Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Lisa’s First Visit – Part 1

I recall that someone complained that there were too many female dominated entries back when we were trying to get pregnant and this is another girl-heavy weekend so I’ve tried to concentrate on describing more of what Mike gets up to – hopefully this will keep some of you pleased J

At the beginning of April we invited Lisa (one of the first years from Jen’s old Uni) up. Mike had obviously had a huge crush on her and it seemed to be reciprocated so Jen and I thought that as we got to see our crushes each month (Lis and Lucy) that it was only fair.

While Lisa has been somewhat ‘broken in’ by the gang, she wasn’t prepared to travel up without and underwear on, but did at least wear a skirt for Mike. This was her first mistake as it meant that I could take her in to the bathroom at the airport and strip her of her panties. She obviously objected to this at first, but when I pushed her up against the wall and buried my tongue in her pussy she realised that it might not be all bad. Things got even better for her on the coach trip back in to town as she sat next to Mike who pushed a hand under her ass and gently fingered her. I dared them to go a bit further and Mike rose to the challenge (he had actually risen quite a while before hand, but was still trapped in his jeans). Lisa took care of this though and unzipped his jeans to free his cock and then took him in her mouth. While this was a step forwards, it wasn’t quite what I’d had in mind, but Mike knows me more that well enough to realise this and got Lisa to stand up and then sit on his cock.

It took a couple of events to get in to her (there wasn’t much space between the seats), but once he was in, he pulled her hard against him and whispered in her ear how much he loved the feeling of her tight little cunt while reaching around to fondle her clit. As Lisa’s head was now visible above the seats, they couldn’t move that much and she had to try and keep her pleasure masked (although it was quite dark and we were at the back of the coach so nobody could really see anything). Mike teased her for quite a while and threatened to make her cum and then empty his cum in to her – she wasn’t entirely opposed to this, but did seem a bit concerned about getting caught. In the end, he did neither, but did lift her skirt from behind and caress her ass as we walked through the coach to get off.

We all knew that Lisa had primarily come up to visit Mike, but just as he gets to enjoy Lis and Lucy’s visits, I wanted to have some fun with Lisa too. I decided to wait until the next day though and to let her have her first night with Mike. We didn’t head off to bed straight away and chatted for a while. Jen lifted her dress and let Lisa stroke the bump (and simultaneously revealing that she was also naked under her skirt). Not wanting to be left out, I pulled my skirt and top off and suggested to Mike that Lisa might now be a little overdressed. He took the hint and tugged as Lisa’s skirt, slowly pulling it down over her hips and then sliding it down her legs. As she had been at home for a couple of weeks, she wasn’t quite as used to being naked (or partially naked) as she was at Uni, but she didn’t have too much time to worry about this as Mike bent her over and started to slowly lick at her pussy from behind. As she relaxed and started to enjoy what he was doing to her we chatted to her about Uni and whether it was how she had imagined it. This was obviously a loaded question as while I’m sure a number of people head off to Uni and hope to get lucky and score a number of times, I doubt that many people imagine they will end up in a group of friends that all screw around quite so much (or have a little fuck-kitten like Susan to see to their every desire).

The conversation kind of petered out as Mike concentrated more on giving pleasure to Lisa. She ended up on all fours with him eating her from behind, fingering her and playing with her clit and she was edged over towards me. I eagerly spread my legs and let Mike guide her face to my pussy – she has eaten me before and while she is still relatively inexperienced, I enjoy her enthusiasm (and she is still experienced enough that it feels good). I opened my legs and spread my lips to invite her in and she shuffled forwards the final few inches until her tongue made contact. Mike started to fuck Lisa from behind and promised her that if she made me cum that he would make sure she came twice. She evidently liked the sound of this as she started to lick me a bit harder but I told her that she didn’t have to hurry. Jen pointed out that she didn’t want to have to wait too long and when I looked over at her I gave her a little grin as she was already fingering herself and reaching up under her dress to play with her breasts. I took pity on Jen and told her that we could always head up now if she wanted as long as Lisa promised to finish doing things with me in the morning. Lisa agreed to this but before we left Mike asked us if we could quickly help him give Lisa her first orgasm of the night.

She was told to lie on the floor with a cushion under her ass so he could easily eat her and Jen and I each took care of caressing one of her breasts. It took very little time for Lisa to cum and we left them with Mike still kitty kissing her. I took Jen up to bed and they still hadn’t come up by the time Jen and I left the bathroom. After that point I didn’t pay much attention as I was concentrating on satisfying Jen (and letting her do the same to me) but Mike said they stayed downstairs for about 30 minutes with him just kitty kissing her and driving her wild. They moved up to his room where they 69ed and Lisa eagerly sucked his cock while he ate her, but then moved on to the actual fucking. As Lisa had been teased for so long, she once again came quickly, but Mike was counting on that as he wanted to fuck her to two orgasms. He slowed down his movements in her a little just after she came, but kept talking dirty to her and telling her how much he had missed the way she tasted and the feeling of her cunt around his cock. Lisa told him that she had missed him and he teased her about Amber and how he assumed that she would have been more than a sufficient distraction. Between kisses, Lisa told him that it was different with Amber and that things felt more right with him. They rolled over so Lisa was on top and as Mike started to pump in to her harder (which she loved) he explained that nothing could be ‘more right’ than two beautiful young girls together – unless of course he was also included. Lisa told him that she didn’t mind sharing him with Amber as long as she got to have him too and Mike considered pointing out that he was married and that his wife’s girlfriend was carrying his child, but he is very attracted to Lisa and knows that we (Jen and I) don’t mind if he has a crush on her.

By this point he was hammering away inside her and guessed from her breathing and panting that she was getting close to cumming again. He told her that he wanted to feel her cunt cum around his cock and fill her with his cum, to which she just replied ‘oh fuck, yes’. He had been holding back for a while so was fairly confident he could cum quite quickly once he allowed himself to do so and pulled Lisa’s mouth hard against his to kiss her deeply. They pumped away more and just before she came Lisa pulled her mouth away from Mike’s and put her head beside his so she could whisper in his ear. Between pants, she told him that she loved what they were doing and Mike told her that he would do this with her as often as she wanted. She made him promise that and he couched it with the fact that they were usually a few hundred miles apart, but whenever either of them visited the other that he would always give himself to her as long as she wanted him. This seemed to be what she wanted to hear (although I think she actually wanted him to say he loved her, but it was probably close enough) and she just replied with ‘always’ and then a series of pants and ‘fuck’s as she started to cum. Mike kept his hands firmly on her ass and continued to thrust in to her, telling her how her pussy felt and how close he was. He started to cum just before her orgasm ended and gently bit her neck as he did so. Lisa humped back and forth on his cock a few times until he pushed her down and held her in place while pushing firmly in to her. Lisa lifted her face and they started at each other while still panting until Mike lifted a hand to push some of Lisa’s hair back and told her that she was truly amazing before pulling her to him so they could kiss some more.

During their kiss, Lisa gently moved up and down – just enough to make Mike gasp but not so that it felt too intense. I don’t know if she was doing this on purpose or it was just her body moving by itself, but Mike really enjoyed it and it helped to keep him hard for quite a while. He could feel his cum leaking out of Lisa’s pussy and soaking his crotch and balls and when he finally started to go soft and Lisa dismounted, he made a comment about how he had given her such a large present but she had given quite a lot of it back. Lisa told him that she had liked the present and still wanted it so took his cock gently in her mouth and sucked him, licking up and down the shaft and even licking under his cock to gather up the cum that had dripped on to his body. She did such a good job on him that he felt she should be rewarded so Mike had another turn kitty kissing her (which of course had nothing to do with the fact that he loves doing this) and even flicked his tongue over her ass a number of times, eliciting a little squeal from her each time he did so. They then spooned for quite a while before falling asleep – with Mike still hard and inside Lisa as she drifted off and him promising to fill her again the following morning.

Jen actually woke up first on the Saturday (needing to pee) and warned me to be ready for her as soon as she returned from the bathroom. This wasn’t a problem for me and I happily got stuck in and got her off with a combination of my tongue, fingers and some toys (of which we have many). I left Jen to rest some more and headed in to find Mike and Lisa still asleep. I was tempted to lick Lisa awake, but knew that Mike would want to do that so I just crawled under the covers and sucked him until he woke up. At first he thought it was Lisa but when he saw that she was still asleep beside him he quickly figured it out. As I’d expected he would, he then took my place under the covers and ate Lisa awake while I snuggled up beside her and caressed her breasts. She seemed a little surprised to see me when she woke up but still enjoyed what we were doing to her and I reminded her of her promise to make me cum. It was clear that Mike was being quite thorough with her as her face expressed desire, lust and passion a number of times as I watched her. I teased her a bit by whispering in her ear about whether she enjoyed having Mike eat her and if she had enjoyed fucking him the previous night. We kept this up until Lisa came and when Mike emerged from under the covers I told him that it was now my turn to cum.

For this, we pulled the covers back and I climbed over Lisa in a 69 so I could kitty kiss her while she ate me. Mike helped out by sliding his cock in to me so Lisa could lick us both at the same time, but he assured her that as promised, he would save his cum for her and fuck her. I think I’ve come quote a long way in that I didn’t feel jealous about him saying this to her and was glad that he was also enjoying himself. Lisa did quite a good job of licking my clit and while I lapped at her cunt quite enthusiastically I wasn’t trying to make her cum as I wanted to let Mike at least be a part of each of her orgasms (for that morning at least). I stopped licking Lisa as I got closer to cumming and just concentrated on what was being done to me. I let them both know how good I was feeling as my orgasm approached and when I came I moaned in to Lisa’s pussy as a sign of appreciation.

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