Saturday, 6 December 2014

All-nighter Sex Party – Part 1

In the middle of March, Mike and I headed down to York for the end of term sex party. As this was going to be a special party, Jen had agreed that we could both go and Lis and Lucy came up to visit her and keep her company. Unfortunately Mike and I left before Lis and Lucy arrived so we didn’t get to see them at all.

We had arranged to stay with Sara and had been trying (again) to convince her to come along to the party. She had been a little distracted over the previous couple of weeks as her ex-girlfriend Emily had split up with the girl she was dating. This was the girl that Emily had cheated on Sara with, but despite that fact, Emily still came crying to Sara. While Sara has gotten over the break-up (and is still somewhat angry at Em for having cheated on her), she still cares about her so was somewhat tempted to take her back, but in the end she realised that this would probably be a bad idea. Sara said that was very tempted to pull Emily in to bed and eat her as she remembers just how good Emily tastes (we all agree that Emily has the best tasting pussy out of all the ones we have sampled so I don’t blame her for considering that).

Mike and I arrived early(ish) on Friday evening so we had time to take her out for dinner (partially as a thank you for letting us stay with her and partially to help distract her in case she was still upset or confused over the situation with Emily). Over dinner we presented her with a present of her own vibrating egg (we know from experience that she enjoys them) wrapped in the pair of her panties that we had ‘borrowed’ at the end of her previous visit (mostly so she had to travel home without anything on under her skirt). We had promised her that when she got them back, they would be covered with multiple coatings of our juices and Mike’s cum and we had certainly delivered on this. Mike told her that he had cum in and on the panties a few times and that they had been used to wipe Jen and me clean (after we’d had sex) many other times. Fortunately Sara isn’t the type to be offended by things like that and said she was happy that we had enjoyed using them. I suggested that she go and swap them with the panties she was wearing and was quite surprised when she disappeared off to the bathroom and returned a few minutes later and (discreetly) presented us with the panties she had been wearing. We naturally wanted to check that she had actually put the dirty panties on so Mike slid a hand up under her skirt and confirmed that she was indeed wearing them. The restaurant was too crowded for him to do things properly (or to do improper things) with her, but he managed to rub the crotch of the panties against her and press the material a little way between her lips. In return for her being daring (and because I enjoy it) I let her slide her hand up under my skirt where she found my exposed pussy.

As it was obvious that Sara was in a rather frisky mood, we finished up dinner fairly quickly and headed back to her place. Once inside, I asked her if she wanted us to make her cum and she told us that she was counting on us doing just that. Mike and I stripped her naked while fondling and kissing her, but wouldn’t let her do anything to us. Mike then knelt in front of her and lapped at her pussy while I quickly stripped off and I took his place while Mike removed his clothes. We moved on to the bed and continued to concentrate on Sara, switching between eating her pussy, playing wither breasts, fingering her and kissing her. A few times Mike did things to me while I was working on Sara (mostly eating and fucking me) but most of our efforts were concentrated on making her feel good. There was really only one way for us to actually make her cum (as regular readers know, Sara loves having her ass licked) so once we determined we had teased her for long enough, I lay on my back and Mike slipped in to me and we got Sara to kneel over my face so I could eat her cunt and Mike could rim and spear her ass. Mike pumped away inside me as he did this and hearing little Sara’s moans made the whole thing very arousing. As she got close to cumming she told Mike that she wanted to feel him fucking her and he told her that he would happily fuck her for as long as she wanted, but gave her the option to cum while having both holes licked first and then be fucked later on. Sara loved the sound of that idea and thanked us (although she should have known well enough that we would want to make her cum more than once). Mike kept pumping in to me as Sara’s moans grew until she finally let out a few gasps and an ‘uunngghhh’ as she came. I later found out that Mike had speared her fully as she came, which explained why she turned round and kissed him deeply when she climbed off of my face.

She told him that he could do whatever he wanted to her so he kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes. She didn’t ignore me and once Mike released her, she pushed my legs apart and told me that I deserved to cum for having helped out with her orgasm. I wasn’t going to argue with her and raised up my ass as her instruction so she could push a pillow under me. Sara then immediately got stuck in to me and licked my ass, cunt and clit, switching randomly between them, until I came. As I had been teased for a while (with the general playing and then Mike fucking me) I had a fairly good orgasm and pulled Sara up so I could kiss her properly. Mike took this opportunity to kitty kiss me, but as Sara’s pussy wasn’t too far away from mine he occasionally switched over to her and ate her properly.

Once she was squirming around under his tongue, Mike told Sara that he wanted to fuck her and fill her with his cum and she was more than up for this. I moved to the side to give them space to do things properly and watched as Mike slipped in to Sara’s pussy and they started to move against each other. Mike fucked Sara for a bit before they moved around so she could ride him. They then spooned for a while and Mike held Sara’s upper leg in the air so I could push my head between her legs and lick them both. She really liked this so we decided that she should get to finish off this way and Sara once again climbed over my face in the same position as previously, just with Mike fucking her cunt this time. I felt his balls slapping against my chin each time he thrust in to her and I followed his and Sara’s instructions to slow down my licking so that she didn’t cum too much before he did (not all girls like having a guy continue to fuck them for a long time after they have cum). Having said that, Sara still came before Mike, but only by a minute or so and I switched to gently kitty kissing her as Mike thrust in to her a number more times and then buried his cock in her as he shot his cum.

He remained in her for a little while and when he pulled out and I immediately felt his cum start to leak out of her. I had an idea and moved my mouth slightly lower so I could catch the cum and then pushed on Sara’s chest to indicate I wanted her to sit up. I held her in place, spread her lips and licked as much of the cum out of her as possible before pushing her off me and indicating I wanted her to lie on her back (it’s not easy talking with a mouthful of cum). I got Mike to push a pillow underneath Sara’s ass to raise her pussy up and then spread her lips at which point I placed my mouth on her cunt and let all the cum dribble back in to her, spitting out the final bits. I did this as a present to Mike as I know how much he likes the idea of his cum being inside Sara (as well as Lis and Lisa). Sara played along and remained in position for a while as we chatted so his cum had time to soak in to her and it certainly didn’t look if as much as I’d emptied in to her came out when she finally lay down properly (although a bit more splurted out when Mike pushed in to her to spoon with her as we went to sleep). As we dozed off, Sara muttered that she intended to come to the party with us. I was quite surprised by this as we had tried to convince her to come along (and had been trying ever since she split up with Em) but she had always said she wasn’t. I pointed out that as this was going to be an unprotected party, she would have had to be tested. We knew that she was ‘clean’ (assuming she wasn’t lying to us about her sex life, but she is our friend and we trust her) but the rule was that everyone had to have an up to date check. Sara told me that it was in the bedside drawer. We thought that this was wonderful news and Sara asked us what our ‘rules’ were for cumming on the day of the parties and we told her that sometimes we didn’t cum at all and sometimes we allowed ourselves a single orgasm as a part of our wake-up session. I continued and explained that as it was going to be an all-night party, we had planned on refraining from cumming at all in the morning (although we had intended to make Sara cum a number of times throughout the day and she said that she liked the idea of holding back until the party.

I woke in the morning to find Mike already under the covers eating Sara (not that I blame him, if I’d woken first I would have first done things with her instead of doing them with him). I helped out and played with her breasts and at her request let her play with mine. We got her quite close to cumming and then pulled back, at which point she volunteered to go down on me and Mike used her cunt to tease himself. He fucked her until I said I was getting close, at which point he withdrew and offered me his cock to suck clean. We went and had breakfast and Sara explained that she had been considering going to the party (which is why she got tested) but hadn’t made up her mind until the previous day. She asked Mike if he would shave her pussy so she was nice and smooth (she knows he likes doing this) and he eagerly accepted. After helping to get the things ready for him to shave her, I went off to shower and Mike got to work. We had noticed a little bit of stubble on Sara’s pussy when going down on her – nothing major, probably just a few days, but as Sara’s pussy hair is softer than mine it wasn’t really noticeable. She didn’t want him to just remove this hair though but also to shave off the little patch of red hair on her mons. Mike told her that he thought it looked quite cute but Sara said that as I (and a number of other girls at the party) had bald cunts that she wanted to go back to being completely shaved. Mike did as she asked and once he had finished shaving around her lips, he worked on her mons and within a couple of minutes she was back to being bald. He rinsed her off and subjected her to the standard lick test to ensure he hadn’t missed any hair and was still busy doing this when I returned from the shower. Sara was already squirming around on the bed but I said it was unfair that he should get to taste her twice without me having a go so I took over while he showered and kept her ‘annoyingly close to cumming’ (her words) until Mike returned.

We made Sara promise not to play with herself and she went off to shower. I wasn’t too surprised when Mike said that she shouldn’t be the only one to ‘suffer’ being teased and I lay on the bed to let him play with me. He ate and fucked me, but I obviously wasn’t allowed to cum and when Sara got back we stopped and spent a while getting dressed and chatting. We headed in to York city centre and wandered around the shops for a while before Mike suggested that if Sara was going to return to the parties, that she deserved some new underwear to show up in. I thought this was a good idea so we went off and found something suitable. Sticking with Sara’s sweet and innocent image, she went with white and when we got home and she could model it properly for us we thought that she looked irresistible (although we resisted her anyway as we’d gotten this far in the day without breaking our no-cumming rule).

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