Monday, 15 December 2014

All-nighter Sex Party – Part 4

Once I’d moved away from Nora (while Sara was still fucking her) I had gone over to Joris to talk to him about whether he enjoyed watching his girlfriend be fucked by other girls. I assumed that he would as most men seem to at least like the idea of this happening (and especially the sort of people who come to the sex parties). He reached out and caressed one of my breasts so I reached over to his groin and pushed my hand in to his shorts to caress his cock. He warned me that he didn’t think he could cum again but I told him that it was fine and I just wanted to have a little play if I was allowed to. The ‘little play’ progressed to me kneeling in front of him and taking his cock in my mouth until he was hard (and a bit past that point) and then telling him that even if he didn’t want to fuck that I’d like to feel him inside me. He was up for this so we moved over to the wall and Joris stood against it while I backed myself on to his cock. I didn’t really want to cum either, I was just trying to tick another cock off my list, but even so it still felt good as I rocked back and forth and felt him sliding deeper inside me with each stroke. I kept this up, sometimes moving and sometimes just pressing back against him so he was buried all the way inside me until Nora came and got up from the bed. At that point I thanked Joris for the loan of his cock (and made him promise that he would fuck me properly at a future date).

Nora was congratulated on her first lesbian fuck of the party (and it hasn’t escaped my attention that there is no real guy-guy action at the parties) and a few people (both male and female) gave her pussy a few strokes. It was now pretty late so we agreed to start heading off to bed (although it took about an hour for everyone to wash, brush teeth, get duvets sorted out…). During this time I suggested to people that we could use Clare in the morning as the target for the group fuck (as we were the ones who came up with this idea we traditionally get to select the lucky girl to receive all the attention). I told Clare that Simone was the person selected and everyone knew not to tell Clare. I also asked Clare if I could borrow Giles for the night and once we were under the covers I got him to remove his shorts and I rubbed my ass against his cock until he got hard. I gave him the same assurance I’d given Joris about not needing to fuck properly, but just wanting to have him inside me. We started off spooning and I described to him how much I had enjoyed the foursome with Clare earlier on and then how impressed I’d been at the fact she was willing to play with me almost immediately afterwards. I contracted myself around Giles’ cock as we humped and talked and just as I’d hoped, he started to move in me a bit faster. I teased him about this and he slowed down and said that we didn’t have to fuck but I pushed back against him and told him if he wanted to fuck me then I was more than up for it. We carried on spooning for a while and Giles reached round to play with my breasts (from experience I know that he likes my breasts). I was trying not to make too much noise as we weren’t the only people in the room (I obviously wasn’t bothered about people knowing we were fucking, I just didn’t want to disturb anyone who was tired and trying to get to sleep). As things heated up though I decided to give him a treat as I knew he liked being ridden so I pulled away from him and then crawled on top of him. I sat up and lowered myself on to his cock and started humping up and down while he played with my breasts and occasionally my clit (I stroked myself when Giles wasn’t doing it). I was still trying to be quiet(ish), but thought I could hear the familiar sounds of Sara when she is being pleasured. I concentrated a bit more and became sure of the fact that she was doing things (the lights were off so it was difficult to see much). I knew that she had paired off with Bennett for the night as we didn’t have enough girls for her to sleep with a girl (and even so poor Brett was having to share Caroline with Corey) and imagined the sight of her pale skin and red hair against the black of Bennett’s skin, with his cock pumping away inside her little cunt. This image helped my orgasm along considerably and I told Giles I was going to cum – making sure that while I was still not being inconsiderably loud, that anyone in the room would be able to hear me.

Once I’d cum, I humped against Giles’ cock a bit faster while telling him to cum in me and he did as instructed (although I doubt he came much). I remained on top of him and whispered to him to listen to Bennett and Sara and we remained in this position until they had both cum (or at least stopped making any noise). I told Giles to stay where he was and that I would be right back and then crawled out of the covers and over to where Sara and Bennett were. I whispered to them that we had heard them and asked if I could suck Bennett’s cock clean of Sara’s juices – in return I told her that she could always suck Giles clean of my juices if she wanted. I was a little surprised when she agreed and scurried over to Giles, but she was clearly up for fucking more guys than usual so I wasn’t worried about it. I obviously had to be fairly gentle as I sucked Bennett, but did the closest I could to kitty kissing him and told him that I loved the idea of his big cock being inside Sara as they fell asleep so he should try to stay hard for a while. I crawled back over to Giles and Sara was still fondling and sucking his cock so I took the opportunity and stuck my tongue in to her pussy (she was kneeling with her ass poking out from under the covers). She jumped a bit when I did this but I moved my tongue up a bit and flicked it over her ass a few times before crawling back into bed and telling her that I could always eat her if she wanted to cum again. Sara said that she’d had enough for one night but did promise to let me do things with her in the morning (after we had finished with Clare of course). Once Sara had gone back over to Bennett Giles thanked me for sending her over and I got him to describe what it was like having her little mouth wrapped around his cock and whether he was looking forward to watching Clare being fucked and eaten by everyone. He wasn’t sure if she would actually let it happen, but the idea certainly seemed to appeal to him – enough so that he got hard enough again for us to spoon (we moved a little against each other, but didn’t fuck).

The next morning, we got up and even though I couldn’t have my traditional fuck, I made sure to treat Giles to a morning blowjob (not to orgasm) and then enjoyed the feeling of his hard cock inside me. We all had breakfast before getting things started and even though nobody said anything directly to Clare about what was about to happen, she figured out from the looks she was getting that it was her and not Simone who was about to be fucked. At first she said that she didn’t want to and couldn’t cum that many times, but Giles, Mike and I worked on convincing her and everyone joined it by saying that they all wanted to fuck her. One of the rules of the parties is that while you can do pretty much anything you want, both people have to consent so we weren’t going to force her to submit if she really didn’t want to, but the peer pressure worked and she agreed to let us play with her and that we could keep going until everyone had got to use her. She was clearly nervous about what was about to happen (she had seen it done to enough other people), but the previous recipients of the attention (myself included) told her that while it was rather tiring and quite intense, that it felt wonderful.

Clare seemed a little reassured by this but I think it was mostly the fact that Giles was so keen on seeing it that convinced her and as a few people cleaned away the breakfast things we went upstairs to the largest bedroom and lay Clare out on the bed. She definitely felt quite self-conscious with everyone standing around her and watching her and it probably didn’t help when numerous people started to caress and fondle her. before we started we set out the aim (we had been meaning to ‘formalise’ the rules for this part of the party but hadn’t gotten around to it and Mike, Jen and put some thought in to it already. The rules we had decided on were:
·         For the target to cum as many times as possible
·         To have the target suck every guy’s cock
·         To be fucked by every guy present
·         For each guy to cum in or on her (with the caveat that this may not be possible if the group session happens at the end of a night)
·         To have every girl at least finger the target, but preferably to both eat and be eaten by the target
·         and finally, ideally the girl being eaten by the target should get to cum (and even more ideally, they should eat or finger the target to orgasm as well, but just as it wasn’t expected that every guy would make the target cum, it wasn’t really expected for every girl to do so either)

With the formalities out of the way I told Clare that I was quite jealous of her and we set about deciding who would get to do things with her first. As the only ‘mostly’ lesbian girl present, Sara got to eat Clare for a minute or so while the rest of us had a quick game of rock-paper-scissors to decide. Neil and Caroline won and As Neil positioned himself between Clare’s legs, Caroline played along and climbed over Clare’s face. Neil started fucking Clare and to her credit, Clare went to work on Caroline. Laura leant over and played with Clare’s breasts and Bennett joined her (taking one each) – in his case he wanted to have a proper suck on them before any of the guys came over her. To ensure that things got started off properly, I told Laura to make sure that Clare came and she reached down to frig Clare’s clit as Neil fucked her. With all the attention focussed on her, it wasn’t long before Clare came, but of course just because she had cum didn’t mean anything stopped and Neil continued to fuck her while Bennett and Laura kept sucking on Clare’s nips (Laura did at least stop frigging Clare). Neil came in Clare’s cunt and pulled out and Caroline was encouraged to 69 with Clare (which she did). As Clare had just cum, Caroline didn’t have to make her cum again, but she kept eating Clare until she had her own orgasm, at which point Clare was told to suck Neil’s cock and Mike asked if he could have a turn eating Clare.

Once the first round was over, we couldn’t be bothered choosing who went next so as Mike had asked first, he got to have a quick turn eating Clare and then fucked her. Clare ate Sara while Mike was inside her and even though Sara came before Mike came in Clare, she 69ed with Clare once he pulled out. Next Corey asked Clare if he could take her ass and things escalated from this to Scott joining in and DPing Clare. As Clare’s holes were fucked I pointed out that she hadn’t sucked Mike so he climbed up on the bed beside them and offered her his cock. It looked very much like Clare was going to cum again and she took Mike in her mouth and sucked on him (a bit too hard for his liking given he’d just cum, but he put up with it). Corey came in her ass and pulled out – fortunately for Clare people decided that ass to mouth was a bit too much to ask so he went to clean off before Clare had to suck him, but this allowed Scott to roll Clare over on to her back and fuck her a bit more freely. I’d counted up the guys and figured out that they could get pretty good coverage of Clare’s body with their cum so suggested to Scott that as she’d already had two guys cum in her cunt that he could cum over her front. He didn’t seem to care where he came so agreed to this and when it was time for his to cum he pulled out and jerked himself off, spraying a few jets of cum up her body and just on to her breasts.

Clare was panting by this point and saying she needed a break so she was allowed a couple of minutes to take care of sucking Scott and Corey – at first this was done individually but someone (ahem) suggested that she should take both cocks in her mouth at once as they had already both been inside her at the same time. Clare did as we instructed and after sucking them both briefly, Laura knelt between Clare’s legs and started to eat her. It quickly became clear that Laura intended to make Clare cum so while she was working on Clare’s cunt, Clare took Michael in her mouth. I realised that I had made a miscalculation but when Laura briefly moved away from Clare to let Michael fuck her I realised that it wasn’t too late and told him to give her cunt a good fuck but not to cum inside her as we needed his cum for her face. I explained to everyone that if we did things properly (or very improperly), we could have two guys cum in or on each of the following areas: her cunt, ass, back, front, face and in her mouth. Everyone liked the sound of that but Clare was given the choice of spitting or swallowing. Clare was very close to cumming again by this point so when Michael moved back to her mouth and Laura resumed eating her, Clare barely flinched when Michael said he was cumming. She kept sucking him as she came and when he pulled out people watched and cheered when she didn’t spit.

Clare was applauded, but she was far from done and Laura told her that she wanted her payment for making Clare cum. Laura lay on the bed, put a pillow under her ass spread her legs. Clare knelt between Laura’s legs and ate her while Craig fucked her and he was asked to cum over Clare’s back. He pulled out just before he came and rubbed his cock between Clare’s ass cheeks to finish off, letting out a fairly impressive initial spurt that went all the way up Clare’s back with a little bit landing on her hair. The other squirts weren’t as powerful, but still covered Clare’s back and Laura leant forward to help rub the cum in to Clare’s skin.

While this had been going on, I went and fetched the strap on and Mike helped me in to it. I had a brief suck on Clare’s cunt and got her to suck the strap on to lubricate it before I slid it in to her and got her to ride me (which I admit was a little cruel as she was obviously a bit out of breath by this point). I didn’t fuck her for too long and soon handed her over to Gareth. Once I had removed the strap on, I crawled back up on to the bed and got Clare to go down on me while Gareth took her from behind. He really wanted to cum inside her, but played along with the game and pulled out just before he came, squirting his cum over Clare’s back and ass. Hannah then knelt behind Clare and lapped at her cunt until Clare made me cum, at which point Hannah 69ed with Clare.

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