Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Dream and Fantasies – Part 2

The third fantasy is almost an offshoot of the second one (although somewhat different). This one definitely comes from hentai and is based around an alien or demon with tentacles fucking me. I’ve thought about this being done in many ways, but one of my favourites would be for me to be ‘attacked’ when with a group of people I know, but who don’t know what I’m really like (preferably when I’m with a group of my York friends – although they now have a bit more of an idea of my true nature, but that is for a future entry), for all of us to be restrained in some way and for the monster to then turn his attention to me. Multiple tentacles would sprout from his body and coil around me, pulling my legs apart (for the sake of this fantasy we’ll pretend I was wearing panties) and start to caress my body. The tentacles would push under whatever clothing I had on and as more tentacles were added, my clothing would be ripped more and more, a tiny piece at a time until my underwear was clearly visible. My bra would be ripped off and tentacles would coil around my breasts, kneading them and covering them with slime. I quickly realise that the slime enhances the sensitivity of my skin and as the tips of the tentacles brush back and forth over my nipples.

Yet more tentacles joined in, these ones with numerous much smaller tentacles at the end and they writhed around over my nipples, tweaking and pulling on them until both my nips were hard. A thin tentacle rubbed up and down the front of my panties, pressing the material between my lips until the crotch of my panties was almost pushed fully in to me. It then pierced through the material and I felt it piston back and forth inside my pussy. The feeling then changed as the invader increased in size, tearing a larger hole in my panties but continuing to fuck me. It oozed the same sensitising slime over and into my cunt and I felt the whole area start to tingle, knowing full well that it things continued that I would end up cumming in front of all my friends.

Other tentacles replaced the ones on my nipples, these with small mouths on them and they repeatedly latched on my nips and sucked them while pulling away from my body, pulling my breasts out and away from me until they let go and my breasts fell back against my body. A smaller one of these latched onto my clit and I couldn’t help letting out an ‘oh fuck’ as my hyper-sensitive clit was sucked and flicked. The tentacle inside me sprouted a number of smaller tongues from the end, which lapped around the inside of my pussy as the main body fucked me and I announced that I couldn’t hold back and was going to cum. The onslaught continued and as my orgasm built I moaned and panted until I couldn’t take any more and let out a long scream as the tentacle pounded in and out of my cunt and the tongues licked every part of my pussy. I felt it shoot load after load of cum in to me and knew that there was so much that it was squirting out around the tentacle. I felt so good that I didn’t care and just surrendered to the feelings that coursed through my body.

The tentacle pulled out of me, quickly followed by a huge volume of cum and my friends asked me if I was all right. I couldn’t answer straight away as my orgasm had been so strong but managed to say I was fine. Little did I know at that point that things were just starting… The tentacle that had been in my cunt moved up to my face and forced its way in to my mouth and as it fucked my face I felt another one thrust in to my cunt. This was quickly joined by a second tentacle and I felt them both sliding in and out of me. A second orgasm quickly started to build but before I came the tentacle in my mouth started to cum. This leaked out of my mouth and down my body but I was too distracted by my own orgasm to care. It hit me hard and I moaned out loud (somewhat muffled my the load in my mouth) and I felt both tentacles squirt more cum in to my cunt. They pulled out and the one in my mouth withdrew, leaving me with cum leaking from both holes, but this time I wasn’t given any time to recover and I was lifted up in the air. A couple of smaller tentacles thrust in to my cunt and rapidly fucked me, then withdrew and pressed against my ass. I remembered that I was still being watched by my friends and let out a ‘no’ as they thrust in to me, but I was actually enjoying how good it felt. A number of other smaller tentacles thrust in to my cunt – at first I could count how many were in me, but as they fought to be inside me I lost count and could just feel multiple things thrusting in and out of me. A larger one pushed back in to my mouth and the smaller suction ones attached themselves to my nipples and clit and I was fucked mercilessly while being turned around to have myself displayed. I felt a third orgasm building and realised that the slime and cum I was being covered with not just made me more sensitive, but allowed me to cum multiple times. This time as I came, not only the tentacles inside me came, but others came over my body and I was turned over so my whole body could be covered in their cum.

I was lowered to the ground and lay there whimpering and my friends once again asked if I was okay. I told them that it felt incredibly intense and I couldn’t hold back but before I could say any more, three smaller cock tentacles pushed into my mouth and started fucking me. A large tentacle with smaller ones on the end pushed into my cunt and I felt the small parts probing me, rubbing my g-spot and stroking all around inside me. A number of smaller tentacles spread out towards my friends and they tried to pull away but were still held firmly in place. I had expected them to target the girls, but they coiled around the legs of the guys, moved to the top of their trousers and shorts and pulled on the material until it tore. The same fate befell the guys’ underwear and the tentacles wrapped themselves around the exposed cocks and pulled them free. I watched as each of the cocks was stroked – a number of the guys had been hard already and those that hadn’t quickly succumbed to the sensitising slime. One by one they started to pant and writhe around, but before any of them came, a number of large suction tentacles fastened themselves to the heads of their cocks. As each guy came, they had their cocks milked of as much cum as possible and the tentacles immediately returned to me, thrust in to my cunt (along with the larger one) and squirted the guys’ cum in to me. Each time this happened, the suction tentacles on my breasts and clit went in to overdrive and I came and the tentacles in my mouth shot a load of cum in to me (which dribbled out). In the same way I had ‘known’ about the slime allowing me to cum multiple times, I knew that if I came enough times that all of my friends would be fucked, but I couldn’t help myself and didn’t want the orgasms to stop.

Once I had everyone’s cum in me I was hauled in to a sitting position facing everyone. The guys still had the smaller tentacles wrapped around their cocks and I wondered if the slime would allow them to cum multiple times as well. A single thick cock tentacle rubbed up and down the length of my pussy and I surrendered completely to the feelings. My arms were released and I took a hold of the tentacle and pushed it in to my cunt, then started fucking myself with it. Everyone asked what I was doing but I just said that it felt so fucking good that I couldn’t help myself. The suction tentacles attached themselves to my nipples once more and I felt a couple of the smaller ones slide into my ass. As I pumped the tentacle in and out of my cunt another cock tentacle approached my face so I took hold of it and began sucking on it, knowing that all of my friends were watching me as I fucked myself. I could see the tentacles around the guys’ cocks stroking them again and once more as each guy got close to cumming, a large suction tentacle shot over to them and enveloped the head of their cock, sucking as much cum out as possible and then returning to me and then just waiting. Once all the guys had cum again, the tentacles pushed in to my cunt, one after another and squirted the guys’ cum in to me, making me cum each time. I could feel my cunt filling up with their cum, and the cocks in my mouth and ass also came in me and the suction ones on my clit and breasts squirted really thick loads of cum over my body.

A new tentacle type appeared that looked like the head of a dragon. It pushed up against my cunt and then shot out a long tongue that pushed all the way into my cunt. A second and third tongue joined the first and they flicked around inside me. I didn’t like the fact that it was eating my friends’ cum out of me, but once again I ‘knew’ that I didn’t have to worry as I would be getting another load. Another tongue emerged from the mouth, this one much thicker and two of the tongues withdrew, one sliding in to my ass and the other concentrating on my clit. The thick tongue alternated between fucking me and licking up and down the length of my cunt and as I came it pushed all the way inside me and lapped at my cervix (which of course felt wonderful due to the effects of the slime and cum).

I had cum dozens of times by this point and my whole body was tingling with the aftereffects, but I still wanted more. It was at this point that the monster approached me and his actual cock began to grow from between his legs. This was huge, and covered in smaller tentacles and tongues that all writhed around. He tried to push it in to my mouth but it was too big so I was just lifted in the air and held in place above his cock. A number of thin tentacles grabbed each side of my pussy and pulled my lips apart and then some hair like tentacles pushed in to me and pulled on the inside of my pussy, stretching it wider. I was lowered slowly on to his cock and I felt myself stretching around it, my body adapting to the largest thing ever to enter me. It was so large that the outline was clearly visible on my stomach and once he had pushed the whole way in to me I was pumped up and down, slowly at first, but then faster and faster with the outline of his cock still showing each time he entered me. This time I didn’t have anything on my nipples or clit or in my ass, but there were five cock tentacles fighting for my mouth. Three at once fucked my mouth, taking turns and cumming a little in me each time so the cum constantly dribbled out and down my body. The monster fucked me harder still and while I knew that I should be in agony instead of ecstasy, I also knew that this was another effect of the slime.

I could feel every part of his cock, every mini tentacle and tongue stimulating my cunt and he came a little inside me (causing me to cum), but then his main orgasm started. His cock swelled to an even larger size and the head pushed right up in to my cervix. He started to cum, emptying load after load in to me which started to spurt out around his cock, but then the base swelled up and he knotted me. Each time I felt a load of his cum squirt in to me I came and my stomach swelled up as the volume of cum inside me increased. The cock tentacles I had been sucking started to cum in my mouth and over my body properly, once again completely covering me with cum so it was dripping off my body and pouring out of my mouth. The monster thrust in to me again and again, pushing the knot deeper in to my cunt and making me cum even harder. Just when I felt I couldn’t take any more (even with the help of the slime), it stopped and I was lowered to the ground.

I had cum so hard that I didn’t realise that the monster’s cock was still inside me – it had detached from his body and I felt it crawl up the whole way in to my cunt. The reservoir of cum remained inside me, the cock still knotting me and keeping it in and I knew that it was now time for my female friends to feel the pleasure I had been feeling. I didn’t do anything, but I knew that if I thought about any of them that they would be fucked. It is impossible to not think about something once prompted and my mind instantly went to the thought of Jo’s cunt being invaded (she was my first girl crush when Mike was ‘training’ me to be bi). I had expected tentacles to shoot out from the monster, but instead they came from my cunt, slithered over to her, pulled her legs apart and began caressing her. I couldn’t pull my gaze away as her clothes were torn off and once her cunt was visible, smaller tentacles spread her lips and a cock tentacle thrust in to her. At first she threw herself around, but then the slime took hold and she started moaning. Suction tentacles attached themselves to her nipples and clit and as we all watched, she came. Each time a wave of pleasure coursed through her body I felt it in my cunt and as the tentacles shot cum in to her, I felt this too (imagining it is how Mike had described his orgasm). Cum oozed out of her cunt and the cock withdrew and squirted a load over her face (making me cum again). I knew that I couldn’t think about anyone else or they would also be fucked so I tried to concentrate on Jo, but that just meant that the tentacles started fucking her again.

I turned my attention to Anna but this didn’t stop Jo from being fucked again and another set of tentacles shot out of me. Anna was stripped and fucked in pretty much the same way Jo had been with me feeling her orgasm and the tentacle’s orgasm once more. I couldn’t keep my thoughts in check anymore and a whole host of tentacles poured out of my cunt and went to each of my female friends. They were all fucked and once they had cum a set of suction tentacles went to each of the guys’ cocks and started to milk them. The slime allowed them to shoot multiple loads of cum and I felt it all returning to my cunt and then being mixed and shot out in to each of the girls, some going in to their cunts and some in to their mouths. I knew that my juices were also mixed in with what they were receiving and I was cumming almost constantly as I came each time anyone else came.

The tentacles then pulled away from everyone and slithered back in to my cunt, squirming around inside me and then reaching out to suck on my clit and squirt a final load of cum over my face and body. The mass of tentacles then crawled out of me and withered on the lawn while the monster faded away, leaving us all covered with cum and in a state of exhaustion.


As you can tell, I put a lot more thought in to the third fantast and it is really an amalgamation of a number of versions of that fantasy (many of which will be familiar to any lovers of tentacle porn, but with my own twist). If anyone happens to know where I can get hold of some of that magic slime that makes it easy to cum multiple times, I would do almost anything in return!

What are your favourite fantasies – either fulfilled or unfulfilled? You can probably guess that I don’t care how dirty or naughty they are given the things we’ve done (and bonus points for anyone who comes up with something that gives us ideas to work with).

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