Sunday, 27 December 2015

Copying Lisa – Part 5

On the way to our next guy she said that she had texted the one we’d meant to be going to and rearranged for later on so we were pretty much on time. Susan warned me that he generally didn’t last very long but was quite willing to use fingers, toys or his mouth to finish her off so the plan was that we would do a lot of the work ourselves and just let him enjoy having two eager girls to fuck and watch. This guy lived in halls and was called Rory – he greeted Susan with a kiss but seemed a bit more formal with me – until my coat was removed anyway. Susan let him have a brief play with me while she undressed and then joined us on the bed. We didn’t undress the guy for a while and just fondled him through his clothes while we played with each other. He helped out a bit and after a while we helped him get naked and all fell on to the bed together. Susan and I rolled around on the bed and 69ed with the guy fucking whichever one of us happened to be on top at the time. He was inside Susan when said he was getting close but I told him I wanted him to cum in me - he didn’t seem to care who he came in and eagerly moved around to slide in to me and I told him to move as fast and hard as he wanted. Susan pulled her face away from my pussy so he could really go to town but I kept eating her. I wasn’t trying to make her cum, just enjoying the feeling of having my face rubbing between her lips and her scent and taste filling my mouth and nose. The guy came in me and kneaded my ass as he did so. I pushed back against him and told him to get as far inside me as he could.

I let him rest inside me for a couple of minutes and squeezed myself around his cock (which he really liked). Susan then told him that he now had to make me cum and to speed things along that she would ‘let’ me make her cum at the same time (as if ‘letting’ me would have any bearing on the outcome if I wanted to make her cum). The guy asked what I wanted him to do to me and I said he could choose (as long as I came). He pulled out and I felt his cum dribble out down my thighs so I reached back and rubbed it around then pushed some of it in to Susan’s cunt (if you hadn’t guessed. she loves cum as much as I do). I rolled off of Susan and lay on my back with my legs spread, let her sit over my face and felt the guy start to play with my pussy. He also licked me for a bit but mostly used his fingers. Fortunately Susan seemed to be using me as a teaching aid and was tutoring him on how to best finger and frig me so it felt quite good as he tried out the different things she recommended. At one point she told him that he could probably get his whole hand inside me but she seemed to get the message when I bit her pussy (it was only a gently nip) and she didn’t encourage him to actually do this. Susan came before me so I just kitty kissed her while the guy finished me off.

I had to clean myself up a bit before we headed off for guy number three (Mark the housemate didn’t count as he wasn’t one of the initial ones Susan had lined up) and removed my stockings as they were now quite obviously stained with various cum marks. I half expected Susan to produce some new clothes from the bag but she asked Rory if he thought I should remain naked and just wear my coat and he said yes. Once we’d left his room she told me that our next appointment was just up a couple of floors and we headed to the stairs at the end of the hallway. I hadn’t bothered to do my coat up but when we heard some people coming downstairs I held the front closed. We saw three guys appear on the landing above us and Susan quickly grabbed my hand and held it beside me so my coat flapped open a bit. I wasn’t completely exposed but I saw two of the guys noticed and just as they passed us they whispered loudly to each other asking if I was really naked. Susan quietly told me that we had a couple of minutes and before I realised what she meant she called out to the guys and asked if they wanted to see if I was actually wearing anything under my coat. One of them piped up ‘fuck yeah’ immediately.

We turned around and I stood still as Susan slid a hand into my coat near my waist and then slowly slid it up the side of my body until she reached my shoulder where she pushed my coat up and over so one side of the front was completely open. She brushed her hand against my nipple as she pulled away and asked the guys if they were surprised (which they were) and if they wanted to see any more (which they did). Susan moved up a step and stood behind me, pulled the other side of my coat open and looped it up over my shoulder before reaching around me and fondling my breasts. She whispered to me and asked if I liked being watched so I leant my head back against her and told her that she knew full well I did. The guys had taken a few steps towards me already but Susan told them to come closer and as they got tome she offered my breasts to them. Three sets of hands shot out and fondled them and Susan slid her hands down my sides (which tickled quite a bit) and reached between my legs to stroke my pussy. She held my lips open and told the guys they could play with my cunt if they wanted but that they should be aware I was incredibly wet (leaving out the fact that a fair amount of that ‘wetness’ was a guy’s cum.

The outer wall of the stairwell was glass but looked out onto trees so I was fairly well hidden from anyone looking in but as the guys took turns stroking my pussy I looked out and imagined I had an even bigger audience. One of the guys pumped a couple of fingers into me, one stroked me mostly externally and one stroked my lips and then played with my clit. I let out a little gasp to let him know it felt good and Susan told them if any of them were brave enough to fuck me right there that they could do it. I played along and thrust my pussy forwards and let out a pleading ‘pleassseee’ but none of them were up to the task. They asked if we could go back to one of their rooms but Susan said we didn’t have time for that so if they weren’t going to man up then we’d be off. She gave them one more chance and said I’d suck them off if they wanted but they weren’t even prepared to do that. Seeing as they weren’t prepared to join in I was surprised when Susan said I would cum for them anyway and I was told to sit on the top step and masturbate for them. I did as I was told and started playing with my pussy while licking on one of my nipples and the guys asked if they could help out. I leant back and told them to go ahead and they fondled my breasts and pussy. One of them kissed one of my nipples so one of the other guys did the same to the other nipple. I made quiet breathless sounds, telling them how good it felt and how much I wanted them to make me cum. I reached out to caress the crotch of the guy on my right and his friends teased him but he didn’t stop me. I told him I wanted his cock and he asked to go back to his room again but I told him that was boring and I wanted him to fuck me there and then. Susan took a photo of me being played with and I told everyone that I was getting very close. This didn’t make any difference and they just kept going, frigging, fingering and fondling me. Susan told them to carry on even when I’d cum and I ended up lying back on the landing as it felt so intense. Each of the guys had a turn fingering and frigging me and if I hadn’t already cum multiple times that day I’m fairly sure I would have cum again for them.

I was left lying on the floor completely exposed while Susan thanked the guys for helping to get me off and she then came and sat beside me. I told her I was surprised that she hadn’t joined in or at least let them see her naked and she pointed out that she likes cumming and certainly doesn’t mind doing it in public, but I’m the real exhibitionist. I told her that was fair enough, but that she was missing out and I could have eaten her while the guys played with her. She said that the next guy would make sure she came and I remembered that we’d been on the way to see someone before I was ‘assaulted’ by the random guys. Susan helped me up and I said I might need a bit of a break but was told I was expected to be as enthusiastic with him as I’d been with everyone else so far. I promised to do my best and held the front of my coat together while we walked along the corridor to his room and was quite pleased to see a fairly handsome and well-built black guy answer the door. Susan introduced me to Pasha and told him that I was ready to do anything he wanted. He gave Susan a welcome kiss first and told her he’d been looking forward to her visit and then kissed my hand and said that Susan had told him I loved fucking as much as she did.

We moved in to his room proper and he took Susan’s coat then held out his hand for mine. I slipped it off and he looked me up and down but was obviously ogling my breasts. Susan cupped one of them told me that Pasha loved breasts and had told her he wanted to fuck mine. This seemed like a good way to give my pussy a little time to rest so I told him I’d be happy to wrap my breasts around his cock. He quickly moved over to me and kissed me firmly while caressing and kneading my ass. I reached down to caress his crotch and Susan moved around to stand behind him then reached around to also rub his crotch. She unzipped his jeans and pulled them down a little then quickly freed his cock from his shorts. He felt like he was a good size and I stroked him and rubbed his cock against my stomach and then moved my lower body back a little to try and push his cock between my legs. He held on to my ass too firmly though so I couldn’t move far enough and had to tell him I wasn’t try to pull away and just wanted to feel him rubbing against my cunt. Susan said that she had warned him about me and he told me to suck his cock. I slowly lowered my body until I was kneeling in front of him and I could admire his cock properly.

It wasn’t the biggest I’ve seen (or fucked) but it was quite pretty. He kept his public hair neatly trimmed, the shaft looked quite thick and even and the head looked almost polished. I complimented him on his cock and said it looked wonderful (I almost said pretty but caught myself in time as I’m not sure guys want to hear ‘pretty’ in relation to their cocks). I rubbed it back and forth across my neck and face and told him I’d love to spend an afternoon massaging my neck with it and having him empty multiple loads of cum over me (and then had to explain that – given sufficient time – I can cum just from having my neck stroked). Sadly we still had two more appointments to make (although he didn’t know that) so I couldn’t spend that long enjoying myself and I started to kiss up and down the length of his cock and then around the head. I took the head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it and noticed that Susan was helping him remove his top as I did this. He certainly had a nice body – very well defined without being overly muscular and I let a little more of his cock slide into my mouth as I caressed his balls.

As I saw Susan’s skirt slide down her legs I released Pasha’s cock and crawled over to her, saying I wanted Pasha to see her little cunt being eaten. Susan said that we were there to please him but didn’t stop me as I buried my face in her crotch and ate her. Pasha stood behind me and hugged Susan so his cock was pressed up against my head. I reached back and stroked him and then suggested he slide in to Susan for a little while so I could lick them both. Susan liked the sound of this and guided him to the bed, getting him to sit down on the edge and then lie back. She mounted him facing me and he held on to her hips to help keep her balanced while I knelt on the floor between his legs and licked them both. Susan slowly rode up and down his cock, allowing me time to lick the shaft between strokes and occasionally concentrate on her clit. After a couple of minutes she reminded me that he had been promised a tit-fuck and lifted herself off of his cock. I gave her a final lick and messily slurped her juices off of Pasha’s cock before kneeling forwards a bit more and wrapping by breasts around it. I watched as Susan straddled Pasha’s face and he pulled her to his mouth but mostly concentrated on the tit-fuck I was giving him.

Susan teased her nipples and as quite vocal about how much she was enjoying herself and I desperately wanted something to stimulate me and told Pasha I couldn’t wait to get his beautiful cock inside me and feel what it could do. We remained working on each other like this until Susan came and told me it was time to fuck Pasha. I asked him to lick me briefly beforehand (as Susan had clearly enjoyed it) and he wasn’t bad, but not as good as Mike (although to be fair, Mike has multiple years (and what must be tens of thousands of sessions) of practice so knows what I like). Susan had been sucking Pasha’s cock while he had been eating me and she got me to crawl down his body and face her so she could lick us both in the way I’d done to her earlier. She held his cock in place and spread my lips and I slowly lowered myself on to him. He wasn’t so big that I felt really stretched or anything, but he filled me nicely and once I’d sunk the whole way down on to him I remained still for a moment and enjoyed the feeling. He tried to get me to start moving but I told him I wanted to enjoy the way his cock felt inside me and I flexed my pussy around him to show my gratitude. Susan lapped at my clit and his balls and I instinctively started riding up and down – just a little, but I soon realised that it was no use resisting and I started to move properly.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Copying Lisa – Part 4

I'm not getting much time to write at the minute so may have to intersperse the events of my weekend copying Lisa with the tail end of the fantasy I wrote but didn't post. It's back to actual events this post with me 'suffering' more delicious abuse at the hands of Jen's friends...
Amber and Abrahii fucked me with the corn and banana and then held a vibe against my clit to ensure I came. Nicholas offered me his cock and I sucked it clean as best I could while on my back but as another orgasm began to build I got distracted and he mostly just moved his cock inside my mouth. By this point the ice cream and sauce had been smeared over a lot of my body and my mask was long gone. I don’t usually perform online without concealing my identity so this added to my excitement and even though there weren’t too many people watching (as it was still early morning in the US) I think Mel said that there were around 120 people watching and fapping to me. When I heard this I imagined being surrounded by them and that it was their cocks inading me in place of my food based dildos. As I came I imagined all of them cumming on and in me at once, coating my body in a sea of cum and filling every orifice I had. This helped me have a much better orgasm than the previous one and I told everyone how hot my cunt felt and how I wanted their cum. Amber and Abrahii left the corn and banana in me so I pulled the corn out and licked it clean, then puled the banana from my ass and ate a fair bit of it (after peeling it of course).

I was told that it was nearly time to see some of Susan’s friends so I was sent up to shower along with Susan. As we cleaned each other off I tried to get her to tell me who we were heading to see but was told I’d just to have to take it as it came. Once we’d dried off I was handed one of my lacy bra and panty sets (I do own some panties, I just rarely wear them) and then given a set of stockings to put on with them. I saw that Jen packed some other clothes into a bag that Susan took and just before we set off I was given my coat to slip over the underwear. I tried to get some more details from Susan but she wouldn’t let anything slip so I just followed her to a house and as she knocked on the door she told me to undo my coat and hold it open. A guy opened the door, looked me up and down, said hi to Susan and invited us in. He called upstairs to Pete and told him that his fuck-buddy was here and as he did this, Susan slipped my coat off and put it over the bannister. As Pete came downstairs Susan ran her hands over my body, paying special attention to my breasts. My bra was already fairly revealing but as Pete got to the bottom of the stairs Susan pulled the left cup down to reveal (and caress) my nipple as she asked Pete if my breasts were large enough for him (I later found out he has a fetish for this). Susan gave my nipple a few licks and offered my breast to Pete as she slipped a hand into my panties and curled a couple of fingers up into my pussy. The housemate who had let us in was still watching so to even things up I pushed my hand between Susan’s legs and rubbed her through her skirt. Susan told me off for doing this and I decided to play along (as opposed to just tearing her skirt off) and I felt her other hand slide down the back of my panties and push them down slightly. Pete suggested we go upstairs and Susan agreed, but first slid my panties completely off and stuffed them in my coat pocket. She told me to finger myself and after letting the housemate watch me do this for a short while (less than a minute) we headed upstairs with my fingers still buried in my cunt.

As soon as we got into Pete’s room he changed and literally pounced on my breasts. The other one was quickly bared and he sucked, caressed and kissed them all over (quite well actually – he didn’t just focus on the nipples). My bra was removed completely and my panties soon followed suit (which required the unfastening of the garter belt). Susan slipped out of her clothes and joined us on the bed, quickly sitting over my face. I heard Pete say that it was ‘fucking hot’ as I licked at Susan’s pussy and I felt him stroke my pussy than fumble with his trousers to free his cock. He did at least ask if he could fuck me and Susan told him to go ahead and said I was clean. He pushed in to me and humped away but still seemed to be mostly concentrating on my breasts. After a couple of minutes Susan said I wasn’t allowed to hog his cock and told him to get off of me. Pete was told to lie on his back and Susan mounted him while I lay beside him and let him fondle my breasts some more. Susan and I felt that he should be servicing us both properly so I climbed up over his face and told him to eat me. He was as good at this as he was at breast play and I told Susan (so he would overhear) that she had been hiding a good one from me. I reached forwards to play with Susan’s clit and Pete sucked on my clit and flicked his tongue back and forth against it in a way that reminded me of Lis. I reminded Susan that his cum was meant to be mine and she grudgingly pulled herself off of his cock and told me that I would have to repay her.

I leant forwards and took Pete’s cock in my mouth, sucked most of Susan’s juices from it and then said it was time for him to fuck properly. I easily mounted his cock and Susan took my place on his face. I wanted to spend a while fucking him but knew that we had other targets lined up so once we were both in place we sped things up and I humped up and down on his cock, riding as much of the length as I could without him sliding out of me (or at least aiming for that – he fell out once). Susan helped out by stroking my clit and we both repeatedly told Pete to lick and fuck us (as appropriate) and Susan and I silently mouthed a conversation about how we would milk her various sex friends dry and then return to the gang. Susan came a little bit before I did (I said he was good at eating pussy) and as a reward we offered to let him change position. He said he liked watching me ride him but warned that he didn’t think he could hold out much longer so Susan moved around behind me, used one hand to play with my breasts, one to frig me and then licked and kissed the side of my neck and my ear. While this felt amazing for me (especially coupled with Pete’s cock fucking me), he said it looked so sexy that he was going to cum even faster. We managed to get him to hold back just long enough as Susan rapidly frigged me and she whispered in my ear how this was just the first of multiple loads I was going to get before we returned to the house. I moaned as I came and told him to pump his cum into my cunt, but he was already doing this by the time I said it.

Due to the position we were in (I was leaning back a bit), his cum stared leaking out of my pussy while we were still fucking but Susan’s fingers caught a fair amount of it and smeared it over my pussy, then fed some of it to me. I sucked her fingers clean and gradually slowed my movements. When I pulled myself off of Pete’s cock, another load of cum dripped out and Susan said that we should clean him off so we lay either side of him and licked up and down the length of his cock. Susan said he didn’t mind eating his cum out of her so suggested I sit over his face for a final lick, but I wanted to keep the cum that was still in me so I just asked him to have a few licks of my clit (and at his request another few licks of my nipples). We were already running a little late so couldn’t spend too long doing this and to make up for it I promised to return the next time I visited. Susan quickly got dressed but I was only allowed to put on my bra (I still had the stockings on). Pete liked the fact that I was leaving his room practically naked under my coat and liked it even more when Susan pushed me up against the wall in the hallway and buried her face in my pussy.

Pete’s housemate came out of his room (which we don’t think was a coincidence) and watched as Susan ate me. I saw her look at her watch and expected her to say that we should head off but instead she pulled out her phone and asked the housemate if he wanted a turn with me. He asked if she was serious and was told that I was even hornier than she was (and coming from her that means something) and would happily fuck anyone willing to make me cum. He asked if he would get both of us but Susan said I’d probably be enough to keep him occupied and she stood up and pushed my coat off of my shoulders. I asked her ‘what about…?’ (referring to our next appointment) and she said it would be fine, pulled a vibe and a condom out of her bag, gave them to me and pushed me towards the housemate. I tried to put on a sultry look and asked if he wanted to do anything with me but didn’t really wait for him to answer as I pushed myself up against him. He stepped back into his room and I followed, keeping my body against his.

We made it as far as his bed before he said anything about closing the door (which I’d been expecting but had been hoping to get to fuck him with an audience, however unlikely that was). I went back and closed the door, giving Susan a little wave as I did so and then quickly returned to the bed and immediately unzipped his trousers. Needless to say, he was already hard and I freed his cock from his trousers and shorts. I gave it a brief rub before tearing open the condom and rolling it on. Now that I was sufficiently protected, I knelt in front of him and used by breasts and mouth to suck and stroke him. He made comments a number of times about how much I must love cock and I played along by telling him that Susan was correct and I love pretty much anything that can make me cum. I asked him if he could make me cum while rubbing his cock against my face and he said he’d do his best. I lay on my back across the bed and spread my legs wide, saying I wanted to feel him inside me. He either didn’t realise or didn’t care that I was lubricated with Pete’s cum and he went all the way in on the first stroke. We fucked for a while like this and he then asked if he could take me from behind. I obligingly turned over and knelt on all fours and he took me doggy style while reaching around to play with my breasts. I felt a finger on my ass and he asked if he could fuck me there. I asked if he had any lube (which he didn’t) so I told him he could try as long as he was gentle. He started off fairly gently and slowly pressed in to me, getting a little deeper with each stroke and as I relaxed I pushed back against him more. I told him to use the vibe on my clit which he did but then pushed it up inside me. I pushed my clit towards the vibe to get some contact and told him not to cum too quickly but he said my ass felt too tight to hold back for long. I  changed my demand and told him he could cum as long as he made me cum afterwards and I took over holding the vibe while he finished fucking my ass.

He at least kept his end of the bargain up and after he came in my ass he fingered me and used the vibe while playing with my nipples. I asked if he’d enjoyed watching Susan eat me (he had) and told him if I came that he’d get to see me do the same to her before we left. This encouraged him further and he pumped the vibe into me while frigging me until I came. As soon as my orgasm passed I said that I needed to go but I waited for him to remove the condom and put his cock away before I opened the door. I carried my bra and coat downstairs and we found Susan with Pete in the living room. I told her that I’d cum again and that the housemate had fucked my ass and Pete told me his name was Mark (I hadn’t wanted to know, sometimes it’s much more fun having a completely anonymous fuck). Susan took my bra from me and said that I probably wouldn’t need it and when I went to put my coat on she said there was one more thing she wanted to show the guys. I was told to sit down on the edge of the sofa and lay back with my eyes closed. I could feel Susan standing in front of me and felt something hard press against my pussy and slide in to me and when I was told to look, Susan was holding her skirt up with a rolling pin between us with one handle in her and the other in me. She pumped it back and forth a few times, saying that Pete had been using it on her while I’d been busy and I told her that I needed to let Mark see me lick her before we left. She handed the rolling pin to Pete and climbed up on the sofa, pusher her pussy against my face and told me to show him as much as I wanted. I took advantage of being in charge (sort of) and gripped Susan’s ass firmly to hold her in place as I ate her. I ended up using her juices to lubricate my thumb and pushed this in to her ass. Just to prove I could be as mean as her, I got her quite close to cumming (she hadn’t had a second orgasm, Pete had just been fondling her) and then pulled away, saying that we should head off or people would wonder where we were. Susan called me a bitch and said that I couldn’t have my bra back but I’d assumed she would have kept it anyway so I just buttoned up my coat, kissed the guys goodbye and dragged Susan to the door.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Locker Room (Fantasy) – Part 6

I was left lying on the ground for a while until someone said I should really get cleaned up and turned the hose on me. The water felt freezing at first, but after the initial shock it felt good to cool down (and clean off the sticky mess covering my body). I felt quite refreshed afterwards but was quickly brought back to earth when I was told it was time for me to show off my banana skills to everyone. My nipples were already hard from the cold water and a few of the guys wanted a chance to play with them so were granted permission to do so. I lay on the grass and had hands and tongues roaming over my breasts, pulling, tweaking, sucking and licking them until I started squirming around. Jo pushed a banana in to my hand and told me to get to work. I rubbed the end of the banana around my pussy and slipped it inside me, worked it in further and then started to masturbate properly (or as properly as I could given my level of experience). It worked well enough though and once I started playing with my clit as well I quickly started letting out little moans. I knew the others were once again pointing out how easily I got horny and how I loved having lots of people play with me, but just ignored them and concentrated on masturbating. A couple of the guys wanted me to suck or stroke them but they were told to wait as I had to stay clean. I wasn’t sure why but knew better than to ask and just followed the instructions I’d been given to make myself cum. The guys sucking on my nipples were certainly helping things along and things felt even better when one of them slid a hand down to my ass and caressed it. I wasn’t able to hide how I was feeling and squirmed around on the ground as the pleasure built and I came.

It was a much weaker orgasm than I’d had with the vibe and I recovered much faster. When I sat up, I saw a new person there who turned out to be Sarah’s older sister. I saw her quietly talking with Fiona, Jo and Sarah while glancing over at me and I wondered what else was going to be done. Jo came over and told me to climb back up on the bench, but this time they tied my hands and legs to the legs of the bench. Sarah’s sister walked over to me and ran her fingers up from my knee, across my pussy and up over my breasts. She told Sarah that I would do and then asked me how much I’d done with other girls. I stammered out ‘nothing’, but Fiona said that a few of them has played with my clit and had their fingers inside me, but that was all. The sister said ‘Ah, bless. Well I’ll teach you’ and lowered her mouth to my breasts to kiss and suck them. She then kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth and afterwards whispered to me that she would make sure I felt good. I tried to tell her that I wasn’t gay but she shushed me and said that I could decide about things like that later on. Her fingers slid down to my pussy and slipped inside me. It didn’t feel any different than when Fiona or her friends had played with me at first, but the sister pushed her fingers in deeper and pressed up against the front of my pussy from the inside. She then withdrew her fingers and tasted them, saying I was still a bit salty, but that she would get rid of all the boy-cum inside me so she could see what I really tasted like.

My legs were untied and once again they were taken hold of by two of the guys and spread far apart. Sarah’s sister knelt between my legs and ran her fingers over my pussy, saying that it looked very sweet. Sarah told her sister that it had been Tracey who had shaved me and her sister looked over at Tracey, told her she had done a good job and that she might ask for her to shave her someday. I felt my lips being spread and a finger stroking in little circles around my clit, occasionally dipping in to my pussy and then returning with more of my juices. The sister said that it looked like I was getting wet already and Fiona told her that I’d become such a slut that I could now get off to anything. I protested my innocence and pointed out they kept making me do things, but when Sarah’s sister pressed her tongue against my pussy and started to swirl it around inside me my protests quickly faltered. This was much gentler than anything the others had done to me and when her tongue flicked up over my clit it felt amazing. I instinctively arched my back and tried to push against her face (which was quickly noticed by everyone) and I tried to control myself, but the more her tongue explored my pussy and played with my clit, the more my body responded by itself. She didn’t go straight to making me cum and broke away from my pussy for a while to kiss me again and play with my breasts.

We had another whispered conversation and she said she loved the way I tasted before asking if I was still sure I wasn’t gay. I told her I wasn’t but she dipped her fingers in to my pussy and when she withdrew them they covered in my juices. She fed these to me and told me I must be enjoying it to be that wet but before I could say anything she moved back down between my legs and pushed her tongue back into me. It went even deeper this time and probed all around the inside of my pussy before she moved up to my clit and licked it with the flat of her tongue. She then spread my lips as far as they would go and repeatedly licked from the bottom of my pussy up to my clit. By this point I couldn’t hold back and let out an ’aahhh’ with each lick, knowing I was about to cum with a girl licking me. My body arched but Sarah’s sister held tightly onto my thighs, keeping her mouth glued to my pussy and with each stroke of her tongue it felt like another wave of orgasm pulsed through my pussy. Fiona told me to tell everyone I was cumming and I repeated this over and over until my ‘I’m cummings’ tailed off as my orgasm passed. I was panting heavily and when I was told to thank Sarah’s sister I told her ‘thank you’ about five times.

I was untied and allowed down from the bench but then told it was selfish of me to just take and give nothing back. Jo pushed me down on to my back and Sarah said I should show everyone what I’d just learned. I watched as Sarah’s sister slipped her dress off and pulled her panties down, revealing a mostly shaved pussy with a small patch of hair. She straddled me, lowered her pussy to just above my mouth and told me to explore. I told her I hadn’t done anything like that before and Fiona chimed in and said I hadn’t had sex with a guy until just a few days ago and now Id fucked more guys than anyone else in the school. I tried the ‘but I’m not gay’ line again and Fiona told me if I didn’t do what I was told that she would hold the vibe against my clit for the next hour. I was already quite sensitive from the strong orgasm I’d just had and knew I would never be able to ensure the vibe so I quietly said ’okay’. This (of course) wasn’t good enough and I was told to ask Sarah’s sister to let me lick her pussy. I did this but was then told to ask her in a number of other ways and describe how I wanted to slide my tongue in to her and eat her juices. The temptation became too great for her and she lowered her pussy to my mouth. At first I kept my mouth shut but this was relayed to Fiona who ran the vibe over my clit.

I jumped and tentatively flicked my tongue out over the lips. The sister told everyone what I was doing but said I could do a lot better so the vibe was pressed against my clit for longer. As I’d expected, the sensation was excruciatingly intense and I yelped into the pussy over my mouth. Fiona was told to give me another chance and I pushed my tongue out more, licking up and down the lips. I was told to spread the lips and lick inside her, which I did and then had to flick my tongue over her clit and suck on it. I felt some fingers push in to my pussy and tensed up as I waited for the vibe on my clit, but apparently I was doing a good enough job that I didn’t need any further ‘encouragement’. Sarah’s sister told everyone I was doing well but that I still needed some more tutoring. She climbed off of my face, removed her bra and lay on top of me with one of her legs pressed between mine. She kissed me and I kissed her back. She then moved up a bit and offered me her breasts, telling me to suck on each of her nipples. I felt her leg press against my pussy and then grind against me and I took this as a sign that she liked what I was doing. She moved down and kissed me again and then down further so she could suck on my nipples while her fingers played with my pussy. Jo said that it was meant to be my turn to make Sarah’s sister cum but the sister replied by saying that they were the ones who said they were going to make sure I came so much that my pussy exploded. I was beginning to feel that they might actually manage that if they kept going but was distracted when the sister rolled off of me, lay on her back and told me to sit over her face.

I did as instructed and was told to sit upright for a while so everyone could watch as she ate me again. This only went on for a short while but I still felt incredibly exposed and was almost grateful when I was told to bend forwards. Sarah pushed my face down in to her sister’s pussy and everyone started chanting ‘69, 69, 69’. I may have been relatively innocent, but I knew what was expected of me and went back to licking and sucking the pussy in front of my face. The sister broke away from licking me a few times to give me pointers and I followed every instruction she gave me. I soon had a couple of fingers buried in her as I lapped at her clit and was rocking back and forth against her face as she ate me. It felt like I was going to cum again and I couldn’t believe a girl was doing this to me – or that I was doing the same to her. She kept me close to cumming until I was desperate and begging her to finish things off, but she told me I had to get her off first. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and planted my mouth against it. I plunged my tongue in to her the way she’d done to me and then sucked on her clit. She started moaning and said it felt really good so I just carried on in the same way until she let out a louder moan and her pussy got much wetter. She pushed my face harder against her and told me to lick her clean so I lapped away with her taste filling my mouth and her scent filling my nose.

As her orgasm subsided, she gave me a few more licks and asked me what I wanted. I told her I wanted to cum and had to go on to say I wanted her to make me cum. She buried her mouth in my pussy again and I let out an ‘oh fuck’ and came very quickly. She let me pull away from her and I rolled off of heron to the grass, at which point she crawled around, lay beside me and asked if I was still sure I wasn’t gay. Once I calmed down I admitted it had felt good but had never thought of girls in that way and she gently traced her fingers up and down over my pussy and told me that from now on I could be fucked by both boys and girls. This seemed a lot less confusing to me but I just lay there thinking as she got up, fished a bikini out of her bag and slipped it on.

I wasn’t allowed to get dressed and had to spend the rest of the afternoon fetching drinks and serving food naked. From time to time someone would pull me over and I had to service them, either by sucking them off or letting them fuck me. A couple of guys got me to ride them and then suck their cocks clean as the rest of their cum dribbled out of me. Sarah’s sister felt sorry for me and I was attacked with the vibe. A number of people held me down as she alternated between rubbing it back and forth over my clit and fucking me with it, telling me that I deserved to cum for all the pleasure I was giving other people. One of the guys straddled my chest and pushed his cock between my breasts, stroking back and forth as Sarah’s sister took me closer and closer to cumming. I lay with my head tiled back as my orgasm approached and another guy knelt by my head and pushed his cock in to my mouth. I automatically sucked him and started to cum. I moaned loudly, but this was somewhat muffled by the cock I was sucking and when my orgasm ended I felt Sarah’s tongue make contact with my pussy and start to gently lick me. The guy fucking my breasts came and I felt his cum squirt up over my neck and chin. Jo leant over and massaged his cum over my breasts and neck, finishing off by wiping her hand over my face.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Copying Lisa – Part 3

We sat in the living room (with Susan and me still naked) to wait for everyone else (including Jen) to turn up. I was eager to hear how her night with Lisa and Amber had gone (although I knew I’d be getting a much more detailed description later on so I could write it up). We heard the metallic sound of a ladder and Susan told me it was the window cleaner. She said that he had seen both her and Abrahii naked already (through the window) and that one time she (Susan) had put on a little show for him. This seemed like a wonderful idea and we dashed upstairs. Susan waited in the hallway while I went in to her room, opened the curtains fully and started to play with myself on the bed. I pulled out a few of Susan’s and Abrahii’s toys and by the time I heard the ladder outside the window I was already well on the way to cumming. At first I pretended to not notice the guy as he watched me, but then glanced in his direction and gave him a little smile. I guessed he was in his mid-40’s and he looked a little overweight but I went back to playing with myself, looking over at him a few times and deliberately oriented my body to give him a better view of what I was doing. I tossed all the toys aside to let him watch me finger and frig myself and then called out to Susan and told her to fetch Abrahii as well.

As instructed, Susan called Abrahii and skipped in to the room. The cleaner looked a bit surprised but Susan just waved to him, walked over to me and climbed up on to the bed, straddling my face. I pulled her to me and licked her for a minute or so and felt her fingers probing my already wet pussy, but as much as I was enjoying myself, I wanted to watch us being watched so pushed Susan off me and we humped against each other. Abrahii appeared in the doorway and the guy once again looked a bit concerned but we called her over to us and asked if she would join in, putting on a good show. She hesitated a little, but we tugged at her skirt and she knelt forwards on to the bed (which we took as a sign of acceptance). We quickly pulled Abrahii’s clothes off and fell into a tangled mess with each of us kissing, licking, fingering each other depending on whom and where we could reach. I glanced over to the guy repeatedly and then suggested that we go talk to him. Susan was up for this so we clambered off of the bed and opened the window to ask if he was enjoying the show (he was). I leant forwards and lifted my breasts, saying he could play with them if he wanted and when he reached in his hands felt freezing. Not to be outdone, Susan offered him her breasts as well and he had a good fondle of them and by this point Abrahii had joined us and let him fondle hers as well. I sucked on one of Abrahii’s nipples and fingered her, then tried to offer my pussy to the guy for him to play with, but he couldn’t reach in far enough. I would have happily sat on the window sill to let him touch me but Susan suggested he could come in and watch us up close and I enthusiastically agreed. He asked if we were serious and I knelt and sucked on Susan’s clit and gave her a few exaggerated licks. He said he’d meet us at the door and quickly climbed down the ladder and I dashed out of the door and called out to Richard and James to stay out of sight so they didn’t scare the guy off.

Susan followed me downstairs and we opened the door and stood there naked waiting for the guy to appear from around the side of the house. He looked us up and down as he entered and we led him back up to the bedroom, each pulling him by a hand. Abrahii was still waiting for us and once we were all present we pulled up a chair for the guy and resumed our three-way session on the bed, making sure to spread each other’s cunts and let him watch as we fingered and licked them, sucked on each other’s nipples and kissed with lots more (visible) tongue action than usual. I was already fairly sure of the answer but whispered to Susan if we were going to ask the guy to join us and she said ‘of course’, Abrahii agreed and we crawled off of the bed and Susan and I knelt either side of the guy with Abrahii directly in front of him. We all caressed his legs and moved our hands up to his crotch but it was only after we’d undone his zipper that we asked if he wanted to play with us. Unsurprisingly the answer was yes and with his help (he stood up) we pulled his trousers down and off and once we had rolled a condom on to his cock, the three of us took turns stroking and licking it. (Well, I say we took turns, but there were often three sets of hands on it and more than one tongue). His hands reached out and caressed our breasts and I stood up to let him suck on my nipples and let him (finally) reach my pussy. His fingers were still cold, but not as much so as earlier and he seemed to know what he was doing as he slid a couple of fingers along and then between my lips and then teased my clit. Susan saw what I was doing and stood up as well, letting him suck on her nipples and finger her as well and I then switched places with Abrahii so I could suck on his cock while he played with her.

I then stood up and turned around, lowered myself on to his cock and slid up and down on it. It wasn’t really the best position for actual fucking but certainly got things started and the guy reached around to fondle one of my breasts. Susan told me not to be selfish and share him so I pulled myself off of him and let her mount him. I kissed Susan as she humped against the guy’s cock and then told her it was Abrahii’s turn. She dutifully took this and Susan kissed her while I knelt between the guy’s legs and toyed with her clit (I had wanted to lick it but as I said, it wasn’t a wonderful position). The three of us then knelt on the bed and offered ourselves to the guy and told him to sample us all. He did this, fucking us in turn and reaching around to play with our clits and breasts but we adapted the position a bit and whoever had just been fucked crawled in front of whoever he was fucking to be eaten (while kissing the one waiting to be fucked). A few of the gang arrived during our session, but they remained downstairs and the guy didn’t seem to care anyway. Susan came with Abrahii eating her and the guy came in me (after briefly fucking Susan) a few minutes later as I ate Abrahii.

We all licked the cum-filled condom and then lay back on the bed, telling him to finish us off and giving him the choice of using his fingers or some toys. He went for both and at first fingered both Abrahii and me and then used some vibes in us. Susan helped out and played with our clits whenever he wasn’t and I gave the guy warning that my orgasm was approaching. I asked him to finish me off with his fingers (while I like toys, sometimes it’s nicest to feel actual skin) and he did as I asked, using three fingers in me while strumming his other hand back and forth across my clit. I arched my pelvis up towards him as I came and moaned loudly, saying how good it felt. Once my orgasm finished, both Susan and I helped him out with Abrahii, kissing her and sucking on her nipples while he played with her pussy. She came quite quickly and I sucked the guy’s fingers clean and then helped Susan kitty kiss Abrahii while the guy straightened himself out and got dressed again.

He thanked us and Abrahii remained in the room to get dressed while Susan and I showed the guy out. On the way downstairs Susan told him that whenever he was cleaning the windows he just had to knock to receive his tip. Jen and Richard wandered from the living room to the kitchen as we chatted to the guy but they didn’t pay any attention to us and we waved him off (with us still naked). I caught up with Jen and heard about her morning and relayed what I’d been up to but we were interrupted by the arrival of Mel and Julia, at which point I was ordered to fuck Julia in a position determined by a roll of a dice. The dice (or rather the bit of paper that someone had written down the number to position mapping on) said we had to share a double ended dildo so Susan fetched one of hers and Julia and I headed upstairs to share it. We used a couple of different positions, scissoring (with it shared between us), kneel on all fours facing away from each other and finally one of us on top of the other, but it wasn’t long enough to bend around to do this so we had to swap it for a longer one (fortunately Susan and Abrahii have a fairly decent collection of toys – not quite as good as Jen’s and mine, but sufficient for most situations). We finished off by scissoring again and then as we hadn’t seen each other in a while we chatted and kitty kissed in a 69 (chatting between licks and kisses). Julia gave me her appraisal of Lisa’s performance the week before (she was suitably impressed) and when I said that I intended to at least match her, Julia licked me a bit harder and said she would have to see what she could do to help me out with my target. Naturally I reciprocated and we migrated from kitty kissing to a full 69 session. I got Julia off first and stuck with the old rules we used to play by and kept eating her just as hard until I came. I could feel her moaning and panting into my pussy but that just added to my pleasure as my orgasm built. I tried to get Jules off again and in return she kept eating me at full force. We both humped against each other’s faces and went on like this for another good few minutes before Jules pulled away and said ‘enough’. We shared a messy kiss and I told her I’d missed her and the two of us went downstairs to report on the completion of our task (and the bonus 69).

I discovered that we had been sent upstairs to allow them to prepare the room for my online session (copying what Lisa had done the previous week). I wasn’t sure why they had thought this needed to be hidden from me as if I was going to refuse to do it I could have done so equally at that point (although I wouldn’t have put it past Mel to hold me down and force me to cum for the people watching). Susan had been sitting playing with herself to ensure that there were people watching and waiting for the main event and Abrahii told me to go down on Susan to ensure she was rewarded for her part in things. I donned my mask and buried my face between Susan’s legs while Mel moved the camera to provide a close up of what I was doing. Wanting to put on a good show I made sure to spread Susan’s pussy and kept my head to the side as I licked her and then got her to pull her legs up and spread her ass cheeks so I could swirl my tongue over and around her ass. I returned to concentrating on her clit and stayed there until she came, moving up to kiss her afterwards. Mel and Abrahii caressed my ass and showed a close-up of my pussy and I felt a cock slide in to me (it was Nicholas). I pushed back against him and let him fuck me hard. It only took a couple of minutes until he said he was going to cum and I told him out loud (for the benefit of my viewers) that I wanted to feel his cum fill my cunt and spill out of me. He moaned a little as he came and Abrahii told him to pull out slowly. I felt her fingers spreading my lips and his cum started dripping out of my pussy and running down my thighs. My audience apparently quite liked the close-up creampie view, but things were only just getting started…

Susan had to lick me clean and I was then told to lie on my back while multiple people fingered, frigged and stroked me. I got to suck both Richard and James and was briefly fucked by Ashraf and then Mel (with a strap-on). Abrahii, and Lisa took turns sitting over my face for me to eat them and Lisa ended up knocking my mask off as she humped back and forth while telling me to eat her cunt (while she was hardly a sweet, innocent little girl when we first met her, she’s still come a long way). I came twice during this (although one of the orgasms was fairly weak) but they didn’t let up and an ear of corn was produced. I was slightly concerned that Mel was going to use it on me (and was specifically concerned about how forcefully she would use it) but fortunately it was Amber who was told to fuck me. I lay on my back and spread my legs but other people helped out anyway and held them apart as Amber pushed the corn up in to me and slowly pumped it in and out. As she did this Ashraf spooned some ice cream over my breasts and then squirted strawberry and chocolate sauce over them – when I pointed out that I thought the food play was meant for breakfast Abrahii fetched a banana and said that there was no reason I couldn’t ‘eat’ twice in one weekend. It wasn’t difficult to guess where the banana was going and after applying a bit of lube she pressed it against my ass and I relaxed to allow it to slide in.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Copying Lisa – Part 2

Now on to main part of the story...

Jen and I arrived late evening and met up with the gang out at a bar. We only had a couple of drinks before heading home but we didn’t go to the same place, with Jen heading off to Amber’s (along with Lisa) and me heading back to ‘the house’ to enjoy the company of Richard, James, Abrahii and Susan. As I said in the previous entry, they knew that I wanted to have as fun a weekend as they’d given Lisa and on the way home Abrahii confirmed that people had agreed to spend the weekend pleasuring me (with me returning the favours of course). It was a bit too cold and wet to do anything outside so Abrahii said she wouldn’t make me do anything but she seemed to have forgot who she was talking to and on arriving at the house I whispered to Susan and she agreed to my proposal. While standing outside the front door, we both removed our clothes, handing them to the others to take care of and once we were naked we kissed and fingered each other up against the wall. Richard et al kept a lookout for anyone watching from the windows of the other houses and Susan and I had a brief 69 session on the small bit of grass in the front garden. We would have liked to eaten each other to orgasm, but it really was too cold and wet so after just a couple of minutes of fun and rolling around we hurried in to the house to warm up and dry off.

We headed straight up to the bedrooms – unfortunately none of the beds were big enough for five people (for sleeping anyway) so we knew we’d have to split up for the night eventually, but for the pre-sleep part of the night it worked out fine. Abrahii started to warm Susan up while I knelt on all fours, sucking Richard and letting James fuck me. I didn’t want either of them to cum just yet but they certainly got quite turned on and we had to switch position partway through so I could suck James slowly and prevent him from cumming. I then crawled over to Abrahii and planted my face between her legs. Susan had already gotten her quite wet and I buried my tongue between her lips and lapped at her juices. Susan and Abrahii both played with me with Abrahii fingering my pussy and then my ass as Susan ate me. They asked if I wanted to cum and I nodded. I devoured Abrahii as they worked on getting me off and once we had both cum Susan said that she had been promised an orgasm for each time I came. I was more than happy to oblige as I quite like her little cunt, so pulled her over my face and gave her the same treatment I’d given Abrahii. As she had already been well on the way to cumming it didn’t take much to finish her off and I then kissed her, sharing her and Abrahii’s juices with her and told her that if she intended to keep up with me that there would be many more orgasms over the weekend (she was fine with that).

Abrahii gently played with Susan while I lay on my back and sucked and stroked James and Richard. They liked the idea of cumming over me or both cumming in my mouth at the same time and I described how wonderful it would be if they could manage that but then have enough cum to both fuck me at the same time and cum inside me in unison. Abrahii pushed a vibe into my pussy and then got Susan to fetch a dildo to add to it. The two of them fucked me with the two toys and it felt quite nice but it didn’t compare to having two actual cocks inside me. The guys asked whether I wanted to be spit roasted, DPed or have both of them in my cunt – I replied that I wanted all of the above, preferably at the same time but as we’d need more guys and some strange geometry to manage them all at once that I’d settle for the third option. Having Abrahii there turned out to be incredibly useful as she knows that James cums much faster than Richard (he’s a lot better than he used to be, but Richard also lasts longer than he used to so there is still a differential). Richard lay on his back with me on top of him (facing up). Abrahii worked one of the vibes into my pussy. Richard loved the feeling of my pussy holding the vibe hard against his cock and I liked the sensation of him and Abrahii fucking me at the same time (especially as she lapped at my clit as well), but I really wanted their cocks and told Abrahii to go pleasure Susan so James could fuck me.

Abrahii actually helped James to get inside me (for all the fucking I do, two cocks don’t fit in me that easily), but a little lube helped and they were soon both sliding back and forth against each other and the walls of my cunt. Richard reached around me and fondled my breasts and then reached down to my clit to frig me and I told them to both pump as much cum in to me as they could. Abrahii told them to make sure I came as well and I promised I’d fuck her afterwards to share the cum with her if she wanted. Richard pushed as far as he could into me and frigged me faster, James sped up and said he was getting close and he and Richard talked to time their orgasms. Richard also whispered in my ear (loudly enough for the others to hear) and asked if I wanted two loads of cum in my pussy. I told him I’d take as many loads as they could produce and imagined I was in one of the hentai tentacle films where the aliens could cum countless times and that my body was about to be filled with cum. I moaned that I was cumming and James said he was almost there but Richard got him to hold back just a bit so he could catch up. I had probably just about finished my orgasm when they came but this meant I could concentrate on the fact that I had two guys emptying themselves into me at (roughly) the same time.

James pulled out first and I covered my pussy as Richard pulled out so I could climb up and sit over Abrahii’s face to let her drink the double cum-shot from me. She quite likes the taste of Richard’s cum and while I find the idea of being filled with cum from both ends appealing, I’m still not overly keen on the taste (although better than I used to be). As promised I made sure she got to cum and licked her clit while using the vibe on her that she had used on me earlier. I didn’t escape being made to cum again and as I ate Abrahii, she and Richard played with my pussy and ass. It took me a bit longer to cum than it did for her and I had Susan’s cunt thrust in my face to lick for the latter part of my session. Once I’d cum, I thanked them all for my orgasms and we tossed a coin as to who I would spend the night with, Richard and James or Abrahii and Susan. Both options had their appeal so I didn’t really mind and it came up heads so I stayed with the guys while Abrahii and Susan went to what is nominally their room (they switch about where they actually sleep a lot, but it is where their clothes are). I even managed to coax the guys’ cocks back to life and spooned with them as I fell asleep (James first, then I turned around and slid Richard into me). As an added bonus James had a suck on my nipples which is rather unusual for him (he is on the gay end of spectrum) but Abrahii has been training him well.

Jen’s night with Lisa and Amber was a bit tamer but she still got to play with both of them and enjoyed having two younger girls around who were eager to impress her with their skills. Jen made further use of them in the morning and after eating Lisa awake, she let Lisa go down on her while she played with Amber (Jen knelt on all fours eating Amber with Lisa lying under Jen’s pussy). Jen is usually content with just one orgasm in the morning (she isn’t as greedy as I am) but after they’d had breakfast Jen asked if they would both shower with her. Lisa knew what this was likely to lead to and after washing Lisa and Amber down Jen asked if she could sit and play with them. The girls agreed to this and Jen went back and forth between them, fingering and licking each of them and playing with herself. Lisa told Amber that she would be expected to pee shortly and Jen said that Lisa had given the game away, but Amber knew of Jen’s fetish anyway so wasn’t really surprised. Ideally Jen wanted both of the girls to be cumming as they peed over her, but they’d already spent quite a while in the shower so she agreed to pleasure them on demand throughout the day in return for a double golden shower. The girls let Jen get herself close to cumming and then hugged each other, standing with their pussies directly over Jen’s face. Jen told them when she was getting close and just before she started to cum, both of the girls started to pee over her. Jen moved her face back and forth through the streams and as she came she pushed as hard as she could, spraying her own pee over her hands and the shower. As soon as her orgasm finished, she pushed her face between Lisa’s legs and licked at her pussy, then did the same to Amber, licking every part of the girls’ pussies and pushing her tongue up inside them as far as she could. When Jen stood up to shower herself down she was pleasantly surprised to find that Lisa knelt and licked her and even more surprised when she was turned around and had Amber do the same in return. She offered to pee on them but they both declined and just helped Jen wash her hair and body, then headed back to Amber’s room. The three of them were seen leaving the showers together, but the people living around her generally knew that Amber was gay (she’s actually bi but that still seems to confuse a lot of people) and the girls were all wearing towels so it wasn’t the same as it would have been if I’d been there.

My morning started nicely as both of the guys had morning wood. I encouraged this by rubbing back against Richard and liked the feeling of his cock sliding between my ass cheeks. When he actually woke up I briefly sucked him and then moved over to James. It was only when James woke up that I thought it would have been fun to see if I could have made him cum while he was asleep (Richard has managed this). Richard moved down and slipped into my cunt as I sucked James. He asked if I wanted him to play with my clit and make me cum or if I’d prefer to have James eat his cum out of me (and make me cum). I asked why I couldn’t have both and in response Richard pinched one of my nipples but then carried on frigging me. I told him I didn’t care if he came in me before I came, as long as he kept his cock buried in me and he decided to just see how things went. James came first and I swallowed some of his cum but let the rest leak out and smeared it around his cock, balls and stomach. I actually came before Richard did as I wasn’t holding back at all (and knew I had another orgasm already lined up) so he got to enjoy moving freely in me to finish off. I got him to stay inside me for a bit and then pulled myself off of him and mounted James’ face. As he ate Richard’s cum out of me, Richard kissed and licked James’ cock clean. After a few minutes, as my second orgasm started to build, I got Richard to sit in a scissor position with James so their cocks were pressed together and I sucked them both at once. I came in this position and they enjoyed my moaning around their cocks but neither of the guys were ready to cum again so we decided to get up and head down for breakfast.

Abrahii and Susan joined us a little later – They were both wearing robes (as were the guys) but when Susan saw I was naked she tossed her robe to the side and said it was much more fun when I was visiting (because obviously Abrahii, Richard and James are such prudes). Susan had already cum (by Abrahii’s hand) but it was a shame to waste her enthusiasm and even though I knew that a special breakfast had been scheduled for the Sunday I asked Susan if she would like to help me eat some yoghurt. She eagerly agreed and we took turns lying on the table, letting the other one use our pussies to lick yoghurt from. Not being content with letting us just play with each other, Abrahii added a spoonful of honey to the mix which made things much stickier and we did the best we could to clean each other up but then had to go and shower together. As neither of us had cum during breakfast, we made up for this in the shower and after a bit more licking under the warm water, we frigged and fingered each other while kissing. Unfortunately as we were in a house we didn’t have unlimited hot water so couldn’t take too long, but we had enough for us both to cum and then left the shower to dry off and let the others use it.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Copying Lisa – Part 1

The week after Mike’s visit and Lisa’s epic-cumfest, Jen and I went down to visit her old friends. Having heard the full description from Mike about everything Lisa had done (as well as the bit we had witnessed online), I was somewhat jealous and desperately wanted to experience the same as she had and with another (even more willing) volunteer. Abrahii was quite eager to help me enjoy myself (she is such a sweet girl) and even managed to get Mel, Julia and Ashraf to come back for a second weekend in a row. I was quite glad to hear this as the combination of Susan, Julia and myself can be quite intense. I won’t go in to the full details of everything we got up to as a lot of it is very similar to what they did with (or to) Lisa the previous weekend, but there were a few differences which I’ll concentrate on – after telling you about Mike’s weekend.

Jen and I left arrived on the Friday afternoon, leaving Mike at home to look after MJ. He wasn’t by himself as he had told Ineta that we were abandoning him and seeing as she had kept Jen and I company the previous weekend, it was fairly obvious that we didn’t mind if she did the same with him. Jen found it quite difficult to leave MJ behind but she knew that Mike would guard her with his life and even if he was in the middle of fucking Ineta that he would stop and look after MJ if she woke up or wanted any attention. Mike came home early from work to take MJ and let Jen and I leave and Ineta joined him after work. When she arrived he had food almost ready and let her go shower to freshen up. Jen had left her a nice dress out to wear but Ineta has spent long enough with us to know how we operate and after drying her hair, she came downstairs wearing just some lacy underwear. Mike appreciated the view and fondled Ineta while finishing preparing dinner, then let her take MJ while he served it up. Fortunately MJ fell asleep while they ate and after her evening bottle they put MJ to bed and settled down on the rug in front of the fire in the living room. Ineta told him that she had fucked Jen in exactly the same spot just a week before (Mike already knew this). Mike told Ineta that he would just have to make sure he outperformed Jen and Ineta said he’d have to try quite hard as Jen had been quite thorough with her. Mike got Ineta to describe what Jen had done and kissed up and down Ineta’s body as she did this. He kept asking her for more details and Ineta knew full well he just wanted to hear her talk dirty to him so launched into a graphic description of her sessions with Jen, what they’d done, what they tasted and felt like, how they’d cum…

Mike ate and fingered Ineta to a relatively quick orgasm and then kitty kissed her for a while before rolling her over and sliding into her pussy from behind. He fucked her like this for a while with his full weight on her body. Mike pulled out and rolled Ineta over again so he could lift her legs up and fuck her while teasing her clit. He kept this up until Ineta was moaning and then told her to ride him
. Without pulling out (but with a bit of effort) they changed position so she was on top and he frigged her as she bounced up and down on his cock until she came. She then lay on top of Mike and kissed him as he continued to gently move inside her and kneaded her ass. Ineta said he was off to a good start so Mike told her he’d make sure she’d cum at least twice more before he came. She wasn’t sure she could manage that, but we’re quite experienced at pushing people in this way so after a bit more kissing Mike went down on Ineta again and she then said she wanted to 69. She sucked on his cock quite energetically and Mike complimented her on her style but told her she couldn’t make him cum before he could get her off. Ineta tried quite hard and Mike certainly enjoyed the way she licked and sucked him but he fingered both her pussy and ass while flicking his tongue back and forth across her clit and he won the battle as she came first.

She carried on sucking him as he kitty kissed her, but more gently (having admitted she lost). Mike then spooned with her and they went over some of the things that she and I had done and Mike promised her that if she came for dinner one evening after work that he, Jen and I would all pleasure her in a foursome. He pointed out that as he was about to make her cum for her fourth time that the group-fuck would involve her cumming twelve times and Ineta said that her cunt would just break if that happened. Mike quietly described to Ineta how the three of us could spend four hours making her cum three times and hour, passing her between us to be fingered, fucked, eaten, stimulated with toys (she knows we have a good collection), scissored… He moved faster in her as the description went on and played with her clit and nipples more, then asked what she thought everyone at work would think if they knew what Ineta got up to with him, Jen and me. They carried on spooning with Ineta facing the fire and Mike spent ages playing with her nipples, teasing each of them to stiffness and describing how  Jen would spend ages sucking on them (as she had the previous weekend). It had been obvious for a while, but Ineta told him that she thought she could cum again and Mike asked if she minded if he came inside her. She said she didn’t care so Mike told her he could just cum over her, covering her breasts and face but that he’d much rather fill her hot cunt and feel it enveloping his cock as he came. She gave him permission to cum inside her and he fucked her until he was close and then frigged her while moving steadily but gently enough that he could hold back. Ineta started to cum but Mike held back until her orgasm was fading (so he could fuck her right through it) and then unloaded in to her. He moaned into her mouth and their tongues pushed against each other until he pushed as far in to her as he could and remained still.

Mike remained buried in Ineta for quite a while. They chatted and kissed some more and Mike asked her if she would let him shave her in the morning. He made sure to point out that he thought her pussy was very nicely presented (she only had hair on her mons) and it was just so he could play with it and Ineta said she would think about it. When they finally headed up to bed his cum dribbled out of her pussy and ran down her leg so Mike massaged it in to her thighs and ass as she climbed the stairs. He spooned with her as they fell asleep and warned her she would be eaten awake, which she said sounded nice (and was something else Jen had done to her). Mike didn’t actually get to do this as they were both woken by MJ in the morning. Ineta cuddled her while Mike went to heat some of Jen’s breasts milk and it wasn’t until MJ was fed and dozed off again that Mike could go down on Ineta. She agreed that cumming was the best way to start the day and Mike told her she only had to drop by on the way to work, or join him in a conference room at work and he’d be happy to give her a morning cum anytime she wanted one.

Instead of shaving her (her lips were smooth so she didn’t really need it), Ineta let Mike kitty kiss her for a while after they had showered. He tried to get her to go out in a very revealing dress but she wasn’t up for this. She did compromise and wear opaque tights for him though (which led to her thighs and pussy being fondled and kissed for another period of time before they actually left. They wandered around the shops and had lunch out. Ineta went off by herself for a while but met up with Mike at home that evening (just about as MJ was going to bed so she got to have a goodnight cuddle). Over dinner they discussed Ineta’s sexuality – whether she preferred boys or girls, whether she wanted to settle down, have kids… Like me she is truly bisexual and her preference drifts from girls to boys from time to time, but never strays too far from the centre. She said that cuddling MJ certainly made her feel broody and she knew about our arrangement with Lis where Mike would get her pregnant so teased him about having him impregnate her as well. Mike said he would love to, but fathering daughters (he’s not having any sons) with Jen, Lis, me and Lucy was probably enough, although he was quite happy to pretend to make babies with her (as he used to do with Lis before it became a real goal).

The conversation moved on and after dinner when they went to bed Mike asked Ineta if she wanted to dress up for him (meaning of course that he wanted her to dress up). She knows about his schoolgirl fetish (pretend ones only) and agreed and with his help she slipped in to one of Jen’s outfits with cute underwear, a little blue and green tartan skirt, white blouse and long blue socks. She even went as far as putting her hair into bunches and Mike found the whole package of the uniform with her Eastern European looks to be irresistible. They headed back downstairs so they could play properly without waking MJ and Ineta sat on the sofa with Mike on the floor in front of her. He subjected her to his usual leg worship, caressing and kissing from the top of her socks to the hem of her skirt and slowly working her skirt up higher so he could kiss more of her legs. Once he had her legs fully spread he kissed around her panties then pulled them aside and gently licked up and down her pussy lips. He got Ineta to pose for him with her knees up and her panties peeking out from behind her legs and then moved up on the sofa beside her so they could kiss. Ineta dropped a hand to his crotch and fished out his cock, stroked him for a minute and then bent down to take him in her mouth.

They moved over to the rug by the fire and Mike slid Ineta’s panties off so they could 69. This time Ineta asked him if he wanted to cum in her mouth or her pussy and Mike told her that while her mouth felt wonderful, he preferred the idea of filling her cunt again. Ineta kept sucking him but stopped trying to make him cum – Mike on the other hand made sure that Ineta came and licked as far inside her as he could, sucked on her lips and swirled his tongue around her clit. He then kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes and Ineta helped to remove Mike’s clothes. Mike undid her blouse and freed her breasts from her bra, but she kept the outfit on and Mike kissed and caressed her whole body and she stroked and sucked on his cock (depending on what position they were in). Mike worked Ineta up into a state of high arousal and she asked and then begged him to fuck her. He told her he would happily do so but asked her to first sit up on the sofa and play with herself while he watched. She did as he asked and in return she asked him to stroke his cock (which he did). Mike loves watching girls play with themselves and Ineta was no exception (especially while she was wearing a little skirt and long socks). He told her if she wanted to make herself cum that he would play with her again afterwards and get her ready to fuck but she said she wanted him inside her too much to waste the way she was feeling on her fingers.

Mike sucked Ineta’s fingers clean and had a few more licks at her now engorged pussy, they switched places and she had a quick suck on his cock and then stood up, straddled him and lowered herself onto him. They fucked like this for a while and then moved back to the rug, switched between a few positions but ended up with Ineta on top again. She said she wanted Mike to fuck her hard until she came so he took hold of her ass and pumped into her. They kissed and Ineta moaned into his mouth and then out loud while telling him to keep going. She told him to fuck her harder and Mike slammed into her as hard and fast as he could. She said some things that he assumed were in Latvian and then said (in English) that she was almost there and for him to keep going. Mike told her that her cunt felt amazing and pounded away in her as she came. He told her he was about to cum and she panted at him to keep going just a little longer. Mike did as she asked and she said she could cum again so Mike concentrated on other things and fucked her as she moaned, panted and told him how close she was getting. She said she was about to cum again and that she wanted him to cum so he asked her to describe what she could feel. Ineta made an attempt at this but mostly just moaned and panted – when she came she was much louder than she had been the times before and Mike was glad they were downstairs as he really didn’t want to have to stop and cuddle MJ. He fucked her through her second orgasm (having done a good job at distracting himself so he didn’t cum too quickly he had to catch up) and then came into her, quickly slowed his movements and held her tight against him.

They rolled over after a couple of minutes and when Mike pulled out he watched as his cum leaked out of Ineta’s pussy and ran over her ass onto Jen’s skirt. Ineta said that he’d have to get it washed before Jen returned but Mike assured her that given the number of times Jen had eaten Ineta’s pussy, she wouldn’t mind and would probably happily wear it with their combined cum still on it. Mike would have liked Ineta to wear her outfit to bed but he knows it’s not that comfortable to sleep in so he helped to strip her but she left the socks on for him and after a while he managed to get hard enough to spoon her to sleep and caressed her legs as he did so. Ineta thinks that Mike’s long sock/tights fetish is a little strange, but she enjoys the results of it so doesn’t mind.

On the Sunday morning Mike managed to eat Ineta awake before MJ woke up (she had woken during the night and joined them in bed for a little while but had been moved back to her cot). With her first orgasm out of the way and a suitable period of kitty kissing completed, Mike climbed up over her and she kissed her juices (and some of his cum from the previous night) from his face. Ineta whispered that she wanted to pretend they were trying to make a baby so Mike quickly slipped in to her and told her he loved that idea. To be fair, there isn’t much difference in what they did compared to how they would have fucked anyway – just a few mentions from Ineta about wanting his cum deep inside her to get her pregnant. Mike promises me that he only thought of getting Lis and me pregnant while he fucked Ineta, but he also admits he told her repeatedly how his cum was going to fill her, seek out her womb and then 9 months later they would have a child. Ineta wrapped her legs around Mike as they came (not quite at the same time, but fairly close to each other as it was a gentle session so easier to time their orgasms). They lay together for a while and Mike told Ineta that he hadn’t expected her to want children just yet (even pretend ones) – she blamed the influence of MJ (who *is* incredibly cute). Mike was just about to kitty kiss Ineta again when MJ woke up – he retrieved her from her cot and the three of them headed down for breakfast. Ineta couldn’t stay with Mike on the Sunday as she had made other arrangements but she gave him a long goodbye kiss and let him have a final fondle and lick of her pussy before saying she would see him at work. Mike didn’t mind this too much as it meant he had most of the day to spend with MJ (the girl he loves the most – and neither Jen nor I are the least bit jealous of that fact as we love her just as much).

Friday, 4 December 2015

Training Lisa – Part 10

Nicholas cumming over Lisa seemed to declare open season on her and after giving Lisa a quick wipe down (not enough to actually remove the grease and mess from the food, just to take some of the taste away so she could be used for dessert), they moved her over to the mattress again. Lisa was put on top of the protective sheet and Susan climbed over her face and demanded to be eaten. Ashraf started to fuck Lisa while others arranged pieces of fruit on her body and then poured yoghurt over her. Just because Susan was on Lisa’s face and Ashraf was in her cunt didn’t mean that these places escaped the yoghurt and Julia said she wanted to join in and straddled Lisa, humping against the yoghurt on her stomach breasts. Susan and Julia took turns being licked by Lisa and Ashraf fucked and frigged her, emptying his cum in to her when he came. Abrahii went down on Lisa and finished off what Ashraf had started, licking Lisa to another orgasm while Lisa finished off satisfying Susan and then Julia. Mike fucked Abrahii from behind and had a few licks of her pussy then moved up to Lisa’s mouth to have her lick his cock clean. Richard had returned for a second sucking from Lisa and switched places with Mike to fuck Abrahii.

Chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce and ice cream were added to Lisa’s body and pretty much everyone took a turn licking this off of her breasts and from her pussy, with a number of the guys coating their cocks with the sticky mess and getting Lisa to suck them clean. She was then fucked in succession by James, Mike and Richard. James pulled out and came over her while Mike and Richard both came in her pussy. When Mike pulled out, the cum that leaked of her was collected and wiped over her body and when Richard finished, James and Abrahii each went down on Lisa, collected what cum they could in their mouths and let this dribble over Lisa’s body. She was then ‘treated’ to a final group orgasm with many people stroking, caressing and fingering her (with a copious amount of extra yoghurt to help cleanse her pussy). They took her to the edge of cumming three times and backed off each time. I was quite impressed about this as while it isn’t hard to do with just one person stimulating the other, once a group is involved it’s much more likely someone will push things too far. Admittedly they had both Mike and Amber reading Lisa’s state of arousal and telling people when to ease off, but still… Mike and Amber were allowed to actually finish things off (Mike licking Lisa’s clit and Amber sitting over Lisa’s face being eaten and once her orgasm passed (and Amber had cum), people stood back to admire the mess she was coated in.

Abrahii had meant this to be the grand finale but Mel said that they could do one more thing and suggested another online orgasm for Lisa. It wasn’t just to be her though and Mel said that Julia would join her and suggested that Susan could as well. Once the stream was up and running the girls were told to sit on the mattress beside each other and masturbate themselves. Julia said she didn’t need to wear a mask and Mel said that none of them should but Mike told Lisa that it would be sensible to her face. She acted all brave and said she didn’t mind being seen but Mike reminded her that I would wear one and that it was sensible (and I usually do) so she relented and put one on. The masks only hid their identities though (Susan wore one too) and the three of them openly masturbated, fingering themselves and used the corn, a banana and a dildo (sharing these between themselves). They had cream sprayed over their bodies and rubbed this over themselves and into their pussies and while they weren’t meant to be playing with each other, they were told to share their cream and juice covered fingers with each other. Mike is quite certain that if they’d been told to make each other cum there would have been a wonderful creamy dogpile as the three of them fought to get to each other’s cunts but Mel was adamant that they should just masturbate themselves (something about it being more demeaning). Abrahii joined in a little and made a show of squirting some cream over and between her lips and rubbing her pussy against each of their faces in turn to be licked clean (replenishing the cream between each person).

Susan came first – but she can usually have fairly quick orgasms – and was told to help Julia out so she knelt behind Jules and fondled her breasts. Julia came next, but not by much and while Susan had moved over to help Lisa out, Julia was still lying on her back enjoying the last waves of her orgasm when Lisa came. As Lisa lay there, Susan pulled Lisa’s pussy lips apart and let the Internet get a close up look at her pussy, then humped her pussy against Lisa’s face and got Lisa to make a show of licking Susan’s pussy. The three girls were absolutely coated in cream, with Lisa being coated in many more things as well. Susan and Julia were allowed to shower first while the stream continued to run and the rest of the group once again caressed Lisa. She sucked Ashraf, Lisa and Richard, individually and in pairs and the guys said it would be wonderful if they could all synchronise their orgasms and cum over her face at the same time but as none of them are 15, cumming so soon again was pretty much out of the question (and they probably wouldn’t have produced much cum anyway).

By the time Julia and Susan had finished cleaning themselves off, Lisa was getting quite aroused again but instead of being made to cum, was just led up to the shower. She wasn’t allowed to actually shower though and had to kneel beside the bath with her head over it so her hair and head could be washed. This was carefully wrapped up in a towel and Abrahii then got Mike to help her smear the remaining cream, sauce, cum, ice cream and pussy juices over Lisa’s body to even it out. She was then dressed with a nice (but short) camisole, a simple blouse, a mid-thigh length skirt (no panties – obviously) and long socks that left just a little skin showing below the skirt hem. The camisole stuck to her skin under the blouse and she was told that she would have to go out in her messy, sticky state. Some people had already cleaned themselves up while the girls had been showering but Ashraf showered with Abrahii (and may have taken advantage of her nudity) and once everyone was ready, they headed out for coffee (where else would students go). Lisa was made to show her pussy a number of times as they chatted and people took turns sitting next to and fondling her (they were in a quieter cafĂ© with a bit more privacy). A few of them tried to make her cum, but they didn’t have any long enough periods without interruption to manage this. Fortunately Mel didn’t intend to let Lisa off that easily and when they left the face, she led Lisa to a number of random people in the street and told them that Lisa wanted to cum, then asked for their help.

It took four attempts to find someone who didn’t just brush them off and when he asked if they were being serious, Mel told Lisa to explain to the man about the state she was in. Lisa told him that she had been teased by her friends, was coated in cream, had no panties on and desperately wanted to cum (she was sensible enough to leave out that fact she had been fucked already that day). The guy was still a bit hesitant but after being nudged by Mel Lisa told him she really wanted to cum and couldn’t wait any longer, then asked him if he would please play with her cunt. Mel convinced the guy that he should at least have a look and he followed them to an alleyway where Lisa lifted her skirt and Mel pushed his hand between Lisa’s legs. He commented on how sticky she was and Mel reiterated what Lisa had said about being covered in cream. Mel then lifted her own skirt and got Lisa to kneel and lick at her pussy then told the guy if he fingered Lisa to an orgasm that he could fuck her. By this point, his reservations seemed to have gone (funny how lust does that) and he eagerly pushed a couple of fingers into Lisa and under her direction toyed with her until she came. We don’t know if he actually expected Mel to come through with her promise, but Lisa was bent over, her skirt flipped up and the guy provided with a condom. Unusually Mel knelt and sucked on the guy for a minute or so and then had a few licks of Lisa’s pussy before stepping back and letting the guy fuck her. Mel knelt and undid Lisa’s top, then peeled the camisole up to reveal her breasts. She told the guy he could play with them (but warned him they too were sticky) and after he’d groped her a bit, Mel reached under Lisa to play with her clit and asked if she could cum again. Lisa said she didn’t know so Mel placed a hand on her ass and probed it with a finger. As the session went on, this was joined by a second finger and Lisa ended up cumming with her breasts, clit, ass and pussy being stimulated.

Mel had told the guy to try to wait until Lisa came before he did but as soon as Lisa came he was allowed to enjoy her pussy as much as he wanted. It didn’t take long for him to finish off and when he pulled out Lisa was told to suck her juices from his cock (still with the condom on). Mel then carefully pulled the condom off and poured his cum over Lisa’s socks – from the knees down, let Lisa do her top up and led her out to meet up with the rest of the group.

As it was getting close to the time Mike had to leave, he was allowed to escort Lisa back to her room. He invited Amber along and she asked if they wanted some privacy to say goodbye but Mike said that as it was up to her to keep Lisa company while he was gone, she should get to enjoy the goodbye as well. Back in Lisa’s room, they literally peeled the clothes off of her and took her to the shower to clean her up. Mike hosed out Lisa’s pussy and then lapped at it while Amber stood behind Lisa and washed her down (with warm water only so Mike didn’t end up eating soap). Amber then had a turn licking Lisa while Mike stood behind Lisa and pushed his cock between her legs (as much as he loves Lisa, he wasn’t going to turn down the chance to have another young girl lick his cock). Lisa was then led back to her room (with them dressed in towels this time as people were around) and licked, fingered and fucked on her bed. Both Lisa and Amber had their cunts and asses licked, Mike semi-fucked them both and he had his cock licked by them both at the same time. He made them promise that Amber would make Lisa cum at least twice more that day after he’d left (under the threat of Jen and I doing much worse to Lisa when we visited the following week) and they finished Lisa off with Mike inside her and Amber licking her clit.

They didn’t neglect Amber and as Lisa wanted Mike to remain inside her she told pulled herself off of his cock, told him to lie on his back, mounted him and told Amber to sit over his face. This was Lisa’s going-away present for Mike and she let him take Amber’s pussy while Lisa rimmed her ass (although Mike would have been happy doing either, he enjoys making girls cum in almost any way). He didn’t turn down the present though and happily buried his tongue in Amber. He had to get Lisa to stay still a few times as he was feeling quite sensitive but Lisa was determined to get him to cum in her one last time before he left. After what she had been through he thought it would be poor form to say he couldn’t cum again so he went with it and spurred on by the sounds of Amber cumming (which he was still contributing to) he thrust into Lisa. Amber moved out of the way and Lisa kissed Mike deeply. He told her he wanted her to cum again but Lisa told him to just fill her with his cum. As they fucked he pointed out he probably wouldn’t cum much but Lisa told him she didn’t care and just wanted him to leave something inside her. Amber decided that Lisa should definitely cum again and moved around behind her. Lisa gasped as Amber pushed her tongue into Lisa’s ass and Mike got Lisa to describe what she could feel as they probed both her holes. Lisa repeatedly said she couldn’t cum again but also repeatedly moaned and gasped and Amber added to the stimulation by toying with Lisa’s clit.

Lisa eventually gave in and moaned out loud, saying how good what they were doing felt and Mike told her he was glad she was being more honest and letting her body feel pleasure. Lisa told him he had to cum in her and he promised her if he felt her little cunt cumming around his cock that he would empty every last bit of cum he had into her. Mike fucked a bit faster and harder, but he couldn’t go all out as Amber was still working on Lisa’s ass. Lisa kissed him hard and Mike asked her to make some noise as she came and she did as asked, moaning and describing how good it felt. When Lisa’s orgasm ended Mike asked Amber to move back and he pumped away inside Lisa, hard and fast. Amber knelt just behind them and watched as Mike’s cock repeatedly plunged into her girlfriend’s cunt and said how hot it looked. Mike kissed Lisa and whispered to her how Amber would take care of her until he saw her again and as he’d promised, he came and gave Lisa the last of his cum.

The three of them kissed for a while and Amber left Mike to say goodbye to Lisa. She walked him to the station and he ended up buying a ticket so she could go to the airport with him. He made sure that she had actually enjoyed herself but reiterated that he didn’t want her to be like me, he just wanted her to enjoy herself and told her that it was obvious that she and Amber had something and he didn’t mind sharing her if it made her happy. Lisa said that her parents heads would probably explode if she introduced Amber into the mix but that if she were to date Amber, that she wouldn’t want to hide it from them. For the time being she promised to just enjoy being with Amber and he reminded her that she still had to cum twice more that day – preferably making Amber cum at the same time. They had a long goodbye kiss at security and Lisa said she wished she had transferred Uni so she could have been with him – Mike agreed that it wasn’t as easy as he’d thought it would be and they made a snap decision to get Lisa transferred for the start of her third year.

When Mike got home Ineta was still at our house (she had been visiting to keep Jen and I ‘company’ in Mike’s absence). I won’t describe what we got up to here as this weekend has taken long enough to write up already, but I took MJ a couple of times to let Jen enjoy herself with Ineta (and I had a couple of turns with her too). Lisa kept her promise and that night fucked Amber twice, once in a 69 and once with a double ended dildo. It was after the second time, with Amber on top of her, still joined by the dildo that Lisa asked Amber to stay with her (Amber said yes).