Saturday, 17 January 2015

Lisa’s First Visit – Part 4

Mike asked Lisa to tie her hair back in a ponytail and he then stood her in front of the mirror and reached around to caress her from behind, initially running his hands over her body and as time went on, caressing her breasts and closer to her crotch as well while kissing her neck and shoulders. This drove Lisa wild and she told him a number of times that she wanted to feel him inside of her again. She reached back to his crotch and he didn’t stop her as she undid his trousers and pulled his cock free, but then wouldn’t let her do anything more than stroke it. She told him off for teasing her but he told her that if she was going to be his that he wanted an opportunity to really appreciate how beautiful and sexy she was. Lisa whimpered about it not being fair, but pressed her body back against him and allowed him to carry on stroking and kissing her. He eventually lifted the back of her skirt and pushed his cock between her legs, then reached around to the front and used a hand to push his cock up so it rubbed firmly against her panties.

Lisa took over pressing his cock against her and Mike slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her bra off of her breasts so he could caress them directly. Lisa craned her head round so they could kiss and Mike gently pinched and rolled her nipples, eliciting a moan from her. He then reached a hand down and pulled the crotch of her panties aside so his cock could rub against her hot pussy. Lisa gasped at this contact and told him again that she wanted him inside her – to which Mike said he just wanted a little longer to enjoy teasing her.

They moved over to the bed and Mike sucked on Lisa’s breasts while rubbing her panties and then kissed his way down her body until he was between her legs. He pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and took a few deep licks of her cunt and then quickly moved back up to lie on top of her. He told her that he couldn’t resist tasting her as she was so wet and they then rolled over so Lisa was on top. She immediately started rubbing herself against him. Mike told her that he could feel how hot and wet she was even through her panties and Lisa told him that this was his fault so he reached down between them and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side. With a bit of wriggling (and a couple of attempts), Lisa positioned herself correctly and got the head of his cock inside her and they slowly pressed against each other until he slid the whole way inside her. They kissed passionately as they fucked and Mike warned Lisa that he was going to make her cum twice before he came, but now he was inside her and fucking her she didn’t seem to care so much. They humped against each other, sometimes with Lisa pressed up against him and sometimes with her riding him so he could play with her breasts and clit, but as her first orgasm approached she lay down on him and asked him to fuck her hard. Mike did this, pumping in and out of her cunt, feeling her crotch slapping against his as she got closer and closer. As she came, she kissed him hard and Mike tried to time his thrusts with the movements of her body and then gradually slowed as her orgasm passed and then faded.

Lisa lay on top of him breathing heavily in to his ear and he asked her if she would always be his little schoolgirl. She told him that if it meant she got fucked like that, then she would dress up for him anytime but he kissed her and told her that she didn’t have to dress up for him, he just thought that she was incredible and wanted her to be his. As they kissed more, Mike started moving in Lisa again and reminded her that she had to cum again. She was more than up for this, but wanted a bit more time to recover and get ready so Mike said he would kitty kiss her but Lisa wanted to 69 instead. Mike teased her about the fact she just wanted to suck her pussy juice off of his cock but then added that he didn’t blame her as he thought she tasted really good (although still not as good as Emily – I added that part, he had the sense not to say it). Once they were in a 69 position, he flipped her skirt up and pulled her panties aside so he could kitty kiss her and they remained like that until he told her that she was doing too good a job and that if he was going to cum in her pussy instead of her mouth that they should switch round again.

The second part of their session was a bit more varied, he took her from behind, with her legs held up in the air and various other positions, but to finish off he was on top and he fucked her until she came before he finally cumming and emptying his first load of the day in to her (which is almost always his biggest load). When he pulled out, Lisa quickly pulled the panties back over her pussy to try and keep his cum in her and after a couple of minutes the two of them came downstairs to see what Jen and I were up to. Mike had thrown his jeans and t-shirt back on and Lisa still had Jen’s outfit on, but the skirt was rather crushed and wrinkled and she left the blouse open with the bra up off her breasts. We commented on how it looked like they had enjoyed themselves and Mike lifted the front of Lisa’s skirt to show off the large damp patch on her panties. Jen asked if it was mostly Lisa’s or Mike’s juices and they agreed that it was probably a good combination of both. As Mike rubbed the crotch between Lisa’s lips, I climbed down from the sofa, crawled over to her and had a few licks of the panties. I told Jen that I could taste Mike’s cum, but that there was definitely more than a hint of Lisa there too.

It was at this point that Mike announced that he wanted to keep Lisa and that she had agreed to this. I told Lisa that I was quite happy for her to share Mike with us as long as she was happy with the fact that he already had two women to take care of (and with a third on the way, although that would be a completely different level of ‘taking care’). Lisa said that she understood he was already married and about the baby but didn’t mind if we didn’t. While I’d been aware up until this point that she had a crush on him, this was the first time I realised just how big a crush it was, but I still didn’t feel (that) jealous and told her that we had something in mind to help properly initiate her in to our little family (I wasn’t really expecting her to be a part of the family for the long term, but I remember just how intense feelings can be at that age from how I felt when I met Mike). Lisa said that if she was going to have to cum again that she would need a bit of a rest first so we sat back down and chatted. Jen and I got Lisa to sit between us and as we chatted we toyed with her – Jen mostly played with Lisa’s breasts, but also helped me out by caressing Lisa’s thighs and crotch (through her wet panties). Mike seemed to quite appreciate the view and ended up recording some of our display. Jen asked Lisa if she would be willing to not sleep with anyone else and get a fresh STD test so that she could play with her – Lisa was quite amenable to this but I didn’t think it was fair as Lisa would be giving up the ability to play with the rest of her friends at Uni. Jen ended up agreeing with me and said that she could always wait a few more months until she had given birth and that Lisa could maybe use a dental dam to go down on her at some point.

Jen finally pushed her hand in to Lisa’s panties and started playing with her more seriously so I added my hand and we both got a finger in to her pussy and then fed the mix of her and Mike’s juices to Lisa. She realised that she had probably gotten as much ‘rest’ as was likely so asked what it was we had in mind for her. We took her back upstairs (with Mike following of course – he didn’t know what we had planned) and Lisa was instructed to lie down on the bed. We got Mike to remove her panties and spread her legs while Jen slipped on our new strap-on (which just uses straps to attach, but means that whoever is wearing it can still be fucked). I climbed over Lisa in a 69 position and we played with each other for a bit while Mike toyed with Jen and got her nice and wet (although she was already most of the way there from having played with Lisa on the sofa). Jen then climbed up behind me and got Lisa to spread my lips and help guide the head of the dildo in to my cunt. I then lowered my pussy to Lisa’s mouth and got her to lick me while Jen slowly fucked me.

This felt good, but wasn’t what Jen and I had concocted to ‘properly’ mark Lisa as ours so I lifted my crotch up a bit and asked Lisa to play with my clit while Jen fucked me, as well as toying with Jen’s pussy. Meanwhile, Mike knelt beside Jen and played with her breasts or knelt behind her and lapped at her cunt and ass to get her more aroused. When she felt sufficiently wet, she got me to move forwards slightly so her pussy was above Lisa’s face and Lisa was given the job of spreading Jen’s lips and playing with her clit. Mike reached a finger up inside Jen and gather her juices, pulling them down and out of Jen’s pussy so they dripped down on to Lisa’s face. Lisa tried to catch some of these drops in her mouth, but they mostly splattered over her face. Even in Jen’s much hornier and wetter pregnant state, it wasn’t as if there was a torrent of juices, but there were more than enough to make a mess of Lisa and Mike wanted to take things a step further by sliding his cock in to Jen and fucking her so he could later on fuck Lisa and mix Jen’s juices up inside of her. He didn’t get to do this straight away though as for the time being her pussy was mine and I was being very thorough in eating her (fully aware that Mike had probably wanted to keep his cum in her, but that’s kind of difficult to do when someone’s tongue is in your cunt). I kept eating Lisa until she came and then switched to kitty kissing her while she frigged me and Jen fucked me. I came next and Jen pulled out of me so I could give my pussy to Lisa’s mouth and let her practice her kitty kissing (she’s getting better, but was a bit too forceful at times).

Mike carried on playing with Jen until I climbed off of Lisa and Jen could take up a proper position crouched over her, with her pussy directly above Lisa’s mouth this time. Lisa was given the job of playing with Jen’s clit while Mike fucked her (Jen) and it wasn’t long before Jen came. By this point, Mike’s cock was soaked with Jen’s juices (to the extent that the juices had even dripped down over his balls) and he told Lisa that it was now time for her to get lots of Jen’s juices inside her as well as over her. Lisa wasn’t sure she could cum again but this didn’t deter Mike and he slid in to her and started fucking her while kissing her and tasting Jen’s juices from Lisa’s face. As she had helped me cum, it was only fair for me to do the same for her so after a little while we switched round to 69ing again, but with Lisa on top this time and Mike fucking her from behind. Lisa quickly forgot that the primary aim was to make her cum and she started eating me – I didn’t mind this and happily let her continue while Jen filmed Lisa from both ends. Mike pressed his thumb up against Lisa’s ass and applied steady pressure as he rubbed it back and forth and then after a while, pressed the end in to her and fucked her ass in time with the thrusts of his cock in her cunt. We got Lisa to tell us when she was getting close to cumming and I pulled my mouth away from her clit to allow Mike to fuck her a bit more energetically (without slapping me in the face each time he thrust in to her). I could hear and feel Lisa moaning in to my cunt and I lifted my legs up and half wrapped them around her to make it easier for her to eat me. Lisa came first and she slowed her licking a little but Mike encouraged her to make me cum and he used a combination of Lisa’s orgasm and my arousal to help his own along. He came a little before me, but was still pressing in to Lisa when I came and when he pulled out I spread Lisa’s lips as wide as I could (without hurting her) and we waited for a few drops of Mike’s cum to trickle out of her (which Jen also filmed).

For good measure, Mike pushed in to me before he went too soft and then back in to Lisa (just so she also had some of my fresh juices inside her). We then all lay on the bed and gently caressed each other for a while. Lisa and I had a suck of Mike’s cock – nothing too intense, but trying to gently coax it back to life. Mike spent a while eating Lisa and me and Jen mostly played with our breasts and used the strap on to add a bit more of my juices to Lisa’s cunt. All things considered, we felt that she fitted in quite well and she even seemed happy enough to leave her beloved Mike and take a shower with me (during which there was a bit more fondling and I teased her a bit with the pulse spray on the shower). Mike then showered with Jen while I helped Lisa gather her things up. She thanked me for not being weird about the fact that she liked my husband and I pointed out that my girlfriend was already carrying his baby (not that I’m comparing Lisa to Jen from either my or Mike’s viewpoint). When Mike and Jen joined us again, Mike knelt down behind Lisa and ate her (she had a skirt on, but had at least packed her panties away). I pointed out to Lisa that he must really like her pussy as he isn’t usually *that* obsessive about playing with people and he even slipped in to her again and partially fucked her (with neither of them cumming).

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