Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Lisa’s First Visit – Part 5

Lisa got us to promise to come down and visit soon (seeing as it was her exam term coming up it wasn’t fair for her to have to travel, although it was also getting more difficult for Jen to travel). We arranged to Skype (now we couldn’t Skype as frequently with Sue, we had time for Lisa) and we headed out to a local café for lunch. Mike and Lisa flirted shamelessly over the food so Jen and I mimicked them to take the piss. This kept embarrassing Lisa, but didn’t stop the flirting and Mike leaned over to her a number of times to whisper things to her. We later found out that he was suggesting ways to make her cum and threatened to fuck her with various bits of food, the salt and pepper pots and then lie her up on the table and eat an ice cream sundae out of her pussy. Lisa actually told us this herself on the walk back to the house and I told her that as long as she was willing, that Mike would do a whole host of things with her. By the time we got home she knew that we were going to take advantage of her again before she would be allowed to leave and this time Jen decided to bend the rules a little and asked Lisa if she would eat her (using protection).

Lisa was fine with this and as she knelt and ate Jen, Mike and I stripped her naked. I suggested to Mike that she could try on the long white socks and he agreed so I fetched them and between us we managed to get them on to Lisa while she was still kneeling (although it took a bit of effort). He then slid in to her and started fucking her, but he wasn’t trying to cum as he obviously wanted to eat her. I stood up on the sofa in front of Jen so she could play with and lick me – I quite like doing this as it means I’m technically visible from outside, although if someone came up to the window and looked in they would be able to see everything anyway so it only adds a little more visibility. Mike pulled out and knelt behind Lisa to eat her – concentrating more on her ass than he had before and while she let out a number of whimpers, she didn’t tell him to stop. Lisa easily made Jen cum (although at that point a slightly bumpy car journey could make Jen cum) and she was tasked with making me cum again. I sat beside Jen on the sofa and lifted a leg over hers to spread myself and as Lisa got to work Mike said that all the talk of food play had been too much and he didn’t want to wait until the next time we saw Lisa.

He knew that I wouldn’t mind so went and fetched a few items and retuned with a towel to place under me. I lifted my ass and let him and Jen pull it in to place and then steeled myself as he opened the ice cream, shaved off a small amount and dropped it on to my mons. He told Lisa to let it slide down my lips before eating it and she did as instructed. This was followed by a number more dollops until he got Lisa to hold me open and pushed some up inside me for her to eat out of me. I then had some Nutella smeared over my lips and Mike and Lisa took turns eating me clean. Lisa was left to finish me off and she did an admirable job – even utilising a banana for a part of it. She was next and Mike got first crack at eating the ice cream off and out of her – I then had a go at this while Jen licked Nutella off of Lisa’s nipples and we then added the Nutella to her pussy and ate her clean. She had a quick go with the banana (well three quick goes as Jen, Mike and I each had a turn) and Mike then ate her to orgasm while Jen and I ate some ice cream drizzles off of her breasts. Mike then got to have his cock sucked by us in pairs, cleaning it of ice cream and Nutella and so Jen wasn’t left out I then had a play with the food on her pussy while Mike took Lisa upstairs for one final fuck.

He ended up inside her by the time she was on the second stair and they ended up fucking their way upstairs. They then walked the rest of the way to the bedroom with Mike inside her and as soon as they got to the bed they fell on to it and fucked like bunnies (fast and enthusiastically). Mike warned Lisa that he probably wouldn’t be able to actually cum in her again, although he would certainly orgasm and that was good enough for her. She rode him for a while and they finished off with her on top and Mike pounding in to her. Lisa came while moaning ‘fuck, please, yes, harder…’ in his ear. Once Mike came and they had kissed for a bit Lisa said that she should probably get freshened up and ready to head home but Mike held on to her for a bit and whispered to her if she thought it would be a good idea for him to say he loved her. Lisa beamed at him and asked if he meant it and he told her that he really thought she was an amazing girl and as long as she understood the situation that he wanted her to know that he meant it. She kissed him and told him that she loved him as well and Mike told her he had to give her a final parting gift, rolled over, quickly crawled between her legs and went down on her. Lisa once again said that she wasn’t sure she could cum again, but Mike is quite practiced at eating pussy and didn’t miss a beat until she had her fingers entwined in his hair, her hips bucking and was panting her way through the orgasm she didn’t think she could have. He crawled up and kissed her, letting her taste her juices from his face as he slid his cock back in to her and asked if she could stay another night. Lisa said that she didn’t have an open ticket, but that she could always get another one and Mike told her that we would help pay for it so she agreed to stay.

Lisa was a bit out of breath from the last orgasm so Mike went to fetch her some water and explained to us that she was staying for another night. He also admitted that he might have just told her he loved her – I felt a little jealous at this, but Jen and I have Lucy and Lis and I trust him to not desert us. We did warn him to be careful as she is so young (comparatively), but we had been completely open with her and she was old enough to know the situation so I told Mike to enjoy himself and that he could give her a nice evening out if he wanted. Jen said that Lisa could borrow one of her dresses (Lisa isn’t quite as slender as Jen was before the bump, but wasn’t too far off her size) and Mike told us that he still loved us the most and bounded back upstairs to announce the new plan to Lisa.

We spent a fair bit of the remainder of the afternoon chatting and doing the weekly chores. Jen and I both remained naked and put on a few shows for Lisa. I went out in to the back garden and used the stick-on dildo on the window so Lisa could see me fuck it and when Jen had a go she ended up leaving splatters of pussy juice on the window. It took a little convincing to get Lisa to have a try (on account of her having to expose herself outside), but she’s been to the hardcore club a couple of times before in states of semi-undress so she’s not a complete virgin at exposing herself to other people. She didn’t cum, but put in a good effort and as a reward Mike took her upstairs and gave her a wash in the bath before lying her on the bed and giving her pussy a shave (she only had a couple of days of stubble – it was more for the intimacy of the event than hair removal). He gave her the traditional tongue test, which (as it often does) progressed to kitty kissing and after an extended period of this, on to eating her properly. There were no complaints about not thinking she could cum this time and she eagerly pressed her pussy back against his mouth and ended up humping against it as she got closer to cumming. Mike didn’t let he cum straight away though and just before she came he pulled away and kissed her thighs. Lisa complained that she needed to cum so after a minute or so he went back to eating her, but did the same thing the next time she got close to cumming. She complained again, but also admitted that she was enjoying what he was doing and in order to give her a bit of time to calm down, Mike climbed up and slipped his cock in to her. He moved a little bit as they kissed, but not too much and got her to concentrate on tasting her juices from his face.

The third time she got close to cumming, he carried on and she made enough noise that Jen and I could easily hear her from downstairs. Mike loved that she had been so vocal and he once again slipped in to her and then spooned with her while he caressed her body. He told her that he would have loved to fuck her there and then, but that he wanted to be able to do things properly when they got back from dinner so would need to save whatever cum he had left. Lisa gently stroked her pussy (with Mike still inside her) and told him that he’d done a good job of shaving her so he convinced her to let him show her off to us. They came downstairs and Mike got Lisa to sit on the sofa with her legs spread while Jen and I checked her out (me with tongue, Jen with fingers). To let Lisa properly see, we used the video camera and displayed her pussy on the TV, getting her to spread her lips and then expose her clit. I suggested that she could masturbate for us but she said that she didn’t have the energy after what Mike had just done to her and Jen commented on how loud she had been when she came. This made Lisa blush again, but it faded a bit faster and after she had gently stroked herself for a short while (with us watching the enlarged version on the TV), Jen took her upstairs to look out something suitable to wear that night.

While he was gone, I may have taken advantage of the fact he still had an erection and rode him while we chatted. I got him to tell me what he had planned for his evening out and he said other than dinner, nothing concrete yet, although he was enjoying doing a number of the things with Lisa that he did with me in the months after we started dating, so he might continue along those lines. We didn’t think Lisa was ready to go out in anything that left her too exposed yet and Mike said he was happy for Jen to be responsible for selecting something that would look good on Lisa. When they returned, Lisa was wearing a simple light blue, mid-thigh length dress that buttoned up down the back with opaque black tights on underneath (Jen had given her a pair of my seamless ones so Lisa had also agreed to forgo panties (which she had figured out Mike liked – not that this took a great deal of effort to realise). I was still sitting on Mike’s cock and Mike told Lisa that he was still saving his cum for her, but that I had wanted to be satisfied and asked if she would help out. I knelt up and turned around to face Lisa, then lowered myself back on to Mike’s cock and Jen grabbed a pillow for Lisa to kneel on. As I slid slowly up and down on Mike’s cock, Lisa lapped at my clit (and a fair bit of Mike’s shaft). Jen opened her robe and knelt down behind Lisa, reaching one hand between her own legs to play with herself and the other hand around between Lisa’s legs to stroke her crotch. Mike kissed and nibbled on my neck while stroking my nipples and whispered to me if I approved of his choice. I wasn’t sure if he meant in her ability to give pleasure or as a girlfriend, but either was fine with me and I just answered him with a ‘oh fuck, yesss’. Mike told Lisa that he hadn’t been expecting this but she just shrugged and kept licking us without pausing. As I got closer to cumming, Mike whispered in my ear how he wanted to squirt my juices all over Lisa’s face and body so she was soaked and would have to wear a sticky dress out to dinner. I loved this image, but unfortunately I can’t get anywhere near as wet as Jen (or squirt) so I just had to content myself with cumming.

From the way Jen was fingering herself it was clear that she would be more than happy to cum and Mike asked Lisa if she would help Jen out so that she and I would be satisfied while he and Lisa went out. Jen lay on the floor with a pillow under her head and Lisa knelt beside her, sucking on Jen’s nipples while stroking Jen’s pussy. We got Lisa to gently nibble on Jen’s nips and Mike ended up undoing a few buttons at the bottom of Lisa’s dress and pulling her tights down to her thighs to expose her ass. I had first go and lapped at Lisa’s pussy, followed by Mike and finally Mike pushed his cock in to her and fucked her with slow, long movements. I assured Lisa that he was probably just going to tease her and not make her cum and between kisses, she told us that he had already teased her upstairs. I warned her that he did quite enjoy that so she would probably have to put up with that a lot more, but could also see that she was pushing her hips back against him. By the time Jen came, her pussy was a sticky mess but for once I beat Mike to it and licked her clean. I then kissed Lisa so she could taste the fruits of her labour and just so she could complete the set, she sucked on Mike’s cock to taste her own juices.

Jen and I helped straighten Lisa’s outfit up and do her hair while Mike went to get ready. We discussed whether we thought lesbians (and bi girls) were more or less willing to taste their own juices than straight girls were. While it made sense to us that they would be, we didn’t really have a comparative base as most of the straight girls we know tend not be as ‘open’ with their sexual likes as the rest of the groups that we play with. Lisa though it was impressive that every girl at the sex parties had eventually caved and done things with other girls (some more enthusiastically than others) and we told her that she was obviously invited along to the next party if she wanted to come. She was a bit unsure about this and I realised that while she may have gotten used to playing with her friends at Uni, she might not be ready to fuck a whole group of strangers so I pointed out that she didn’t have to actually do anything with them and could just watch or let them watch her. We didn’t push this any further. Mike reappeared not long after this, dressed quite smartly and gave Lisa the option of taking a wander in to town or getting a taxi. As she had a pair of Jen’s heels on she opted for the taxi and about 10 minutes later Jen and I were waving them off from the front door.

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