Friday, 30 January 2015

Lis and Lucy April 2014 Visit – Part 2

On the Saturday morning, Jen woke up needing the bathroom and wanted to be eaten as soon as she returned. Mike offered to have first go with her but Lucy said she didn’t mind and climbed over Jen to 69 with her. Mike reached between them to fondle both of their breasts and then decided to help Jen out a bit by spreading Lucy’s ass cheeks (to make it easier for Jen to eat Lucy). He asked Lucy if he could play with her ass and she gave him the go ahead so he massaged it and then started to kiss around the area. He didn’t push his luck and lick her rosebud (and with the position he was in it would have been difficult anyway) but kissed pretty much everywhere else. Jen came first (again) and Mike convinced Lucy to sit up and just enjoy what Jen was doing to her so he could kitty kiss Jen. He didn’t quite stick to this and as Lucy got close to cumming he moved back up beside her and suckled on one of her nipples while caressing the other. Lucy actually held his head against her breast (quite firmly) as she came and once she had climbed off of Jen’s face and was lying down Mike asked if she enjoyed having him help out. She said that it should be obvious she did and that as long as he kept behaving, he would be allowed to continue helping out and Mike told her that he would wait as long as it took for him to be allowed to bury his tongue in her cunt and eat her and then sink his cock in her and fuck her. He asked which one she thought he would be allowed to do first but she picked up on the assumption that he would be allowed to do them and qualified her answer with ‘if I let you do anything…’. She went for letting him eat her so Mike pressed up against her side and described in details worthy of this blog how he would kiss around her pussy, slide his tongue in to her and tease her, flick back and forth over her ass, gradually concentrate more on her clit, make her cum, kitty kiss her and then do the same thing over and over again.

Lucy seemed to appreciate the description and while Mike would have enjoyed helping Jen make Lucy cum again, he couldn’t wait any longer and told them he had to go and find Lis before his balls exploded. Unfortunately for him, Lis and I were in the middle of things when he appeared in his room, but once we realised just how pent up he was we decided to let him join us straight away. As usual, he wanted to taste Lis a bit before fucking her and he lay on his back and got her to climb over his face so he could eat her cunt and I could flick my tongue over her ass while I rode him. Any other day he would have eaten her to orgasm and then fucked her, but on that day he hungrily lapped at her cunt for a couple of minutes and then told her he needed to be inside her. He suggested that Lis and I just switch places but Lis still wanted to be fucked while eating me so I lay at the top of the bed with my legs spread and a couple of pillows under my ass, Lis knelt between my knees and Mike quickly pushed in to her.

Now his mouth was free, he gave us a brief explanation of why he was in such a state while fucking Lis vigorously. He did reach around and play with her clit and breasts (which also helped to slow his movements down a bit) and following on from his licking he actually managed to make Lis cum before he did. He apologised to her that he didn’t think he could wait until she came again. Lis said it was fine as she’d just cum. He went back to pumping in to her hard and I could feel her mouth pressed harder against me with each thrust he made. Mike warned us he was about to cum and then thrust in to Lis and held himself inside her, just making small movements as his cum jetted out in to her. He stayed in her for a minute or so after his orgasm ended and then pulled out and sat down with a big sigh. He told me that his cum was already leaking out of Lis and I told him to get a mirror so I could see. He held it up behind Lis’ ass and I craned my neck to look round – getting a good enough view to see as the thick white liquid oozed out of Lis’ pussy, ran down over her lips and clit and then dripped off of her on to the bed. I described this to Lis as she ate me (although it was her pussy so I assume she could feel what was happening) and Mike then spread her lips, allowing another large blob of cum to leak out of her. I came sometime around this point and then decided to give Mike a treat and got Lis to climb over me so I could kitty kiss her as she did the same to me – the only difference being that I had the remainder of his cum leaking over my face.

Only after a while did I realise that I was doing a bit more than just kitty kissing Lis (which was her fault as she had been eating me due to the fact she wanted to cum again). I wanted to give her another orgasm, but also wanted to hear more about what Mike had done with Lucy so we had a break and got Mike to tell us more details. Lis was quite surprised that Lucy had let him go that far (so it wasn’t something she had decided in advance) and as Mike talked, his cock started to come back to life. By the time he got to the point of describing that morning’s events he was fully erect and asked Lis if she was willing to fuck him again. She was up for this but I wanted to be a part of things so told her I would eat her as he fucked her. For this, I lay on the bed and Lis sat over my face -  facing away from me – and Mike straddled my chest and slid in to her. I reached down and gently played with myself as I ate Lis and Mike reached around to fondle Lis’ little breasts, gently rolling and tweaking her nipples (we know her well enough to know that she likes this as long as it isn’t too hard). Mike told Lis that he had warned Lucy he would have to fuck her multiple times due to Lucy’s teasing and that he wished he could produce another load the size of his first one to fill her with. Lis told him to cum in her as much as he could (even though he has no control over this). He lasted much longer this time and Lis came well before he intended to. As his immediate lust had been satisfied, he discussed with me whether he should hold back until we pushed Lis to cum again. I say ‘discussed’, but I didn’t contribute much to the conversation as I was kitty kissing Lis. We (Mike) decided that this was a good idea so I slowly increased the pressure and speed of the kitty kissing until I was eating her properly again (or rather licking her – I think ‘eating’ should be reserved for when I can get my tongue in to someone). Lis didn’t seem too dismayed at our decision (although it meant it would be longer before I got to cum) and started grinding her pussy against my face and Mike’s cock. He pushed a finger against her ass and I felt her jump (although at the time I didn’t know why). We fucked, fingered and licked her until she came, but this time Mike was ready and just a little after Lis came, he lifted her hips up so he could pump in to her faster and unloaded in her again. I think he produced a lot less cum this time as only a couple of drops leaked out, but he said it felt quite strong (pleasurably so) and Lis had also liked her third orgasm of the morning so everyone was happy.

I still wanted to be a bit happier though so after giving them a couple of minutes to catch their breath (during which time I carried on fingering myself to give them a hint), they asked what I wanted done to me. I told them I didn’t really care and that they could choose – Mike suggested using the double ended dildo (which was on his bedside table from our use of it the night before) but Lis said her pussy needed a rest. This left fingers, toys and eating (it was obvious that Mike’s cock was out of action for a while) so they got me to kneel on all fours and Lis fingered me from behind in the same way she had the previous night. This time though, we had Mike to help out so while Lis fingered and frigged me, Mike demonstrated how he had kissed and kneaded Lucy’s ass earlier and after a bit of this I ended up with two of his fingers pumping away in my ass. He used his other hand to caress my breasts and my back and teased me about letting Lis seeing my ass being fingered. It’s not as if it was the first time she’s seen this, but I appreciated the dirty talk and told him that he’s lucky I hadn’t asked him to eat my ass, but he just said if I wanted him to do that then he would. Mike got Lis to spit on my ass a couple of times to add extra lube and I was given a few hard slaps by each of them (hard enough to actually sting but still feel good) and I told them I wanted them to fuck me until I came over their hands. With all the stimulation (and the fact I’d been playing with myself for quite a while beforehand) it didn’t take too long to cum and they both jammed their fingers in me as I came. I let out a series of ‘unnghh’  sounds and then suddenly felt quite empty as they both pulled out of me. Only then did I realise that Jen and Lucy had been standing in the door watching me and while I blushed a bit at my display I would have actually preferred to know they were watching so I could have exhibited myself properly.

Over breakfast we quizzed Lucy on having let Mike rub against her and she said she had just felt like it (which Mike of course encouraged). Mike was quizzed some more about Lisa and I gave them some details about a guy at work (more about this in the next entry – or maybe the one after that). Mike made use of Lucy’s trust to shower with her and she let him wash her hair and soap up her body with his hands and rub her clean. He was allowed to pay attention to her legs, ass and breasts and was even allowed to briefly rub her pussy, although only in a ‘washing’ sense and not to finger her. Lucy did the same for him and as he was hard again by this point (as was he for most of the shower) she stroked up and down his cock with both of her hands. She did this under the guise of cleaning his cock but was obviously teasing him. He told her that she was welcome to keep going and see if he could make any more cum for her but she said he would have to wait for that

Mike then used the pulse shower to clean off Lucy’s pussy and showed her something he had made (that he was quite proud of). Both Jen and I (and occasionally Mike) really enjoy using the pulse spray to masturbate with –the one problem being that it uses up a lot of hot water (especially if we are taking our time and enjoying it). Mike had carefully cut some thick plastic sheeting so it fitted under the shower head and left just one of the large holes exposed. This meant that the shower made a jet about 1/6 the size of the full shower and that it was much more powerful (or could be set to the same power with less water). Lucy and Lis have her own shower like this (a present from us) so she is quite used to it, but she was impressed with the modification in that it would allow her to play without using up all the hot water. She was even more impressed with the way it could be used to increase the sensation by keeping the water pressure turned up full and allowed Mike to play the jet back and forth over her pussy for a few minutes and even spread herself so the jet made direct contact with her clit. She very nearly let him make her cum and said that she only just had the self-control to put her hand over her crotch before it was too late. She acknowledged that this was a fitting revenge for the way she had teased Mike – as well as the fact that it was purely down to her that it was teasing as Mike would have happily kept the jet on her clit until she came, or even given her the shower so she could finish herself off. Lucy hadn’t thought of that at the time though and was quite annoyed with herself afterwards, but we promised her that someone (not Mike – unless she changed her mind) would use the shower on her the next morning so she could get the full experience.

I showered with Lis (demonstrating the adapted shower for her) and then Jen showered. The one downside of her pussy being so wet is that she needs to clean it quite well each day – or that would be a downside if we didn’t have such a good shower and she made full use of the enhanced pulse spray to clean herself and then get herself wet again. The real benefit of the pulse spray is that it provides a strong stimulation but in a gentle way so it is often quite possible to use it and cum a couple of times. Jen would have done exactly that if the hot water had lasted so she was still rather horny when she came out of the shower, but fortunately instead of just the usual two, she now had four people to take care of pleasuring her. Once her hair was dry, we lay her down on the bed and Lucy ate her while Lis sat over her face with Mike and I kissing her breasts and fondling her body. Jen came quickly and shot a big blob of her juices in to Lucy’s mouth (which surprised Lucy somewhat, but she played along and swallowed them). Lis told Jen that she didn’t have to do any more but Jen made it clear she wanted Lis to cum by holding her in place and thrusting her tongue in to Lis’ cunt. It was only fair to help Lis out so Mike and I moved to play with her breasts but Mike then got Lucy to take over while he stood up on the bed and offered Lis his cock. She took this in her mouth and gave him a good suck until she came and then offered to finish him off but Mike didn’t think he could cum again after earlier. I thought this was a pity as he could have eaten me while Lis made him cum and I could have eaten or fucked Lucy while he made me cum to complete the circle – but buys just don’t have the sexual stamina of us girls so we couldn’t…

As the morning had been fairly intense, we had a quiet day and Mike disappeared in the middle to chat with Lisa for a while (via Skype). Lisa knew that we had guests and that Mike would be playing with them but she didn’t know who they were as Lucy didn’t want the other people in the group at Uni to know she participated in what she cutely called ‘group sex’ (Lucy hasn’t had proper ‘group sex’). Mike came down to ask if he could tell Lisa who our guests were and that she had promised not to tell anyone (which presumably gave her the clue that it was someone she knew). Lucy was still hesitant, but Mike pleaded with her, promised her a massage (with him remaining clothed), promised her a new dress and (most importantly) promised her that he truly believed that Lisa wouldn’t tell anyone. She wavered and told him that as long as he was sure she wouldn’t say anything and he quickly dashed back upstairs. Lisa was only vaguely surprised as she knew Lucy had been an integral part of the original group so assumed she was as bad as the rest of them, but still promised not to say anything as long as Mike kept dating her and keeping her satisfied (I don’t think she meant this as blackmail, just that she wanted him).

In order to keep his promise, Mike took Lucy off in to town to find her a suitable dress. She told him that he didn’t actually have to do that but he insisted as a part of his charm offensive to try and convince her to let him actually fuck her. Lucy knew that this was his reason and he knew she knew, but that is how things have been between them for ages and it seems to work for them. Unfortunately for Mike, he wasn’t allowed in to the dressing room with Lucy so didn’t get to watch her trying the dresses on, but he could still appreciate the view as she showed them off to him. He then took her for coffee and heard about the latest wedding (Lis and Lucy’s) updates and offered advice from planning our wedding and mine and Jen’s ceremony and celebration.

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