Monday, 29 December 2014

Providing relief for Susan – Part 2

We stopped off for a drink and Susan was encouraged to flash as many guys at the bar as she could but when some of them approached her I made out with her. We flirted with the ones that weren’t deterred by this but didn’t have enough time to let anything happen as we had places to be. After walking for a bit to a more industrial area, we went up the now familiar staircase and in to a large room. Susan immediately saw the bed in the middle of the room (which wasn’t difficult as it was the only thing that was properly lit) with a number of chairs around it. Susan knew about the shows we had put on as Julia had been my partner for the first one (and Mel and Jules visit the rest of the gang much more frequently than Mike, Jen and I do). I told Susan that she didn’t have to join in if she didn’t want to and Mike and Jen would ‘help out’, but that if she was up for it, she could have a pretty intense time. I’d been pretty confident that Susan would join in and her ‘training’ over the years meant that she pretty much couldn’t resist. Alistair was happy to have another new participant and we waited for about 15 minutes until the audience members arrived. This time there were 12 people watching us (up from the 8 we had the previous time) and I told Susan that I hoped we would be able to put on a decent show for them and then if she was up for it, they would sample us. Susan couldn’t believe what we had arranged for her (because of course none of it was for my pleasure) and assured me that she would give everything she could.

As it was Susan, I had decided to make things a little more intense than I had with Sue. We climbed up on to the bed and after starting things off fairly slowly (kissing, caressing and slowly pulling on each other’s clothes to reveal bits), I got Jen to hand me a pair of scissors and cut in to Susan’s top and skirt. I didn’t cut much, but it was enough for me to then be able to tear the material and rip her clothes off of her body (although the effect was slightly ruined by me having to cut the very bottom of her top). Having thrown the scraps of her clothes aside, we kissed a bit more as I pulled on the back of her bra until it snapped and was also thrown away. Susan unclipped my skirt, pulled the zip down and then yanked hard so it ripped – I had actually quite liked that skirt, but it was only fair so I let her finish the job and then she did the same to my blouse. Once my bra was removed, we fell on to the bed and kissed, humped and fingered each other.

I rolled Susan on to her side and kissed my way down her back and then kissed and licked her ass cheeks as I pushed my way down between her legs. I ate her like this for a while before pulling her legs open and moving round to continue eating her (so everyone could actually see what I was doing) and we then moved on to 69ing. We had our first orgasms like this, licking and fingering each other energetically. After another bout of kissing we shared a double ended dildo – taking turns to fuck each other with it first and then scissoring with it linking our cunts. Mike then joined us and he fucked us for a while followed by getting us both to lick his cock clean. He then sat on the bed and got me to mount his ass so he could fuck me while Susan ate me – as my orgasm built up, he whispered in to my ear about how so many people were watching and were going to see me cum with a cock in my ass and a tongue in my cunt. I tried to tell him that he wasn’t being fair, but the fact that my nipples were so hard under his fingers kind of eliminated any chance of me pretending I wasn’t enjoying it. I came quite hard but Mike didn’t cum at this point and Jen joined us next, wearing the strap on. She had been very reticent about displaying herself while pregnant as she had become paranoid about the way she looked (she has always been used to being very slender) but we had repeatedly told her how sexy she was and that the guys would still love to see her fuck us. We were right and they really seemed to like watching a pregnant girl fucking Susan and me.

We had a quick break and a drink and then moved on to giving each other an oil massage and once our fingers had gone everywhere (and having openly fucked each other’s asses) we asked if anyone in the audience wanted to join in. This was obviously a rhetorical question and there were some people who must have been there the previous time as they assumed that we wanted to have our cunts and mouths filled at the same time. Both Susan and I were fine with this but we (well, I) did specify that I wanted to have every cock inside my cunt at least once. This meant that we followed roughly the same pattern as at the previous session with Sue and have four guys inside us at any one time, one in each of our mouths and cunts. One of them asked Susan if he could fuck her ass and was given permission (after we had both sucked him and I’d had him fuck me for a bit). As the question had been asked, the guy fucking me wanted the same and as he’d already been around all our other holes I gave him permission. The guy in Susan’s ass was quite a bit more energetic than the one in mine, but both of them came in a fairly short period of time.

We moved through the whole audience (or it might be more accurate to say they all moved through us). Susan and I occasionally caressed each other while we were being fucked, but I always had a hand wrapped around the cock I was sucking so that it couldn’t get too deep and make me gag (I’ve never got the hand of deep-throating) so I could only do a little to Susan. Even so, she managed to cum three times while I only came twice, although in my defence, she did cheat as a second guy fucked her ass and she fingered herself while he fucked her. By the time we finished, I felt a little tender as a number of the guys had been caressing me quite firmly (nothing too rough, there were just twelve of them so it mounted up). We’d had our asses slapped and squeezed, breasts mauled, asses probed with fingers, nipples tweaked and one guy had pulled my hair a couple of times. (If it hadn’t been a group of guys doing it, Jen would have loved it.) I knew that we weren’t finished yet though and that the wet part of the show was still to come…

After another quick drink, Mike and Jen both joined us on the bed – I had a quick eat of Jen while Mike fucked Susan and Jen then stood up and masturbated . While she still wasn’t at full flow (compared to what she would be in a month or so), our teasing had worked quite well and she was visibly dripping juice over Susan and me. Jen had to cum first for what we had in mind (now we’d done this a couple of times we had planned out what we were going to display). She sat back over my face to cum and then rested at the top of the bed while Mike finished fucking Susan – pulling out just before he came so he could shoot his cum over her pussy and up across her chest. That was my cue to 69 with Susan once more, rubbing my face against her cunt and by breasts against her stomach so I got a good covering of his cum (and also smearing the drops of Jen’s juices over our bodies). While we did this, Mike went down on Jen to help get her close to cumming again, but he had to concentrate quite a bit so that he didn’t get hard again (which is rather difficult for him when eating pussy – especially a very juicy one). As I pulled away from Susan, I whispered to her that we were about to be peed on but that I would take it if she didn’t want to  - true to form she was game so I wrapped my arms around her and we lay with our bodies pressed together. Jen knelt up and crawled up over our legs with Mike beside her to help provide balance and she rapidly frigged her clit while Mike fingered her and sucked on her nipples.

Jen announced that she was close and Mike moved his head and fingers away but continued to kneel beside her. I thought that his cock looked too hard to be of much use (and it’s not often I say it that way round), but he was still soft enough that when Jen started to cum, instead of dripping her juices on to Susan and my legs, she let losse and sent a stream of liquid up our bodies. At first it mostly hit our thighs, but she pulled on her mons and directed the stream up on to our bodies. Mike could aim considerably more easily and sprayed over all of our bodies (including faces). Remembering that we were meant to be putting on a show, I turned to Susan and kissed her deeply while pushing a hand between her legs and starting to finger her again. She reciprocated and when Mike and Jen finished, we resumed our previous 69ing session, just with our bodies considerably wetter.

I thought I knew what was coming next and expected to be presented with a giant horse dildo (we hadn’t brought our one with us, bus Alistair obviously has access to a whole range of sex toys). We were actually presented with a giant double ended dildo – probably about as thick as the horse one, but with a distinctly human glans shape at each end. Mike added some lube and Jen rubbed each end against her cunt a few times to provide a little bit extra and Susan and I were then given the task of getting it in to our cunts. It was definitely tight, but I got it in – Mike had to help Susan out and at first we weren’t sure if she would take it (although Jen has fisted her before and it was about the same size as Jen’s fist) but she got it in. We took turns fucking ourselves with it and Mike and Jen then helped out by sitting over our faces so we could eat or suck them while they rubbed our clits. Mike briefly dismounted Susan’s face to play with her breasts and while he did this he told her that she was meant to pee as hard as she could when she came. Susan has done this before in front of her friends (encouraged by Jen of course) so knew what was expected of her and when Mike crawled up over her face again she took his cock in her hands and licked him.

Susan came before I did and she let out a stream of piss as she did so. Mike pulled his hand away from her pussy but she quickly replaced it with her own and rapidly frigged her clit. I felt the warm liquid spray over my body and pumped the giant dildo into myself faster, trying to bring my own orgasm on as quickly as possible. I helped it along by concentrating on just how dirty what we were doing actually was and how much I loved having everyone seeing me like that. When the final burst of my orgasm started to build I tried to tell Jen, but she was humping back and forth over my face so she only found out when I started to pee. She later said that if it hadn’t been for the bump, she would have thrown herself forwards and attached her mouth to my pussy but she contented herself with continuing to frig me and making my pee spray over Susan, herself and me. Well, she didn’t quite content herself with this and knelt up just enough to let people see as she pushed out a bit more pee directly on to my face. Given where we were, I played along and pulled her back down on to my mouth and lapped at her cunt. Fortunately Jen didn’t have much left in her, but I carried on licking until she lifted herself up again.

I had expected that to be the end of the session (apart from a little more of Susan and I showing ourselves off), but Mike asked the audience if anyone wanted a second go with us to feel the difference the giant dildo had made to our cunts. Susan and I were still on the bed with the dildo between us so weren’t in the best position to object but only three guys wanted a go and we decided that we could cope with that anyway. For this session, we were asked to lie in a 69 position with me on top (I assume so that they could see my breasts swinging back and forth as I was fucked). As we’d gone so far already, Susan and I ate each other for a couple of minutes while the first two guys got ready. The one who was fucking Susan went in first and as he slipped in to her I asked him if he wanted me to play with her clit and make her cum. I had half expected him to say he didn’t care (I’m well aware that in a setting like this, Susan and I are just objects who are there for their pleasure), but he told me to go ahead. As I started to frig Susan I felt my guy push against my cunt and slide in to me and I looked up at the guy fucking Susan. There had been something about his voice that had sounded familiar and even though he had a mask on (as did everyone in the audience) I tried to look at his eyes to see if was actually someone I knew. Even Mike and Susan had gone without masks this time (they just get in the way and make eating someone practically impossible) and even though I didn’t recognise the person, I really enjoyed the idea of it being someone I knew.

Both guys acknowledged that we felt looser than before, but that didn’t stop them fucking us. A fourth guy said he wouldn’t mind joining in, which made things somewhat easier as I’d been considering if we should have just let the third guy fuck whichever of us was finished with first or if we’d have to share him. If we’d gone with the first option, I would have got him as the guy in me came first. I felt the second cock slide in and replace him and when the first guy came in Susan I took a hold of his cock and gently sucked the condom clean of her juices before letting him move away and for her second guy to enter her. I called back to Susan to tell her that I wanted her to cum and did my best to lick at her clit while she was being fucked – 69ing isn’t the best position for this so I went back to frigging her and she did the same to me. The guy asked if he could fuck her ass and I pointed out that he was meant to be comparing the before and after of our pussies – when I asked Susan later on she said that she would have let him do it, and if he had I could have then eaten her cunt properly so I wish I had let him.

Both Susan and I managed to cum before the guys did this time though. My orgasm felt fairly sharp (probably due to having done so much in such a short time), but it wasn’t really bad. I also think it would have been quite funny if we had both squirted as we came so the guys could find out what being covered in pee was like, but as neither of them had asked for this we (sensibly) didn’t. The second guy came in me a bit before the guy in Susan came, but that gave Susan a chance to kitty kiss me (which she did very gently despite the fact that she was still being fucked). Once both guys had finished, I rolled off of Susan and lay beside her on the rather damp bed with my legs spread so the half of the audience on the side of the bed facing my pussy could see everything.

We were thanked for the show and a couple of people gave us a quick fondle on the way out. It was only at this point that Susan realised that we had no clothes to wear on the way home other than out coats (although she is also used to that) and I told her that if she was up for it that we weren’t going home… I had arranged with Alistair that we would go back to his place and let him show his appreciation for the show – the bulge in his trousers was easily visible and I explained to Susan that we would meet up with Mike and Jen back at the shop on the Sunday morning, that they knew when Alistair lived and then quietly added that I had set my phone to allow Mike to track me ‘just in case’ (although we trust Alistair and he’s fucked me a few times before). Susan seemed satisfied with this but added that she didn’t know how much more she could take that night.


  1. Happy new year, sexy girl. My new's years wish is to see you and your sister eating each other out in a sticky, messy 69. You turn me on big time.

    1. A number of people (not least Mike and Jen) have been requesting that for ages - who knows, we may have even done it already as I'm so far behind in my writing...