Friday, 12 December 2014

All-nighter Sex Party – Part 3

After thanking Caroline I went to find Mike and found him watching Sara being fucked. I was rather surprised by this, doubly so as she was actually allowing two guys to DP her, but she certainly looked as if she was enjoying herself. It’s not the first time Sara has fucked other guys at the party so it’s not like it was a really big thing but she usually sticks to girls. If I hadn’t just cum I would have probably tried to plant myself over Giles’ face and got him to eat me while Sara either helped him out on my cunt or lapped at my ass. I contended myself with just watching though and once Giles and Paul had cum in her pussy and ass she crawled off of them and sat panting on the bed.

I was going to go and offer to kitty kiss her, but Corey said he had something else for us to watch and he pushed Kiyomi and Miyako towards the bed. Quite a few of the guys seem to have Japanese fetishes so seeing one or both of them perform is usually quite a popular part of the party, but Corey had convinced them to do a bit more than usual. They started off looking very embarrassed and knelt on the bed gently kissing each other. This progressed to them touching each other’s breasts, then sucking on each other’s nipples and then on to stroking each other. The stroking moved on to fingering and they finally moved around in to a 69 position. They could now finger each other properly and both kept letting out little grunts (not dissimilar to the sounds made in various Japanese porn videos). Pretty much everyone wanted to see them eat each other and Miyako gingerly kissed at Kiyomi’s pussy a few times before finally giving her a few tentative licks. Kiyomi joined in and started to lick Miyako – slowly at first, but they both gradually got more in to it until they were eating each other (and still making the little moaning/panting sounds). The sounds became more insistent and Kiyomi let out a much longer squeal (there is no other way to describe it), which got a round of applause. She lay panting for a bit but was ‘encouraged’ to repay her friend and soon got stuck back in to Miyako’s pussy. Miyako came a minute or so later and Kiyomi pulled away almost immediately, rolled on to her back and lay with her hands covering her face.

I know it was greedy of me but I couldn’t resist this time and moved over to the side of the bed, pulled Miyako’s legs apart and started to kitty kiss her. She tried to pull away at first but soon realised that I wasn’t trying to make her cum (I’ve kitty kissed both of them before) and allowed me to continue. I had wanted to do Kiyomi as well, but she got up and left the room and when we got a chance to talk to her later on we found out that she had felt really embarrassed to do that with Miyako (they are really good friends and while they’ve played together at the parties, played together with Corey a number of times and have done things with other girls, they rarely do as much to each other as they had just done). I told Kiyomi that I thought it was a beautiful thing to be able to make a friend feel that good and that as long as they both enjoyed it, that they shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about it. To highlight this I convinced her to let me have a little lick at her pussy and naturally Mike wanted to get in on that too so it progressed to us eating her properly and then Mike sliding in to her and fucking her. As I was there, we decided to finish her off together and after Mike had fucked her for a bit (to catch up), she rode his cock while facing away from him so I could lick her clit as they fucked. Mike hadn’t initially intended to cum in Kiyomi but he quickly changed his mind once he was inside her (as regular readers know, he has a big Japanese girl fetish) and once she came, he helped her bounce up and down on his cock a bit longer while he whispered to her about how he wanted to fill her tight little cunt with his cum. Kiyomi made more of her little grunting squeals as Mike fucked her but she kept thrusting herself up and down on his cock until he came and pushed as deep in to her as he could. As he held her still, I took the opportunity to kitty kiss her clit – which got an initial yelp out of her, but this quickly turned to little whimpers.

Kiyomi was still whimpering when she climbed off Mike’s cock and I asked if she would give me a few licks (so I could cross her off my list). I would have been happy for her to make me cum but really wanted to find some cock to fuck so I wasn’t too bothered when she just lapped at me for a little bit before asking if I’d had enough. I thanked her, gave her a little kiss and told her I was now going to find someone to fuck and left her with Mike (who kitty kissed her for a while longer).

As Sara had been the host for the first DP session of the night (unless there was another one that I missed) I felt that it wasn’t too greedy of me to ask for one. I found some willing candidates in Corey and Brett and told them that they could decide between themselves who got which hole. Corey said that he didn’t mind too much so he took my pussy and Brett had my ass. As is common for DP sessions, we had a few people watching us and as I was enjoying myself I asked if anyone wanted to take my mouth so I could have three cocks at once (I said earlier that I intended to help make up for the imbalance in the male-female ratio). Paul decided that he would join us and knelt beside us on the bed so he could push his cock in to my mouth without being directly over Corey’s face. Laura told me off for hogging all the guys so I told her that she was more than welcome to have Paul or that I would take care of her again if she wanted. She opted for Paul but lay beside us so that she could reach between Corey and me and play with my clit and I could (with effort) lean over and lap at her clit while Paul fucked her. This wasn’t that comfortable, but he did pull out of her a couple of times and let me have a slurp of his cock which was rather easier. As I had two cocks working in me (or two and a half if you include the occasions I was sucking Paul) as well as Laura’s fingers on my clit, I came first by quite a long way. Laura removed her hand from my clit after I came but Mike told her to keep going and to see if they could make me cum a second time.

Laura knows full well that my sexual appetite is, shall we say – high, and quickly pushed her hand back down between my legs. It felt incredibly intense – each time the guys thrust in to me it felt like a pulse went through my groin and Laura’s fingers made my clit tingle. For a while I didn’t think I was going to be able to cum again but when Brett started pumping in to my ass a bit faster (as he was getting close) I realised that the sensation was changing from just being intense to being pleasurable. I announced that I thought I could probably cum again and would have probably done so fairly quickly if Laura hadn’t gotten distracted by her own orgasm. Brett came in the meantime but once Laura recovered (and Brett had pulled out), she knelt behind me and reached around to play with both my clit and breasts. I told Paul that I wanted to suck him clean and to make things easier we changed position so I was lying on my back with my head tilted back over the edge of the bed, Corey holding my legs up and fucking me and Laura kneeling beside me so she could carry on playing with my clit and breasts. This felt much better and I managed to suck Paul partially hard again (although he didn’t want to cum). Corey came before I did and Laura offered to eat me but I asked if any of the guys I hadn’t fucked yet could help out and added that they didn’t have to cum and that I just wanted their cock inside me.

Michael agreed to help out but said if he was going to fuck me that he would make me cum himself (I think he was trying to show off). I offered to eat Laura as a thank you for her help but as she’d just cum she declined so I pulled her to me and asked her to fetch Simone so I could finally sample her. She had only been to one party before this one and while she was straight, she had been indoctrinated in to doing things with girls (effectively by being hazed). She didn’t protest too much and allowed Laura to lead her over to the bed and then allowed me to pull her up over my face. She still had her skirt on and the first few times I pushed it up so that people could see what I was doing she pulled it back down, but once I’d been eating her for a few minutes she relented and allowed me to push it up over her stomach. I thought she tasted quite good (which was unusual for me as she apparently had two or three guys’ worth of cum in her). Michael pounded away in me, determined to make me cum without playing with my clit and while it wasn’t that effective at first, I then felt my orgasm starting to build again and pushed Simone up a little so I could tell him I was getting close and to keep going. He really went to town and slammed his cock in to me over and over (and I was quite impressed that he could manage that by this point in the evening, although Mike said it was probably actually easier as Michael had already cum at least a couple of times so once he had got hard, he could fuck me vigorously without the danger of cumming. I moaned in to Simone’s cunt as I came and Michael just kept going. As it was a pure vaginal orgasm (with no direct clitoral stimulation) I could take the continual pounding even after I finished cumming and I guessed that Michael was actually fucking me (and wanted to cum).

Seeing as he’d made me cum, I had no objections to him cumming in me (I’d have let him cum in me anyway) so I just tried to contract myself around him to help out – although I was getting tired so it probably wasn’t that effective. I was however effective with what I was doing to Simone and I lapped at her pussy and clit even faster until I felt her shudder over me and cum. I don’t know if Michael was waiting for Simone to cum or it was just coincidence, but he came not too long after her and when he pulled out I could feel my cunt tingle for quite a while (which I guess was either due to the double orgasm or just the hard fuck). When Simone moved off of my face I asked her (just for completeness) if she would mind licking me. She was even less used to actually licking another girl, but I wasn’t the first – and she at least seems quite eager to please, so I imagine I won’t be the last girl she eats either. If I hadn’t just cum twice I would have happily let her eat me to orgasm (if she had wanted to) but in the state I was in, I just enjoyed feeling her tongue on my pussy and then told her that she had done enough. I wondered about teaching her how to kitty kiss, but the middle of a party really isn’t the best place to do that so I didn’t bother.

It was getting late by this point and a few people said they were tired but there was one more thing I wanted to try out. Unfortunately I still didn’t feel up to doing it myself (this was the point where I realised that I was getting soft as being made to cum twice in a row had really taken it out of me), but fortunately I still had my tame lesbian to take over for me. I suggested that it was time for Nora to be indoctrinated and sent Mike to fetch my bag. I pulled out our strap on and helped to fasten it on to Sara and we asked Nora if she was game. She said that she was and people made space for her on the bed – a number of people had already seen her fuck, but this was her lesbian debut and even though I didn’t need to cum again, I wanted to at least help out.

Laura was the one who used to have the role of ‘turning’ girls (or at least introducing them to the pleasures that another girl can give them) so it was only fair to  let her join in too. We both knelt in front of Sara and licked up and down the length of the dildo until it was glistening with our saliva. Laura reached over to Nora’s pussy and stroked up and down her lips and when Nora didn’t shy away, Laura went further and half lay on the bed so she could lick Nora. We later found out that Nora had done a few things with girls before, so this wasn’t new to her, but we didn’t know that at the time. Not wanting to miss out, I had a quick turn licking her but then moved out of the way to make room for the star of the show. Sara climbed up on the bed and we helped her position the dildo at the entrance to Nora’s pussy and Sara slowly pushed in to her. We had provided more than enough lubrication and Sara slid the dildo in easily and then started to fuck Nora. Laura and I moved up beside Nora and I asked Joris if Nora liked having her nipples played with. Joris said yes so Laura and I each took one of Nora’s breasts and fondled, kissed, caressed, licked and sucked on it. She really seemed to enjoy this and quickly got in to the session, making little ‘ung’ noises each time Sosa pumped in to her. Sara really got in to it too and after a while she told Nora that she wanted her to suck her cock, pulled out of Nora and lay down beside her. Nora played along and went to suck the dildo but Sara told her to climb over her so she could eat her at the same time and as (almost) everyone watched, they 69ed with Sara fingering and licking Nora’s hairy pussy while Nora sucked on Sara’s dildo. They went back to fucking, but this time Sara got Nora to kneel on all fours and she took her from behind – she was quite forceful and Nora’s breasts swung back and forth as Sara fucked her but Laura lay beside Nora and cupped her breasts (too much swinging of large breasts isn’t comfortable). Laura asked Sara if she wanted to play with Nora’s clit or if she could help out and Sara let Laura join in. Nora made louder ‘ung’ noises, mostly in time with Sara’s thrusts and as she got closer to cumming, these changed to ‘aahhg’ sounds and then to a few much longer ‘aahhnng’ sounds as Nora actually came.


  1. Understand Mike's love of asian girls. They have such tiny little pussys yet somehow can take cock like no other. Also, their unique noise while having sex is always sexy.

    1. He does enjoy the noises they make - sometimes I find the mock embarrassment a bit too much (they are clearly enjoying themselves and everyone knows it so I don't understand why they can't just admit it). I love the way their really dark pubic hair (when they aren't completely shaved) contrasts so well with their skin. Jen would quite like them to have larger breasts, but she loves their cuteness (and is missing being able to play with them).