Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Lisa’s First Visit – Part 6

Mike took Lisa for a drink before dinner and then off to a nice restaurant. Given the situation it wasn’t too surprising that they discussed the practicalities of them ‘dating’. Lisa asked Mike if she wanted her to save herself for him and he told her that while he thought that was a nice sentiment and to some extent he liked the idea of her only doing things with other girls but that it wasn’t fair as he would be doing things with other people. He explained that he really liked the idea that she would be enjoying herself and as long as she was still ‘his’ that he preferred that. He did ask her if she would want him to not do things with other people (excluding Jen and me of course – and he also told her that unless she really objected that there were a couple of other people he regularly did things with that he would want to keep seeing). Lisa asked him if he just liked sleeping with them or if he felt more for them than he did for her and he told her a little white lie in that he loved her more than anyone (again, excluding Jen and I). I discussed this with Mike after Lisa had left and he said that the only person it really wasn’t true about was Sue (who ironically was the one person he wasn’t able to do things with). I pressed him on Lis, Sara, Vicky and Abrahii and he said that maybe Vicky and Lis came close, and that he was very fond and protective of Sara, but that he still felt a lot closer to Lisa.

In the end they agreed that Lisa would continue to do things with the rest of the gang, but that she wouldn’t do things with anyone else. This partly came about due to another part of their conversation about how they could call each other and play online, letting each other watch as they came. Mike asked her if she would be prepared to do virtual things with him in front of her friends so that he could ask them to do things to her – she was a little nervous about this, but as she has played with most of them numerous times before (both in private and in a group setting) and she’s certainly seen them all cum multiple times that it would be okay. Mike warned her that he might try and push her to do some ‘interesting’ things, but that he wouldn’t push too hard so if she really didn’t want to then she wouldn’t have to (unlike with me – not that I’m complaining as while I was often embarrassed at the time, it helped me learn how to really enjoy myself). They also discussed various times that Mike could go and visit and Lisa went rather coy over one of the suggested times. After a little bit she admitted that it might not be the best time for him to visit as it wouldn’t be an appropriate time to have sex (as in she would be having her period) but Mike assured her that as long as she wasn’t in too much discomfort and wanted to do things, that he didn’t have any qualms about fucking or eating her. Lisa seemed quite surprised by this but he explained that while he wouldn’t want to do that with just anyone, she was special so it was fine (again omitting that he has done things with Sue, Lis, Sara, Vicky and possibly a couple of others while they’ve had their periods).

The flattery (which was genuine – he’d already slept with her so it wasn’t as if he was just trying to get in to her panties) continued over dinner and they went for another drink and a walk by the river afterwards. Mike got Lisa to lean against the railings looking out over the river and he stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her. He opened his coat and allowed it to fall either side of her so he could lower his hands to her crotch and caress her through the material of her skirt and tights. Lisa whispered to him to be careful as people were occasionally walking past but he told her that nobody could see what he was doing and after a couple of minutes he moved a hand to the back of her skirt and started to undo the buttons from the bottom up. Lisa asked him what they would do if they were caught but he kissed her neck and told her to trust him. Once he had unbuttoned the skirt up to her waist, he slipped both his hands in from the back and reached around to tickle her stomach. She squirmed against him and he pushed his hands back down to her crotch, at first caressing her through her tights and then pushing his hands down the front of them and touching her pussy directly.

Lisa let out a little gasp as he did this and once his fingers were covered in her juices he concentrated on her clit, gently but steadily stroking it while kissing her neck. He continued doing this until there was nobody walking near them and then pushed her tights down – not too far, they were still well above the hem of her dress (or at least would have been if it had been buttoned up) but enough to expose her pussy and ass. He could play with her much more readily like this and did so for a few minutes until Lisa was pushing her ass back against him. The next time there was nobody around, Mike unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock free (which was a little tricky as he was rather hard), positioned the head at the entrance to Lisa’s pussy and pushed in to her. He’s gotten her more than wet enough to slide in and he pushed in as deep as he could given the position they were in (He told Lisa to stand up and not bend forwards so it wasn’t too obvious she was being fucked). He carried on frigging her clit but remaining still inside her until they were alone again and then undid a few more buttons on her dress. The material now fell sufficiently far forwards that his coat no longer hid it so Lisa had to hold it up, meaning her pussy and stomach were completely exposed from the front. Things got worse for Lisa as Mike slid a hand up to her breasts and pushed her bra up so he could caress her bare breasts. He whispered in her ear how he wanted to make her cum with everyone walking past. Lisa told him that she couldn’t do that, but let him continue to gently frig her clit. Mike had to remind her not to fuck him a number of times and she eventually conceded that she wanted to cum. He applied a little more pressure to her clit but kept the same steady strokes and she soon panted at him that she was about to cum. Mike gently frigged her through her orgasm, pressing his cock hard in to her the whole time and whispering in her ear how sexy and beautiful he thought she was.

When Mike moved his fingers off of Lisa clit, she moved forwards and his cock slipped out of her – there was someone too near to them for him to quickly get back in to her so he just pressed her forwards against the railings with his cock nestled between her ass cheeks until the person passed and he then quickly slipped back inside her. He told her how much he wished he could fuck her properly and make her cum again and even got her to lift the front of her dress right up so her breasts were exposed. It was a little chilly but Lisa didn’t seem to mind and even thought it was funny that her nipples were so hard. After a while Mike pulled out of her and did up most of the buttons on her dress before moving to stand facing outwards. He waited a few minutes until his cock started to go soft (and there was nobody near them) before stuffing it back in to his trousers and doing them up before pulling Lisa over to him and kissing her. His hands went under her skirt immediately and caressed her ass, lifting the back of her skirt to expose her to anyone on the other side of the river (or at least anyone with a night vision telescope). He told Lisa he thought she had been very daring and asked her how it had felt to have her little cunt fucked and fingered in public. Even in the dim light he could see her blush and she told him that he was incorrigible (a phrase often used by many people to describe him), but that she had enjoyed it and that her orgasm had been really strong.

He asked if she wanted to go for another drink but Lis said she would prefer to get home so he could fuck her properly. She also needed to pee and Mike told her that if she was Jen, she would probably just do it where she was standing and enjoy the feeling of the warm liquid soaking through her tights and running down her legs. Now Lisa already knew about this fetish of Jen’s, but she certainly wasn’t ready to do pee herself in public so they went off to find somewhere more civilised for her to relieve herself (and straighten up her bra and tights) and then got a taxi home. Jen and I were still up when they got back and we got them to tell us all about their date. I think Lisa still found it a little strange to describe her date with my husband to me, but she told us how nice the dinner had been and with a bit of prodding from Mike she then described the events at the river (not in the graphic detail I have here, but enough that we got the general idea and Mike gave me all the details later on). We congratulated Lisa on having enjoyed herself and I asked if I could have a look at her pussy. She told me I could so I lifted her skirt and caressed her crotch, commenting on how the tights were damp with her juices. I had a few licks of her through the tights and would have happily eaten her properly but decided to be kind and leave that for Mike. As I played with her crotch, Mike once again unbuttoned her dress, but this time went all the way and pushed her dress off so it fell over my body and on to the floor. He then undid her bra and removed that so she was standing in the living room with just her tights on and then suggested that they go upstairs. We bid them goodnight and I told Jen that she might have been right and Lisa would possibly be remaining a part of our group for a while.

Mike asked Lisa to leave her tights on and he quickly stripped off as she removed her shoes. They fell on the bed and he humped against her, enjoying the feeling of the material against his cock. Lisa told him that she wanted him inside her and he told her he really wanted to feel her cunt around him again, but that these things all had to be done in their own time. Lisa knew well enough that he would want to eat her and let him crawl down between her legs and lap away at her cunt through her tights. I would have thought that Mike would have progressed things by tearing them (which he does to me quite frequently – and it costs us a fortune in tights!) but he just pulled them down a little and got Lisa to hold her legs up by her chest so he could eat her. He swirled his tongue around and in her cunt and ass as well as flicking it over her clit repeatedly until she came, at which point he pulled her tights back up and kissed her for a while as he once again humped against the material of the tights and her crotch. After about 5-10 minutes he asked her if she had the energy to do things properly and she told him to get inside her. Mike sat up between Lisa’s legs, peeled the tights off, had another brief lick of her pussy, positioned the head of his cock against her pussy and slowly pressed in to her. He lay on top of her and she wrapped her legs around him as they kissed. He told her that her pussy felt amazing and she said that his cock felt wonderful and they started to move against each other. Mike asked her if they could try to cum together and Lisa really liked the idea, although for the meantime they just carried on fucking in the position they were in.

Mike suggested they finish off by spooning as this gave them quite a bit of control so they stood the best chance of cumming together. Lisa eagerly pressed back against his cock and Mike slipped and arm under her and reached up to cup her breasts while using his upper arm to play with her clit. He got Lisa close to cumming easily enough and then eased off to give himself a chance to catch up with her. She sometimes craned her neck round so they could kiss and other times let him kiss and nibble on her shoulders and upper back. They joked about him leaving marks and that her parents would probably think it was Jen or me (they know that she is bi, but think she just came to visit a couple of female friends from Uni – she ‘forgot’ to mention the man almost twice her age who she intended to fuck). As Mike got closer to cumming he started gently frigging Lisa again and they kept telling each other how close they were. With a number of adjustments, Mike ended up on the edge of cumming as Lisa’s orgasm started and he just had to thrust in to her a couple more times before he started to cum. They both repeatedly told each other they were cumming. Mike’s orgasm felt quite intense and he would have rather not moved so much, but Lisa really seemed to enjoy the fact they were cumming together so he thrust in to her in time with her movements until he really couldn’t take any more and then pushed all the way in to her. For the latter part of Lisa’s orgasm she had been uttering little ‘ah, ah, ah’ sounds which Mike found very sexy and as her body went limp and she relaxed back against him he told her that she had been incredible and wrapped his arms around her.

Lisa wrapped her arms over his and squeezed them, letting out a hesitant ‘I love you’. Mike squeezed her back, kissed her neck and told her that he loved her as well. He asked her what she had thought the weekend was going to entail and whether she had expected to get a boyfriend out of it. She told him that she had kind of hoped she would (she knew that Mike had really liked her for a while) but that she had really only expected to get to sleep with him. He gently moved in her, trying to keep his erection, but the orgasm had been too intense so he started to go soft. He remained inside her though and felt some of his cum trickle out of her, pointing out to her that there were very few people on the planet who could get him to produce another load of cum at the end of a day of playing. She asked him if that meant he liked her and he told her that he thought she knew he ‘more than liked her’ but she told him she wanted to hear him say it so he nibbled on her earlobe and whispered in her ear repeatedly how much he loved her (and trust me, Jen and I got him to treat us the same way over the following week).

He eventually slipped out of her, but they remained in the same position and fell asleep like that (with Mike waking up in the night with a dead arm). In the morning he went down on her but due to time constraints of an early meeting, he finished her off by fucking her (or rather she finished things off as she rode him). While Mike showered, he sent her down naked for breakfast with cum leaking from her pussy and I told her if she was going to steal all of my husband’s cum that she should at least eat me to make up for it. I was half joking but Lisa asked if I really wanted her to do that so I spread my legs and told her to go ahead if she wanted. As she knelt down, I scooched forwards in my chair and she buried her face in my crotch. It was rather distracting and made breakfast take longer than it should have, but was much more enjoyable than just eating toast. Mike quickly dressed and joined us, apologised to Lisa for having to dash off but told her that Jen would look after her and get her to the station. He led her to the front door so they could say their goodbyes and we heard them confess their love for each other again. Lisa waved goodbye to Mike from behind the door (she was still naked) and came back in to the dining room with a blissful look on her face and rather erect nipples (possibly partially due to the cold air from outside, but probably also due to the final goodbye fingering and brief licking Mike had given her).

I had already showered so suggested to Lisa that she could shower with Jen. I knew if I stayed for too long that I would end up pouncing on Lisa so I forced myself to gather my things and get ready to head off. Just before I left, we did have a proper kiss and she thanked me for sharing Mike with me. My hands were already on her ass and I let my fingers dip between her cheeks to her pussy and told her that as long as she was dating Mike, that I (and soon Jen) were also allowed to have her. We kissed again and I played with her lips and then gave in and knelt down to have a proper lick. I very nearly started eating her but I also had work to do so I pulled myself away and told her that the next time we saw her, I would finish that off. I gave Jen a goodbye hug, told her to behave and left before I changed my mind.


  1. Sounds to me like things are developing between those two in the same manner as it did between you and Jen. Unlike that situation however, you don't have to wait to fuck her like mike had to with Jen.
    I do warn you however to keep the jealousy in check as mike did for years with you and Jen.

    1. It's not quite the same - he certainly cares about her (and even loves her) as I do Jen, but I'd already done things with her before their relationship developed. I'm not really jealous - I have Jen, Mike and Lis, Jen has Mike, Lucy and me and Mike has Lisa, Jen and me - so it's all fairly even. Technically he has a thing over Vicky as well, but that isn't quite as intense.