Friday, 26 December 2014

Providing relief for Susan – Part 1

At the end of March (after term ended) Susan came up to visit us, with us having given her a promise that we would give her an intense weekend to help satiate her desires and keep her going until she got back to Uni with Abrahii and the others. We had hoped that Abrahii would visit as well, but she had to go home to Pakistan for a couple of weeks (which almost certainly meant that she wouldn’t be getting any sex as her family is quite strict and has no idea what she is actually like).

Susan turned up mid-afternoon on the Friday and Jen met her at the station. She had been instructed to set the mood for the weekend and for her journey she had just worn a long loose knit jumper and thigh-high socks. They went out for coffee (Jen had been very good at sticking to decaf while pregnant) and then wandered along to the Uni to meet up with me. My area in the lab is partially shielded from view of others and we chatted as I gathered my things and waited until the other person I share the area with was elsewhere. I don’t think it was blatantly obvious that Susan was naked under her jumper, but as I knew what to look for I could tell and couldn’t wait to get my hands on her. I pulled her towards me and ran mu hands up her legs, pushing the jumper up to expose her pussy and ass. She is used to being treated far worse than this so did nothing to stop me and after briefly fingering her I spread my legs and told her to lick me. As she knelt down, I pulled her jumper up over her breasts. Jen intended to kneel down behind Susan and play with her pussy, but at 6 months pregnant, she wasn’t as flexible as normal so settled on just crouching a little and reaching around Susan to fondle her breasts. We were interrupted before Susan could get me off, but had sufficient warning that we straightened ourselves out before anyone saw us so they were none the wiser as to what had been going on.

On the way back to the house both Jen and I fondled Susan and by the time we got indoors, she was more than ready to play properly. As Susan is known for sleeping around (probably even more so than Julia or me), and even though she always practices safe sex (except with the regular group of people) we had agreed beforehand that she wouldn’t do anything directly with Jen. I wasn’t bound by this restriction though and Susan quickly lost her jumper (but kept her socks on as we all know that Mike likes that look – and I think it quite sexy too) and I buried my face in her cunt. We moved in to the living room in a number of stages until Susan was on the sofa with Jen beside her. The two of them kissed and played with each other’s breasts while I ate Susan. She tasted better than I remember (not that she usually tastes bad, she just tasted better) so I eagerly lapped up her juices and between licks I asked her if she had managed to play with herself on the journey. It was clear that she was already quite close to cumming, but between gasps (and sucking on Jen’s nipples) she told us that she had managed to masturbate a number of times on the train, just as we had instructed her to. She had got herself close to cumming each time and had then backed off – which is very different to her normal method of just cumming as many times as she can, but she had played along with our request and it meant that not only was she very horny, but that when she came, she had an incredibly strong orgasm. Susan wrapped her legs around my head and humped against my face with rapid jerks while pulling my hair with one hand (sort of a combination of pulling and pushing – she had a firm grip on a chunk of my hair near the base, but was pushing my head against her cunt).

She acknowledged that holding back and just teasing herself on the train had been worthwhile and we got her to describe how much she had done on the train – she had only ‘properly’ played with herself once, but had squeezed her thighs together, pushed her jumper down between her legs and fantasised about cumming for quite a lot of the journey (as is the case with me, a good proportion of Susan’s waking thoughts are in relation to orgasms). I asked how much she had shown her pussy off to the other passengers but found out that she had barely done this (expect maybe when changing positions a few times) and I told her that we would have to make up for that. Susan isn’t really an exhibitionist, but is quite happy to expose herself if it means she gets to enjoy herself and knows us well enough that she was in no doubt about us making good on our promise. We got to work on orgasm #2 and for this Jen used some toys on Susan while I had Susan eat me. Jen wasn’t neglected and I went down on her afterwards while Susan played with Jen’s nips some more.

We keep the house warm enough that clothes aren’t needed so Susan was able to remain naked until Mike returned (it goes without saying that neither Jen nor I put anything on). When we heard Mike pull in, Susan was sent to the front door to greet him and he appreciated the sight. As anticipated, he wanted to greet her properly and even before the door was closed, he had her pushed up against the wall and knelt in front of her to eat her. Susan gladly came for him but then said it was a bit cold so he shut the door, turned her around and pushed in to her cunt from behind. Jen and I watched as he first fucked her up against the wall and then turned her around to face him, lifted her up on to his cock and fucked her against the wall with her legs wrapped around his waist. As she’d just cum, it took him a while to fuck her to another orgasm (especially as he wasn’t touching her clit at all other than the contact with his crotch each time he thrust in to her) but if Mike can do anything, it is fucking for a long time (and he’d like me to point out that he can also eat pussy well). Sara bit in to his shoulder as she came and told him she wanted him to cum in her. Mike told her that she would have to wait, but that he would cum deep inside her cunt later that night.

For dinner we called up our tame delivery guy but unfortunately he wasn’t on duty. I debated letting him come over and assist with servicing Susan but thought that we had an exciting enough weekend planned for her so arranged for him to come visit me during the week. Instead we took Susan out wearing just the same jumper she had travelled up in and after dinner we went to a very crowded pub. Having found somewhere suitably safe for Jen to stand, Mike and I took turns going up to the bar with Susan and fondling her in the middle of the crowd. I manage to get her to stand and finger herself while I kissed her, although she got her own back and slid her fingers up under my skirt and in to my cunt. Unfortunately the place was too well lit for her to cum without it being noticed (while Susan is significantly more experience than I was at her age, she doesn’t always hide her pleasure well, although I guess that goes with her not being an exhibitionist) so we headed home to finish things off.

Susan had the obligatory alleyway fuck on the way back, but wasn’t allowed to cum (at least not by Mike). She had her jumped pulled all the way up to reveal her breasts and while Mike and I each played with one of them, Jen stood in front of Susan and kissed her while vigorously rubbing and fingering Susan’s cunt. As Susan got close to cumming Jen told her that she had to pee as hard as she could – Susan knows all about Jen’s watersports fetish so she wasn’t too surprised, and even though she split up from Abigail a while ago, she was still sufficiently used to being told what to do that she didn’t question Jen and just followed her instructions. It was only after her orgasm ended that she seemed to realise what she had done and apologised to Jen for having soaked the front of her dress and her legs but Jen said that she had loved it. As if to prove a point, Jen spread her legs and peed herself and said that she would picture Susan pissing and remember the feeling of the warm liquid hitting her skin when she came later on that night.

Jen and Susan had a quick shower when we got back and once they had dried off they joined Mike and I in the bedroom. We had something special planned for Susan (at least it would be special for most people, but seeing as Susan is used to spending time with Abrahii and by extension Richard and James, maybe not so much for her…). Mike lay on his back and I rode his cock to coat it in my juices and we then added a generous dollop of tingle gel and rubbed it all over his cock. After adding an extra blob to the end of his cock, Susan was instructed to mount him and as they fucked, I climbed over Mike’s face so he could eat my cunt while Susan took my ass (she also knows about this position as we’ve used it with her). The slight difference was that this time Jen was joining in as well and Susan soon felt the tip of the strap on vibe buzzing against her ass. She isn’t adverse to anal (or anything as far as I know) so eagerly pressed back and let Jen slide in to her. This position worked out well as it meant that Jen got to cum as a part of the session (by using the internal vibe in the harness) and the four of us were fucked, sucked and buzzed. Susan naturally came first but I wasn’t too far behind. It took a little longer for Jen to cum, but once she had, Mike started humping in to Susan much more forcefully. Jen kept the vibe buried in Susan’s ass, which Mike could feel in her cunt and he quickly went from kitty kissing me to eating me again. I didn’t care and quite enjoyed the feeling of Susan’s face being thrust against my ass each time he pumped in to her and I wasn’t too surprised when I felt another orgasm building. Susan announced that she was going to cum again as well, which partially derailed Mike’s own orgasm as he now had to hold back until Susan came. He found this to be a bit more of a challenge than usual – partially as he had been getting quite close, partially as he had his tongue buried in my cunt and partially due to the buzzing of the vibe from Susan’s ass on his cock. He just about managed it though and was able to cum in Susan very soon after she came around him. I felt him panting in to my pussy and humped against his face, telling him to keep eating me as I was close. He did what I asked and I also felt Susan lap at my ass a few times more which helped to send me over the edge again.

Jen wanted to cum a second time as well as the internal vibe had been buzzing on her pussy ever since her first orgasm. Her libido had been somewhat reduced in the second trimester but had just started to pick up again (little did we know at this point just how much it was going to pick up). As had been the rule since she got pregnant, the pregnant lady gets what she wants, so we removed the strap on and lay her down on the bed. I went down on Jen while Mike and Susan played with her nipples and Jen reached under them both to play with their crotches. I lapped up a fair amount of her juices as I ate her but she was still leaking a little after she came so Mike took over and kitty kissed her. He asked Susan if she wanted a taste of Jen and when she said yes, he sucked a good amount of Jen’s juices in to his mouth and then pulled Susan towards him so they could kiss. Mike used his tongue to push the gloop in to Susan’s mouth and she swallowed most of it with just a little leaking out.

For comfort, we split up and slept in separate beds that night, Mike sleeping with Susan and me with Jen. Mike woke Susan in the traditional way (by eating her) and once she had cum he then fucked her. I was left with the job of 69ing with Susan and pretending to eat her clean (Mike had faked cumming in her for reasons which will become clear). The rest of the morning was quite subdued – we didn’t leave the house until lunchtime and popped in to town. We went to a beer hall for lunch as we knew it had a suitable platform (literally) to let people perv on us. There was a seating area opposite the bar which was up a few steps, this meant that by the time we were sitting on the bench, our pussies were at roughly eye level for people at the bar. Susan and I sat facing the bar with Mike and Jen facing us and once the food arrived we both sat with our legs crossed so our pussies were visible to anyone who cared to look. Over the years I’ve become very practiced at seeing if anyone is looking without it appearing I am looking at them and I certainly saw a few guys having a good long look. I made sure that Susan knew this and we placed our hands on each other’s thighs a number of times. The place was noisy enough that Susan and I openly discussed what it would be like to strip off and offer ourselves to anyone who wanted us and Susan described how she could sit where Jen was but facing outwards to allow any women to walk up to her and either finger or eat her. I quite liked the sound of that but I was up for taking the guys as well so we agreed to split the place evenly between us (if only).

A trip in to town isn’t complete without some changing room fun and we didn’t skimp on this with Jen taking Susan in one shop and them fingering each other and me taking Susan in to another and having us eat each other. Over coffee, Jen remarked that her pussy felt as wet as it had been during her first trimester and I told her that this would be useful for later if she could keep herself in that state (or get back to it). Susan still had no idea what we were talking about but played along anyway. We didn’t stay out too long and once we got home Mike spent a while kitty kissing Susan and convinced her to let him shave her once more ‘just to make sure she was as smooth as she could be’. He kitty kissed her a bit more after this, but didn’t let her cum so she was feeling very horny by the time we stopped for dinner. I had gently played with Jen off and on while Mike had been busy with Susan so we were both quite horny as well, but we had done well at holding back.

Before we went out, Mike showered with Jen and I showered with Susan. There was a lot more teasing, but still no cumming and by this point Susan had realised that she would probably be made to perform when we were out – she just hadn’t realised in what way. She didn’t object when we chose her outfit for the evening and happily got dressed in a simple little top and skirt combo. The skirt was fairly short, but as it was pleated it didn’t show anything (but as Mike said, it showed the promise of something) and was probably a lot less revealing than many of the things Abigail used to make Susan wear.


  1. I have read your blog for several years. Your stories involving Sue always get me hard as a rock and I cum a lot when I wank off to the images of you two. She needs to be back with you, Mike and Jen. I miss her! Maybe even a work of fiction as a new year's treat involving her and you??

    1. Sue is mentioned a little in the next entry (or at least the one after we finish with Susan). Not in quite the same context as before, although I touch on a number of the sessions;s we've had (all will become clear in a week or so).

      I could certainly do a fictional entry - I/we have described to Mike and Jen a 'full' session between us a number of times so we're quite practised at how things could go...

    2. The only thing hotter than you and Sue having sex is Mike having sex with your mom. Then he will have had the whole family.

    3. I'm not sure that's ever likely to happen - Mike prefers younger girls and while he likes Mum, he doesn't like her that much!

  2. Omg...Pakistan?!? I hope she comes back. We had a woman in or group that had family there and she went back to visit. She never came back. Nobody is sure but the rumor is her family found out how she was and she was stoned to death. They were trying to arrange a marriage and when they found out she was no longer a virgin...

    That country is no joke and not to be messed with our taken lightly. Hope she is OK...

    1. So far everything has been okay for Abrahii - she has been home a number of times over the years and come back safely. Her parents value education and don't seem to be opposed to her remaining here once she finishes her PhD (assuming she will still be allowed to get a visa extension).

      Sadly things like you mentioned do happen, but don't be fooled by the media hype - not al Muslims are religious fanatics!

  3. I agree, not all of them are, but of all the religions, they seem to be the most violent. Maybe not causation, but to deny correlation is to deny the very data itself. Glad she is OK.

  4. That is pretty cool that she's getting a PhD. The education system in America is so screwed up. Our highschool education is free (years 0-12) but the quality is about equal to your 10th year and practically worthless. If that is all you have, you're basically locked into minimum wage service jobs. For additional education our system is:
    Associate (trade school, 2 yrs)
    Bachelor (normal college degree, 4 yrs or 2 additional if you hold associate)
    Master (graduate degree bachelor + 2 yrs)
    PhD (Master required before entry into program)

    But if you want anything beyond highschool you'll have to pay for it yourself. Normal cost (In euros) is as follows:
    Associate: 9,000
    Bachelor: 34,000
    Master: 50,000
    PhD: 67,000

    The price isn't accumulative. For example a PhD would cost 67,000 start-finish not 67000 + 50000. And this does NOT include books and room/board. That would be an additional estimated 20% putting the price of a PhD around 80,700.

    This "oh so great" system basically locks higher education to the wealthy or those willing to basically mortgage their future for the next 20+ years in loan payments which all but assures you'll end up middle class at best due to the debt load. I am lucky enough to have a foreign employer (Japanese) and are willing to pay your education up through masters program at the rate of 4,200 euros per year until your education is complete via a fringe benefit. Without that benefit I would have only been able to afford associate which would have locked me into jobs making about 13 euros per hour or 27,000 per year. Needless to say I'm now 32 and still on my masters program but it's all free which is a VERY rare thing in the US when it comes to education. Of all the things that need reform over here, that is primary. Actually if they just increase the quality of 0-12 years then the need for additional schooling would actually DECREASE as that education would actually mean something. As it is people can get through year 12 and not actually know multiplication facts.

    Almost our entire upper echelons of universities are filled by dynastic wealth families, debt ridden middle class (who generally are miserable because of this) or foreigners because to afford an advanced degree in the US you either need to be wealthy, debt ridden or have your undergraduate completed in another country which actually values education which DRASTICALLY reduces your total cost to around that of a mere 8,000 euros (+ books & room/board).

    I will be pursuing my PhD and count myself VERY lucky in the education department.