Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Lis and Lucy April 2014 Visit – Part1

Another girl-centric story I’m afraid, but we head down to visit Lisa (and the others) soon after this where I make use of access to cocks to have some fun.

Lis and Lucy came up for our monthly visit in the middle of April and were very intrigued to find out all the details about Mike’s new relationship with Lisa. They had met her a couple of times during their visits to see people so they knew who she was and what she was like (and had even see her do things with other people – specifically Abrahii and Susan). Lis teased Mike quite a bit and told him if he didn’t love her anymore then he wasn’t allowed to do anything with her. Mike pointed out that the only person Lis had every said she loved was me (and obviously Lucy), although she knew full well that he really cared about her as a friend (and thought that as a friend with benefits that was incredibly sexy). In his further defence, he had never expressed any feelings of love towards Lucy either (although cared about her in the same way) and had always just told her he thought she was incredibly sexy and would love to fuck her. Lis decided to let him off and said that she might let him do things with her if he was well behaved, although I was going to get first go.

Mike played hard to get and told her that he didn’t need her as long as he was allowed to share a bed with Lucy and Jen (even though he couldn’t fuck Lucy) so I was allowed to have Lis to myself for the Friday night (but before we went our separate ways Mike told Lis that he would save his cum for her and give her a present the next morning). We even let him have a little time between Lis’ legs eating her – he just wasn’t allowed to make her cum as her first orgasm was reserved for me. He then cheated a little bit while we were getting ready for bed and ‘slipped’ while he was brushing his teeth and ended up inside Lis. She didn’t mind (and indeed may have helped out with the ‘slip’) but I still made sure that they didn’t do too much together as Lis is really meant to be mine (as Lucy primarily visits to see Jen).

Once we were all in bed I toyed with Lis and told her I would have to eat her clean and she was all for this so we ended up 69ing for a little. We slowed things down and concentrated on each other’s breasts and kissing (with maybe just a little bit of mutual masturbation as well). We moved on to scissoring for a while and I then got Lis to kneel on all fours so I could finger her from behind and warn her that Mike had been saving his cum for her since Thursday night in the hope he could fill her completely. Lis fingered me from behind for a bit and told me she wanted Mike to take her in that position while she ate me. I liked the sound of that but reminded her that she was still mine for the night (and that I was hers). Lis knelt down and ate me from behind. I told Lis that I needed to feel her against me so we lay down beside each other, entwined our legs and ground against each other as we kissed and caressed. I told Lis I had missed her and once we were at the point of nearly cumming we decided to return to 69ing (I know that not everyone loves this position, but I really don’t understand why as eating another girl’s juices is such an intimate experience). We finished each other off and kitty kissed for quite a while until I broke away from Lis’ pussy to tell her I wanted to fuck her again. She wasn’t overly surprised by this and asked what I had in mind so I pulled a double ended dildo out of a drawer and asked if she would share it with me.

Instead of lying on our backs (or half sitting up), we tried a couple of different positions with us taking turns lying down while the other sat up, facing away from the one lying down and humped up and down on the dildo. This felt good, and allowed us to play with our clits, but we did the majority of the fucking with us both kneeling up facing away from each other and the dildo buried between us. This was a lot easier and allowed us to thrust hard against each other so our asses slapped together and the dildo buried in us both while rubbing our clits. I probably frigged myself a bit more energetically than Lis did (or I was just hornier) as I came first, but I carried on thrusting back against Lis in time with her movements until she came – I did try reaching back between my legs to play with her clit, but this didn’t work out, not that I expected it to as I’ve tried it with Jen and failed. I then kitty kissed Lis for a while longer before we curled up together and chatted – with a bit of tickling, kissing and fondling – until we went to sleep.

Mike, Jen and Lucy climbed in to bed in Jen’s room and Mike watched as Jen and Lucy started kissing and playing with each other. He gently stroked himself, knowing that he had to try not to cum but still wanting to be able to explode all over Lucy. Just as she had been for the past couple of weeks, Jen’s pussy was incredibly wet and Mike offered to help Lucy take care of the juices leaking from Jen. Lucy made a valiant effort but conceded that Mike could have a few licks to help out, but then took over again while Mike lay beside Jen, with one of her legs draped over his body. He played with her breasts and caressed her thighs while Lucy ate her and rubbed his cock against Jen’s ass – much closer to Lucy’s mouth than he had expected to get away with. Mike reached down and coated hid fingers in Jen’s juices to rub over her breasts and then did the same thing again to feed to her. Having her pussy (and clit) and breasts assaulted like this meant Jen took hardly any time to cum and when Lucy lifted her face it was covered in Jen’s juices. Lucy let Mike kiss and clean her a little bit, but Jen was responsible for properly cleaning her and Lucy humped against Jen’s leg as the two of them kissed.

Lucy said she thought the random hormones in Jen were rubbing off on her (as she rubbed off on Jen) as she felt incredibly horny – Mike said it was probably just the fact that Lucy had the opportunity to fuck his beautiful baby carrier and got to share a three way kiss with them both. It was obviously time for Lucy to cum and she took the place where Jen had been. Mike asked if he could help out and was allowed to play with Lucy’s breasts while Jen kissed and fingered her and Lucy even encouraged Jen to rub some of her (Lucy’s juices) over her nipples for Mike to taste as he kissed and sucked on them. At first Mike didn’t press up against Lucy too much, but after his cock had bumped up against her a number of times and she hadn’t pulled away, he moved in a bit closer and gently rubbed against her hip. When Jen moved down between Lucy’s legs to eat her, he even got to kiss Lucy properly. He fondled Lucy’s breasts while he kissed her and could feel Lucy squirming around on the bed, which had the added benefit of her body rubbing against his cock. She got Jen to pause for a minute and said she wanted to try something, but that Mike had to swear not to end up inside her or to cum – he agreed to this without even waiting to find out what she wanted to do (and he would have agreed to anything to get a chance of more intimate contact with her).

Lucy rolled over on to her side and got Jen to lie in front of her in a 69 position (which was also a bit more comfortable for Jen). Lucy then raised one of her legs to let Jen get her head between them and told Mike to slide his cock between her legs (but not in to her). Jen spread Lucy’s lips and helped Mike nestle his cock between them and then licked up and down the length of his cock and along Lucy’s lips. At Lucy’s instruction, they alternated between having Mike’s cock rubbing against Lucy’s clit and him pulling back a bit and Jen licking her clit (and the head of his cock). Mike was in absolute heaven and had to concentrate quite hard to keep his promise of not cumming, but he’s got plenty of practice at holding back so managed to do so. Jen carried on lapping away at him and Lucy and when it was his turn he would slide his cock back and forth against Lucy’s clit. Mike also kissed Lucy’s neck and shoulders and massaged her breasts while whispering ‘thank you’ to her. She teased him and reminded him not to cum so he teased her back and told her that he could very easily slide in to her with just one stroke, bury his cock deep inside her and cum – Lucy told him that he *could* do that, but then he would never get to touch her again. He replied by telling her that she was just a tease and she said he could stop any time he wanted (which he obviously didn’t). Mike asked Lucy if he could hump against her clit as she came and she told him ‘not yet’ and that she wanted Jen to lick her to make her cum. Mike was a bit disappointed about this, but he still got be (very) close to Lucy as she came so he lived with it. When it was time for her to cum, Lucy told them both and Mike kept his cock slightly back from her clit so Jen could lick them both. He knew that he was right by the entrance to the pussy he had wanted for so long and this coupled with Jen’s tongue flicking back and forth across his glans and the feeling of Lucy’s body as she came was almost more than he could put up with. He concentrated on caressing Lucy’s breasts and kissing her neck until her orgasm ended and she relaxed back against him. Jen switched to kitty kissing Lucy and while this still felt nice for Mike, it wasn’t as intense (which is kind of the whole point) so after a couple of minutes he could relax a bit and enjoy it without fear of cumming.

He told them how close he had come to emptying his load over Jen’s face and Lucy’s pussy and was congratulated (and in Lucy’s case, thanked) for having held back. Jen teased him a bit by stroking his cock and then taking the head in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. Mike complained that this wasn’t fair and he was meant to be saving his cum for Lis but Jen pointed out that she didn’t actually want him to cum in her mouth as she then wouldn’t be able to eat Lucy again. Lucy then had a go at teasing him – or at least at gently exploring his cock with her fingers (she has touched him before but rarely do so). He once again said that they weren’t being fair and Lucy reminded him that he promised not to cum. She asked what he would have done if he couldn’t have held back when he was rubbing against her and he told her that he would have probably just had to pull away. Mike asked why he had been allowed to rub against her and she said that she had just felt like teasing him and had hoped that she could trust him. As a reward for him being well behaved (or being badly behaved in the way she wanted), he was allowed to get down between Lucy’s legs and explore her pussy. Unfortunately for him she didn’t let him eat or finger her properly, but he was allowed to kiss around her thighs and spread her lips to examine her closely for a couple of minutes.

Jen asked if she could cum again and Mike suggested they do what they had just done so Lucy licked him and Jen (and I’m quite sure if this had happened that he would have stood absolutely no chance of holding back and would probably have cum as soon as Lucy’s tongue touched his cock). As expected, Lucy didn’t want to do this, but suggested that Mike could spoon with Jen while she rubbed Jen’s clit, played with her breasts and kissed her. Jen liked the sound of this and they quickly got in to position. Mike slid in to her cunt easily (unsurprisingly she was very wet) and he got to feel Lucy’s fingers brushing against his cock as she frigged Jen. Fortunately Lucy has short nails, but this is quite common for lesbians (or bi girls), despite the porn movies that show lipstick lesbians with long nails). Mike could help out a lot more with Jen and caressed more of her body, even taking over playing with her clit occasionally to let Lucy concentrate on Jen’s breasts. He talked dirty to Jen, describing what they were doing to her and getting her to tell them what she wanted. By this point, all she really wanted was to cum so Mike and Jen each caressed one of Jen’s breasts while Mike used long strokes to fuck her and Lucy frigged her clit and kissed her. As she came, Mike heard Jen mewing into Lucy’s mouth and once again had to concentrate to hold back, but it was a bit easier this time. As he felt Jen’s body relax, he pushed deep in to her and flexed his cock (this was more for his pleasure) and when Lucy pulled away from Jen, Jen just lay there panting.

When Mike pulled out of Jen, his cock was covered with a generous coating of Jen’s slime and he asked Lucy if she wanted to repeat what Jen had done with her (Lucy’s) juices and suck him clean. Lucy said ‘not this time’ and that reminded him about a previous comment she had made so he asked her if when she had said ‘not yet’ in relation to him rubbing against her and making her cum if it meant that she was considering letting him do this in the future (even without being able to promise her more sessions with Sue). Lucy told him that he’d just have to wait and see so Mike asked if he could at least spoon with her as they went to sleep (without penetration of course). She allowed this and snuggled up behind Jen before Mike curled up behind her and pressed his cock against her ass. Lucy told Jen what she could feel and asked if she should let him do a bit more and then told him he could slide between her legs, but had to swear (again) that he wouldn’t end up in her – either on purpose or by accident. Mike promised and pushed his cock between Lucy’s legs and up against her cunt. As they lay there he gently rubbed back and forth and told her how he was massaging Jen’s juices in to her pussy with his cock. He thanked her for trusting him and told her that she wouldn’t believe how much he wanted to cum, but that he would behave himself – although as a consequence of this Lis would end up getting fucked multiple times the following morning and he wouldn’t be to blame for the amount he came in her.

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