Saturday, 24 January 2015

Lisa’s First Visit – Part 7

Lisa and Jen wandered towards the living room and Lisa said she was going to get a robe to wear. Jen told her not to bother and slipped hers off to hand to Lisa. Jen explained that she was quite used to being naked indoors and they discussed how much time we actually spent naked (not all of it, but quite often we’ll be nude as a precursor to playing). Lisa helped Jen tidy the breakfast things away and as Lisa did the washing up, Jen wrapped her arms around Lisa and asked if she was allowed to play with her. Lisa said she was happy to do things with Jen as she wanted to fit in to our little family, but that she still found the whole setup to be a bit odd. They retired to the bedroom and discussed things – about Jen’s relationship with me, Jen’s relationship with Mike, what it meant that he was married to me, I was dating Jen and Jen was carrying his baby and now Lisa was his boyfriend… Jen explained (in a similar way to the way I had) that Mike, Jen and I now share each other equally and that we all want each other to be happy. Jen gently caressed Lisa’s body as the conversation went on and she told Lisa that she didn’t mind if Mike was in love with her, and even didn’t mind if Lisa wanted to just do things with Mike (although Lisa had already more than proved she was willing to play with Jen and me), but that it would be more fun if we could all play together. By this point Jen had a couple of fingers in Lisa’s pussy and had given her a few kisses, to which Lisa had responded positively. Jen asked Lisa if she wanted to fuck her boyfriend’s wife’s pregnant partner and they pulled their bodies together and started playing with each other in earnest.

Lisa asked Jen what they could do together and Jen told Lisa to make sure she was tested before the next time they met so she could eat her, but in the meantime they would just have to use protection (admittedly by this point this didn’t really mean much as if Lisa actually did have any diseases, Jen would have got them from Mike or me, but we made a rule when Jen got pregnant so she was sticking to it). Jen produced a couple of dental dams and told Lisa that she wanted to eat her first – due to the bump, it was easier for Lisa to sit over Jen’s face and let Jen work on her. Jen enjoyed being able to explore Lisa’s pussy, but really wanted to taste her and Lisa certainly missed out on Jen’s specialty of sliding her tongue a fair way in to whoever she was eating and lapping around the inside of the pussy. This didn’t stop Jen from getting Lisa off and once Lisa had cum, Jen slipped a couple of fingers in to Lisa, pumped them in and out a few times and then rubbed the juices over her own nipples.

Lisa then went down on Jen and easily made her cum – she didn’t have to finger Jen to gather up her juices and just wiped the dental dam over her breasts, which gave them a decent covering of Jen’s juices. Jen then spent a while lapping at Lisa’s breasts while fingering her and then said she wanted to try something else. Lisa was up for this so Jen tied her hair back in a ponytail and then twisted it round a number of times. Jen’s hair is very long – down to her lower back – and had been getting steadily thicker while she had been pregnant so this gave her a fairly firm rope of hair to work with. She then rubbed up and down the length of Lisa’s pussy with the end of her hair and then got Lisa to spread her lips so she could rub Lisa’s inner lips and clit. This produces a very pleasurable feeling, but it isn’t that intense so Jen did it for a while before telling Lisa it was time for the next stage. Jen re-twisted the end of her hair and bent it over to form a firm edge and then got Lisa to spread herself more so she would work the end in to Lisa’s cunt. Once inside, she pushed more in and then started to fuck Lisa with her hair. This was something entirely new to Lisa and she really liked it, but once again it wasn’t too intense so she knew that she wasn’t likely to cum. They could of course cheated and played with Lisa’s clit, but the real aim was to have an unusual and more intimate session where they gave each other a part of them that most other people didn’t get. And as you can probably guess from the previous sentence, once Jen had hair-fucked Lisa for a while, Lisa did the same to Jen. It was a little more difficult this way round as Lisa’s hair isn’t as long as Jen’s (just below her shoulder blades), but the still managed it and  when she pulled her hair out of Jen’s pussy it was dark and soaked with Jen’s juices.

They stood up beside the bed and as they kissed they smoothed out each other’s hair and got to feel the wetness against their skin. Jen told Lisa that she would help wash her hair when they had finished, but before that she wanted to fuck Lisa properly. Jen fetched one of the long double ended dildos from the cupboard. They climbed up on the bed and Jen asked Lisa if she (Jen) could lube up the dildo for her (Lisa) and Lisa agreed. Jen slid one end in to her cunt and fucked herself with it to give it a good coating of her juices before withdrawing it and pushing it in to Lisa. Jen mounted the other end and sat back on the bed and between them they pumped the dildo back and forth. As they fucked each other, Jen got Lisa to describe how it felt when Mike fucked her and she then told Lisa how she loved the taste of his cum (certainly more than I do, although I’m a lot more used to it than I was at first) and how she would love to watch Mike fuck Lisa and then eat his cum out of her young cunt (Jen isn’t much older than Lisa, but she still likes the idea of fucking a fresher). They played with their own breasts and clits and Jen asked Lisa if she wanted to cum first or second, but warned her that she would have to keep the dildo in her while Jen came if she came first. Lisa let Jen cum first, but due to Jen’s hormonal horniness that would have probably happened anyway and once she had cum Jen continued to help pump the dildo back and forth between them while Lisa concentrated on frigging herself and caressing her nipples.

Once Lisa came, Jen crawled up over her, trying to keep the dildo shared between them, and sucked on Lisa’s nipples and then kissed her. The dildo sprang out of Jen’s pussy at this point but they carried on kissing for a while until Jen climbed off of Lisa and gently moved the dildo in and out of Lisa while toying with her lips and clit. Jen tried to convince Lisa to stay another day and she certainly seemed tempted but said that her parents had told her she had to get back and start revising for her exams (she comes from an academic background so they are keen for her to make the most of her time at Uni – I somehow don’t think they realise quite *how* she is making the most of her time there though!).

Jen took Lisa in to the shower and as promised they washed each other’s hair – although Jen teased Lisa quite a bit about liking the idea of Lisa going home with her hair covered in her (Jen’s) pussy juice. Not being able to help herself, once she had finished washing Lisa’s hair, Jen reached around and cupped Lisa’s breasts, giving them a thorough fondle. Jen whispered in Lisa’s ear that she loved her breasts and wanted to spend longer playing with them next time but didn’t go any further than this. Once they had finished the shower, dried each other off and dried each other’s hair, Jen suggested to Lisa that she make the journey home without panties on and that it would drive Mike wild with desire when he found out. Lisa wasn’t quite brave enough to make the whole journey without any underwear, but she compromised and let Jen lend her another pair of my seamless tights without panties underneath. Jen took some pictures to demonstrate to Lisa that she was covered as far as a cursory glance went, but that if she spread her legs, the material was stretched enough to let people see her pussy. This led to Jen rubbing Lisa’s crotch and telling her that she really wished she could stay and play for the rest of the holiday, which Lisa thought sounded nice but knew her parents wouldn’t allow. Just before they left Jen asked Lisa if she would taste Jen’s pussy almost directly and Lisa lay back on the bed while Jen crouched over Lisa’s face. Lisa reached up and spread Jen’s lips while Jen stroked her clit until she felt some of her moisture begin to drip out of her cunt. Lisa made sure her mouth was positioned directly under Jen’s pussy and Jen kept stroking her clit as a number of drops fell from her lips directly in to Lisa’s mouth.

Jen crawled off of Lisa, who seemed surprised that Jen wasn’t going to make herself cum or even ask her to do it but Jen said she liked the idea of walking along with her pussy dripping wet and that she would be picturing Lisa burying her tongue in her pussy and eating her to multiple orgasms. Lisa told Jen that she was as bad as Mike and me and then realised that this is why we go together so well so said that she would have to figure out how to keep up with us. Jen told her that practice was the only way and as they finished packing up Lisa’s things, Jen told her some more tales of how she and I (and of course Mike) used to tease each other and ‘force’ each other to do more outrageous things and cum more and more. Lisa asked Jen about her pee fetish (which everyone in the gang now knows about following our holiday a few years ago) and whether Mike enjoyed it. Jen explained to Lisa that Mike enjoys it because she enjoys it and that he does it with her (both giving and receiving) to help her enjoy herself. Jen asked Lisa if there was anything in particular that she enjoyed and if there was that all she had to do was tell Mike and he would almost certainly do it with/for/to her. Lisa couldn’t come up with anything in particular and Jen didn’t push her (I guess not everyone has a fetish, although I do believe that everyone should explore various ways of enjoying themselves to see what they like and don’t like).

Lisa and Jen headed in to town and as there was time before Lisa’s train left they went to one of our favourite café’s to get lunch. This place has a mezzanine level and they got a table up there looking out over the lower tables. You can guess why I like this place as all I have to do is spread my legs a little and I can imagine that everyone is looking up at my pussy (even though it is still mostly hidden by the folds of my skirt). Jen took advantage of the fact that she didn’t have panties on to do just this and as they ate she convinced Lisa to spread her legs a little and reminded her that there was just a thin covering of material keeping her pussy from everyone’s sight. Lisa got more background information about Mike, Jen and me and Jen found out more about Lisa’s past and how things were going at Uni. At the station Jen told Lisa that we would pay for the whole of her ticket home, but only on the condition that she would spend a lot of the summer with us and that we would get to see her that night over Skype. Jen also tried to convince Lisa to masturbate on the train on the way home, but she didn’t win on that one and just had to make do with a brief goodbye fondle. Lisa got her revenge and got her fingers on and then in to Jen’s pussy and discovered that Jen was actually dripping wet. Jen whispered in Lisa’s ear how she longed to 69 with her (although that would be getting significantly more difficult as the bump grew) and that we would all make sure Lisa got to fit in and enjoy herself for as long as she wanted.

As promised, we had a Skye session that night and played with each other as Lisa watched. Once Jen and I had cum, Mike had a solo session with Lisa. He asked her to put the tights back on and she sat masturbating with a hand down the front of her tights and her other hand on her breasts as he stroked his cock and told her how he couldn’t wait to see her again and eat her then bury his cock in her. Lisa had to be quiet as she didn’t want her parents to hear, but she told Mike how much she wanted to be with him and feel him inside her again. After a while me asked her to pull the tights down to her knees and sit with her legs spread so we could watch her fingers playing with her pussy and then down to her ankles so she could spread her legs fully. Naturally Jen and I were also playing with ourselves – just off camera – and Mike gave Lisa the option of seeing him cum by himself, having Jen or I help out in various ways or having him make himself cum over us in her place. Lisa just wanted to see him cum so he got himself close and told her to say as soon as she started to cum. As he had complete control over the level of his stimulation, it was trivial for him to cum at the same time as Lisa and almost as soon as she said her orgasm was starting (which we could tell fairly easily from her expression), Mike’s cock started to shoot cum out over the bed in front of him. (This seemed lit a bit of a waste to me, but I made up for it later by rubbing my pussy against the mess he made.) Mike asked Lisa to suck her fingers clean (which she did) and Lisa asked one of us to suck Mike’s cock clean of his cum (Jen took care of this). She then wanted to have a private chat with Mike so she could say that she loved him so he went in to his room and they said their goodbyes in private.

On returning to Jen’s room, we threatened to banish him to his room to spend the night alone as punishment for ‘cheating’ on us, but he managed to convince us to let him repay us by finishing us off by eating us in turn. Once this was done we decided to forgive him and lay either side of him so he could turn between us and spoon with us. I once again warned him to be careful as we didn’t want Lisa to get hurt, but we all agreed that she seemed to understand the situation and as long as she was happy and didn’t get jealous of Jen or me then we would see how things went.

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