in her mouth. I realised that I had made a miscalculation but when Laura briefly moved away from Clare to let Michael fuck her I realised that it wasn’t too late and told him to give her cunt a good fuck but not to cum inside her as we needed his cum for her face. I explained to everyone that if we did things properly (or very improperly), we could have two guys cum in or on each of the following areas: her cunt, ass, back, front, face and in her mouth. Everyone liked the sound of that but Clare was given the choice of spitting or swallowing. Clare was very close to cumming again by this point so when Michael moved back to her mouth and Laura resumed eating her, Clare barely flinched when Michael said he was cumming. She kept sucking him as she came and when he pulled out people watched and cheered when she didn’t spit.

Clare was applauded, but she was far from done and Laura told her that she wanted her payment for making Clare cum. Laura lay on the bed, put a pillow under her ass spread her legs. Clare knelt between Laura’s legs and ate her while Craig fucked her and he was asked to cum over Clare’s back. He pulled out just before he came and rubbed his cock between Clare’s ass cheeks to finish off, letting out a fairly impressive initial spurt that went all the way up Clare’s back with a little bit landing on her hair. The other squirts weren’t as powerful, but still covered Clare’s back and Laura leant forward to help rub the cum in to Clare’s skin.

While this had been going on, I went and fetched the strap on and Mike helped me in to it. I had a brief suck on Clare’s cunt and got her to suck the strap on to lubricate it before I slid it in to her and got her to ride me (which I admit was a little cruel as she was obviously a bit out of breath by this point). I didn’t fuck her for too long and soon handed her over to Gareth. Once I had removed the strap on, I crawled back up on to the bed and got Clare to go down on me while Gareth took her from behind. He really wanted to cum inside her, but played along with the game and pulled out just before he came, squirting his cum over Clare’s back and ass. Hannah then knelt behind Clare and lapped at her cunt until Clare made me cum, at which point Hannah 69ed with Clare.

Friday, 12 December 2014

All-nighter Sex Party – Part 3

After thanking Caroline I went to find Mike and found him watching Sara being fucked. I was rather surprised by this, doubly so as she was actually allowing two guys to DP her, but she certainly looked as if she was enjoying herself. It’s not the first time Sara has fucked other guys at the party so it’s not like it was a really big thing but she usually sticks to girls. If I hadn’t just cum I would have probably tried to plant myself over Giles’ face and got him to eat me while Sara either helped him out on my cunt or lapped at my ass. I contended myself with just watching though and once Giles and Paul had cum in her pussy and ass she crawled off of them and sat panting on the bed.

I was going to go and offer to kitty kiss her, but Corey said he had something else for us to watch and he pushed Kiyomi and Miyako towards the bed. Quite a few of the guys seem to have Japanese fetishes so seeing one or both of them perform is usually quite a popular part of the party, but Corey had convinced them to do a bit more than usual. They started off looking very embarrassed and knelt on the bed gently kissing each other. This progressed to them touching each other’s breasts, then sucking on each other’s nipples and then on to stroking each other. The stroking moved on to fingering and they finally moved around in to a 69 position. They could now finger each other properly and both kept letting out little grunts (not dissimilar to the sounds made in various Japanese porn videos). Pretty much everyone wanted to see them eat each other and Miyako gingerly kissed at Kiyomi’s pussy a few times before finally giving her a few tentative licks. Kiyomi joined in and started to lick Miyako – slowly at first, but they both gradually got more in to it until they were eating each other (and still making the little moaning/panting sounds). The sounds became more insistent and Kiyomi let out a much longer squeal (there is no other way to describe it), which got a round of applause. She lay panting for a bit but was ‘encouraged’ to repay her friend and soon got stuck back in to Miyako’s pussy. Miyako came a minute or so later and Kiyomi pulled away almost immediately, rolled on to her back and lay with her hands covering her face.

I know it was greedy of me but I couldn’t resist this time and moved over to the side of the bed, pulled Miyako’s legs apart and started to kitty kiss her. She tried to pull away at first but soon realised that I wasn’t trying to make her cum (I’ve kitty kissed both of them before) and allowed me to continue. I had wanted to do Kiyomi as well, but she got up and left the room and when we got a chance to talk to her later on we found out that she had felt really embarrassed to do that with Miyako (they are really good friends and while they’ve played together at the parties, played together with Corey a number of times and have done things with other girls, they rarely do as much to each other as they had just done). I told Kiyomi that I thought it was a beautiful thing to be able to make a friend feel that good and that as long as they both enjoyed it, that they shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about it. To highlight this I convinced her to let me have a little lick at her pussy and naturally Mike wanted to get in on that too so it progressed to us eating her properly and then Mike sliding in to her and fucking her. As I was there, we decided to finish her off together and after Mike had fucked her for a bit (to catch up), she rode his cock while facing away from him so I could lick her clit as they fucked. Mike hadn’t initially intended to cum in Kiyomi but he quickly changed his mind once he was inside her (as regular readers know, he has a big Japanese girl fetish) and once she came, he helped her bounce up and down on his cock a bit longer while he whispered to her about how he wanted to fill her tight little cunt with his cum. Kiyomi made more of her little grunting squeals as Mike fucked her but she kept thrusting herself up and down on his cock until he came and pushed as deep in to her as he could. As he held her still, I took the opportunity to kitty kiss her clit – which got an initial yelp out of her, but this quickly turned to little whimpers.

Kiyomi was still whimpering when she climbed off Mike’s cock and I asked if she would give me a few licks (so I could cross her off my list). I would have been happy for her to make me cum but really wanted to find some cock to fuck so I wasn’t too bothered when she just lapped at me for a little bit before asking if I’d had enough. I thanked her, gave her a little kiss and told her I was now going to find someone to fuck and left her with Mike (who kitty kissed her for a while longer).

As Sara had been the host for the first DP session of the night (unless there was another one that I missed) I felt that it wasn’t too greedy of me to ask for one. I found some willing candidates in Corey and Brett and told them that they could decide between themselves who got which hole. Corey said that he didn’t mind too much so he took my pussy and Brett had my ass. As is common for DP sessions, we had a few people watching us and as I was enjoying myself I asked if anyone wanted to take my mouth so I could have three cocks at once (I said earlier that I intended to help make up for the imbalance in the male-female ratio). Paul decided that he would join us and knelt beside us on the bed so he could push his cock in to my mouth without being directly over Corey’s face. Laura told me off for hogging all the guys so I told her that she was more than welcome to have Paul or that I would take care of her again if she wanted. She opted for Paul but lay beside us so that she could reach between Corey and me and play with my clit and I could (with effort) lean over and lap at her clit while Paul fucked her. This wasn’t that comfortable, but he did pull out of her a couple of times and let me have a slurp of his cock which was rather easier. As I had two cocks working in me (or two and a half if you include the occasions I was sucking Paul) as well as Laura’s fingers on my clit, I came first by quite a long way. Laura removed her hand from my clit after I came but Mike told her to keep going and to see if they could make me cum a second time.

Laura knows full well that my sexual appetite is, shall we say – high, and quickly pushed her hand back down between my legs. It felt incredibly intense – each time the guys thrust in to me it felt like a pulse went through my groin and Laura’s fingers made my clit tingle. For a while I didn’t think I was going to be able to cum again but when Brett started pumping in to my ass a bit faster (as he was getting close) I realised that the sensation was changing from just being intense to being pleasurable. I announced that I thought I could probably cum again and would have probably done so fairly quickly if Laura hadn’t gotten distracted by her own orgasm. Brett came in the meantime but once Laura recovered (and Brett had pulled out), she knelt behind me and reached around to play with both my clit and breasts. I told Paul that I wanted to suck him clean and to make things easier we changed position so I was lying on my back with my head tilted back over the edge of the bed, Corey holding my legs up and fucking me and Laura kneeling beside me so she could carry on playing with my clit and breasts. This felt much better and I managed to suck Paul partially hard again (although he didn’t want to cum). Corey came before I did and Laura offered to eat me but I asked if any of the guys I hadn’t fucked yet could help out and added that they didn’t have to cum and that I just wanted their cock inside me.

Michael agreed to help out but said if he was going to fuck me that he would make me cum himself (I think he was trying to show off). I offered to eat Laura as a thank you for her help but as she’d just cum she declined so I pulled her to me and asked her to fetch Simone so I could finally sample her. She had only been to one party before this one and while she was straight, she had been indoctrinated in to doing things with girls (effectively by being hazed). She didn’t protest too much and allowed Laura to lead her over to the bed and then allowed me to pull her up over my face. She still had her skirt on and the first few times I pushed it up so that people could see what I was doing she pulled it back down, but once I’d been eating her for a few minutes she relented and allowed me to push it up over her stomach. I thought she tasted quite good (which was unusual for me as she apparently had two or three guys’ worth of cum in her). Michael pounded away in me, determined to make me cum without playing with my clit and while it wasn’t that effective at first, I then felt my orgasm starting to build again and pushed Simone up a little so I could tell him I was getting close and to keep going. He really went to town and slammed his cock in to me over and over (and I was quite impressed that he could manage that by this point in the evening, although Mike said it was probably actually easier as Michael had already cum at least a couple of times so once he had got hard, he could fuck me vigorously without the danger of cumming. I moaned in to Simone’s cunt as I came and Michael just kept going. As it was a pure vaginal orgasm (with no direct clitoral stimulation) I could take the continual pounding even after I finished cumming and I guessed that Michael was actually fucking me (and wanted to cum).

Seeing as he’d made me cum, I had no objections to him cumming in me (I’d have let him cum in me anyway) so I just tried to contract myself around him to help out – although I was getting tired so it probably wasn’t that effective. I was however effective with what I was doing to Simone and I lapped at her pussy and clit even faster until I felt her shudder over me and cum. I don’t know if Michael was waiting for Simone to cum or it was just coincidence, but he came not too long after her and when he pulled out I could feel my cunt tingle for quite a while (which I guess was either due to the double orgasm or just the hard fuck). When Simone moved off of my face I asked her (just for completeness) if she would mind licking me. She was even less used to actually licking another girl, but I wasn’t the first – and she at least seems quite eager to please, so I imagine I won’t be the last girl she eats either. If I hadn’t just cum twice I would have happily let her eat me to orgasm (if she had wanted to) but in the state I was in, I just enjoyed feeling her tongue on my pussy and then told her that she had done enough. I wondered about teaching her how to kitty kiss, but the middle of a party really isn’t the best place to do that so I didn’t bother.

It was getting late by this point and a few people said they were tired but there was one more thing I wanted to try out. Unfortunately I still didn’t feel up to doing it myself (this was the point where I realised that I was getting soft as being made to cum twice in a row had really taken it out of me), but fortunately I still had my tame lesbian to take over for me. I suggested that it was time for Nora to be indoctrinated and sent Mike to fetch my bag. I pulled out our strap on and helped to fasten it on to Sara and we asked Nora if she was game. She said that she was and people made space for her on the bed – a number of people had already seen her fuck, but this was her lesbian debut and even though I didn’t need to cum again, I wanted to at least help out.

Laura was the one who used to have the role of ‘turning’ girls (or at least introducing them to the pleasures that another girl can give them) so it was only fair to  let her join in too. We both knelt in front of Sara and licked up and down the length of the dildo until it was glistening with our saliva. Laura reached over to Nora’s pussy and stroked up and down her lips and when Nora didn’t shy away, Laura went further and half lay on the bed so she could lick Nora. We later found out that Nora had done a few things with girls before, so this wasn’t new to her, but we didn’t know that at the time. Not wanting to miss out, I had a quick turn licking her but then moved out of the way to make room for the star of the show. Sara climbed up on the bed and we helped her position the dildo at the entrance to Nora’s pussy and Sara slowly pushed in to her. We had provided more than enough lubrication and Sara slid the dildo in easily and then started to fuck Nora. Laura and I moved up beside Nora and I asked Joris if Nora liked having her nipples played with. Joris said yes so Laura and I each took one of Nora’s breasts and fondled, kissed, caressed, licked and sucked on it. She really seemed to enjoy this and quickly got in to the session, making little ‘ung’ noises each time Sosa pumped in to her. Sara really got in to it too and after a while she told Nora that she wanted her to suck her cock, pulled out of Nora and lay down beside her. Nora played along and went to suck the dildo but Sara told her to climb over her so she could eat her at the same time and as (almost) everyone watched, they 69ed with Sara fingering and licking Nora’s hairy pussy while Nora sucked on Sara’s dildo. They went back to fucking, but this time Sara got Nora to kneel on all fours and she took her from behind – she was quite forceful and Nora’s breasts swung back and forth as Sara fucked her but Laura lay beside Nora and cupped her breasts (too much swinging of large breasts isn’t comfortable). Laura asked Sara if she wanted to play with Nora’s clit or if she could help out and Sara let Laura join in. Nora made louder ‘ung’ noises, mostly in time with Sara’s thrusts and as she got closer to cumming, these changed to ‘aahhg’ sounds and then to a few much longer ‘aahhnng’ sounds as Nora actually came.