Tuesday, 9 December 2014

All-nighter Sex Party – Part 2

We rested for a bit, had dinner and rested a little more before getting ready to head off. I opted for my usual schoolgirl outfit (which I think I’m getting a bit old for, but Mike assures me still looks sexy) and Sara went with a simple blouse and skirt (knowing that it isn’t necessarily worth wearing really nice clothes as they will be removed anyway and can get somewhat damaged throughout the evening). Sara was going to put her hair back in a pigtail but we convinced her that people would want to see her hair in all its glory (as new readers may have figured out from her red pubic hair, she is a proper redhead) so we both opted to just tie our hair back in ponytails (which are easy to remove and put back in as required).

We didn’t bother stopping off at a pub on the way (which we usually do so I can tease some guys and show off my pussy) and went straight to the house (plus we were carrying our bags and a duvet as everyone had been asked to help out with the bedding seeing as people would be sleeping over). A few people were already there when we arrived and we added our test results to the pile and chatted over a drink while we waited for the others to turn up (there wasn’t really any need to hurry things along). People had decided that in addition to the standard party rules (which are fairly simple – as long as the other people involved agree, you can do pretty much anything), that the girls could signal they weren’t in the mood to do anything more my having their panties on. Of course, people were still allowed to ask if they wanted to fuck, but they had thought that if we were there all night that this might make things easier. I didn’t really see the sense in the rule, but in order to avoid any confusion I went in to the kitchen, found some scissors and cut up each side of my panties so they could no longer be worn (which I meant as signalling that I was willing to let anyone fuck me at any point). None of the other girls were willing to go quite that far, but Laura removed her panties and stuffed then in the bottom of her bag saying that she didn’t intend to put them on again.

People were quite eager to get things started and we peeled off, mostly in pairs (by chance we had almost the same number of guys and girls, although as Sara is mostly gay and Laura’s sexual preference varies from one party to the next we were a little heavy on guys – not that this bothered me as I was more than happy to take as many of them as would have me to even things up). There was a new couple that Bennett knew from dancing and had invited along, Nora and Joris. Bennett had explained to them exactly what happened at the parties and I felt that they were quite brave to start off at an unprotected all-nighter. They were both Dutch postgrads and seemed to be quite game – Nora went off with Michael and Joris took Caroline. I didn’t see any more as I went upstairs with Gareth and rode him on the bed beside Scott and Clare. In a not entirely unexpected development, Clare and I were encouraged to play with each other as we were fucked and had our tops and bras removed so we could play with each other’s breasts as we kissed each other while the guys pumped away inside us. We switched partners part way through (I guess one cunt is pretty much the same as another to most guys – or maybe it was just getting to fuck two girls in a session was more exciting, I didn’t ask) and they asked us to play with each other ‘properly’. I climbed over Clare in a 69 position so we could frig each other and we remained in that position for the rest of the session.

Clare and I came first (but then we were being both frigged and fucked). Scott came in me next and when he pulled out of me I heard him tell Clare to suck his cock clean. I humped my pussy against her chin, feeling how wet it was (presumably due to Scott’s cum dripping out of me) and when he moved away I pushed up a bit and asked her to lick me. She did so, fairly gingerly at first (she is still mostly straight), but a lot more enthusiastically as time went on. When Gareth came in Clare and pulled out, I placed my hand over her pussy as I sucked Gareth clean and then buried my face in Clare’s cunt. I rolled over on to my side, pulling her with me and managed to get all the way over so she was on top of me. I lapped at her cunt as Gareth’s cum leaked out, not trying to swallow it (I’m still not overly keen on the taste of a lot of boy cum), but spitting it back in to Clare’s cunt and allowing it to run down and over my face and chin. Between licks I challenged her to try and cum again and she said that she thought it was a bit soon, but that she would try. We lapped away at each other and I kneaded Clare’s ass, pushing her back and forth so I could feel her nipples drag over my stomach and lower chest as her breasts swung back and forth. I noticed that we were being watched (presumably some people had finished their first fuck and noticed Clare and I were still going – and of course Gareth and Scott were watching us) so I made sure to let out a number of enthusiastic moans. By this point we were really eating each other and I felt that Jen would be proud of Clare for having come so far. She made me cum first (but then I’m almost invariably hornier than she is) and carried on eating me as I fingered her cunt and flicked my tongue back and forth across her clit. I felt her pant in to my cunt as she came and she then let out a few grunts (which she was rather embarrassed about afterwards). I kitty kissed her for a minute or so and she took the hint and did the same to me until we broke apart and took stock of the mess we had made with the guys’ cum.

We only had out skirts on and I convinced Clare to remain topless, but she did put her panties back on to indicate that she wasn’t ready to do anything more and we went to a walk to see what else was happening. I found Mike with Nora (who he had nabbed after she had finished with Michael as he wanted to sample the new pussy before it had too much cum squirted in to it. Unfortunately for him Nora didn’t shave (and Mike isn’t used to eating unshaved pussy). He certainly didn’t enjoy eating her as much as he does with shaved cunts, but he stuck it out and lapped away at her until she came. I stayed and watched while Clare went off to find Giles – Nora was a relatively short girl, probably around the same height at Sara, but with much larger breasts and large nipples similar to mine (maybe a little smaller and darker). There was a wet patch on the bed by the time Mike had finished and I knew that this was from him licking Nora but trying to get as little of Michael’s cum as possible – he told me that by the end of the session he could taste her properly and that she wasn’t bad, but that he hoped she would at least shave her lips if she was coming back (and he was going to get to eat her again). I found out that he had fucked Melissa (after briefly eating her of course) and when we found Sara she told us that she had been allowed to do things with Miyako (which was unusual as both Miyako and Kiyomi usually only do things with girls later on in the party after they have had a bit to drink).

We watched some other people in various states of fondling and fucking and I asked to join in with Laura and Bennett. They were quite happy to let me do this and we fucked and ate each other in a number of positions. Bennett fucked me for a while, during which time I 69ed with Laura, but he finished off inside her (which was only fair) and I lapped at her clit as he did this. I ate Laura clean in the same way I’d done with Clare, letting Bennett’s cum run out over my face and then went to find some more cock to sample. As everyone had cum by that point, we were in a bit of a lull, but I managed to convince a couple of the guys to let me ride them for a few minutes so I could work towards my aim of having had every cock inside me (ideally I wanted every cock to cum in me, but that was just me being greedy as usual).

I decided that as Mike had already fucked her that it would be a good time for me to have a play with Melissa and got her to agree to let me fuck her with a bottle (I’d promised to do this at a previous party for reasons I couldn’t quite remember). We went in to the kitchen and a couple of people gathered around to watch – Melissa said she was quite embarrassed by the attention but I pointed out that we had all seen her cum (and many of us had made her cum) enough times that this was no different. She still half hid her face (as if that made a difference), but once I had fingered and licked her for a while she was sufficiently distracted that she just enjoyed what I was doing. It didn’t take too long to get her sufficiently wet and I asked someone to hand me a bottle. I think it was Michael who downed the remainder of his beer and handed the bottle to me, at which point I pushed the end in to my own pussy and pumped it in and out a few times. I claimed I was doing this to make sure it was properly lubricated, but it was mostly just because I had an audience so I wanted to make the most of it. I withdrew the bottle from my cunt, got Melissa to spread her lips and I pushed the neck in to her. She complained that it was cold but was told that she would warm it up quickly enough and I fucked her with it using long strokes, pushing it in as deep as it would go (the neck was gradually tapered so I just went in as far as I could without having to push too hard). I lapped at her clit as I fucked her and let my saliva dribble down over the bottle to provide extra lubrication. Melissa stopped complaining and was soon saying that it felt really good so I told her that she was welcome to do the same to me later on in the party if she wanted. By the time she came, I was pushing the bottle much further in to her cunt – not quite up to the widest part, but certainly a good bit deeper than I had been at the beginning and each time her pussy stretched around the bottle she moaned (in a good way). I kept a steady rhythm going and fastened my lips to her clit as she came, flicking my tongue back and forth over it. As Melissa lay basking in the afterglow of her orgasm, a few other people took turns with the bottle and gently fucked her with it (until a couple of people tried to push it in too deep so she told them to stop).

I was in the mood for some more action by this point and went off to find a willing partner. I was looking for Simone but she was already busy so I propositioned Caroline and asked if she would come fuck me (or fuck me and cum). Like many of the girls, she was straight when she started coming to the parties but she has progressed enough that she just accepted my offer and we got a few people to move along on the sofa so we could sit, kiss and fondle each other. Our display was nothing out of the ordinary so other than the people in our immediate vicinity nobody paid too much attention to us. We fingered each other while kissing for quite a while until I whispered in to Caroline’s ear that I wanted to taste her pussy. She said that she would like that and asked how I wanted to do it so I told her to get up, I lay down on the sofa and told her to climb over me. She realised I wanted her to 69 with me and crawled into position. As we were both fairly far along it didn’t take us too long to both cum. I just teased her and let her make me cum first, but this then allowed me to concentrate on her and eat her properly. I allowed my nose to bump against her ass a number of times as I ate her and as she came she buried her face between my legs once more – not really eating me, but definitely rubbing against my pussy.

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