Sunday, 21 December 2014

Dream and Fantasies – Part 1

A while ago someone asked me if I had any fantasies that I hadn’t acted out. As regular readers know, I will generally want to actually try things if they sound appealing to me and we’ve been lucky enough to find enough similarly minded people (between Jen’s friends from Uni, the people in York and our pet sex shop owner) that we’ve had plenty of chances to live out fantasies. Most of my fantasies have centred around me being naked, fucked and or cumming in front of one or more people – or cumming secretly in places I’m not meant to be cumming – but I had a couple of fantasies that I haven’t been able to act out for reasons that will become obvious as I describe them. As much as I’m not really in to anime or hentai (at least not in the way that Mike and Sue are), these have probably all been inspired by various anime we have watched…

The first fantasy I have is to have the ability to make myself invisible so I could walk around naked in crowded areas and touch myself as much as I want. It might sound counterintuitive for an exhibitionist to want to be invisible, but there are a number of things I would love to be able to try. I would press my breasts up against random guys and take their hands and guide them to my crotch, press their fingers in to my cunt and get them to finger me. Of course I would be quite happy to give pleasure back to them and could have great fun finding guys in public places and reaching down to their crotch and rubbing them. I wouldn’t be able to get their cocks out as it is only me that is invisible in this fantasy, but I’m fairly sure I could rub them enough to make them cum in their trousers (I know I can manage this as I’ve done it to Mike a number of times). Just imagine someone sitting on a bus with naked me beside them – or in a meeting with me under the table – and me stroking them until they came.

This inspiration for this fantasy came from a dream where I was in a lecture hall and realised that I was naked – I’ve had dreams like that before, but this time I also realised that I was naked. I could partially see myself, but nobody else could. I wandered up and down the aisles as the lecture progressed, gently stroking myself at first and then occasionally stopping to sit and finger myself properly. As would inevitably happen if I were ever actually in this situation, I decided that I wanted to be in a more visible place and wandered down to the front of the lecture hall so I could climb up on the big table there. I faced the audience, spread my legs and rubbed my cunt while fondling my breasts. As I got closer to cumming I switched to one of my favourite masturbation positions and lay back, reached a hand around under one of my legs to finger my cunt while using my other hand to frig my clit. I took myself close to cumming a few times and backed off so I could enjoy the experience as much as possible (I was beginning to realise I was dreaming around this point) and I remember thinking that I really wished that everyone could actually see me. I kept playing with myself and the next time I looked up at the audience I realised that my wish had come true and they could actually see me.

As I had nothing left to lose at this point (and I was feeling incredibly horny) I picked up the remote control for the projector and rubbed it up and down my wet cunt, spread my lips and pushed it in to me. I was easily wet enough to lubricate it and I fucked my cunt with the remote while using some of the overspill to lubricate a couple of my fingers which I pushed in to my ass. I knew that I wasn’t far from cumming and while I was really enjoying myself I decided that I wanted a bit more (not that I’m greedy or anything) so I reached over with a foot and kicked the visualiser so it turned and faced me. As can only happen in dreams, it turned on and the camera aimed directly at my cunt so a giant image of what I was doing to myself was projected up on the twin screens above my head. I heard a collective gasp from the crowd as they got to see in detail exactly what I was doing to myself and this was enough to push me over the edge. I moaned and panted as I came, pumping the remote quickly in and out of my cunt and loving the way the buttons felt as they moved inside me while still fingering my ass. My orgasm lasted for ages and I woke up feeling incredibly horny, but it was a weekday and too early in the morning to wake Mike or Jen to help satiate my desire so I reached down and gently fingered myself while trying to get back to sleep.

I wasn’t really successful in this, but did doze a little and carried the dream on in a number of different directions. In one of the mini-dreams, all of the students were sufficiently aroused by my display that they started playing with whoever was sitting next to them and I got to watch lots of people fucking, fingering, sucking, kissing and eating each other. I saw every combination of sexes doing things with each other and by the time they finished, everyone was naked and covered in cum (even the lesbian pairs somehow managed to be covered in cum). In another mini-dream I took the more convention route (for me) and just had everyone come down and fuck me. The guys all came in my cunt or over my body and I either fingered or ate the girls, letting anyone use the visualised to display what they were doing to or with me to everyone else. This continued until I had been fucked by everyone and the whole bench was covered with boy cum and pussy juice. If I’d been properly dreaming I imagine I would have remained there until the next lecture started and either put on another show or allowed all the new people to fuck me, but Mike woke up around this time and I quickly pounced on him and rode him very energetically (waking Jen in the process), while frigging myself and telling him that I needed to cum. I explained my dream over breakfast so he understood, but as he hadn’t gotten to eat me I had to let him do that before we left for work that morning (such hardship).

The second fantasy is much more straightforward – I would love to have a tail. Either a large bushy tail that I could bend round between my legs and hump against, or a prehensile tail that I could bend round, push in to my cunt and fuck myself with while keeping my hands free to work on my clit, breasts or ass. The alternative to this would be to have multiple sets of hands so I could stroke my neck, fondle both nipples and play with my clit, ass and cunt at the same time (and then a few more sets to also be able to play with Mike and Jen).

The next fantasy is quite a bit longer so I’ll make it another post, but you won’t have to wait long as I’ll post it on the 23rd to make up for this post being short…


  1. You could go to one of those conventions where they do full mid body paint. I know it's not the same thing, but it's pretty close.

    Also. Check out the below. Of the 'core' is strong enough it just might work.

    1. I may have possibly already bought a tail - while I can't actually fuck myself with it, I did have some fun at a Halloween party - but you'll have to wait a while to hear about that (although probably not too long as unsurprisingly the number of things I have to write about tail off around the time Jen had the baby!)