Friday, 30 January 2015

Lis and Lucy April 2014 Visit – Part 2

On the Saturday morning, Jen woke up needing the bathroom and wanted to be eaten as soon as she returned. Mike offered to have first go with her but Lucy said she didn’t mind and climbed over Jen to 69 with her. Mike reached between them to fondle both of their breasts and then decided to help Jen out a bit by spreading Lucy’s ass cheeks (to make it easier for Jen to eat Lucy). He asked Lucy if he could play with her ass and she gave him the go ahead so he massaged it and then started to kiss around the area. He didn’t push his luck and lick her rosebud (and with the position he was in it would have been difficult anyway) but kissed pretty much everywhere else. Jen came first (again) and Mike convinced Lucy to sit up and just enjoy what Jen was doing to her so he could kitty kiss Jen. He didn’t quite stick to this and as Lucy got close to cumming he moved back up beside her and suckled on one of her nipples while caressing the other. Lucy actually held his head against her breast (quite firmly) as she came and once she had climbed off of Jen’s face and was lying down Mike asked if she enjoyed having him help out. She said that it should be obvious she did and that as long as he kept behaving, he would be allowed to continue helping out and Mike told her that he would wait as long as it took for him to be allowed to bury his tongue in her cunt and eat her and then sink his cock in her and fuck her. He asked which one she thought he would be allowed to do first but she picked up on the assumption that he would be allowed to do them and qualified her answer with ‘if I let you do anything…’. She went for letting him eat her so Mike pressed up against her side and described in details worthy of this blog how he would kiss around her pussy, slide his tongue in to her and tease her, flick back and forth over her ass, gradually concentrate more on her clit, make her cum, kitty kiss her and then do the same thing over and over again.

Lucy seemed to appreciate the description and while Mike would have enjoyed helping Jen make Lucy cum again, he couldn’t wait any longer and told them he had to go and find Lis before his balls exploded. Unfortunately for him, Lis and I were in the middle of things when he appeared in his room, but once we realised just how pent up he was we decided to let him join us straight away. As usual, he wanted to taste Lis a bit before fucking her and he lay on his back and got her to climb over his face so he could eat her cunt and I could flick my tongue over her ass while I rode him. Any other day he would have eaten her to orgasm and then fucked her, but on that day he hungrily lapped at her cunt for a couple of minutes and then told her he needed to be inside her. He suggested that Lis and I just switch places but Lis still wanted to be fucked while eating me so I lay at the top of the bed with my legs spread and a couple of pillows under my ass, Lis knelt between my knees and Mike quickly pushed in to her.

Now his mouth was free, he gave us a brief explanation of why he was in such a state while fucking Lis vigorously. He did reach around and play with her clit and breasts (which also helped to slow his movements down a bit) and following on from his licking he actually managed to make Lis cum before he did. He apologised to her that he didn’t think he could wait until she came again. Lis said it was fine as she’d just cum. He went back to pumping in to her hard and I could feel her mouth pressed harder against me with each thrust he made. Mike warned us he was about to cum and then thrust in to Lis and held himself inside her, just making small movements as his cum jetted out in to her. He stayed in her for a minute or so after his orgasm ended and then pulled out and sat down with a big sigh. He told me that his cum was already leaking out of Lis and I told him to get a mirror so I could see. He held it up behind Lis’ ass and I craned my neck to look round – getting a good enough view to see as the thick white liquid oozed out of Lis’ pussy, ran down over her lips and clit and then dripped off of her on to the bed. I described this to Lis as she ate me (although it was her pussy so I assume she could feel what was happening) and Mike then spread her lips, allowing another large blob of cum to leak out of her. I came sometime around this point and then decided to give Mike a treat and got Lis to climb over me so I could kitty kiss her as she did the same to me – the only difference being that I had the remainder of his cum leaking over my face.

Only after a while did I realise that I was doing a bit more than just kitty kissing Lis (which was her fault as she had been eating me due to the fact she wanted to cum again). I wanted to give her another orgasm, but also wanted to hear more about what Mike had done with Lucy so we had a break and got Mike to tell us more details. Lis was quite surprised that Lucy had let him go that far (so it wasn’t something she had decided in advance) and as Mike talked, his cock started to come back to life. By the time he got to the point of describing that morning’s events he was fully erect and asked Lis if she was willing to fuck him again. She was up for this but I wanted to be a part of things so told her I would eat her as he fucked her. For this, I lay on the bed and Lis sat over my face -  facing away from me – and Mike straddled my chest and slid in to her. I reached down and gently played with myself as I ate Lis and Mike reached around to fondle Lis’ little breasts, gently rolling and tweaking her nipples (we know her well enough to know that she likes this as long as it isn’t too hard). Mike told Lis that he had warned Lucy he would have to fuck her multiple times due to Lucy’s teasing and that he wished he could produce another load the size of his first one to fill her with. Lis told him to cum in her as much as he could (even though he has no control over this). He lasted much longer this time and Lis came well before he intended to. As his immediate lust had been satisfied, he discussed with me whether he should hold back until we pushed Lis to cum again. I say ‘discussed’, but I didn’t contribute much to the conversation as I was kitty kissing Lis. We (Mike) decided that this was a good idea so I slowly increased the pressure and speed of the kitty kissing until I was eating her properly again (or rather licking her – I think ‘eating’ should be reserved for when I can get my tongue in to someone). Lis didn’t seem too dismayed at our decision (although it meant it would be longer before I got to cum) and started grinding her pussy against my face and Mike’s cock. He pushed a finger against her ass and I felt her jump (although at the time I didn’t know why). We fucked, fingered and licked her until she came, but this time Mike was ready and just a little after Lis came, he lifted her hips up so he could pump in to her faster and unloaded in her again. I think he produced a lot less cum this time as only a couple of drops leaked out, but he said it felt quite strong (pleasurably so) and Lis had also liked her third orgasm of the morning so everyone was happy.

I still wanted to be a bit happier though so after giving them a couple of minutes to catch their breath (during which time I carried on fingering myself to give them a hint), they asked what I wanted done to me. I told them I didn’t really care and that they could choose – Mike suggested using the double ended dildo (which was on his bedside table from our use of it the night before) but Lis said her pussy needed a rest. This left fingers, toys and eating (it was obvious that Mike’s cock was out of action for a while) so they got me to kneel on all fours and Lis fingered me from behind in the same way she had the previous night. This time though, we had Mike to help out so while Lis fingered and frigged me, Mike demonstrated how he had kissed and kneaded Lucy’s ass earlier and after a bit of this I ended up with two of his fingers pumping away in my ass. He used his other hand to caress my breasts and my back and teased me about letting Lis seeing my ass being fingered. It’s not as if it was the first time she’s seen this, but I appreciated the dirty talk and told him that he’s lucky I hadn’t asked him to eat my ass, but he just said if I wanted him to do that then he would. Mike got Lis to spit on my ass a couple of times to add extra lube and I was given a few hard slaps by each of them (hard enough to actually sting but still feel good) and I told them I wanted them to fuck me until I came over their hands. With all the stimulation (and the fact I’d been playing with myself for quite a while beforehand) it didn’t take too long to cum and they both jammed their fingers in me as I came. I let out a series of ‘unnghh’  sounds and then suddenly felt quite empty as they both pulled out of me. Only then did I realise that Jen and Lucy had been standing in the door watching me and while I blushed a bit at my display I would have actually preferred to know they were watching so I could have exhibited myself properly.

Over breakfast we quizzed Lucy on having let Mike rub against her and she said she had just felt like it (which Mike of course encouraged). Mike was quizzed some more about Lisa and I gave them some details about a guy at work (more about this in the next entry – or maybe the one after that). Mike made use of Lucy’s trust to shower with her and she let him wash her hair and soap up her body with his hands and rub her clean. He was allowed to pay attention to her legs, ass and breasts and was even allowed to briefly rub her pussy, although only in a ‘washing’ sense and not to finger her. Lucy did the same for him and as he was hard again by this point (as was he for most of the shower) she stroked up and down his cock with both of her hands. She did this under the guise of cleaning his cock but was obviously teasing him. He told her that she was welcome to keep going and see if he could make any more cum for her but she said he would have to wait for that

Mike then used the pulse shower to clean off Lucy’s pussy and showed her something he had made (that he was quite proud of). Both Jen and I (and occasionally Mike) really enjoy using the pulse spray to masturbate with –the one problem being that it uses up a lot of hot water (especially if we are taking our time and enjoying it). Mike had carefully cut some thick plastic sheeting so it fitted under the shower head and left just one of the large holes exposed. This meant that the shower made a jet about 1/6 the size of the full shower and that it was much more powerful (or could be set to the same power with less water). Lucy and Lis have her own shower like this (a present from us) so she is quite used to it, but she was impressed with the modification in that it would allow her to play without using up all the hot water. She was even more impressed with the way it could be used to increase the sensation by keeping the water pressure turned up full and allowed Mike to play the jet back and forth over her pussy for a few minutes and even spread herself so the jet made direct contact with her clit. She very nearly let him make her cum and said that she only just had the self-control to put her hand over her crotch before it was too late. She acknowledged that this was a fitting revenge for the way she had teased Mike – as well as the fact that it was purely down to her that it was teasing as Mike would have happily kept the jet on her clit until she came, or even given her the shower so she could finish herself off. Lucy hadn’t thought of that at the time though and was quite annoyed with herself afterwards, but we promised her that someone (not Mike – unless she changed her mind) would use the shower on her the next morning so she could get the full experience.

I showered with Lis (demonstrating the adapted shower for her) and then Jen showered. The one downside of her pussy being so wet is that she needs to clean it quite well each day – or that would be a downside if we didn’t have such a good shower and she made full use of the enhanced pulse spray to clean herself and then get herself wet again. The real benefit of the pulse spray is that it provides a strong stimulation but in a gentle way so it is often quite possible to use it and cum a couple of times. Jen would have done exactly that if the hot water had lasted so she was still rather horny when she came out of the shower, but fortunately instead of just the usual two, she now had four people to take care of pleasuring her. Once her hair was dry, we lay her down on the bed and Lucy ate her while Lis sat over her face with Mike and I kissing her breasts and fondling her body. Jen came quickly and shot a big blob of her juices in to Lucy’s mouth (which surprised Lucy somewhat, but she played along and swallowed them). Lis told Jen that she didn’t have to do any more but Jen made it clear she wanted Lis to cum by holding her in place and thrusting her tongue in to Lis’ cunt. It was only fair to help Lis out so Mike and I moved to play with her breasts but Mike then got Lucy to take over while he stood up on the bed and offered Lis his cock. She took this in her mouth and gave him a good suck until she came and then offered to finish him off but Mike didn’t think he could cum again after earlier. I thought this was a pity as he could have eaten me while Lis made him cum and I could have eaten or fucked Lucy while he made me cum to complete the circle – but buys just don’t have the sexual stamina of us girls so we couldn’t…

As the morning had been fairly intense, we had a quiet day and Mike disappeared in the middle to chat with Lisa for a while (via Skype). Lisa knew that we had guests and that Mike would be playing with them but she didn’t know who they were as Lucy didn’t want the other people in the group at Uni to know she participated in what she cutely called ‘group sex’ (Lucy hasn’t had proper ‘group sex’). Mike came down to ask if he could tell Lisa who our guests were and that she had promised not to tell anyone (which presumably gave her the clue that it was someone she knew). Lucy was still hesitant, but Mike pleaded with her, promised her a massage (with him remaining clothed), promised her a new dress and (most importantly) promised her that he truly believed that Lisa wouldn’t tell anyone. She wavered and told him that as long as he was sure she wouldn’t say anything and he quickly dashed back upstairs. Lisa was only vaguely surprised as she knew Lucy had been an integral part of the original group so assumed she was as bad as the rest of them, but still promised not to say anything as long as Mike kept dating her and keeping her satisfied (I don’t think she meant this as blackmail, just that she wanted him).

In order to keep his promise, Mike took Lucy off in to town to find her a suitable dress. She told him that he didn’t actually have to do that but he insisted as a part of his charm offensive to try and convince her to let him actually fuck her. Lucy knew that this was his reason and he knew she knew, but that is how things have been between them for ages and it seems to work for them. Unfortunately for Mike, he wasn’t allowed in to the dressing room with Lucy so didn’t get to watch her trying the dresses on, but he could still appreciate the view as she showed them off to him. He then took her for coffee and heard about the latest wedding (Lis and Lucy’s) updates and offered advice from planning our wedding and mine and Jen’s ceremony and celebration.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Lis and Lucy April 2014 Visit – Part1

Another girl-centric story I’m afraid, but we head down to visit Lisa (and the others) soon after this where I make use of access to cocks to have some fun.

Lis and Lucy came up for our monthly visit in the middle of April and were very intrigued to find out all the details about Mike’s new relationship with Lisa. They had met her a couple of times during their visits to see people so they knew who she was and what she was like (and had even see her do things with other people – specifically Abrahii and Susan). Lis teased Mike quite a bit and told him if he didn’t love her anymore then he wasn’t allowed to do anything with her. Mike pointed out that the only person Lis had every said she loved was me (and obviously Lucy), although she knew full well that he really cared about her as a friend (and thought that as a friend with benefits that was incredibly sexy). In his further defence, he had never expressed any feelings of love towards Lucy either (although cared about her in the same way) and had always just told her he thought she was incredibly sexy and would love to fuck her. Lis decided to let him off and said that she might let him do things with her if he was well behaved, although I was going to get first go.

Mike played hard to get and told her that he didn’t need her as long as he was allowed to share a bed with Lucy and Jen (even though he couldn’t fuck Lucy) so I was allowed to have Lis to myself for the Friday night (but before we went our separate ways Mike told Lis that he would save his cum for her and give her a present the next morning). We even let him have a little time between Lis’ legs eating her – he just wasn’t allowed to make her cum as her first orgasm was reserved for me. He then cheated a little bit while we were getting ready for bed and ‘slipped’ while he was brushing his teeth and ended up inside Lis. She didn’t mind (and indeed may have helped out with the ‘slip’) but I still made sure that they didn’t do too much together as Lis is really meant to be mine (as Lucy primarily visits to see Jen).

Once we were all in bed I toyed with Lis and told her I would have to eat her clean and she was all for this so we ended up 69ing for a little. We slowed things down and concentrated on each other’s breasts and kissing (with maybe just a little bit of mutual masturbation as well). We moved on to scissoring for a while and I then got Lis to kneel on all fours so I could finger her from behind and warn her that Mike had been saving his cum for her since Thursday night in the hope he could fill her completely. Lis fingered me from behind for a bit and told me she wanted Mike to take her in that position while she ate me. I liked the sound of that but reminded her that she was still mine for the night (and that I was hers). Lis knelt down and ate me from behind. I told Lis that I needed to feel her against me so we lay down beside each other, entwined our legs and ground against each other as we kissed and caressed. I told Lis I had missed her and once we were at the point of nearly cumming we decided to return to 69ing (I know that not everyone loves this position, but I really don’t understand why as eating another girl’s juices is such an intimate experience). We finished each other off and kitty kissed for quite a while until I broke away from Lis’ pussy to tell her I wanted to fuck her again. She wasn’t overly surprised by this and asked what I had in mind so I pulled a double ended dildo out of a drawer and asked if she would share it with me.

Instead of lying on our backs (or half sitting up), we tried a couple of different positions with us taking turns lying down while the other sat up, facing away from the one lying down and humped up and down on the dildo. This felt good, and allowed us to play with our clits, but we did the majority of the fucking with us both kneeling up facing away from each other and the dildo buried between us. This was a lot easier and allowed us to thrust hard against each other so our asses slapped together and the dildo buried in us both while rubbing our clits. I probably frigged myself a bit more energetically than Lis did (or I was just hornier) as I came first, but I carried on thrusting back against Lis in time with her movements until she came – I did try reaching back between my legs to play with her clit, but this didn’t work out, not that I expected it to as I’ve tried it with Jen and failed. I then kitty kissed Lis for a while longer before we curled up together and chatted – with a bit of tickling, kissing and fondling – until we went to sleep.

Mike, Jen and Lucy climbed in to bed in Jen’s room and Mike watched as Jen and Lucy started kissing and playing with each other. He gently stroked himself, knowing that he had to try not to cum but still wanting to be able to explode all over Lucy. Just as she had been for the past couple of weeks, Jen’s pussy was incredibly wet and Mike offered to help Lucy take care of the juices leaking from Jen. Lucy made a valiant effort but conceded that Mike could have a few licks to help out, but then took over again while Mike lay beside Jen, with one of her legs draped over his body. He played with her breasts and caressed her thighs while Lucy ate her and rubbed his cock against Jen’s ass – much closer to Lucy’s mouth than he had expected to get away with. Mike reached down and coated hid fingers in Jen’s juices to rub over her breasts and then did the same thing again to feed to her. Having her pussy (and clit) and breasts assaulted like this meant Jen took hardly any time to cum and when Lucy lifted her face it was covered in Jen’s juices. Lucy let Mike kiss and clean her a little bit, but Jen was responsible for properly cleaning her and Lucy humped against Jen’s leg as the two of them kissed.

Lucy said she thought the random hormones in Jen were rubbing off on her (as she rubbed off on Jen) as she felt incredibly horny – Mike said it was probably just the fact that Lucy had the opportunity to fuck his beautiful baby carrier and got to share a three way kiss with them both. It was obviously time for Lucy to cum and she took the place where Jen had been. Mike asked if he could help out and was allowed to play with Lucy’s breasts while Jen kissed and fingered her and Lucy even encouraged Jen to rub some of her (Lucy’s juices) over her nipples for Mike to taste as he kissed and sucked on them. At first Mike didn’t press up against Lucy too much, but after his cock had bumped up against her a number of times and she hadn’t pulled away, he moved in a bit closer and gently rubbed against her hip. When Jen moved down between Lucy’s legs to eat her, he even got to kiss Lucy properly. He fondled Lucy’s breasts while he kissed her and could feel Lucy squirming around on the bed, which had the added benefit of her body rubbing against his cock. She got Jen to pause for a minute and said she wanted to try something, but that Mike had to swear not to end up inside her or to cum – he agreed to this without even waiting to find out what she wanted to do (and he would have agreed to anything to get a chance of more intimate contact with her).

Lucy rolled over on to her side and got Jen to lie in front of her in a 69 position (which was also a bit more comfortable for Jen). Lucy then raised one of her legs to let Jen get her head between them and told Mike to slide his cock between her legs (but not in to her). Jen spread Lucy’s lips and helped Mike nestle his cock between them and then licked up and down the length of his cock and along Lucy’s lips. At Lucy’s instruction, they alternated between having Mike’s cock rubbing against Lucy’s clit and him pulling back a bit and Jen licking her clit (and the head of his cock). Mike was in absolute heaven and had to concentrate quite hard to keep his promise of not cumming, but he’s got plenty of practice at holding back so managed to do so. Jen carried on lapping away at him and Lucy and when it was his turn he would slide his cock back and forth against Lucy’s clit. Mike also kissed Lucy’s neck and shoulders and massaged her breasts while whispering ‘thank you’ to her. She teased him and reminded him not to cum so he teased her back and told her that he could very easily slide in to her with just one stroke, bury his cock deep inside her and cum – Lucy told him that he *could* do that, but then he would never get to touch her again. He replied by telling her that she was just a tease and she said he could stop any time he wanted (which he obviously didn’t). Mike asked Lucy if he could hump against her clit as she came and she told him ‘not yet’ and that she wanted Jen to lick her to make her cum. Mike was a bit disappointed about this, but he still got be (very) close to Lucy as she came so he lived with it. When it was time for her to cum, Lucy told them both and Mike kept his cock slightly back from her clit so Jen could lick them both. He knew that he was right by the entrance to the pussy he had wanted for so long and this coupled with Jen’s tongue flicking back and forth across his glans and the feeling of Lucy’s body as she came was almost more than he could put up with. He concentrated on caressing Lucy’s breasts and kissing her neck until her orgasm ended and she relaxed back against him. Jen switched to kitty kissing Lucy and while this still felt nice for Mike, it wasn’t as intense (which is kind of the whole point) so after a couple of minutes he could relax a bit and enjoy it without fear of cumming.

He told them how close he had come to emptying his load over Jen’s face and Lucy’s pussy and was congratulated (and in Lucy’s case, thanked) for having held back. Jen teased him a bit by stroking his cock and then taking the head in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. Mike complained that this wasn’t fair and he was meant to be saving his cum for Lis but Jen pointed out that she didn’t actually want him to cum in her mouth as she then wouldn’t be able to eat Lucy again. Lucy then had a go at teasing him – or at least at gently exploring his cock with her fingers (she has touched him before but rarely do so). He once again said that they weren’t being fair and Lucy reminded him that he promised not to cum. She asked what he would have done if he couldn’t have held back when he was rubbing against her and he told her that he would have probably just had to pull away. Mike asked why he had been allowed to rub against her and she said that she had just felt like teasing him and had hoped that she could trust him. As a reward for him being well behaved (or being badly behaved in the way she wanted), he was allowed to get down between Lucy’s legs and explore her pussy. Unfortunately for him she didn’t let him eat or finger her properly, but he was allowed to kiss around her thighs and spread her lips to examine her closely for a couple of minutes.

Jen asked if she could cum again and Mike suggested they do what they had just done so Lucy licked him and Jen (and I’m quite sure if this had happened that he would have stood absolutely no chance of holding back and would probably have cum as soon as Lucy’s tongue touched his cock). As expected, Lucy didn’t want to do this, but suggested that Mike could spoon with Jen while she rubbed Jen’s clit, played with her breasts and kissed her. Jen liked the sound of this and they quickly got in to position. Mike slid in to her cunt easily (unsurprisingly she was very wet) and he got to feel Lucy’s fingers brushing against his cock as she frigged Jen. Fortunately Lucy has short nails, but this is quite common for lesbians (or bi girls), despite the porn movies that show lipstick lesbians with long nails). Mike could help out a lot more with Jen and caressed more of her body, even taking over playing with her clit occasionally to let Lucy concentrate on Jen’s breasts. He talked dirty to Jen, describing what they were doing to her and getting her to tell them what she wanted. By this point, all she really wanted was to cum so Mike and Jen each caressed one of Jen’s breasts while Mike used long strokes to fuck her and Lucy frigged her clit and kissed her. As she came, Mike heard Jen mewing into Lucy’s mouth and once again had to concentrate to hold back, but it was a bit easier this time. As he felt Jen’s body relax, he pushed deep in to her and flexed his cock (this was more for his pleasure) and when Lucy pulled away from Jen, Jen just lay there panting.

When Mike pulled out of Jen, his cock was covered with a generous coating of Jen’s slime and he asked Lucy if she wanted to repeat what Jen had done with her (Lucy’s) juices and suck him clean. Lucy said ‘not this time’ and that reminded him about a previous comment she had made so he asked her if when she had said ‘not yet’ in relation to him rubbing against her and making her cum if it meant that she was considering letting him do this in the future (even without being able to promise her more sessions with Sue). Lucy told him that he’d just have to wait and see so Mike asked if he could at least spoon with her as they went to sleep (without penetration of course). She allowed this and snuggled up behind Jen before Mike curled up behind her and pressed his cock against her ass. Lucy told Jen what she could feel and asked if she should let him do a bit more and then told him he could slide between her legs, but had to swear (again) that he wouldn’t end up in her – either on purpose or by accident. Mike promised and pushed his cock between Lucy’s legs and up against her cunt. As they lay there he gently rubbed back and forth and told her how he was massaging Jen’s juices in to her pussy with his cock. He thanked her for trusting him and told her that she wouldn’t believe how much he wanted to cum, but that he would behave himself – although as a consequence of this Lis would end up getting fucked multiple times the following morning and he wouldn’t be to blame for the amount he came in her.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Lisa’s First Visit – Part 7

Lisa and Jen wandered towards the living room and Lisa said she was going to get a robe to wear. Jen told her not to bother and slipped hers off to hand to Lisa. Jen explained that she was quite used to being naked indoors and they discussed how much time we actually spent naked (not all of it, but quite often we’ll be nude as a precursor to playing). Lisa helped Jen tidy the breakfast things away and as Lisa did the washing up, Jen wrapped her arms around Lisa and asked if she was allowed to play with her. Lisa said she was happy to do things with Jen as she wanted to fit in to our little family, but that she still found the whole setup to be a bit odd. They retired to the bedroom and discussed things – about Jen’s relationship with me, Jen’s relationship with Mike, what it meant that he was married to me, I was dating Jen and Jen was carrying his baby and now Lisa was his boyfriend… Jen explained (in a similar way to the way I had) that Mike, Jen and I now share each other equally and that we all want each other to be happy. Jen gently caressed Lisa’s body as the conversation went on and she told Lisa that she didn’t mind if Mike was in love with her, and even didn’t mind if Lisa wanted to just do things with Mike (although Lisa had already more than proved she was willing to play with Jen and me), but that it would be more fun if we could all play together. By this point Jen had a couple of fingers in Lisa’s pussy and had given her a few kisses, to which Lisa had responded positively. Jen asked Lisa if she wanted to fuck her boyfriend’s wife’s pregnant partner and they pulled their bodies together and started playing with each other in earnest.

Lisa asked Jen what they could do together and Jen told Lisa to make sure she was tested before the next time they met so she could eat her, but in the meantime they would just have to use protection (admittedly by this point this didn’t really mean much as if Lisa actually did have any diseases, Jen would have got them from Mike or me, but we made a rule when Jen got pregnant so she was sticking to it). Jen produced a couple of dental dams and told Lisa that she wanted to eat her first – due to the bump, it was easier for Lisa to sit over Jen’s face and let Jen work on her. Jen enjoyed being able to explore Lisa’s pussy, but really wanted to taste her and Lisa certainly missed out on Jen’s specialty of sliding her tongue a fair way in to whoever she was eating and lapping around the inside of the pussy. This didn’t stop Jen from getting Lisa off and once Lisa had cum, Jen slipped a couple of fingers in to Lisa, pumped them in and out a few times and then rubbed the juices over her own nipples.

Lisa then went down on Jen and easily made her cum – she didn’t have to finger Jen to gather up her juices and just wiped the dental dam over her breasts, which gave them a decent covering of Jen’s juices. Jen then spent a while lapping at Lisa’s breasts while fingering her and then said she wanted to try something else. Lisa was up for this so Jen tied her hair back in a ponytail and then twisted it round a number of times. Jen’s hair is very long – down to her lower back – and had been getting steadily thicker while she had been pregnant so this gave her a fairly firm rope of hair to work with. She then rubbed up and down the length of Lisa’s pussy with the end of her hair and then got Lisa to spread her lips so she could rub Lisa’s inner lips and clit. This produces a very pleasurable feeling, but it isn’t that intense so Jen did it for a while before telling Lisa it was time for the next stage. Jen re-twisted the end of her hair and bent it over to form a firm edge and then got Lisa to spread herself more so she would work the end in to Lisa’s cunt. Once inside, she pushed more in and then started to fuck Lisa with her hair. This was something entirely new to Lisa and she really liked it, but once again it wasn’t too intense so she knew that she wasn’t likely to cum. They could of course cheated and played with Lisa’s clit, but the real aim was to have an unusual and more intimate session where they gave each other a part of them that most other people didn’t get. And as you can probably guess from the previous sentence, once Jen had hair-fucked Lisa for a while, Lisa did the same to Jen. It was a little more difficult this way round as Lisa’s hair isn’t as long as Jen’s (just below her shoulder blades), but the still managed it and  when she pulled her hair out of Jen’s pussy it was dark and soaked with Jen’s juices.

They stood up beside the bed and as they kissed they smoothed out each other’s hair and got to feel the wetness against their skin. Jen told Lisa that she would help wash her hair when they had finished, but before that she wanted to fuck Lisa properly. Jen fetched one of the long double ended dildos from the cupboard. They climbed up on the bed and Jen asked Lisa if she (Jen) could lube up the dildo for her (Lisa) and Lisa agreed. Jen slid one end in to her cunt and fucked herself with it to give it a good coating of her juices before withdrawing it and pushing it in to Lisa. Jen mounted the other end and sat back on the bed and between them they pumped the dildo back and forth. As they fucked each other, Jen got Lisa to describe how it felt when Mike fucked her and she then told Lisa how she loved the taste of his cum (certainly more than I do, although I’m a lot more used to it than I was at first) and how she would love to watch Mike fuck Lisa and then eat his cum out of her young cunt (Jen isn’t much older than Lisa, but she still likes the idea of fucking a fresher). They played with their own breasts and clits and Jen asked Lisa if she wanted to cum first or second, but warned her that she would have to keep the dildo in her while Jen came if she came first. Lisa let Jen cum first, but due to Jen’s hormonal horniness that would have probably happened anyway and once she had cum Jen continued to help pump the dildo back and forth between them while Lisa concentrated on frigging herself and caressing her nipples.

Once Lisa came, Jen crawled up over her, trying to keep the dildo shared between them, and sucked on Lisa’s nipples and then kissed her. The dildo sprang out of Jen’s pussy at this point but they carried on kissing for a while until Jen climbed off of Lisa and gently moved the dildo in and out of Lisa while toying with her lips and clit. Jen tried to convince Lisa to stay another day and she certainly seemed tempted but said that her parents had told her she had to get back and start revising for her exams (she comes from an academic background so they are keen for her to make the most of her time at Uni – I somehow don’t think they realise quite *how* she is making the most of her time there though!).

Jen took Lisa in to the shower and as promised they washed each other’s hair – although Jen teased Lisa quite a bit about liking the idea of Lisa going home with her hair covered in her (Jen’s) pussy juice. Not being able to help herself, once she had finished washing Lisa’s hair, Jen reached around and cupped Lisa’s breasts, giving them a thorough fondle. Jen whispered in Lisa’s ear that she loved her breasts and wanted to spend longer playing with them next time but didn’t go any further than this. Once they had finished the shower, dried each other off and dried each other’s hair, Jen suggested to Lisa that she make the journey home without panties on and that it would drive Mike wild with desire when he found out. Lisa wasn’t quite brave enough to make the whole journey without any underwear, but she compromised and let Jen lend her another pair of my seamless tights without panties underneath. Jen took some pictures to demonstrate to Lisa that she was covered as far as a cursory glance went, but that if she spread her legs, the material was stretched enough to let people see her pussy. This led to Jen rubbing Lisa’s crotch and telling her that she really wished she could stay and play for the rest of the holiday, which Lisa thought sounded nice but knew her parents wouldn’t allow. Just before they left Jen asked Lisa if she would taste Jen’s pussy almost directly and Lisa lay back on the bed while Jen crouched over Lisa’s face. Lisa reached up and spread Jen’s lips while Jen stroked her clit until she felt some of her moisture begin to drip out of her cunt. Lisa made sure her mouth was positioned directly under Jen’s pussy and Jen kept stroking her clit as a number of drops fell from her lips directly in to Lisa’s mouth.

Jen crawled off of Lisa, who seemed surprised that Jen wasn’t going to make herself cum or even ask her to do it but Jen said she liked the idea of walking along with her pussy dripping wet and that she would be picturing Lisa burying her tongue in her pussy and eating her to multiple orgasms. Lisa told Jen that she was as bad as Mike and me and then realised that this is why we go together so well so said that she would have to figure out how to keep up with us. Jen told her that practice was the only way and as they finished packing up Lisa’s things, Jen told her some more tales of how she and I (and of course Mike) used to tease each other and ‘force’ each other to do more outrageous things and cum more and more. Lisa asked Jen about her pee fetish (which everyone in the gang now knows about following our holiday a few years ago) and whether Mike enjoyed it. Jen explained to Lisa that Mike enjoys it because she enjoys it and that he does it with her (both giving and receiving) to help her enjoy herself. Jen asked Lisa if there was anything in particular that she enjoyed and if there was that all she had to do was tell Mike and he would almost certainly do it with/for/to her. Lisa couldn’t come up with anything in particular and Jen didn’t push her (I guess not everyone has a fetish, although I do believe that everyone should explore various ways of enjoying themselves to see what they like and don’t like).

Lisa and Jen headed in to town and as there was time before Lisa’s train left they went to one of our favourite café’s to get lunch. This place has a mezzanine level and they got a table up there looking out over the lower tables. You can guess why I like this place as all I have to do is spread my legs a little and I can imagine that everyone is looking up at my pussy (even though it is still mostly hidden by the folds of my skirt). Jen took advantage of the fact that she didn’t have panties on to do just this and as they ate she convinced Lisa to spread her legs a little and reminded her that there was just a thin covering of material keeping her pussy from everyone’s sight. Lisa got more background information about Mike, Jen and me and Jen found out more about Lisa’s past and how things were going at Uni. At the station Jen told Lisa that we would pay for the whole of her ticket home, but only on the condition that she would spend a lot of the summer with us and that we would get to see her that night over Skype. Jen also tried to convince Lisa to masturbate on the train on the way home, but she didn’t win on that one and just had to make do with a brief goodbye fondle. Lisa got her revenge and got her fingers on and then in to Jen’s pussy and discovered that Jen was actually dripping wet. Jen whispered in Lisa’s ear how she longed to 69 with her (although that would be getting significantly more difficult as the bump grew) and that we would all make sure Lisa got to fit in and enjoy herself for as long as she wanted.

As promised, we had a Skye session that night and played with each other as Lisa watched. Once Jen and I had cum, Mike had a solo session with Lisa. He asked her to put the tights back on and she sat masturbating with a hand down the front of her tights and her other hand on her breasts as he stroked his cock and told her how he couldn’t wait to see her again and eat her then bury his cock in her. Lisa had to be quiet as she didn’t want her parents to hear, but she told Mike how much she wanted to be with him and feel him inside her again. After a while me asked her to pull the tights down to her knees and sit with her legs spread so we could watch her fingers playing with her pussy and then down to her ankles so she could spread her legs fully. Naturally Jen and I were also playing with ourselves – just off camera – and Mike gave Lisa the option of seeing him cum by himself, having Jen or I help out in various ways or having him make himself cum over us in her place. Lisa just wanted to see him cum so he got himself close and told her to say as soon as she started to cum. As he had complete control over the level of his stimulation, it was trivial for him to cum at the same time as Lisa and almost as soon as she said her orgasm was starting (which we could tell fairly easily from her expression), Mike’s cock started to shoot cum out over the bed in front of him. (This seemed lit a bit of a waste to me, but I made up for it later by rubbing my pussy against the mess he made.) Mike asked Lisa to suck her fingers clean (which she did) and Lisa asked one of us to suck Mike’s cock clean of his cum (Jen took care of this). She then wanted to have a private chat with Mike so she could say that she loved him so he went in to his room and they said their goodbyes in private.

On returning to Jen’s room, we threatened to banish him to his room to spend the night alone as punishment for ‘cheating’ on us, but he managed to convince us to let him repay us by finishing us off by eating us in turn. Once this was done we decided to forgive him and lay either side of him so he could turn between us and spoon with us. I once again warned him to be careful as we didn’t want Lisa to get hurt, but we all agreed that she seemed to understand the situation and as long as she was happy and didn’t get jealous of Jen or me then we would see how things went.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Lisa’s First Visit – Part 6

Mike took Lisa for a drink before dinner and then off to a nice restaurant. Given the situation it wasn’t too surprising that they discussed the practicalities of them ‘dating’. Lisa asked Mike if she wanted her to save herself for him and he told her that while he thought that was a nice sentiment and to some extent he liked the idea of her only doing things with other girls but that it wasn’t fair as he would be doing things with other people. He explained that he really liked the idea that she would be enjoying herself and as long as she was still ‘his’ that he preferred that. He did ask her if she would want him to not do things with other people (excluding Jen and me of course – and he also told her that unless she really objected that there were a couple of other people he regularly did things with that he would want to keep seeing). Lisa asked him if he just liked sleeping with them or if he felt more for them than he did for her and he told her a little white lie in that he loved her more than anyone (again, excluding Jen and I). I discussed this with Mike after Lisa had left and he said that the only person it really wasn’t true about was Sue (who ironically was the one person he wasn’t able to do things with). I pressed him on Lis, Sara, Vicky and Abrahii and he said that maybe Vicky and Lis came close, and that he was very fond and protective of Sara, but that he still felt a lot closer to Lisa.

In the end they agreed that Lisa would continue to do things with the rest of the gang, but that she wouldn’t do things with anyone else. This partly came about due to another part of their conversation about how they could call each other and play online, letting each other watch as they came. Mike asked her if she would be prepared to do virtual things with him in front of her friends so that he could ask them to do things to her – she was a little nervous about this, but as she has played with most of them numerous times before (both in private and in a group setting) and she’s certainly seen them all cum multiple times that it would be okay. Mike warned her that he might try and push her to do some ‘interesting’ things, but that he wouldn’t push too hard so if she really didn’t want to then she wouldn’t have to (unlike with me – not that I’m complaining as while I was often embarrassed at the time, it helped me learn how to really enjoy myself). They also discussed various times that Mike could go and visit and Lisa went rather coy over one of the suggested times. After a little bit she admitted that it might not be the best time for him to visit as it wouldn’t be an appropriate time to have sex (as in she would be having her period) but Mike assured her that as long as she wasn’t in too much discomfort and wanted to do things, that he didn’t have any qualms about fucking or eating her. Lisa seemed quite surprised by this but he explained that while he wouldn’t want to do that with just anyone, she was special so it was fine (again omitting that he has done things with Sue, Lis, Sara, Vicky and possibly a couple of others while they’ve had their periods).

The flattery (which was genuine – he’d already slept with her so it wasn’t as if he was just trying to get in to her panties) continued over dinner and they went for another drink and a walk by the river afterwards. Mike got Lisa to lean against the railings looking out over the river and he stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her. He opened his coat and allowed it to fall either side of her so he could lower his hands to her crotch and caress her through the material of her skirt and tights. Lisa whispered to him to be careful as people were occasionally walking past but he told her that nobody could see what he was doing and after a couple of minutes he moved a hand to the back of her skirt and started to undo the buttons from the bottom up. Lisa asked him what they would do if they were caught but he kissed her neck and told her to trust him. Once he had unbuttoned the skirt up to her waist, he slipped both his hands in from the back and reached around to tickle her stomach. She squirmed against him and he pushed his hands back down to her crotch, at first caressing her through her tights and then pushing his hands down the front of them and touching her pussy directly.

Lisa let out a little gasp as he did this and once his fingers were covered in her juices he concentrated on her clit, gently but steadily stroking it while kissing her neck. He continued doing this until there was nobody walking near them and then pushed her tights down – not too far, they were still well above the hem of her dress (or at least would have been if it had been buttoned up) but enough to expose her pussy and ass. He could play with her much more readily like this and did so for a few minutes until Lisa was pushing her ass back against him. The next time there was nobody around, Mike unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock free (which was a little tricky as he was rather hard), positioned the head at the entrance to Lisa’s pussy and pushed in to her. He’s gotten her more than wet enough to slide in and he pushed in as deep as he could given the position they were in (He told Lisa to stand up and not bend forwards so it wasn’t too obvious she was being fucked). He carried on frigging her clit but remaining still inside her until they were alone again and then undid a few more buttons on her dress. The material now fell sufficiently far forwards that his coat no longer hid it so Lisa had to hold it up, meaning her pussy and stomach were completely exposed from the front. Things got worse for Lisa as Mike slid a hand up to her breasts and pushed her bra up so he could caress her bare breasts. He whispered in her ear how he wanted to make her cum with everyone walking past. Lisa told him that she couldn’t do that, but let him continue to gently frig her clit. Mike had to remind her not to fuck him a number of times and she eventually conceded that she wanted to cum. He applied a little more pressure to her clit but kept the same steady strokes and she soon panted at him that she was about to cum. Mike gently frigged her through her orgasm, pressing his cock hard in to her the whole time and whispering in her ear how sexy and beautiful he thought she was.

When Mike moved his fingers off of Lisa clit, she moved forwards and his cock slipped out of her – there was someone too near to them for him to quickly get back in to her so he just pressed her forwards against the railings with his cock nestled between her ass cheeks until the person passed and he then quickly slipped back inside her. He told her how much he wished he could fuck her properly and make her cum again and even got her to lift the front of her dress right up so her breasts were exposed. It was a little chilly but Lisa didn’t seem to mind and even thought it was funny that her nipples were so hard. After a while Mike pulled out of her and did up most of the buttons on her dress before moving to stand facing outwards. He waited a few minutes until his cock started to go soft (and there was nobody near them) before stuffing it back in to his trousers and doing them up before pulling Lisa over to him and kissing her. His hands went under her skirt immediately and caressed her ass, lifting the back of her skirt to expose her to anyone on the other side of the river (or at least anyone with a night vision telescope). He told Lisa he thought she had been very daring and asked her how it had felt to have her little cunt fucked and fingered in public. Even in the dim light he could see her blush and she told him that he was incorrigible (a phrase often used by many people to describe him), but that she had enjoyed it and that her orgasm had been really strong.

He asked if she wanted to go for another drink but Lis said she would prefer to get home so he could fuck her properly. She also needed to pee and Mike told her that if she was Jen, she would probably just do it where she was standing and enjoy the feeling of the warm liquid soaking through her tights and running down her legs. Now Lisa already knew about this fetish of Jen’s, but she certainly wasn’t ready to do pee herself in public so they went off to find somewhere more civilised for her to relieve herself (and straighten up her bra and tights) and then got a taxi home. Jen and I were still up when they got back and we got them to tell us all about their date. I think Lisa still found it a little strange to describe her date with my husband to me, but she told us how nice the dinner had been and with a bit of prodding from Mike she then described the events at the river (not in the graphic detail I have here, but enough that we got the general idea and Mike gave me all the details later on). We congratulated Lisa on having enjoyed herself and I asked if I could have a look at her pussy. She told me I could so I lifted her skirt and caressed her crotch, commenting on how the tights were damp with her juices. I had a few licks of her through the tights and would have happily eaten her properly but decided to be kind and leave that for Mike. As I played with her crotch, Mike once again unbuttoned her dress, but this time went all the way and pushed her dress off so it fell over my body and on to the floor. He then undid her bra and removed that so she was standing in the living room with just her tights on and then suggested that they go upstairs. We bid them goodnight and I told Jen that she might have been right and Lisa would possibly be remaining a part of our group for a while.

Mike asked Lisa to leave her tights on and he quickly stripped off as she removed her shoes. They fell on the bed and he humped against her, enjoying the feeling of the material against his cock. Lisa told him that she wanted him inside her and he told her he really wanted to feel her cunt around him again, but that these things all had to be done in their own time. Lisa knew well enough that he would want to eat her and let him crawl down between her legs and lap away at her cunt through her tights. I would have thought that Mike would have progressed things by tearing them (which he does to me quite frequently – and it costs us a fortune in tights!) but he just pulled them down a little and got Lisa to hold her legs up by her chest so he could eat her. He swirled his tongue around and in her cunt and ass as well as flicking it over her clit repeatedly until she came, at which point he pulled her tights back up and kissed her for a while as he once again humped against the material of the tights and her crotch. After about 5-10 minutes he asked her if she had the energy to do things properly and she told him to get inside her. Mike sat up between Lisa’s legs, peeled the tights off, had another brief lick of her pussy, positioned the head of his cock against her pussy and slowly pressed in to her. He lay on top of her and she wrapped her legs around him as they kissed. He told her that her pussy felt amazing and she said that his cock felt wonderful and they started to move against each other. Mike asked her if they could try to cum together and Lisa really liked the idea, although for the meantime they just carried on fucking in the position they were in.

Mike suggested they finish off by spooning as this gave them quite a bit of control so they stood the best chance of cumming together. Lisa eagerly pressed back against his cock and Mike slipped and arm under her and reached up to cup her breasts while using his upper arm to play with her clit. He got Lisa close to cumming easily enough and then eased off to give himself a chance to catch up with her. She sometimes craned her neck round so they could kiss and other times let him kiss and nibble on her shoulders and upper back. They joked about him leaving marks and that her parents would probably think it was Jen or me (they know that she is bi, but think she just came to visit a couple of female friends from Uni – she ‘forgot’ to mention the man almost twice her age who she intended to fuck). As Mike got closer to cumming he started gently frigging Lisa again and they kept telling each other how close they were. With a number of adjustments, Mike ended up on the edge of cumming as Lisa’s orgasm started and he just had to thrust in to her a couple more times before he started to cum. They both repeatedly told each other they were cumming. Mike’s orgasm felt quite intense and he would have rather not moved so much, but Lisa really seemed to enjoy the fact they were cumming together so he thrust in to her in time with her movements until he really couldn’t take any more and then pushed all the way in to her. For the latter part of Lisa’s orgasm she had been uttering little ‘ah, ah, ah’ sounds which Mike found very sexy and as her body went limp and she relaxed back against him he told her that she had been incredible and wrapped his arms around her.

Lisa wrapped her arms over his and squeezed them, letting out a hesitant ‘I love you’. Mike squeezed her back, kissed her neck and told her that he loved her as well. He asked her what she had thought the weekend was going to entail and whether she had expected to get a boyfriend out of it. She told him that she had kind of hoped she would (she knew that Mike had really liked her for a while) but that she had really only expected to get to sleep with him. He gently moved in her, trying to keep his erection, but the orgasm had been too intense so he started to go soft. He remained inside her though and felt some of his cum trickle out of her, pointing out to her that there were very few people on the planet who could get him to produce another load of cum at the end of a day of playing. She asked him if that meant he liked her and he told her that he thought she knew he ‘more than liked her’ but she told him she wanted to hear him say it so he nibbled on her earlobe and whispered in her ear repeatedly how much he loved her (and trust me, Jen and I got him to treat us the same way over the following week).

He eventually slipped out of her, but they remained in the same position and fell asleep like that (with Mike waking up in the night with a dead arm). In the morning he went down on her but due to time constraints of an early meeting, he finished her off by fucking her (or rather she finished things off as she rode him). While Mike showered, he sent her down naked for breakfast with cum leaking from her pussy and I told her if she was going to steal all of my husband’s cum that she should at least eat me to make up for it. I was half joking but Lisa asked if I really wanted her to do that so I spread my legs and told her to go ahead if she wanted. As she knelt down, I scooched forwards in my chair and she buried her face in my crotch. It was rather distracting and made breakfast take longer than it should have, but was much more enjoyable than just eating toast. Mike quickly dressed and joined us, apologised to Lisa for having to dash off but told her that Jen would look after her and get her to the station. He led her to the front door so they could say their goodbyes and we heard them confess their love for each other again. Lisa waved goodbye to Mike from behind the door (she was still naked) and came back in to the dining room with a blissful look on her face and rather erect nipples (possibly partially due to the cold air from outside, but probably also due to the final goodbye fingering and brief licking Mike had given her).

I had already showered so suggested to Lisa that she could shower with Jen. I knew if I stayed for too long that I would end up pouncing on Lisa so I forced myself to gather my things and get ready to head off. Just before I left, we did have a proper kiss and she thanked me for sharing Mike with me. My hands were already on her ass and I let my fingers dip between her cheeks to her pussy and told her that as long as she was dating Mike, that I (and soon Jen) were also allowed to have her. We kissed again and I played with her lips and then gave in and knelt down to have a proper lick. I very nearly started eating her but I also had work to do so I pulled myself away and told her that the next time we saw her, I would finish that off. I gave Jen a goodbye hug, told her to behave and left before I changed my mind.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Lisa’s First Visit – Part 5

Lisa got us to promise to come down and visit soon (seeing as it was her exam term coming up it wasn’t fair for her to have to travel, although it was also getting more difficult for Jen to travel). We arranged to Skype (now we couldn’t Skype as frequently with Sue, we had time for Lisa) and we headed out to a local café for lunch. Mike and Lisa flirted shamelessly over the food so Jen and I mimicked them to take the piss. This kept embarrassing Lisa, but didn’t stop the flirting and Mike leaned over to her a number of times to whisper things to her. We later found out that he was suggesting ways to make her cum and threatened to fuck her with various bits of food, the salt and pepper pots and then lie her up on the table and eat an ice cream sundae out of her pussy. Lisa actually told us this herself on the walk back to the house and I told her that as long as she was willing, that Mike would do a whole host of things with her. By the time we got home she knew that we were going to take advantage of her again before she would be allowed to leave and this time Jen decided to bend the rules a little and asked Lisa if she would eat her (using protection).

Lisa was fine with this and as she knelt and ate Jen, Mike and I stripped her naked. I suggested to Mike that she could try on the long white socks and he agreed so I fetched them and between us we managed to get them on to Lisa while she was still kneeling (although it took a bit of effort). He then slid in to her and started fucking her, but he wasn’t trying to cum as he obviously wanted to eat her. I stood up on the sofa in front of Jen so she could play with and lick me – I quite like doing this as it means I’m technically visible from outside, although if someone came up to the window and looked in they would be able to see everything anyway so it only adds a little more visibility. Mike pulled out and knelt behind Lisa to eat her – concentrating more on her ass than he had before and while she let out a number of whimpers, she didn’t tell him to stop. Lisa easily made Jen cum (although at that point a slightly bumpy car journey could make Jen cum) and she was tasked with making me cum again. I sat beside Jen on the sofa and lifted a leg over hers to spread myself and as Lisa got to work Mike said that all the talk of food play had been too much and he didn’t want to wait until the next time we saw Lisa.

He knew that I wouldn’t mind so went and fetched a few items and retuned with a towel to place under me. I lifted my ass and let him and Jen pull it in to place and then steeled myself as he opened the ice cream, shaved off a small amount and dropped it on to my mons. He told Lisa to let it slide down my lips before eating it and she did as instructed. This was followed by a number more dollops until he got Lisa to hold me open and pushed some up inside me for her to eat out of me. I then had some Nutella smeared over my lips and Mike and Lisa took turns eating me clean. Lisa was left to finish me off and she did an admirable job – even utilising a banana for a part of it. She was next and Mike got first crack at eating the ice cream off and out of her – I then had a go at this while Jen licked Nutella off of Lisa’s nipples and we then added the Nutella to her pussy and ate her clean. She had a quick go with the banana (well three quick goes as Jen, Mike and I each had a turn) and Mike then ate her to orgasm while Jen and I ate some ice cream drizzles off of her breasts. Mike then got to have his cock sucked by us in pairs, cleaning it of ice cream and Nutella and so Jen wasn’t left out I then had a play with the food on her pussy while Mike took Lisa upstairs for one final fuck.

He ended up inside her by the time she was on the second stair and they ended up fucking their way upstairs. They then walked the rest of the way to the bedroom with Mike inside her and as soon as they got to the bed they fell on to it and fucked like bunnies (fast and enthusiastically). Mike warned Lisa that he probably wouldn’t be able to actually cum in her again, although he would certainly orgasm and that was good enough for her. She rode him for a while and they finished off with her on top and Mike pounding in to her. Lisa came while moaning ‘fuck, please, yes, harder…’ in his ear. Once Mike came and they had kissed for a bit Lisa said that she should probably get freshened up and ready to head home but Mike held on to her for a bit and whispered to her if she thought it would be a good idea for him to say he loved her. Lisa beamed at him and asked if he meant it and he told her that he really thought she was an amazing girl and as long as she understood the situation that he wanted her to know that he meant it. She kissed him and told him that she loved him as well and Mike told her he had to give her a final parting gift, rolled over, quickly crawled between her legs and went down on her. Lisa once again said that she wasn’t sure she could cum again, but Mike is quite practiced at eating pussy and didn’t miss a beat until she had her fingers entwined in his hair, her hips bucking and was panting her way through the orgasm she didn’t think she could have. He crawled up and kissed her, letting her taste her juices from his face as he slid his cock back in to her and asked if she could stay another night. Lisa said that she didn’t have an open ticket, but that she could always get another one and Mike told her that we would help pay for it so she agreed to stay.

Lisa was a bit out of breath from the last orgasm so Mike went to fetch her some water and explained to us that she was staying for another night. He also admitted that he might have just told her he loved her – I felt a little jealous at this, but Jen and I have Lucy and Lis and I trust him to not desert us. We did warn him to be careful as she is so young (comparatively), but we had been completely open with her and she was old enough to know the situation so I told Mike to enjoy himself and that he could give her a nice evening out if he wanted. Jen said that Lisa could borrow one of her dresses (Lisa isn’t quite as slender as Jen was before the bump, but wasn’t too far off her size) and Mike told us that he still loved us the most and bounded back upstairs to announce the new plan to Lisa.

We spent a fair bit of the remainder of the afternoon chatting and doing the weekly chores. Jen and I both remained naked and put on a few shows for Lisa. I went out in to the back garden and used the stick-on dildo on the window so Lisa could see me fuck it and when Jen had a go she ended up leaving splatters of pussy juice on the window. It took a little convincing to get Lisa to have a try (on account of her having to expose herself outside), but she’s been to the hardcore club a couple of times before in states of semi-undress so she’s not a complete virgin at exposing herself to other people. She didn’t cum, but put in a good effort and as a reward Mike took her upstairs and gave her a wash in the bath before lying her on the bed and giving her pussy a shave (she only had a couple of days of stubble – it was more for the intimacy of the event than hair removal). He gave her the traditional tongue test, which (as it often does) progressed to kitty kissing and after an extended period of this, on to eating her properly. There were no complaints about not thinking she could cum this time and she eagerly pressed her pussy back against his mouth and ended up humping against it as she got closer to cumming. Mike didn’t let he cum straight away though and just before she came he pulled away and kissed her thighs. Lisa complained that she needed to cum so after a minute or so he went back to eating her, but did the same thing the next time she got close to cumming. She complained again, but also admitted that she was enjoying what he was doing and in order to give her a bit of time to calm down, Mike climbed up and slipped his cock in to her. He moved a little bit as they kissed, but not too much and got her to concentrate on tasting her juices from his face.

The third time she got close to cumming, he carried on and she made enough noise that Jen and I could easily hear her from downstairs. Mike loved that she had been so vocal and he once again slipped in to her and then spooned with her while he caressed her body. He told her that he would have loved to fuck her there and then, but that he wanted to be able to do things properly when they got back from dinner so would need to save whatever cum he had left. Lisa gently stroked her pussy (with Mike still inside her) and told him that he’d done a good job of shaving her so he convinced her to let him show her off to us. They came downstairs and Mike got Lisa to sit on the sofa with her legs spread while Jen and I checked her out (me with tongue, Jen with fingers). To let Lisa properly see, we used the video camera and displayed her pussy on the TV, getting her to spread her lips and then expose her clit. I suggested that she could masturbate for us but she said that she didn’t have the energy after what Mike had just done to her and Jen commented on how loud she had been when she came. This made Lisa blush again, but it faded a bit faster and after she had gently stroked herself for a short while (with us watching the enlarged version on the TV), Jen took her upstairs to look out something suitable to wear that night.

While he was gone, I may have taken advantage of the fact he still had an erection and rode him while we chatted. I got him to tell me what he had planned for his evening out and he said other than dinner, nothing concrete yet, although he was enjoying doing a number of the things with Lisa that he did with me in the months after we started dating, so he might continue along those lines. We didn’t think Lisa was ready to go out in anything that left her too exposed yet and Mike said he was happy for Jen to be responsible for selecting something that would look good on Lisa. When they returned, Lisa was wearing a simple light blue, mid-thigh length dress that buttoned up down the back with opaque black tights on underneath (Jen had given her a pair of my seamless ones so Lisa had also agreed to forgo panties (which she had figured out Mike liked – not that this took a great deal of effort to realise). I was still sitting on Mike’s cock and Mike told Lisa that he was still saving his cum for her, but that I had wanted to be satisfied and asked if she would help out. I knelt up and turned around to face Lisa, then lowered myself back on to Mike’s cock and Jen grabbed a pillow for Lisa to kneel on. As I slid slowly up and down on Mike’s cock, Lisa lapped at my clit (and a fair bit of Mike’s shaft). Jen opened her robe and knelt down behind Lisa, reaching one hand between her own legs to play with herself and the other hand around between Lisa’s legs to stroke her crotch. Mike kissed and nibbled on my neck while stroking my nipples and whispered to me if I approved of his choice. I wasn’t sure if he meant in her ability to give pleasure or as a girlfriend, but either was fine with me and I just answered him with a ‘oh fuck, yesss’. Mike told Lisa that he hadn’t been expecting this but she just shrugged and kept licking us without pausing. As I got closer to cumming, Mike whispered in my ear how he wanted to squirt my juices all over Lisa’s face and body so she was soaked and would have to wear a sticky dress out to dinner. I loved this image, but unfortunately I can’t get anywhere near as wet as Jen (or squirt) so I just had to content myself with cumming.

From the way Jen was fingering herself it was clear that she would be more than happy to cum and Mike asked Lisa if she would help Jen out so that she and I would be satisfied while he and Lisa went out. Jen lay on the floor with a pillow under her head and Lisa knelt beside her, sucking on Jen’s nipples while stroking Jen’s pussy. We got Lisa to gently nibble on Jen’s nips and Mike ended up undoing a few buttons at the bottom of Lisa’s dress and pulling her tights down to her thighs to expose her ass. I had first go and lapped at Lisa’s pussy, followed by Mike and finally Mike pushed his cock in to her and fucked her with slow, long movements. I assured Lisa that he was probably just going to tease her and not make her cum and between kisses, she told us that he had already teased her upstairs. I warned her that he did quite enjoy that so she would probably have to put up with that a lot more, but could also see that she was pushing her hips back against him. By the time Jen came, her pussy was a sticky mess but for once I beat Mike to it and licked her clean. I then kissed Lisa so she could taste the fruits of her labour and just so she could complete the set, she sucked on Mike’s cock to taste her own juices.

Jen and I helped straighten Lisa’s outfit up and do her hair while Mike went to get ready. We discussed whether we thought lesbians (and bi girls) were more or less willing to taste their own juices than straight girls were. While it made sense to us that they would be, we didn’t really have a comparative base as most of the straight girls we know tend not be as ‘open’ with their sexual likes as the rest of the groups that we play with. Lisa though it was impressive that every girl at the sex parties had eventually caved and done things with other girls (some more enthusiastically than others) and we told her that she was obviously invited along to the next party if she wanted to come. She was a bit unsure about this and I realised that while she may have gotten used to playing with her friends at Uni, she might not be ready to fuck a whole group of strangers so I pointed out that she didn’t have to actually do anything with them and could just watch or let them watch her. We didn’t push this any further. Mike reappeared not long after this, dressed quite smartly and gave Lisa the option of taking a wander in to town or getting a taxi. As she had a pair of Jen’s heels on she opted for the taxi and about 10 minutes later Jen and I were waving them off from the front door.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Lisa’s First Visit – Part 4

Mike asked Lisa to tie her hair back in a ponytail and he then stood her in front of the mirror and reached around to caress her from behind, initially running his hands over her body and as time went on, caressing her breasts and closer to her crotch as well while kissing her neck and shoulders. This drove Lisa wild and she told him a number of times that she wanted to feel him inside of her again. She reached back to his crotch and he didn’t stop her as she undid his trousers and pulled his cock free, but then wouldn’t let her do anything more than stroke it. She told him off for teasing her but he told her that if she was going to be his that he wanted an opportunity to really appreciate how beautiful and sexy she was. Lisa whimpered about it not being fair, but pressed her body back against him and allowed him to carry on stroking and kissing her. He eventually lifted the back of her skirt and pushed his cock between her legs, then reached around to the front and used a hand to push his cock up so it rubbed firmly against her panties.

Lisa took over pressing his cock against her and Mike slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her bra off of her breasts so he could caress them directly. Lisa craned her head round so they could kiss and Mike gently pinched and rolled her nipples, eliciting a moan from her. He then reached a hand down and pulled the crotch of her panties aside so his cock could rub against her hot pussy. Lisa gasped at this contact and told him again that she wanted him inside her – to which Mike said he just wanted a little longer to enjoy teasing her.

They moved over to the bed and Mike sucked on Lisa’s breasts while rubbing her panties and then kissed his way down her body until he was between her legs. He pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and took a few deep licks of her cunt and then quickly moved back up to lie on top of her. He told her that he couldn’t resist tasting her as she was so wet and they then rolled over so Lisa was on top. She immediately started rubbing herself against him. Mike told her that he could feel how hot and wet she was even through her panties and Lisa told him that this was his fault so he reached down between them and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side. With a bit of wriggling (and a couple of attempts), Lisa positioned herself correctly and got the head of his cock inside her and they slowly pressed against each other until he slid the whole way inside her. They kissed passionately as they fucked and Mike warned Lisa that he was going to make her cum twice before he came, but now he was inside her and fucking her she didn’t seem to care so much. They humped against each other, sometimes with Lisa pressed up against him and sometimes with her riding him so he could play with her breasts and clit, but as her first orgasm approached she lay down on him and asked him to fuck her hard. Mike did this, pumping in and out of her cunt, feeling her crotch slapping against his as she got closer and closer. As she came, she kissed him hard and Mike tried to time his thrusts with the movements of her body and then gradually slowed as her orgasm passed and then faded.

Lisa lay on top of him breathing heavily in to his ear and he asked her if she would always be his little schoolgirl. She told him that if it meant she got fucked like that, then she would dress up for him anytime but he kissed her and told her that she didn’t have to dress up for him, he just thought that she was incredible and wanted her to be his. As they kissed more, Mike started moving in Lisa again and reminded her that she had to cum again. She was more than up for this, but wanted a bit more time to recover and get ready so Mike said he would kitty kiss her but Lisa wanted to 69 instead. Mike teased her about the fact she just wanted to suck her pussy juice off of his cock but then added that he didn’t blame her as he thought she tasted really good (although still not as good as Emily – I added that part, he had the sense not to say it). Once they were in a 69 position, he flipped her skirt up and pulled her panties aside so he could kitty kiss her and they remained like that until he told her that she was doing too good a job and that if he was going to cum in her pussy instead of her mouth that they should switch round again.

The second part of their session was a bit more varied, he took her from behind, with her legs held up in the air and various other positions, but to finish off he was on top and he fucked her until she came before he finally cumming and emptying his first load of the day in to her (which is almost always his biggest load). When he pulled out, Lisa quickly pulled the panties back over her pussy to try and keep his cum in her and after a couple of minutes the two of them came downstairs to see what Jen and I were up to. Mike had thrown his jeans and t-shirt back on and Lisa still had Jen’s outfit on, but the skirt was rather crushed and wrinkled and she left the blouse open with the bra up off her breasts. We commented on how it looked like they had enjoyed themselves and Mike lifted the front of Lisa’s skirt to show off the large damp patch on her panties. Jen asked if it was mostly Lisa’s or Mike’s juices and they agreed that it was probably a good combination of both. As Mike rubbed the crotch between Lisa’s lips, I climbed down from the sofa, crawled over to her and had a few licks of the panties. I told Jen that I could taste Mike’s cum, but that there was definitely more than a hint of Lisa there too.

It was at this point that Mike announced that he wanted to keep Lisa and that she had agreed to this. I told Lisa that I was quite happy for her to share Mike with us as long as she was happy with the fact that he already had two women to take care of (and with a third on the way, although that would be a completely different level of ‘taking care’). Lisa said that she understood he was already married and about the baby but didn’t mind if we didn’t. While I’d been aware up until this point that she had a crush on him, this was the first time I realised just how big a crush it was, but I still didn’t feel (that) jealous and told her that we had something in mind to help properly initiate her in to our little family (I wasn’t really expecting her to be a part of the family for the long term, but I remember just how intense feelings can be at that age from how I felt when I met Mike). Lisa said that if she was going to have to cum again that she would need a bit of a rest first so we sat back down and chatted. Jen and I got Lisa to sit between us and as we chatted we toyed with her – Jen mostly played with Lisa’s breasts, but also helped me out by caressing Lisa’s thighs and crotch (through her wet panties). Mike seemed to quite appreciate the view and ended up recording some of our display. Jen asked Lisa if she would be willing to not sleep with anyone else and get a fresh STD test so that she could play with her – Lisa was quite amenable to this but I didn’t think it was fair as Lisa would be giving up the ability to play with the rest of her friends at Uni. Jen ended up agreeing with me and said that she could always wait a few more months until she had given birth and that Lisa could maybe use a dental dam to go down on her at some point.

Jen finally pushed her hand in to Lisa’s panties and started playing with her more seriously so I added my hand and we both got a finger in to her pussy and then fed the mix of her and Mike’s juices to Lisa. She realised that she had probably gotten as much ‘rest’ as was likely so asked what it was we had in mind for her. We took her back upstairs (with Mike following of course – he didn’t know what we had planned) and Lisa was instructed to lie down on the bed. We got Mike to remove her panties and spread her legs while Jen slipped on our new strap-on (which just uses straps to attach, but means that whoever is wearing it can still be fucked). I climbed over Lisa in a 69 position and we played with each other for a bit while Mike toyed with Jen and got her nice and wet (although she was already most of the way there from having played with Lisa on the sofa). Jen then climbed up behind me and got Lisa to spread my lips and help guide the head of the dildo in to my cunt. I then lowered my pussy to Lisa’s mouth and got her to lick me while Jen slowly fucked me.

This felt good, but wasn’t what Jen and I had concocted to ‘properly’ mark Lisa as ours so I lifted my crotch up a bit and asked Lisa to play with my clit while Jen fucked me, as well as toying with Jen’s pussy. Meanwhile, Mike knelt beside Jen and played with her breasts or knelt behind her and lapped at her cunt and ass to get her more aroused. When she felt sufficiently wet, she got me to move forwards slightly so her pussy was above Lisa’s face and Lisa was given the job of spreading Jen’s lips and playing with her clit. Mike reached a finger up inside Jen and gather her juices, pulling them down and out of Jen’s pussy so they dripped down on to Lisa’s face. Lisa tried to catch some of these drops in her mouth, but they mostly splattered over her face. Even in Jen’s much hornier and wetter pregnant state, it wasn’t as if there was a torrent of juices, but there were more than enough to make a mess of Lisa and Mike wanted to take things a step further by sliding his cock in to Jen and fucking her so he could later on fuck Lisa and mix Jen’s juices up inside of her. He didn’t get to do this straight away though as for the time being her pussy was mine and I was being very thorough in eating her (fully aware that Mike had probably wanted to keep his cum in her, but that’s kind of difficult to do when someone’s tongue is in your cunt). I kept eating Lisa until she came and then switched to kitty kissing her while she frigged me and Jen fucked me. I came next and Jen pulled out of me so I could give my pussy to Lisa’s mouth and let her practice her kitty kissing (she’s getting better, but was a bit too forceful at times).

Mike carried on playing with Jen until I climbed off of Lisa and Jen could take up a proper position crouched over her, with her pussy directly above Lisa’s mouth this time. Lisa was given the job of playing with Jen’s clit while Mike fucked her (Jen) and it wasn’t long before Jen came. By this point, Mike’s cock was soaked with Jen’s juices (to the extent that the juices had even dripped down over his balls) and he told Lisa that it was now time for her to get lots of Jen’s juices inside her as well as over her. Lisa wasn’t sure she could cum again but this didn’t deter Mike and he slid in to her and started fucking her while kissing her and tasting Jen’s juices from Lisa’s face. As she had helped me cum, it was only fair for me to do the same for her so after a little while we switched round to 69ing again, but with Lisa on top this time and Mike fucking her from behind. Lisa quickly forgot that the primary aim was to make her cum and she started eating me – I didn’t mind this and happily let her continue while Jen filmed Lisa from both ends. Mike pressed his thumb up against Lisa’s ass and applied steady pressure as he rubbed it back and forth and then after a while, pressed the end in to her and fucked her ass in time with the thrusts of his cock in her cunt. We got Lisa to tell us when she was getting close to cumming and I pulled my mouth away from her clit to allow Mike to fuck her a bit more energetically (without slapping me in the face each time he thrust in to her). I could hear and feel Lisa moaning in to my cunt and I lifted my legs up and half wrapped them around her to make it easier for her to eat me. Lisa came first and she slowed her licking a little but Mike encouraged her to make me cum and he used a combination of Lisa’s orgasm and my arousal to help his own along. He came a little before me, but was still pressing in to Lisa when I came and when he pulled out I spread Lisa’s lips as wide as I could (without hurting her) and we waited for a few drops of Mike’s cum to trickle out of her (which Jen also filmed).

For good measure, Mike pushed in to me before he went too soft and then back in to Lisa (just so she also had some of my fresh juices inside her). We then all lay on the bed and gently caressed each other for a while. Lisa and I had a suck of Mike’s cock – nothing too intense, but trying to gently coax it back to life. Mike spent a while eating Lisa and me and Jen mostly played with our breasts and used the strap on to add a bit more of my juices to Lisa’s cunt. All things considered, we felt that she fitted in quite well and she even seemed happy enough to leave her beloved Mike and take a shower with me (during which there was a bit more fondling and I teased her a bit with the pulse spray on the shower). Mike then showered with Jen while I helped Lisa gather her things up. She thanked me for not being weird about the fact that she liked my husband and I pointed out that my girlfriend was already carrying his baby (not that I’m comparing Lisa to Jen from either my or Mike’s viewpoint). When Mike and Jen joined us again, Mike knelt down behind Lisa and ate her (she had a skirt on, but had at least packed her panties away). I pointed out to Lisa that he must really like her pussy as he isn’t usually *that* obsessive about playing with people and he even slipped in to her again and partially fucked her (with neither of them cumming).

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Lisa’s First Visit – Part 3

Mike and Lisa joined us downstairs for dinner and as we had a young person with us we thought it was only fair to go out for a bit that night. Seeing as Lisa had compared the way we treated her to the way Susan is made to perform, we thought we may as well have a bit more fun with her and gave her one of Jen’s tiny g-strings to wear while we went out. We could have just got her to go out without panties on, but I think she felt more exposed this way as we made sure that the panties were pulled up between her pussy lips so she was pretty much completely exposed anyway. It also probably didn’t help much that Mike, Jen and I took turns sliding a hand under her skirt from the back and caressing her, either sliding our hands over her ass or dipping between her legs and rubbing around the entrance of her pussy.

As we had three girls and Mike in our group, we attracted a few other men throughout the evening and they got to see Lisa being fondled to varying degrees. One guy in particular witnessed me pushing the front of Lisa’s dress up and getting a finger buried a good way in to her cunt. We teased her and repeatedly asked her if she wanted to let any of the guys fuck her and then got her to admit that she had been fucked by four different guys in a night back at Uni (they were all from our group of friends, she isn’t anywhere near as bad as me). Lisa did maintain that this wasn’t the usual state of affairs and that she had been drunk at the time and in the end we let Mike take care of her (as in cuddle her) while I flirted with the guys. They quickly found out that while Lisa’s panties didn’t hide much, I was fully exposed and I danced with a couple of them and let them play with me. They eventually got the message that I didn’t mind them touching me and one of the guys fingered me quite a bit. The other one spent longer playing with my breasts – mostly through my top until I shouted in his ear that he could always ‘go under’, at which point he pushed his hand up my top and pushed my bra up to expose my breasts to his hands.

It obviously wasn’t fair to just tease them so I told them that if they wanted, they could come home and play some more. Up until that point I think they had assumed that one of them was going to get me but it didn’t take long for them to agree to share me. I left them for a little of the walk so they could set their ground rules but walked the rest of the way with them and got them to take turns caressing me. They were a little thrown by the fact that Mike, Jen and Lisa would be watching us, but when I explained what I wanted them to do they appreciated why I wanted someone else present.

We headed up to Jen’s room and Jen slipped out of her dress, then arranged the pillows so she could sit up against the headboard and watch while she played with herself. Jen told one of the guys to told me tight in place while the other ran his hands over my body, probing, fingering and pulling on various bits of me. Fortunately I wasn’t wearing anything particularly expensive as I was then passed to the guy who had been fondling me and the one who had been holding me was told to tear my clothes off. My dress ripped fairly easily and between them they took care of my bra, leaving me in just my stockings. These proved a bit more difficult, but they each took one and eventually made large tears in them before I was pushed on to the bed. One guy pushed his cock in to my mouth and I felt the other one force his way in to my cunt (not that I was resisting). Jen fingered herself as she told the guys to fuck me and then got Mike to pass her a couple of vibes (one each for her cunt and ass). Mike went a step further and rubbed one on the anal vibes over Lisa’s pussy before giving it to the guy fucking me and telling him to push it in to my ass. They fucked me quite forcefully and while I was enjoying it, I didn’t think I was going to cum so I reached down to play with my clit. Jen noticed this and got the guy to hold my arms behind my back, but then took pity on me and told them to turn me over.

I lay across the bed with my head hanging over the edge so I could still suck one of the guys while the other one fucked me, but now at least I could play with my clit. The guy I was sucking reached down to pull on my breasts and Jen encouraged them to fuck me hard. I wrapped a hand around the cock in my mouth so it didn’t go too deep and I lay there being pounded from both ends. Jen kept playing with herself and came noisily and the guy fucking my cunt came not long after Jen. When he pulled out, the guy who had been fucking my mouth said he wanted to sample my cunt and moved around to take his place – as he started to fuck me Jen told him that he didn’t have to choose between my mouth and cunt and could cum in both if he was up for it. I didn’t want to wait any more so grabbed the vibe that Jen had been using in her cunt, sucked it briefly (mostly for show, but partially to get a taste of her) and then held it against my clit. I repeatedly told the guy to fuck me, getting louder and faster as my own orgasm approached. I came before he did, but allowed him to keep pumping away inside me until he came and then thanked both the guys for helping me enjoy myself.

At this point I hadn’t picked up on Jen’s assurance to the guys that they could have seconds, but I was soon made aware of it and told to play with myself to help get them back in the mood. Mike asked Lisa if she wanted to join in and let the guys fuck her – she wasn’t up for this, but was willing to sit over my face and let them see her being eaten. At first, she kept her clothes on, but as my tongue worked on her clit, she allowed Mike to pull her top and bra off and then we removed her skirt and panties. Lisa later said that she hadn’t intended for me to make her cum, but she got caught up in things and ended up remaining over my face until well after her orgasm ended.

It looked like the guys were pretty much ready for the second round but Jen didn’t think I’d shown them enough so I was made to crawl between her legs and bury my face in her cunt so I could eat her while reaching around with both hands to play with my cunt and clit. I enjoyed being on display like this and played with myself quite energetically until Jen told me it was time to let the guys use me again. We started off with me kneeling on the floor between them and switching back and forth between sucking one while stroking the other. When we moved back on to the bed, it was similar to the first time, but they switched back and forth between my mouth and cunt a few times and Jen also encouraged them to slap my ass until it was pink and warm (none of the slaps were too hard, but there were quite a few). I didn’t have to play with myself either as whoever was fucking me also played with my clit so I could just lie back and take everything they did to me while enjoying myself. One of the guys came in my mouth while the other came in my cunt – I came a bit before either of them so had mostly recovered from my orgasm by the time they came.

I then saw the guys out, with me remaining naked of course – even when I waved goodbye to them at the front door and I returned to the bedroom for a debriefing with Mike, Jen and Lisa. It was no more extreme than things Lisa had seen Susan and Julia do back at Uni (and she knows that I enjoy fucking just as much as they do) so she wasn’t really shocked or surprised. I told her that I had expected her to want to join in a bit more with us and she said that it had looked like fun, but that she was waiting for Mike to fuck her again. Speaking of Mike, he had been fondling Lisa during our discussion and told her that he really wanted to take her to bed so they said their goodbyes and disappeared in to his room.

Lisa helped Mike undress and then knelt in front of him and gave his cock a long suck. They climbed in to bed and 69ed for a bit before Mike told her that he really wanted to bury his cock inside her again. Lisa eagerly turned around and mounted him and they fucked in a number of positions, kissing messily whenever they could. Lisa told Mike to make her his and once she had cum, he pushed as deep in to her as he could and held her against his body while telling her that he was about to cum and that he wanted her to keep as much of it inside her as she could. He remained firmly pressed in to her for quite a while after he came and they kissed a lot more before moving on to discussing my display with the two guys. Lisa was curious as to how Mike really felt about seeing his wife being fucked by other guys but he just pointed out that it went both ways and that the upshot was that he got to spend the weekend with her. He reminded her that she had asked him to make her his and he moved inside her a little as he asked her if she really wanted that. She told him that she did and he gave her a light slap on the ass, which pushed the conversation back to my display and how Jen had gotten the guys to spank me.

As Jen has been pregnant since Lisa first met her, Lisa hasn’t seen Jen’s masochistic side so Mike explained how Jen usually likes being spanked, have her nipples twisted and bitten and have various bondage toys used on her. Once again, Lisa has seen Susan be spanked a few times, but not to the extent that Jen used to enjoy (we agreed not to do this while she was pregnant to minimise the stress hormones in her blood) so she was a little surprised, but Mike gave Lisa’s ass a few more, slightly firmer slaps and told her that if she was his that she had better be good or he might have to punish her. Mike isn’t really in to pain (although he will bite on Jen’s nips) but Lisa told him that she would let him do whatever he wanted to her so he promised to show her some of Jen’s toys the following day. He also got her to agree to dress up for him in one of Jen’s schoolgirl costumes and as Lisa is considerably closer than I am at being the correct age to do this, Mike was quite excited. The thought of Lisa dressed up like this for him was enough to keep him hard while they spooned for a fair amount of time and Lisa seemed to enjoy the fact that she had this effect on him.

I ate Jen awake on the Sunday morning and then let her have a play with me. Mike did the same with Lisa, but when she wanted him to fuck her, he talked her in to letting him fuck her but him holding back so he could cum in her more once she was ‘appropriately dressed’. Lisa agreed to this, but once she was impaled on his cock she tried to get him to cum in her. This was a somewhat doomed venture as Mike has many years of practice at holding back and even the feeling of a nineteen year old cunt around his cock was within the limits he could resist. He gave her a good fucking though, making her cum again and then remaining inside her until he heard Jen and I get up, all the while telling her just how good her little pussy felt and how he wished that she didn’t have to leave. Over breakfast Mike told Jen and me that Lisa wanted to see some of Jen’s bondage toys so once we had eaten we headed up and gave her a proper tour of the ‘cupboard of pleasure’ (one that Mike fitted out with multiple storage options so we could keep all of our toys nicely arranged and easily find things).

Lisa was a little nervous about trying some of the things, but we promised to be gentle with her and she allowed Jen to fasten the nipple and clit clamps on to her body. She wasn’t too keen on the clit clamp, but thought that the nipples clamps felt okay (they were only loosely fastened though). Feeling a little braver, she allowed us to experiment with some of the tingle and heat gel (one type on each nipple) and like us, she preferred the tingle gel (although Jen occasionally likes the heat version). We applied some of the gel to her pussy and once it was tingling away she rolled over on to her back and allowed Mike to use the paddle to give her ass a number of slaps. As had been the case with me and the guys the night before, none of the slaps were too hard and she even agreed to let him use the paddle on her pussy (although she was clearly nervous about this and probably only let him do it as he promised her that he wouldn’t hurt her). He gave her a few light slaps at first until she spread her legs and he then used a little more force. Lisa said that it felt quite nice, but she didn’t think she could take much more so we stopped and described to her in detail how Jen could cum just from having her pussy slapped (although she preferred it if we also tweaked her nips and used some bondage candles on her as well).

Mike and I had a brief play with Lisa’s pussy while Jen watched but Mike was getting impatient and wanted to see his little first year dressed as a schoolgirl. Jen selected items from her wardrobe and handed Lisa a little blue plaid skirt, white cotton panties with a small pink bow, a matching bra (which was slightly too small for Lisa, but was good enough), a light blue blouse and long white socks. As Lisa got dressed we all watched her, which made her quite self-conscious but we pointed out that she had just been lying naked on the bed with us spanking and eating her. Mike spent quite a while trying to decide whether she should wear the white socks, dark blue ones or black opaque hold-ups. I still think the white looks sexier, but his tastes have moved towards the blue ones recently (although he’ll happily fuck Jen or I whichever of the options we have on). After providing Lisa with an appropriate set of blue socks and helping her put them on, he spent a while caressing her legs and thighs. I could see that he was really enjoying himself so I suggested that Jen and I leave them to it – with the caveat that we would return later on and get to play with Lisa again before she left. Mike was grateful for this and while Lisa clearly didn’t mind as long as she still had Mike and once they were alone he spent another age caressing her thighs and kissing right up to her panties but avoiding contact with her crotch.