Thursday, 18 December 2014

All-nighter Sex Party – Part 5

Giles fucked her next (and he really pumped in to her hard and fast, which I took as being due to him enjoying watching Clare be fucked so much). He came over her face and immediately afterwards Clare ate Miyako (and Giles doubly loved the idea of is cum being rubbed against her cute little pussy). Miyako repaid Clare to some degree (she didn’t eat her too much, but enough to qualify) and as Clare had been doing so well I suggested something that was meant as a treat for her. She still needed to have her ass fucked a second time and I thought that as the newcomer, Joris could get this honour. It seemed only fair that Nora should help him out so we got Joris to sit up and we lowered Clare on to his cock so she was facing away from him. This allowed us to easily get to Clare’s pussy and I had a few cheeky licks of her (to make up for the fact that I hadn’t eaten her much during my turn) and then handed her over to Nora. This position was something that they (Nora and Joris) hadn’t tried before, but it seemed to work quite well and as Joris guided Clare up and down on his cock, Nora lapped at Clare’s pussy until she came. To finish off, Joris got Clare to kneel on all fours and pumped away inside her ass until he came and we once again realised that she hadn’t sucked his cock so he went to freshen up before returning and letting her correct this omission.

Clare was now very tired and as she had done so well we decided that she didn’t have to make any of the other girls cum if she didn’t want to (but she still had to make a reasonable show of eating them). As she did this, Brett, Paul and Bennett each took a turn fucking her and alternating with the girls for access to Clare’s mouth while the girls lapped at Clare’s pussy. Brett came in Clare’s mouth, Paul came over Clare’s chest and after fucking Clare from behind while Melissa licked her to her final orgasm of the session (they wanted her to go out on a high), Bennett came over Clare’s face with a pretty large load.

To say that Clare was a mess would be an understatement – she had cum over her face and chest (most of the stuff on her back had wiped off on the duvet) and her pussy was shining with a mixture of her juices and various girls’ saliva. She looked happy but absolutely exhausted and didn’t take kindly to me offering her up to anyone who wanted a second go. Fortunately for her everyone was kind enough to refrain from using her again, although a few of the people who had taken part in the earlier part of the session had got a second wind and started playing with each other. I still had a number of people to tick off my own list so got in on the action with Neil and had him fuck me for a bit and then helped him to get Caroline off (I’d already played with her, but it was only fair).

I next managed to convince Hannah to help me out with Paul and we fucked him in a number of different positions (allowing me to have his cock inside me, have Hannah eat me and me eat her. I made sure that he was inside me when he came and I ensured that Hannah got off with a combination of my fingers and tongue. It was a little harder to convince Craig to fuck me as he’d had a fairly energetic time the previous night (although I hadn’t witnessed much of it) and then a fairly strong orgasm while fucking Clare, but he appreciated my desire to fuck every guy at the party (or at least have them inside me for a reasonable time). He played with my breasts quite a lot and as he was enjoying them so much I offered to tit-fuck him and he jumped at the idea. I had been expecting to be the one doing the work but he wanted me to lie on my back and he sat over me. He pushed my breasts together around his cock and pumped back and forth and after a couple of minutes he asked if he could cum over me. I told him to empty as much of his cum over my breasts as he could (while assuming that he would produce too much after his previous load). He may not have cum a lot, but he went one better than I was expecting and the first jet of his cum once again hot out quite hard and hit the bottom of my chin before running down over my neck. My neck is very sensitive and I can cum just from having it stroked (although this takes quite a while) so the feeling of his cum running over it was wonderful. He rubbed back and forth between my breasts a few more times and I then took his cock in my mouth to suck the head clean while I rubbed his cum over my breasts and neck before plunging my fingers in to myself and working his cum inside my cunt.

By my reckoning I now only had Mike and Sara to fuck to complete my list and they were quite happy to oblige me. While we were playing, Simone wandered in and asked if she could try out the strap-on. Not being the kind of people to deny other’s pleasure, we helped fasten it on to her (during which time I explained how it would usually have an internal vibe, but as we had expected someone might be wearing it for a while we hadn’t brought it along). Simone then had a turn fucking Sara and me and we decided to finish off that Sara and I would 69 while Mike and Simone fucked us (with Mike in me). This worked out quite well, although Sara and I couldn’t eat each other and just lapped at each other’s clits. Mike really enjoyed having three other girls on the bed with him and he reached over to caress Simone’s back. As I couldn’t give Sara her usual anal licking I reached around between her and Simone and ran my fingertips over her ass, gently pressing them in to her from time to time. She really seemed to like this and out of all of us Sara came first. I wasn’t too far behind her and Mike came in me just a little bit after I came.

To repay Simone for her help (seeing as she was the only one of us who hadn’t cum), we told her we would let her cum in whatever way she chose. Before she could decide though, Sara asked if she could have a lick of Simone’s pussy and got her to lie back on the bed (having removed the strap-on). Mike and I played with Simone’s breasts and we felt her body buck a few times underneath us. I had a fair idea of the reason and asked Sara if she was doing her usual and she just looked up at me and nodded. I whispered in Simone’s ear that Sara was obsessed with ass licking and that if it felt good that she should just lie back and enjoy the treat. Simone whimpered something about it being dirty but I told her that Sara obviously didn’t think so. Mike had a turn at eating Simone next and he also gave her ass a few licks and when it was finally my turn I did the same. Simone acknowledged that what we were doing felt good so we decide to move it up a level to actually make her cum. To finish off, Mike lay on his back with Simone over his face (facing away from his cock) and Sara mounted Mike (it had been just about long enough since he’d cum in me and watching Sara and I eat Simone helped him get hard again). Simone leant forwards, Mike got stuck in to her cunt and Sara concentrated on Simone’s ass. I debated whether I should sit in front of Simone and see if she would eat me or kneel behind Sara and give her some anal love but in the end I went for the selfish option and used the dildo from the strap-on to fuck myself. This wasn’t just out of lust (although that played a part), but by fucking myself I really could say that I had done everyone at the party. Simone came quite a bit before I did but I just carried on pumping the dildo in and out of my cunt while frigging myself. Mike offered to eat me but when I explained my logic to him he left me to take care of myself and just watched as I masturbated myself to orgasm.

By the time we went back downstairs a few people had left. Clare was still asleep on the other bed upstairs so Giles was still present and we chatted with everyone and helped them gather up their things. This is when I found out a little more about Nora and Joris and that they had been to similar parties back in Holland a few times. I told her that if we’d known that was the case that we wouldn’t have gone as easy on her and she said that even though it wasn’t her first time, she wasn’t sure she could have taken much more. I offered myself to Joris and he said that he didn’t have the energy as he’d fucked Clare and then played with Kiyomi while I’d been upstairs. I made a comment about not being able to compete with her and he assured me that I had a couple of advantages over her (indicating my breasts) so I promised him that if she was game, Nora and I could give him a couple of pairs of breasts to play with at the next party (which I just assumed they would be coming to).

By the time Clare woke up, there were only a few of us left and I suggested that we head out and get some lunch. Gareth and Scott wanted to stay and tidy the place up and Clare objected, saying that she couldn’t possibly go out in her current state. I pointed out that it was quite obvious that Sara and I were also wearing our clothes from the previous night but Clare was primarily referring to the fact that her body was covered with cum. As the party was over, the rules no longer applied and she was badgered in to getting dressed and dragged out without being allowed to do anything more than brush her hair and use her hands to wipe her face. We waited until we were at the door before we pulled her panties off and she was pulled out in to the street before she could retaliate (not that there was much she could really do as neither Sara nor I had panties on under our skirts). Clare realised the futility in arguing and came to lunch with us. Giles and Sara each managed to briefly fondle her over lunch and Mike pushed a hand underneath me and rubbed my pussy from below for quite a while. He couldn’t quite reach up to my clit so I didn’t get too close to cumming, but it felt incredibly nice and was sufficiently arousing that I left a wet spot on the seat.

We tried to convince Clare and Giles to come back to Sara’s place with us but Clare knew full well what would happen if we did and she’d had enough for one day (or one week). Once we’d said our goodbyes, we went back to Sara’s place to pick up our things and quizzed her about her sudden enhanced willingness to fuck guys. Her response was quite simple, she had decided that if she was going to come to the parties, that she would enjoy them to the full. I was very happy about this as she seemed to have listened to my talks about enjoying both cock and cunt (while Jen thinks all girls should be lesbians, I think they should all be bi and really enjoy themselves – although I did have the thought that the idea of all other girls being gay is quite appealing as it would mean I would have to take care of every guy on the planet!).

Sara offered us the chance to shower before we left and Mike took her up on it – on the condition that she showered with him. I opted to stay in my cum-encrusted state for the journey but went in to chat with them while they showered. As expected, Mike couldn’t leave Sara alone and after rinsing her pussy out, he knelt and licked her. They continued this after the shower and he ate her properly and then fucked her. I decided that I didn’t want to be left out but didn’t want to disturb them so I used one of Sara’s vibes and fucked myself with it, pushing it as deep in to myself as I could and telling Sara that I wanted her to use it later on that day and mix my juices with hers inside her.

The train was delayed on the journey home, but I dozed for quite a bit of it anyway and the thought of being responsible for taking care of every guy in the world came back to me. I spent a long time imaging what this would be like –having to let anyone fuck me, whenever or wherever we were. Of course as it was a fantasy I got to cum with every guy and I wondered whether I would bother trying to keep myself clean of their cum or just have it covering my body and leaking from my cunt wherever I went. The idea of being fucked whenever I took a bus, went to work, went shopping, out for dinner or just a walk was very arousing and Mike later told me that I squirmed around quite a lot in my seat and he could tell I was feeling horny. By the time I got home I was desperate to cum again and before we’d even described the weekend to Jen we had taken her upstairs and I ‘forced’ her to let me eat her while Mike fucked me from behind with an anal vibe in my ass.

With my desire temporarily relieved, we gave Jen the full details of the weekend and she told us about her time with Lucy and Lis (who had unfortunately left before we got home or I would have taken my desire out on them). Jen’s weekend had been somewhat more sedentary than our one, although she had slept with them both each night and fucked them each morning as well (and even daisy chained with them). Jen had told them lots of stories about the sex parties (they had known a fair bit about them already) and Lis had seemed quite curious about them. I can easily imagine Lis wanting to attend one but even though Lucy is much less reserved than she used to be, I can’t see her going (or wanting Lis to go). Lucy said that she was nervous about Lis meeting someone she knew and the secret getting out, but as we pointed out it would mean that the other person would have to let on they went to the parties as well (and I doubt they would be invited back).

Later that evening I finally showered and rinsed myself out as thoroughly as I could so I could have a proper session with Jen. It was beginning to get a little awkward to 69 with Jen around this time due to the bump, but it was a fairly gentle and drawn out session so we managed. As he knows just how horny I can be after the parties, Mike then fucked me for a while and finished me off (for my second cum of the night) by eating me. He saved his cum for spooning with Jen who said that she didn’t want to cum again, but was happy for him to cum in her. Mike rarely likes doing this so told her that he could wait until the morning but Jen told him that she really wanted to feel him cum inside her (given what he’d already done that day I feel she may have been overestimating his cum production capability) and he eventually gave in. There was no real fucking – he just gently moved in her for quite a while as he caressed her breasts and the bump and told her how much he loved her (and occasionally said he loved me so I didn’t get jealous, but I don’t get jealous of Jen) until he told her he was just about to cum. He kept the same pace and just let out a low ‘oohhh fuck’ as he came and carried on moving, just even slower. He produced enough cum that Jen said she felt a bit wetter and Mike once again offer to make her cum but she was still happy just having him inside her (although that didn’t last too long as he didn’t stay hard for more than a couple of minutes).

This meant that I got to spoon against Jen’s back with Mike curled up against her front. I cheated in the morning and went down on her before Mike woke up (he woke up while I was doing this, but I got there first so got to make her cum). As repayment, Mike ate me and then as ‘punishment’ he fucked me just before I left for work so I had to make the journey with his cum dribbling out if me and down my thighs (I like that sort of punishment).


  1. I couldn't imagine ever doing anything anally. Either there is a lot of preparation involved (and thus nobody is ever really surprised by it) or you're willing to chance it. I would imagine how much a dampening effect it must have if a mess is made on accident.

    Then again, I really don't know much about it and trying to find good quality information on the internet about it is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. You just get flooded with porn.

    1. I've found that the key to anal is being relaxed - or wanting it (which is probably very similar as you aren't nervous about it). The first time(s) may certainly be easier and more comfortable with a fair amount of lube, but as long as the guy has been inside of me (or someone else!) before sliding in to my ass - and he doesn't try to hammer away too quickly then it feels good.

      I'm not always in the mood for anal - sometimes it just feels nice and sometimes really good (assuming the rules above are followed). It certainly feels incredible when I've got a cock in my cunt as well.

      Thinking about it, the easiest way to experiment would be to buy an anal vibe (or just a small vibe), apply lube and gently insert it while masturbating (so you're completely in control). You can also just use your finger if you're not grossed out by that and you then have even more control.

  2. At these parties, how do the guys handle fucking or eating girls who have already been filled with cum or cummed on?

    1. It varies considerably - Mike often likes to try and get in first and go down on girls before they fuck, but he's gotten much more relaxed about a girl having cum in/on her pussy, although he would still much rather have her before she gets 'polluted' and he often won't lick inside her as much if she has been fucked, but he generally has no problem with licking her clit and once he gets started he will then usually eat her properly. I think in order to attend a party like these you have to already have a certain mindset so the people present aren't likely to be as 'squeamish' as many other people.

      As for girls with cum over their bodies, some guys are happy to kiss them as long as they have been wiped (just with hands - they don't insist on us showering) and others will just fuck without kissing. I can't think of any of the guys who mind fucking a girl who already has cum in their cunt - I assume they just consider it extra lubricant.

      ...and remember that it's not just the guys who have to worry about eating the girls who have been fucked. I'm still not a great lover of the taste of cum so I prefer girls who haven't had any extra flavouring added! Jen and Sue also likes their girls to have natural flavouring, but they don't mind eating boy-cum out of them either.