Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Lisa’s First Visit – Part 3

Mike and Lisa joined us downstairs for dinner and as we had a young person with us we thought it was only fair to go out for a bit that night. Seeing as Lisa had compared the way we treated her to the way Susan is made to perform, we thought we may as well have a bit more fun with her and gave her one of Jen’s tiny g-strings to wear while we went out. We could have just got her to go out without panties on, but I think she felt more exposed this way as we made sure that the panties were pulled up between her pussy lips so she was pretty much completely exposed anyway. It also probably didn’t help much that Mike, Jen and I took turns sliding a hand under her skirt from the back and caressing her, either sliding our hands over her ass or dipping between her legs and rubbing around the entrance of her pussy.

As we had three girls and Mike in our group, we attracted a few other men throughout the evening and they got to see Lisa being fondled to varying degrees. One guy in particular witnessed me pushing the front of Lisa’s dress up and getting a finger buried a good way in to her cunt. We teased her and repeatedly asked her if she wanted to let any of the guys fuck her and then got her to admit that she had been fucked by four different guys in a night back at Uni (they were all from our group of friends, she isn’t anywhere near as bad as me). Lisa did maintain that this wasn’t the usual state of affairs and that she had been drunk at the time and in the end we let Mike take care of her (as in cuddle her) while I flirted with the guys. They quickly found out that while Lisa’s panties didn’t hide much, I was fully exposed and I danced with a couple of them and let them play with me. They eventually got the message that I didn’t mind them touching me and one of the guys fingered me quite a bit. The other one spent longer playing with my breasts – mostly through my top until I shouted in his ear that he could always ‘go under’, at which point he pushed his hand up my top and pushed my bra up to expose my breasts to his hands.

It obviously wasn’t fair to just tease them so I told them that if they wanted, they could come home and play some more. Up until that point I think they had assumed that one of them was going to get me but it didn’t take long for them to agree to share me. I left them for a little of the walk so they could set their ground rules but walked the rest of the way with them and got them to take turns caressing me. They were a little thrown by the fact that Mike, Jen and Lisa would be watching us, but when I explained what I wanted them to do they appreciated why I wanted someone else present.

We headed up to Jen’s room and Jen slipped out of her dress, then arranged the pillows so she could sit up against the headboard and watch while she played with herself. Jen told one of the guys to told me tight in place while the other ran his hands over my body, probing, fingering and pulling on various bits of me. Fortunately I wasn’t wearing anything particularly expensive as I was then passed to the guy who had been fondling me and the one who had been holding me was told to tear my clothes off. My dress ripped fairly easily and between them they took care of my bra, leaving me in just my stockings. These proved a bit more difficult, but they each took one and eventually made large tears in them before I was pushed on to the bed. One guy pushed his cock in to my mouth and I felt the other one force his way in to my cunt (not that I was resisting). Jen fingered herself as she told the guys to fuck me and then got Mike to pass her a couple of vibes (one each for her cunt and ass). Mike went a step further and rubbed one on the anal vibes over Lisa’s pussy before giving it to the guy fucking me and telling him to push it in to my ass. They fucked me quite forcefully and while I was enjoying it, I didn’t think I was going to cum so I reached down to play with my clit. Jen noticed this and got the guy to hold my arms behind my back, but then took pity on me and told them to turn me over.

I lay across the bed with my head hanging over the edge so I could still suck one of the guys while the other one fucked me, but now at least I could play with my clit. The guy I was sucking reached down to pull on my breasts and Jen encouraged them to fuck me hard. I wrapped a hand around the cock in my mouth so it didn’t go too deep and I lay there being pounded from both ends. Jen kept playing with herself and came noisily and the guy fucking my cunt came not long after Jen. When he pulled out, the guy who had been fucking my mouth said he wanted to sample my cunt and moved around to take his place – as he started to fuck me Jen told him that he didn’t have to choose between my mouth and cunt and could cum in both if he was up for it. I didn’t want to wait any more so grabbed the vibe that Jen had been using in her cunt, sucked it briefly (mostly for show, but partially to get a taste of her) and then held it against my clit. I repeatedly told the guy to fuck me, getting louder and faster as my own orgasm approached. I came before he did, but allowed him to keep pumping away inside me until he came and then thanked both the guys for helping me enjoy myself.

At this point I hadn’t picked up on Jen’s assurance to the guys that they could have seconds, but I was soon made aware of it and told to play with myself to help get them back in the mood. Mike asked Lisa if she wanted to join in and let the guys fuck her – she wasn’t up for this, but was willing to sit over my face and let them see her being eaten. At first, she kept her clothes on, but as my tongue worked on her clit, she allowed Mike to pull her top and bra off and then we removed her skirt and panties. Lisa later said that she hadn’t intended for me to make her cum, but she got caught up in things and ended up remaining over my face until well after her orgasm ended.

It looked like the guys were pretty much ready for the second round but Jen didn’t think I’d shown them enough so I was made to crawl between her legs and bury my face in her cunt so I could eat her while reaching around with both hands to play with my cunt and clit. I enjoyed being on display like this and played with myself quite energetically until Jen told me it was time to let the guys use me again. We started off with me kneeling on the floor between them and switching back and forth between sucking one while stroking the other. When we moved back on to the bed, it was similar to the first time, but they switched back and forth between my mouth and cunt a few times and Jen also encouraged them to slap my ass until it was pink and warm (none of the slaps were too hard, but there were quite a few). I didn’t have to play with myself either as whoever was fucking me also played with my clit so I could just lie back and take everything they did to me while enjoying myself. One of the guys came in my mouth while the other came in my cunt – I came a bit before either of them so had mostly recovered from my orgasm by the time they came.

I then saw the guys out, with me remaining naked of course – even when I waved goodbye to them at the front door and I returned to the bedroom for a debriefing with Mike, Jen and Lisa. It was no more extreme than things Lisa had seen Susan and Julia do back at Uni (and she knows that I enjoy fucking just as much as they do) so she wasn’t really shocked or surprised. I told her that I had expected her to want to join in a bit more with us and she said that it had looked like fun, but that she was waiting for Mike to fuck her again. Speaking of Mike, he had been fondling Lisa during our discussion and told her that he really wanted to take her to bed so they said their goodbyes and disappeared in to his room.

Lisa helped Mike undress and then knelt in front of him and gave his cock a long suck. They climbed in to bed and 69ed for a bit before Mike told her that he really wanted to bury his cock inside her again. Lisa eagerly turned around and mounted him and they fucked in a number of positions, kissing messily whenever they could. Lisa told Mike to make her his and once she had cum, he pushed as deep in to her as he could and held her against his body while telling her that he was about to cum and that he wanted her to keep as much of it inside her as she could. He remained firmly pressed in to her for quite a while after he came and they kissed a lot more before moving on to discussing my display with the two guys. Lisa was curious as to how Mike really felt about seeing his wife being fucked by other guys but he just pointed out that it went both ways and that the upshot was that he got to spend the weekend with her. He reminded her that she had asked him to make her his and he moved inside her a little as he asked her if she really wanted that. She told him that she did and he gave her a light slap on the ass, which pushed the conversation back to my display and how Jen had gotten the guys to spank me.

As Jen has been pregnant since Lisa first met her, Lisa hasn’t seen Jen’s masochistic side so Mike explained how Jen usually likes being spanked, have her nipples twisted and bitten and have various bondage toys used on her. Once again, Lisa has seen Susan be spanked a few times, but not to the extent that Jen used to enjoy (we agreed not to do this while she was pregnant to minimise the stress hormones in her blood) so she was a little surprised, but Mike gave Lisa’s ass a few more, slightly firmer slaps and told her that if she was his that she had better be good or he might have to punish her. Mike isn’t really in to pain (although he will bite on Jen’s nips) but Lisa told him that she would let him do whatever he wanted to her so he promised to show her some of Jen’s toys the following day. He also got her to agree to dress up for him in one of Jen’s schoolgirl costumes and as Lisa is considerably closer than I am at being the correct age to do this, Mike was quite excited. The thought of Lisa dressed up like this for him was enough to keep him hard while they spooned for a fair amount of time and Lisa seemed to enjoy the fact that she had this effect on him.

I ate Jen awake on the Sunday morning and then let her have a play with me. Mike did the same with Lisa, but when she wanted him to fuck her, he talked her in to letting him fuck her but him holding back so he could cum in her more once she was ‘appropriately dressed’. Lisa agreed to this, but once she was impaled on his cock she tried to get him to cum in her. This was a somewhat doomed venture as Mike has many years of practice at holding back and even the feeling of a nineteen year old cunt around his cock was within the limits he could resist. He gave her a good fucking though, making her cum again and then remaining inside her until he heard Jen and I get up, all the while telling her just how good her little pussy felt and how he wished that she didn’t have to leave. Over breakfast Mike told Jen and me that Lisa wanted to see some of Jen’s bondage toys so once we had eaten we headed up and gave her a proper tour of the ‘cupboard of pleasure’ (one that Mike fitted out with multiple storage options so we could keep all of our toys nicely arranged and easily find things).

Lisa was a little nervous about trying some of the things, but we promised to be gentle with her and she allowed Jen to fasten the nipple and clit clamps on to her body. She wasn’t too keen on the clit clamp, but thought that the nipples clamps felt okay (they were only loosely fastened though). Feeling a little braver, she allowed us to experiment with some of the tingle and heat gel (one type on each nipple) and like us, she preferred the tingle gel (although Jen occasionally likes the heat version). We applied some of the gel to her pussy and once it was tingling away she rolled over on to her back and allowed Mike to use the paddle to give her ass a number of slaps. As had been the case with me and the guys the night before, none of the slaps were too hard and she even agreed to let him use the paddle on her pussy (although she was clearly nervous about this and probably only let him do it as he promised her that he wouldn’t hurt her). He gave her a few light slaps at first until she spread her legs and he then used a little more force. Lisa said that it felt quite nice, but she didn’t think she could take much more so we stopped and described to her in detail how Jen could cum just from having her pussy slapped (although she preferred it if we also tweaked her nips and used some bondage candles on her as well).

Mike and I had a brief play with Lisa’s pussy while Jen watched but Mike was getting impatient and wanted to see his little first year dressed as a schoolgirl. Jen selected items from her wardrobe and handed Lisa a little blue plaid skirt, white cotton panties with a small pink bow, a matching bra (which was slightly too small for Lisa, but was good enough), a light blue blouse and long white socks. As Lisa got dressed we all watched her, which made her quite self-conscious but we pointed out that she had just been lying naked on the bed with us spanking and eating her. Mike spent quite a while trying to decide whether she should wear the white socks, dark blue ones or black opaque hold-ups. I still think the white looks sexier, but his tastes have moved towards the blue ones recently (although he’ll happily fuck Jen or I whichever of the options we have on). After providing Lisa with an appropriate set of blue socks and helping her put them on, he spent a while caressing her legs and thighs. I could see that he was really enjoying himself so I suggested that Jen and I leave them to it – with the caveat that we would return later on and get to play with Lisa again before she left. Mike was grateful for this and while Lisa clearly didn’t mind as long as she still had Mike and once they were alone he spent another age caressing her thighs and kissing right up to her panties but avoiding contact with her crotch.

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