Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lisa’s First Visit – Part 2

As she had helped me cum (and due to the fact that I also enjoy fucking younger girls) I decided to stick around and help out and lapped at Lisa’s clit while Mike fucked her. I could hear Mike talking dirty to Lisa as they fucked and him describing how her cunt felt wrapped around his cock and how he was going to fill her with cum again. I heard my name mentioned a few times and tried to give Lisa’s clit a few extra sucks whenever I did so (just to remind her I was still there – although as her fingers were playing with my pussy she was probably aware of my continued presence). Lisa told him that she was getting close and that she wanted him to cum but Mike told her that this was just another teaser session and that they would fuck properly in a little bit. It didn’t take much more to make Lisa cum and I flicked the tip of my tongue back and forth across her clit as she whimpered her way through her orgasm. I only stayed for a minute or so longer before climbing off the bed and telling Mike to not be too hard on her and then going back in to Jen’s room to rest with her.

Mike kitty kissed Lisa for a while longer – mostly in short sessions, interspersed with kissing her properly and sliding his cock in to her cunt. They spent longer kissing and moving against each other and he took her in a number of different positions. They finished off with one of Mike’s favourites – Lisa was kneeling on all fours and he took her from behind. He was quite forceful and pumped away in to her with long hard strokes. As she got close to cumming, Lisa held on to the headboard, Mike held her hips and thrust in to her while reaching around to play with her clit. Jen and I could hear the bed moving as they fucked and Mike encouraged Lisa to make as much noise as she wanted (or as much noise as he wanted) so by the time she came she was shouting ‘fuck me, harder, I’m cumming’ as well as making other, harder to transcribe, sounds. We heard Lisa shout ‘in my cunt’ a few times (Mike had asked her where she wanted him to cum) and he obliged her. He pushed as deep in to her as he could get as he unloaded and then kept her body pulled against his as they lay down and spooned.

Jen and I headed down for breakfast first but we were joined not too long afterwards. When I commented on how loud Lisa had been, she went bright red but I told her that it was good that she could enjoy herself properly. Naturally, we continued to tease her and Jen said that she wanted an opportunity to play with Lisa so once breakfast was over, we fetched the strap-on (our good one with the harness) and fastened it around Lisa’s crotch. Jen lay on her side on the bed and Lisa had the opportunity to learn how to spoon someone (from the man’s point of view). Mike and I offered to help out but Jen said that we’d already had Lisa so it was her turn. This wasn’t too much of a hardship for us as it meant that Mike had the opportunity to record Lisa fucking Jen (we did ask first). Lisa was fairly gentle with Jen as she was scared of hurting the baby but she became more confident as things progressed. Jen came with Lisa pumping the vibe in to her cunt while Lisa played with Jen’s breasts with one hand and Jen’s clit with her other hand. Jen’s pussy was being rather wet again so by the time Lisa finished, her hand was covered with Jen’s juices, as was the vibe, the harness and Jen’s thighs.

I had originally intended to use the strap-on to fuck Lisa with, but as it looked so well lubricated I had another idea and asked her if she could keep it on. Mike had a quick turn between Jen’s legs to lap up some of her juices and while he was busy I got Lisa to sit at the edge of the bed. I backed up against the vibe and told Lisa to hold it still while I positioned the head at the entrance to my ass and slowly pushed down on to it. I wouldn’t normally use a vibe that big in my ass, but I loved the idea of having so much of Jen inside me and I slowly bounced up and down, easing a little more in to me each time until I had a reasonable length buried in my ass. Mike fetched a mirror so that Lisa could look at what she was doing to me and I spread my lips and fingered my pussy. Both Mike and Jen had a quick go at eating me, but Mike wanted to make full use of my cunt and after a bit of experimentation we found that the best way was to get Lisa to lean back a bit so I could lean back against her and Mike could slide in to me. It was a little tricky as I had to hold myself up and stop the vibe from sliding too far in to my ass, but it felt really good and Mike said he loved the feeling of the vibe working against his cock. Mike pumped away inside me and Jen reached between us to play with my clit (using some of her own juices as lube). It would have been nice for Mike to cum inside me, but it hadn’t been that long since his last cum and I knew he would want to fuck Lisa again so I didn’t even bother asking him. As my orgasm built, I started bouncing up and down on the vibe a little until Lisa took over and thrust it in to me. Mike pushed all the way in to me as I came and Jen frigged my clit – it’s not often I have three people helping me cum so I savoured it and waited until my orgasm had completely faded before getting Mike to pull out of me and then pulling myself off of the vibe.

We didn’t have much planned for the rest of the day so remained in and had lunch before deciding to head out to the cinema. This wasn’t an entirely innocent outing and about 10 minutes in to the film, Mike slid a hand up Lisa’s leg, pushing her skirt up. She Jumped at first but he told her to relax and that Jen and I would ensure we weren’t being watched (expect possibly by the IR cameras used to capture people trying to pirate the film, but he didn’t mention that bit). Lisa put her jacket over her lap and settled back in her chair as Mike’s fingers stroked further up her thighs and then back and forth across her pussy. He spent a while gently stroking her clit until he was sure she was feeling very horny (she apparently got quite moist) and then he pushed a couple of fingers into her cunt and gently fucked her with them. I looked over from time to time to see how things were going and decided that if I was going to have any fun that I would have to take care of myself so I withdrew a dildo from my bag, parted my legs and inserted it in to my cunt.

I saw Mike taste Lisa from his fingers a couple of times and decided that I wanted some of her as well so I pulled the vibe out of my pussy and offered it to her mouth. Mike told her to suck it (which she did) and I then rubbed it up and down the length of Lisa’s pussy before sliding it in to her and deliberately fucking her with it as deep as I could. Mike went back to playing with Lisa’s clit as I did this and he assumed that we were going to finish her off together, but after a couple of minutes I pulled the dildo out of her and gave it a good suck before returning it to my own pussy. Even in the dim light of the cinema it was quite clear from Lisa’s face that she was getting close to cumming and her legs were now spread as wide as she could get them on the seat. Not wishing to be outdone I went a step further and lifted one of my legs over the arm of my chair so I could easily fuck and frig myself. I reached over a couple of times to stroke the inside of Lisa’s thigh, but mostly let Mike take care of her while I concentrated on myself. I made sure to hold back so I could watch Lisa cum and use that as some extra excitement. It’s not as if I could hear her (although she was breathing reasonably heavily), but I could easily tell when she came from her expression and the fact that her legs made little jerking movements. She closed her legs, trapping Mike’s hand on her pussy but he carried on gently stroking her until she relaxed and opened her legs a little again. I thought I’d waited long enough by this point and concentrated on making myself cum. I used long strokes with the dildo and small rapid movements on my clit with my fingers as I felt the pressure building inside me. I tried to keep still as I came but my orgasm was quite strong and I could feel my body thrusting a little in the seat with each wave of pleasure that pulsed through me. I assume it was just due to us being in a public place, but I could have happily continued and fucked myself again – however as my orgasm faded, common sense kicked in and I decided it was probably sensible to at least sit a little more discreetly, so I folded a foot under the other knee and left my skirt pulled most of the way up so I was mostly covered but could still feel the air conditioning on my damp pussy.

We stayed for the rest of the film and Mike had another smaller play with Lisa near the end, but not enough to make her cum again. I joined in a little more this time and got my hand on to her pussy. Lisa wasn’t as passive this time and reached over to Mike’s crotch to stroke him and then over to mine to rub and finger my cunt. Needless to say, Jen felt a little left out but we made up for this when we went for a post-film coffee. We headed off to one of our favourite little cafés, specifically due to the fact that they have booths and some of them are quite private. We managed to get one near the back of the shop (most people seem to want to sit near the window so this works out well for us) and Mike and I sat at the edges, leaving Lisa and Jen sitting on the inside. Mike or I would warn them whenever anyone approached the table, but once we had our drinks they had a relatively uninterrupted time and Jen got Lisa to finger her. At Mike’s suggestion, Lisa rubbed Jen’s juices up over the bump, but it quickly became clear that Jen was really enjoying having a little first year play with her as Lisa told us just how wet Jen was.

Jen slipped her skirt back from underneath her so she didn’t end up with too obvious a damp patch and Lisa resumed fingering Jen. I couldn’t resist from folding my foot under the other knee again, knowing that this spread my legs and pulled my skirt open. It was unlikely that anyone would be able to see anything much, I just liked the fact that I was exposing myself to anyone who cared to look. I took my lookout duty seriously though as Jen deserved to enjoy herself too so Mike and I carried on watching as Lisa’s fingers worked in and on Jen’s pussy. Jen made a few of her trademark mewing sounds as she came.

Lisa told us that her hand was very wet and asked for a napkin but we made her show it to us first. Lisa’s whole hand was glistening with Jen’s juices and Mike suggested to Lisa that she might want to rub Jen’s juices all over and in to her own pussy, with the promise that if she did this that he would spend as long as she wanted eating her once they got home. Jen got Lisa to have a quick suck of her fingers before she reached between her legs and did as Mike asked. We were a little mean to Lisa and didn’t warn her that someone was coming so she was interrupted with her hand between her legs (and we later found out, with a couple of fingers in her cunt). Not that the waitress could see this as the table hid what Lisa was up to, but she still went quite red and Mike promised her that he would eat her for twice as long as she wanted to make up for it. To her credit, she handled it fairly well and just kept her hand still until the waitress left, at which point she wiped the remainder of Jen’s juices over her thighs and said that she now had an idea of how Susan felt.

Mike kept his promise and as soon as we got home he took Lisa upstairs, pushed her down on to the bed and spent over an hour eating her. He got her to describe what different things felt like as he did them and learned a considerable amount about what Lisa really enjoyed having done to her. As usual, the first few times he flicked his tongue over her ass she just whimpered a bit but he got her to describe how that felt as well and once she had gotten a bit more relaxed about it he experimented with rimming and spearing her (accompanied by her descriptions). She started off by saying that she thought it was dirty but he assured her that if she enjoyed it, he wanted her to feel good and would do (almost) anything for her. She wanted to feel his cock inside her for a while and he obliged her, but said that as he had been eating her for so long that it was more fitting he finish her off the same way. She made him promise to have sex with her again that night and he told her that as long as she was with him that he intended to cum inside her warm, tight cunt as much as possible. He nearly relented and fucked her (intending to at least make her cum), but his love of cunnilingus won out and he went back to eating her for 5-10 minutes before finally pushing her over the edge and making her cum.

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